We Try Ice Eating ASMR

– This is my worst nightmare (playful theme music) – You know we're always interested in what the internet is into, and right now the internet is into crunching ice

– Yeah, now crunching ice is not slang for doing meth, it's a viral trend that has blown up on Chinese livestream sites, basically Chinese vloggers are creating intricate ice sculptures, and then biting into them on camera, – Yep – ASMR style The sculptures, they range in shape, and consistency, and size, and we're gonna watch some videos together of different genres of this ice crunching stuff, and then we're gonna try it ourselves – Yes, we're gonna crunch some ice But, big disclaimer, chewing on hard ice is not advised

It can hurt your gums, it can break your teeth Let the two nimrods do it, okay Do not try this at home, let your friendly neighbor nimrods, neighborhood nimrods, that's what we almost called this show, Neighborhood Nimrods – It's not too late – Yeah, we could change it

– Is it? – Season 14 – Like I said, there's a few different genres, or preferences, within the trend, and the first one is using soft ice, which is more like shaped slushy ice It creates more of a muted crunch, let's watch Soft ice, lots of eye contact – It's a face

She's eating a face She's wearing the face – Oh, it fits perfectly Now, I'm– – I know you're not excited about this – I am having difficulty watching this, 'cause I cannot bite ice

– You won't even bite into ice cream You won't even, you will only – I gotta donkey lip it – Use the tongue for ice cream – I lick and donkey lip ice cream, man – Today, I'm here for you, Link

Today, you're going to put your teeth, your front teeth, into ice – I'm like, ah, I know I'm not the only one, so if you're with me, we can do this together – [Rhett] So this is like an egg – Yeah, it's supposed to be crunchy, it's not supposed to be too hard – You want me to just demonstrate, first? – Yeah

– So you can warm up? – Yeah – What's that in the middle? – [Tess] It's a kumquat – Oh, that's a kumquat in the middle? – You gotta come and warn me about that kumquat next time – You see, I think I can bite with the molars And you gotta maintain eye contact

I'm going over here – You're making me feel uncomfortable Oh, now wait, come on! That got you? – I can't, I can't– – No, but what was it? Was it pain, or was it just discomfort? – Discomfort, it's like– – You can overcome this, I'm here for you, you're going to overcome – It's like nails on a chalkboard! – I don't care, you're going to overcome this today, just do it and don't think about it Yeah, bite that kumquat You gotta look like you're enjoying it, no one's gonna watch your vlogs if you have that look on your face

You have to look it, like a smile, make a smile Alright, this gets even weirder, some of them include juice – There she is again – Oh, they're little pyramids See that face, Link, they don't look like they're bothered at all – She's cool as a cucumber

– It's like, every day I do this Holy what, is that a, – It's like a fish aquarium – That's a fishbowl No! – No, she– – Look, she's smiling, you see that? And she gave the sign – Call me, and tell me what a stupid idea that was

– Okay, we've got our own juice-filled ice balls – Wow, I got a blue ball – I got a green ball, I don't know what that means Green ball's not a euphemism for anything, I feel left out I got green balls, yeah

– That's the theme song for our nimrod show, what's it called? – Neighborhood Nimrods – Neighborhood Nimrods, I got a blue ball – I got a green ball – We're two nimrods – So Tess said that we should break the seal on this, so we can put a straw in there

Oh, I'm through, I'm through, I'm through, I'm through, I'm through, I'm through – [Link] Okay, I'm through, I'm through, I'm through – [Rhett] Green nimrod's through – [Link] They didn't just drink, they bursted it – Can I be sexy ice man? – No

– I'm gonna be sexy ice man, that's a thing that – You can't be sexy ice man – I haven't seen yet – But then what they did, was they bit it I gotta get where I can – Golly, it's so thick

– Yeah, if you tried to break this one on your head, – I'm just gonna have to beaver this thing I'm kind of losing my cool a little bit – Remember that warning we gave, he's about to lose a tooth – Hold on, hold on (Rhett grunts) – Oh, there's a hole there

