We Try To Make A Real Pizza Using A Play-Doh Pizza Maker

(upbeat electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and let's get ready to rumble

This weeks guests frequent the YouTube trending page as often as they frequent the pooping bathroom, that's one to two times daily depending on what else has been released Please welcome Rhett and Link (applause) – Are we in the right place? – I'm looking for LTAT? – Yeah – Are you guys together or you separately asking? – Hi, I'm Link – I'm Rhett

– I was told I was supposed to be here – Is this buddy system season 2? – right now – [Rhett] What is that? What are you talking about? – This is it, please take a seat – What's your name, young lady? – My name is Stevie, it's nice to meet you – [Rhett] Nice to meet you, and you have a desk, okay – I do, you know, a little small for my taste but it could fit two grown men

– Is this where I sit? – This is not (chuckles) where you sit – It's a great view though Okay, I guess I'll I mean there's a spot next to, what was your name? – Link You know, you can sit here man That's fine, it's fine – Lee? Lee, like Bruce Lee? – Link – Leak, like a faucet is leaking

– Right – (laughs) The best part is that you're trying to play into the bit but you almost called him Charles for like, (laughs) it's like that doesn't make any sense What was your name, Charles? (laughs) – You heard the beginning of that Yeah, you weren't supposed to hear that – Hello guys

– We're in the right place – Thank you so much – This is where we're supposed to be – Yeah Today we have a fresh youresoloud to react to

We have a while, the camera's are rolling But first, I need to thank our sponsor, Audible – [Rhett] Yes – If you've been saying to yourself, "I should check out Audible", but you keep putting it off on your long to do list, now's the time to follow my advice, check it off your list and become an Audible member With Audible you get access to an unbeatable selection of audio books, including best sellers, mysteries, thrillers, memoirs and more

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– I know, because there's like certain parts So she's talking about how she's trying to better herself by going to therapy and learning to be, like, less selfish and more empathetic, and she talks about the death of her brother when she was really young, and there's certain parts of the book where she tears up while she's reading it and it's so moving to hear from the person who wrote the book and felt the feels – Did you tear up when she teared up? – I didn't tear up but there's a little bit of throatage, you know? – Okay Oh, your throat closed? – Okay, all right – Yeah, like (imitates throat closing up) I really recommend it

– [Link] You need to just let it out – It was so good I mean, in terms of an audio experience, it was amazing, so I highly recommend – [Rhett] Okay – Join Audible and start listening today with a 30 day trial and your first audio book plus two audio originals for free

Visit audiblecom/ltat or text LTAT to 500-500 LTAT to 500-500, and that's audiblecom/ltat Audible

com/ltat What is it? – [Rhett And Link] Audiblecom/ltat – Yeah Okay, before we get to the amazing things that I teased, it's time for a rejected snack

And this one has a little bit of activity to it Not as much activity – I like actvity – It's gonna get active – So, this week we did the making real food with Play-Doh toys and we also did a frozen pizza taste test, so I thought why not combine the two? – Combine the two, Play-Doh pizza

– Frozen Play-Doh – [Stevie] Yeah Test

– We're gonna make Play-Doh pizza out of real pizza dough, using this Play-Doh Kitchen Creations – I think it was Plato who said, "This is a pretty good idea" (laughs) Okay – Okay, who wants to, we have mozzarella cheese, we have pepperoni Pepperoni! – [Rhett] Look at the detail

– We have pizza sauce and dough – Rhett, this is real They didn't make this, this is real Play-Doh makes this We didn't make this

– I know, I'm saying look at the detail of the pizza that Play-Doh made Like, we're never gonna do that good – Oh my gosh, you are teasing something else that is gonna be coming up, but before (stuttering) Who wants to do the dough and the pizza sauce? – [Link] We're teasing stuff? – Yeah, you're teasing something so hard – I'll do the (stuttering) My fine letter skills are compromised, so I'll do the dough and the pizza sauce – [Stevie] Okay, I think you just put it in here

– It's good to know your letters – I've just never been good at mooing, moving small– – Mooing (laughs) – I got, my fine motor skills are very honed, what do you want me to do? – I feel like that's a pepperoni situation then – [Link] Yeah – In which case – Probably should of washed our hands first Let's go for it – But the pepperoni's kind of We're gonna take the pepperoni but make vegetables out of it – Good, I like the way you think – There's like some kind of bacon strip 'cause I think the pepperoni's on the bottom of that other thing

