Week Old McDonald’s Taste Test

– At first, I thought this was the new one And then I opened the other one, and it was the same

I was like, what has happened? (bright, mythical music) – Is there anything better that leftovers? I mean seriously, I'm asking is there anything better than leftovers? – [Chase] No! – Thank you, Chase, for being responsive Okay, that leads to a bigger question, a more important question Which McDonald's menu item makes the best leftovers? – We're actually interested in this because McDonald's items are known to remain unchanged for years, even without refrigeration And if there's any doubt, just visit oldesthamburgerblogspot

com to see Dave's totally contemporary-looking, 15 year old burger – That's my favorite website – He found it in his jacket – So here's what we're gonna do We're gonna bring in different items, We're going to taste the original, and then we're gonna taste one that has been refrigerated for a week

We didn't just leave it out, you know, safety's important on this show, right? You know that And then the old ones have been warmed up in the microwave, you know a minute or so And then we're gonna see which one has held up the best, And then rank them on this board – Right, let's start with the egg McMuffin Go ahead and toss those in

Now, for control group, this is a fresh egg McMuffin So we're gonna try that, and then we have the microwaved versions here So take a little bit just to refresh yourself 'Cause you might wanna stock pile some McDonald's Well, now where do I put this? – Right there

– Alright, so we zapped this for about a minute – This isn't which one we prefer the most, it's which one has remained the same the most – And we're gonna rank them on this board here – I gotta say, taste-wise? – It's the same – It's like ninety percent there

It really is ninety percent there – Mm-hm Wow After a week in the fridge, that's not bad at all – Aftertaste on the bread

– Oh yeah? – A little staleness hit me, a little staleness – The McMuffin part is hurting – Just put it in the middle for now – Yeah, we'll put it right there in the middle for now – Alright, bring in the next one

– Chicken McNuggets – This the fresh ones? The freshies? – Now, I have a theory that this is gonna be horrible leftover 'Cause even if you wait 'til the end of the meal, like you start eating the nuggets, then you go to the fries, maybe some drink, something else, go to the bathroom, you come back, you eat the nugget, you're like mm, that's not as good – 'Cause fried stuff doesn't hold up as well – We zapped these, again, for about a minute

– Oh wow, they really, they've changed You've changed, nuggets – Yeah, look at the difference right there, you can – Oh man – They're not as – Feel them, there's serious separation, breading separation, it's really just peeling right off – Feels soggy

– Oh man These took a hit, boy – Ooh – Flavor profile's totally different – There is no flavor, it's like bad tofu

– What happened, nugget? – [Link] Oh gosh – Alright, we gotta put those We gotta put those at the end for right now, the chicken nuggets – That's horrifyingly horrible – Wow, who would have thought that it would have changed that much – Get rid of those

Alright, bring in the next one – Okay, french fries, have you ever thought about refrigerating french fries for a week, – Yeah – and then just yanking them out after a while? – So again, we know what these taste like Beat, seasoned goodness, crunchy, famous for sitting around forever and remaining unchanged – They have also changed in color, though

– But – Those are golden and they got wider – Look at that – They got significantly wider – It's like two continental shelves meeting, and it's gonna create a mouthquake – I doubt it

– I'm shaking in my boots Work with me here (mythical crew laughs) – Oh gosh, these have gone bad, too – That's rubbery – Is it bad as the nugget, though? – Not as bad as the nuggets, but – Alright

– I knew these were gonna be horrible I wouldn't have predicted that they would be better than the nuggets, but they are Let's get these out of here – It's pretty bad, though I gotta say, it's getting worse

– If you like a floppy one, – It won't even stand up anymore – Don't be deceived, they're all floppy now, and they don't have the good floppiness that people like me prefer – Get your continental shelves out of the way Alright, what we got now? – Oh gosh, filet o' fish? – Oh, you know this is – Okay, so these are the microwaved ones First, let's go with the control group, 'cause – Hold on, are you doing some kind of parlor trick here? – I know, but I wasn't

(Rhett imitates Link) (Link laughs) – We've been doing the same thing the whole time, and all of a sudden now you're switching it up – Well, don't – How do you know that that's the fresh one? – It is, right? – They don't know! – I know for a fact it is – You could've switcherooed! – Well, I didn't I didn't, so you can look, oh, maybe I did (mythical crew laughs) – Well, hold on, let's look at all three