– I'm through Of course, it's all going out the other side – [Tess] You guys, they're coconut jellies – Yeah, put up, dig 'em in there, Neal! Bite it, you can do it! Now look happy – This is my worst nightmare

– Hey man, you're doing great – And we haven't even gotten to the hard crunches, which is the next video we're gonna watch – It's like a crystal – Oh gosh – Like she does it every day

Holy what? – Ooh, that's a sausage Oh girl! – How do you even make that thing? – And why are they not– – I think it's a six, no, it's a nine – It's a bad idea I don't understand why, how their faces stay so unemotional – I am mesmerized by this, let's bring ours in

We've got a bone This is a hard bone – [Link] And so what we're gonna do is– – I think you can break it in the middle so we each get one – There we go, oh, two neighborhood nimrods got another type of rod – Now, yours is longer, but mine are bigger

– Are bigger? – I mean, it's really, I don't know what I prefer honestly Let's take a poll Somewhere in there, there's the perfect proportions somewhere between the two Since you've got the tray, let's do, hey, you know what, this is the thing I hadn't seen yet is buddies doing it – Neighborhood Nimrods

– Oh man, I know what website – Biting rods – We're gonna be on now (ice crunches) It tastes real bad We'll just take another bite this time – I don't want to take another bite

– No, look, but look, we're gonna look, like, so confident the whole time, because that's what's gonna get the clicks Confidence gets the clicks, that's what my dad always says Come on, get in there (ice crunches) Hey man, look at you, you did it – Yeah, I did it

– We just got the clicks – And do we have another genre, yes – Yeah, yeah, okay, some of the videos don't go as planned, and there's some fails Oh, he is not happy – A scooter

See, she got a sad face – Yep, she looks like you – Yeah, now we're talking – That's the kind of face, you know what, maybe that's the whole angle, maybe it's about embracing the honest angle – Yeah, she was afraid, I'm afraid

– Because, honestly, this was a fail We were told that it's a fail, I'm not just looking at it and saying it's a fail This was supposed, we've been given warning that this probably won't stay together, but this is how some of these things are done – So we tried to do a bloody hand, oh, even you trying to cut that, it's just too much for me, man Look at that, it's bleeding

– Your teeth are nowhere near it, though – [Link] I know, but this is like the worst sensation – I'm gonna see if I can just pick this hand up completely intact, no, my pinky's already broken – [Link] It's like you're doing surgery – Just gonna take the hand out gently

– That's repulsive – Oh, you know what, – Oh, that is not bad – That's not a fail – Well you lost a finger there – That's just par for the course

– Let me open mine real fast – Look at that, it's so juicy Oh, you lost your finger, too Oh, you lost another finger You gotta be more, you lost a lot

It looks like a turkey heart Hey, so why don't we try this? – You know what I think about this? That this one should be longer, and all these should be broken – Why don't you create a little vlog here, just the honest ice vlog Just do it, and then tell us exactly what you're thinking – I think this is horrible

Of all the things we've done on this show, somehow this is the worst for me (ice crunches) Oh, what's in it? – How do you feel? – It's salty – [Tess] Sorry about that – We just got a sorry about that, no explanation – Sorry about the saltiness? – [Tess] It slows down the freezing process

– [Link] Oh, that's harsh – It's not that bad – This whole thing is horrible, it shouldn't be anywhere on the Earth – It tastes a little toxic, I do gotta say that I do gotta say that, 'cause I'm a neighborhood nimrod

Thanks for watching – Me too, you know what time it is – Hi, I'm Shania, I'm a mythical beast from Pikeville, Kentucky, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Let's spin it Click the bottom link to watch this episode from the beginning

– And click the top link to watch us crack open mystery surprise ice balls with Jen and John in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land – [Link] Smell fancy with our Mythical No 9 fragrance, available at mythicalstore

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