– [Link] Okay – [Rhett] What was your name again? – (laughs) Oh my God – Pepperoni – [Stevie] I mean, it is pepperoni – All right, so I'm gonna bust open this pepperoni

– And then I will do the cheese – Ooh, that is a strong smelling Doh – Ooh, yeah – Okay – Yeah, I've already smelled it before we started

– So what are you making? – I'm making the cheese I chose the easiest job for myself – Her name is Stevie, she's the host of this show – Oh, Rhett – I made an appointment to be here, I'm not an imbecile

– Here's a roller if you wanna roll – An imbecile – What is this? – It's a roller Now you don't know what things are? (laughs) – All right, ooh, that is – Okay, so we have to make the base first, 'cause that's – That's what I'm trying to do

– [Stevie] (laughs) Okay – Can you throw me that fork or spoon, something you're not using – When I made this appointment I did not know it would be a high pressure situation – You made an appointment? (laughs) – Yeah, we both made independent appointments to be here – [Stevie] What's this? – So I'm actually paying to be here

– [Stevie] Can I see the box? – I don't know if my insurance is covering it, though – No, I mean can I see the box (laughs) Thank you – Sorry Okay, so I'm just gonna make all of this stuff here

I'm gonna make some – [Stevie] What is this? – [Rhett] That's half a scissor That's a scissor

You get another one, you got scissors – (laughs) It doesn't say what it is Okay – I can't make this any bigger than it is This is as big as I can make it

– Okay, that's fine – Now, are we being tested? – (chuckles) No – Is this like a job interview? – [Stevie] No – 'Cause I thought this was a job interview, I've really been looking for something – You made an appointment

– I've been looking for something new (Stevie laughs) – I mean, this dough right here, this is not gonna come out pretty – Mm-hm The dough, it's the dough – Okay

– Oh, here, maybe using this half scissor to help you cut out stuff – I'm kinda the middle man here, I feel like I'm just passing things – You're the dough boy – Yeah, that's what they call me – All right, so once you make the dough we're gonna put the stuff on it

– Yeah 'Cause all I have to do is, see this handle? You have to push down on it – Oh, this is not nearly as malleable – I think we're That's cheese? – [Stevie] Yeah – [Link] Don't keep the people waiting, man There you go, you've done it – But I feel like I'm being graded on this

– No one is grading you – I feel like I'm not gonna get the job that I'm here to get if I don't do this right – This is being 'graded' – She's actually pretty funny (laughter) – So get her to put the

– [Stevie] Okay, I'm gonna cheese you – Put the cheese on there – I hope that's not like an Urban Dictionary thing

– [Link] And then I'm gonna – [Stevie] Oh, this looks delicious (laughs) – [Link] Okay

– [Rhett] Yeah, I like that a lot I don't know why I'm here but I'm really having a great time – [Link] I mean, who washed their hands, because – [Stevie] I did – I know, but you didn't tell us to wash our hands

– Yeah, I guess I wasn't really worried about myself – I've only shaken a few people's hands since washing my hands – Yeah, and what have they been shaking? – Maybe three to seven people – Okay – Look at how much cheese is on that

– This looks just like a pizza And then if I pull out the toppings, it doesn't really work – [Stevie] What? – [Link] My contribution is just not, the dough is not – [Rhett] What is that? What is happening? – [Link] The Doh is not of a consistency to do what I was hoping, guys I'm sorry

– [Stevie] Okay – Does he have to leave now? – [Stevie] (laughs) Yeah – Okay – Is that how this works? – I wanna taste this and then I'm gonna shame you – All right

I'm trying to not touch it with my hands too much 'cause I know where my hands have been (laughs) (Stevie laughs) – [Link] Oh gosh, this is demoralizing – [Stevie] Okay – Like, after the success we had – Oh no

– [Link] See? – Sorry – You see how hard it is? – Oh is this a YouTube? – Let it go, okay? Just let it go – Are we making a YouTube right now? – We are making a YouTube right now – I thought this seemed like a YouTube – Okay, so you're gonna taste that

– Cut three pieces, you're doing great – [Link] Cut four pieces – [Rhett] My little nephew's always on the YouTube – Wow – Okay, all right, let's just rip it apart

So there's this for me Okay – I'll have this YouTube is fun Here you go

– Thank you so much (laughs) – All right, so you're gonna taste this, huh? Oh watch, you dropped some on the floor Can you pick that up? – That's part of the act, right? – Can you pick that up? – I thought that was part of it – I'm just saying it's gonna make a mess All right, let's eat it