Yup Nope – Yeah, the fresh one is wrinkled – The fresh one is wrinkled Did you just say that? The fresh one is wrinkled

– This is the fresh one Look what ha-, the old ones got taut, though – What did you learn? – You know about that – Well leave me some, Reggie Okay

– I like a filet o' fish – I can't tell you the last time I had one – It's the sleeper item at McDonald's People who know what's up know about the filet o' fish It's not just for Friday's anymore, guys

– I don't think it's that great Maybe it'll get better after a week – I doubt it But the bun has really, is doing some interesting things I mean look at that bun

Wouldn't you prefer that bun? – I know, I know – You see that bun here? So smooth – At first I thought this was the new one, and then I opened the other one, and it was the same I was like, what has happened? – I love a smooth bun (Rhett and Link chew) – It tastes like school lunch

The bread is bad – No it's not, it's better, what's wrong with you? – What? – As a person who likes the filet o' fish, I feel like I'm the one who has to judge this You don't like it to begin with – Okay – The bread got better, the bread is like wine

(mythical crew laughs) – Well, the fish is not as crunchy – But the taste, I mean this is really, really coming in strong Filet o' fish coming in hot – Really? I'm gonna chipmunk that, and I'm gonna eat some more of this – I do not taste bad bread

I tasted bad bread on the egg McMuffin This bread has like got some sort of youth serum Do you Botox this bread? – No wrinkles – I'm not backing down, I've had three bites now – Alright, having both of them twice, I'm not gonna say it's better, but I'm gonna say it is virtually unchanged

– Right – Except for the wrinkles – So we'll put it at two right now It's probably gonna be number one – That's too much filet o' fish, I had to get rid of some

– Now, Big Mac, this is very personal to me because they used to do this special at the Big Mac, at the Big Mac, at the McDonald's near NC State where once a – In college – There would be this like week where they did a 25 cent Big Mac – Hold on, it had to be you talking four for a dollar? – Yeah, they did a 25 cent Big Mac special because I got 12 of them

Three dollars – You know how you'd have those dorm fridges and the top would have that, like, freezer thing? Well I would come home from class and I would open it up and it would be jam-packed, like crammed full of these boxes – Yeah – And you said I couldn't have any of them (Rhett and mythical crew laugh) – So I would warm them up in the in-room microwave, and I

I ate all 12 I made it through all 12 in a week – That's a magical thing right there

– Hello again – So, Rhett's already been on record since college in saying this is an amazing thing Now, you wouldn't heat it up in the microwave, right? You would go for the – I think my tastes have changed since college I think I've got a little bit more discernment It's got friggin' lettuce in it

– You would heat it up in the toaster We had a microwave and a toaster, and a television – Not a toaster, a toaster oven – and two beds – A toaster Oh, you're right, – A toaster oven

– It has a door – Do I need to do a Google search and show you? – No, I got it, you're right Ooh, look at the blackness of that burger The edge of it, was it always that way? – I hope so (Chase laughs) Nope, it wasn't

(mythical crew laughs) – The beef is bad – Yeah, I gotta say Man – I mean what you said about the bread before – 19 year old Rhett didn't know what was up – The beef is bad

– I don't think it's gone bad – The bread is the same – Okay, but hold on Okay, I think this is clearly It's better than the fries I think it's better than the fries – Yep, I agree with that

– Move these I mean this is controversial I'm saying that the filet o' fish holds up better than the egg McMuffin I recognize that this is a controversial decision I'm open to it being changed if you feel strongly about it – That McMuffin got a little crustier on the top

The filet o' fish got younger – The bread got younger Who knew that filet o' fishes got younger the longer they sit out? – Yes, I am in one hundred percent agreement As much as I don't prefer the filet o' fish, if I'm gonna eat one, I'm gonna wait a week after purchase – Yes, I love it when we discover something meaningful on this show! – Did we discover something meaningful? – We've learned a lot, haven't we? Haven't we? – [Chase] Yeah! – Thank you, Chase

Chase got my back – Keep watching because we're about to show you the craziest prank fail videos that we could find on the Internet – Let's taco about that! Get this Will It Taco T-shirt at mythicalstore

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