– I didn't know we had to worry about that – [Stevie] Cheers – That's doughy – [Rhett] Joey's here? – [Link] It's not bad – I kind of like it, but then I just though about how many people have touched it

– I know, that's all I've been thinking about this whole time – Hey listen, when you get pizza at the pizza place, think of all the people who touched that You ever looked into a pizza place? – This honestly is not bad (laughs) – Havd you ever eaten a raw, room temperature, uncooked pizza? – That's what it tastes like – [Link] It tastes just like this

– Yeah Okay, so here's the thing We did the episode you made breakfast out of your real Play-Doh So, when we were playing with the Play-Doh toys to see just like what they could achieve, we used regular Play-Doh and this is a photo of the breakfast with regular Play-Doh – [Link] Oh wow

– [Stevie] That's beautiful, right? – That's absolutely amazing – Okay, so this is what yours looked like (laughs) – [Link] A little different – [Rhett] I think ours looks more real – We tried so hard, that's the shame of it

– You did and you were having so much fun That's great, but this is Actually what was happening was all of us were back there going, "Oh my God, why does it look so bad?" So here's footage of Ellie seeing that it looks really bad and then deciding that she's gonna– – You were filming Ellie watch us make the show? – She decided to remake what you made to see if it was just the real dough or you guys

So, let's see how she did – There's your waffle – Some stardust on it – [Rhett] It's so pretty – [Link] Oh my goodness

Look at that, looks like an egg – [Rhett] Ooh, that's kind of pretty A berry waffle with whipped cream Congratulations – Rhett and Link made real food with Play-Doh toys today and let's just say they did it in their own way, and I'm gonna do it in mine

(upbeat music) Blueberries Three berries I'm gonna make the waffle So because this is real dough you kind of have to kneed it more than you would knead Play-Doh Ah, look at that

I'm gonna take the cut-out thing and I'm gonna extrude the cream out this way (sings) Oh yeah The berries Oh my gosh There's your triple berry Belgian waffle

Does that not look good? – [Rhett] So pretty – [Ellie] It's a real Play-Doh egg dough – [Link] Look at that, looks like an egg – Okay, now we're on to bacon So when you make the bacon with Play-Doh they have you put in a strip of white

I'm actually going to do that with the white dough and it just gives it more of a bacony look when it comes out of the mold – [Rhett] Ooh, that's kind of pretty – Look at that! (squeals) Okay, so that was my best attempt at making "Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Dough" You know, sound of in the comments if you think that I did any better I did my best, I'm sweating, I maybe need to talk to my doctor about anxiety prescription but we played with Play-Doh toys and it was super chill

– She did better than us, especially you That waffle Your wafle was hurting, her waffle was amazing – I just think it's the different camera – (laughs) Yeah, the iPhone

– She obviously shot that with an iPhone, which, you know, you just get more detail – It's better – [Stevie] Yeah – We should start shooting the show with an iPhone, that's the difference – Just in that, like, those little clips of you, though, you were having so much fun and you were so proud of yourself for making what you made

(laughs) – I still am proud, I mean, you know, as long as you don't compare it to anything else (Stevie laughs) – Yeah, as long as you don't do any side by side shots – Yeah, there we go Well, that's not the only thing that 'went wrong' this week on GMM We had quite possibly one of my favorite guests of all time, D'Arcy Carden on the show

– [Rhett] She's great – She was amazing and we played a game of "The Good Plates" – [Link] Yep – With those ethical dilemas and various things to eat One round didn't go as planned, so that's why we get it for LTAT

– You can bring one person back from the dead, anyone you want, but to do so, one random person in the world will die in their sleep – Oh my gosh – [Link] Okay, well, it's in the sleep – Do you do it? – You could bring someone back who could do so much good and you don't even, do you not even know who it is that died in their sleep? – Random – Random

– But that could be randomly better than the person you're bringing back – Right Who are you bringing back? Everybody sucks – I don't know, like, Einstein or something – We are smarter than him now

– Well, imagine him googling (D'Arcy laughs) All right, let's see what – Okay here we go – [D'Arcy] I don't know, man Everybody, I think that is too risky

Everybody that's dead gotta stay dead – But they wouldn't be zombies – [D'Arcy] You don't know that – They would be the best version of themselves and they could do the most good on the planet – Here's what I will say

– Bring Obama back – [Rhett] I feel like– – [D'Arcy] He's alive (laughter) – Bring Obama back I mean that, yeah – I didn't mean it– – I understand what you're getting at, but he's just not the President anymore

– #bringobamaback little beasties (laughter) – I will say that I would do this Okay? I am the kind of person, because I feel like I can chose someone that is most likely better than just an average person out there – And you've proven that with your example – Yeah

Would it be Steve Jobs? – No, 'cause I heard he was an (beep) – [D'Arcy] Yeah (laughter) (D'Arcy nervously laughs) Who would you bring back? – My grandma – Yeah, but that's only good for you – That's so selfish

– Yeah, but she was a good lady She used to get drunk and take her teeth out – Okay, she sounds rad – (imitating Rhett's Grandma) Guess what I've been doing today? – Did you know her? – Yeah, Mama Nell – Oh, I love Mama Nell

– Yeah, but I don't believe that the mythical beasts, or that the "little beasties" as you call them, I think they would not make the selfish choice, so I don't think they would bring somebody back from the dead, so I'm picking the sandwich on Link's side – All right, grab one – Wait, I haven't made my decision yet Don't bring back the dead I don't bring back the dead but do the beasties bring back the dead? – I think so much good can happen

– Nope, I'm not bringing back the dead Neither are you – [Link] It's still random (laughter) – I'm not bringing back the dead Who are you gonna bring back? – This allows me to at least tie, so that's good

– Okay, right, smart, cheers – Here we go – Nope (slight laughter) – There's dirt in this – Oh, there's sand in here

– [Stevie] Okay, let's hold a moment Let's spit out all the sandwiches Put down the ones that you have in your hand – [D'Arcy] Okay – [Stevie] And give us one second

– Should it have been a really big reaction? – No, it was supposed to have sand, but it was supposed to be on Link's side – Oh I swallowed it – It's fine, we eat dirt all the time – I know

– [Stevie] Well you know, it's a really good thing that we had an alternate round planned 'cause this is now the alternate round that we're gonna use elsewhere, and we're gonna go to another round now that's gonna be in the episode – Okay – Hey, there we go – [Stevie] Yeah, you guys did a really great, well I mean, Link, you didn't, but the other two did a great job at this one – So I was wrong, I just wanna know for myself

So I was wrong, they wouldn't have – [Stevie] Yeah, sorry that was our bad, we had the wrong sandwich on the wrong side – That was close, though – [Stevie] They would not bring back somebody from the dead – Do I have sand in my teeth? (chuckles) – Not that I can see

– We didn't know what, like, is it supposed to be worse than sand? – It is bad sand? – Am I supposed to be enjoying the sand? (laughter) – Is Link enjoying something that's actually really bad? I had so many questions – Me too I was like, this is crunchy mustard (Rhett laughs) – Because it didn't taste like sand or because you saw them talking? – I mean, I don't wanna shame anybody but it wasn't that sandy – Yeah, it was like, I looked down and it was like, "Oh, this is some sort of dijon

– Yes, I thought it was a crunchy dijon – Gritty, a little gritty dijon – Bit of a grit – Yeah, I like a little grit – Yeah

(slight laughter) – Whoops – Yeah, that's what happens when stuff goes wrong – Yeah – We're just kinda like, "All right, whatever" (laughter) – We just sit there and just keep saying things about it

I mean, I thought it was dijon, crunchy dijon – I had, like, this weird sense of anxiety watching that because I was thinking to myself, "What do I need to say on the mic and when?" – Oh, right now? – As me then You know? – [Rhett] Yeah, you've been trained – When I am doing the voiceover stuff, I'm looking at a monitor of you like this and I'm like, okay, let me see what I need to say when That was weird

No one else had that, it doesn't make sense to you – If you watch the show, like if you watch an edit, you're like logging an edit or you watch the show at home – No, but we're like in the space – [Link] You don't feel like you need to speak to them? – shooting – [Rhett] Yes – Oh, I speak to you all right

– So many layers – [Stevie] So many layers – So meta – But great guest – [Link] Great guest

– Oh, she was so awesome She was the best – [Rhett] Gotta have her back – (imitating Rhett) Gotta have her back – Gotta have her back

– (imitating Rhett) Gotta have her back – We gotta do it – Also, our friend Kiki, 'cause we had our 1600th episode on Monday of this week, she cut together a compilation that's basically like, if you're just now tuning in (laughs) here's what you missed So, here's what you missed – Buckle up

– [Stevie] You're reacting to this (clumsy music) – Ugh, gah, I put my tongue on it – Hey man, it's not that bad It's really not that bad – Ugh

– It's not that bad, man (Link gags) (laughing) It's not that bad, man (Link gags) It's difficult when you're doing that, though (Link gags) Making it more difficult for me (Link throws up) You make this difficult

(Link groans) (Link spitting into trashcan) (clumsy music) Make a windsock outta this thing – A windsock? (Stevie laughs) (blowtorch lights up) Oh, go Oh! – Look at that – It's like I'm at the airport – Look at that windsock I made

– The wind's blowing east Nothing happening yet Little bubble action over here – Now, I've been instructed that we might wanna stand back a little bit (bright chiming) – Look, look, look

(yelling) (bottle explodes) Oh God! (flames roaring) What the crap? What? Is everybody all right? Do not try that anywhere, ever – That was stupid I'm gonna go ahead and acknowledge that that was stupid Three, two, one, blast, okay? – Okay – Three, two, one

(hose blasts) Okay, that didn't last long – No, that was very quick – Those are weak – I didn't even– – How long was that? – Like zero – Good

(Rhett and Link laughing) – Imma say point two seconds – It was a lot less than that – Yeah – Instantaneous failure (clumsy music) – I'm gonna say, Imma go against my instincts

– Okay – So this is the right answer, so I'm guessing 2000 – All right, Link, you're wrong again (laughter) It's 4500 years old – I did say this is the right answer, so I'm guessing the wrong

– [Stevie] One – Looked cheap to me – Pay less – All right, fine, they looked expensive to me I'm going for the gusto

You sure you don't want to change? – That buckle's crooked, it looks like it's falling apart in the back That's pay less – Well I agree, but I wanna try to win, so – Maybe you did – You're right with pay less

Come on – I'm going against my instinct again, 300 grand – All right, you're wrong (buzzer) – I was right! – For 30,000, man – [Stevie] One

– Lady–6 oh, you're going with Lady Million? – Yeah, 'cause it seems – I'm gonna change my answer – It's probably Bulgaria

– Bulgaria – [Stevie] It is Lady Million – Oh! – Dang it – [Stevie] Japan – I was right! Dang it

– Why didn't you go with your instinct, man? – Because I had to beat you but I was betting against myself to try to beat you I'm trying, guys I mean, it's just difficult (clumsy music) – I trust you (descending music) Whatever you say

What do we do now? – We gotta fully explore our feelings – I don't feel good – I'm not proud of this moment – Nope – At least no one saw that

– Let me give you my profile 'cause that would be my shot on my business card – That's right – Profile – That's exactly right Perfect, yeah, do the same

Nice – We look like real estate agents? – You're tall and handsome, you're also tall as well (laughter) Anyways (laughter) (birds chirping) – Don't underestimate this tongue – [Link] Or this one

– Look at that, no white stuff on that – Cool – Any lotion on your skin in the last few hours, like body lotion? – This is gonna get a little sensitive I have some lotion in an area – Should be okay

(laughs) (laughter) – Before we get started, I just feel like we should get a little sentimental here – Why belabor it, man? Make it quick When I'm an old man I want you to just end it I mean, like, when I'm really old – Like pull the plug? – If I make it to like 90, just do it, man

– 90 is not that old these days – I know, but I'm just saying, I don't wanna be slow I want you to take me out I feel the same way about this show, let's just end it (laughter) – (claps) That was fun

Where were we? We were on tour and there was this guy, recognized us and he came up to me and the only thing he said was, "Man, you gotta learn to trust your instincts" (Rhett laughs) – That's all he said to me – Oh, without any context? (laughs) – He's been watching closely – I love that All right, well check out Kiki's channel if you haven't already

– [Link] 1600 – Youresoloud Boy, it's been a good one, fellas – Yes it has – Were you gonna say something else, Link? (laughs) – What do I owe you? – What? Well

– What is the co pay? It is 25 dollars? – A little higher – [Rhett] Fifty 60 dollar co pay? – An even 60 dollars and I'll take it now – I will not be coming back and I'm gonna leave you a horrible review – Well, next week should be interesting

(laughter) Okay, time for our final line – [All] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB – (whispering) 'Fo S-H-O (upbeat electronic music)

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