We Try Fruit Peeling (Expectation vs. Reality)

– Today we've got the peels to give you the feels – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning – Now you may know that I am a fan of satisfying videos, perfectly looped animations, pasta extrusion GIFs, Matthew McConaughey voiceovers, but above all, I love peeling Computer screens, new fridges, sun burnt backs, but I'm about to add a new one to the list: fruits – Fruits – Fruits, yeah, over the past year, a bunch of unique ways to peel different fruits have gone viral, most recently pineapple is everywhere

– I saw that one – So today we're gonna try some satisfying fruit peeling methods firsthand – And of course we're gonna hit you with some proposed peeling possibilities of our own because it's time for ♪ We've got some fruit in here ♪ ♪ Some fruit ♪ ♪ We'll take off all their peels ♪ ♪ I am getting so satisfied ♪ ♪ We're gonna take their peels off ♪ (funky music) – About a year ago a Twitter video went viral featuring a guy peeling a peach in one fell swoop with just his thumbs It was satisfying Let's look at it

– Okay I can see this one – Ooh yeah There we go – [Rhett] That's how I take my underwear off I just waste a pair every night, just like– (makes ripping sound) Just rip 'em off, throw 'em in the trash

– I think I could do that hands-free at certain points – Oh really? – Yeah, man – Oh you been doing your squats? – Yes, yeah, Instagram squats – Okay you just made a promise – So now we're gonna try it

All right, you've got a peach here It's perfectly ripe and what we've done is we've blanched it in some boiling water and then put it in an ice bath and then we pre-scored along the peach crack which is not necessary If you don't get it on the first try, we have some other ones that you can try but now you gotta make it satisfying for Andrew's camera so really– – By doing it, it will be satisfying I don't wanna go like this and not be able to do it – I do

I want this to be the most satisfying – [Rhett] Okay here we go – [Link] Your hands are too sweaty – No– – Your thumbs are sweaty – No it's not, it's gripping, it's just not releasing

Come on, baby – Don't, no, don't (crew laughing) Not your baby – That's how I talk to my underwear when I'm trying to get 'em on sometime, when it's like a silk pair– – Just to be easier – And it's especially strong

– All right, this is frustrating to watch This is like the opposite of satisfying – [Rhett] I mean it's just rippin' the whole peach – Try another one and then I might have to try it if you fail on this one I wonder how many he went through before he got that video

Oh – Just ripping the whole thing in half – All right let me try So I mean he probably cheated a little bit, right? – Pretty good peach – [Link] All right so here we go

– Say come on baby (chuckles) – Oh come on baby Look, I don't think they're cold enough I think they need to come straight out of ice or something You don't get to try– – I think a satisfying peach splitting video is what we're creating, it's another thing

– Oh yeah, this is a new thing – Have you seen those guys who can split a peach like it's nothing? (laughs) I mean it's like they might have the strongest thumbs in the world – We should get Chase in here to do this Remember the apple noise? Cut to that The apple hole

(Chase sighs happily) – Hey! – Oh! (Link sighs pleasurably) – But taste it, taste it Right next to the pit, tastes real good – So satisfying I'm pretty disappointed, let's move on and forget this ever happened (funky music) Okay before we get to this kiwi, Chase can not only split an apple but he told me that he and Micah actually did successfully peel a peach with their thumbs and we're gonna show that video as a part of Behind the Mythicality on the Mythical Society so check that out

– Yes now if you peel a kiwi with a peeler or a knife, you're gonna get like a dodecahedron instead of a nice round fruit and no dodecahedrons ain't satisfying – No – But there is a more satisfying way, let's watch – [Man] And here you go, tug Peel a kiwi with a spoon

– He peeled a kiwi– – With a spoon – And so he lapped the ends off the kiwi– – Hey I'll do that part – Okay, of course – And then he peeled the kiwi with a spoon Now I'm gonna say that these kiwis look like kangaroo ball sacks

– When was the last time you looked at a kangaroo's undercarriage? – Last time I looked at a kangaroo, 'cause every time I look at a kangaroo, I look at the under carriage – Okay here you go, here's one prepped for ya – See how it's shaped kinda oblong – Yeah okay it looks like a testicle – All right oh look at that

And then– – I'll just get this one ready – So okay Casey, are you ready? I'm gonna just try to get this right under the edge Oh yeah This is gonna work, this kangaroo is gonna not have any drive (crew chuckling) – So you're doing this to the kangaroo while it's still attached to him

That's horrible – [Link] The kiwi's– – [Rhett] Your kiwi's leaking Your kangaroo nut's leaking – [Link] A kiwi is a perfect fruit, okay, and then, peel the kiwi with a spoon – And you catch it with a spoon

– Yeah (Rhett laughs) – Well I was thinking you would bite it But you sucked it – Eat the kiwi with a spoon – Is that satisfying? – Yeah, did you get that, did you get the mouth? Do we need to do another one? – No we don't

– You got that one? That's a satisfying part too (funky music) A video went around a few weeks ago that blew people's minds because it showed a new, maybe easier, definitely more satisfying way to eat pineapple Just pop it off – This seemed like a revelation, lik everybody's like what, we've lives so many thousands of years and we didn't know we could do this Turns out it's not quite as easy as that video made it out to be

– Have you practiced or something? – No I've just been told – Okay – So you can take a very ripe pineapple we've been told and work your fingers in there I actually watched some videos of people trying that and they just came out with chunks and it's not, it isn't satisfying, it's actually very difficult to watch – Okay

– But if you come into these individual little– – Oh gosh – Areas here and score it out a little bit, this is something you can do as a party trick and people won't know that you've done it So that's been done around the bottom of this Now you're gonna come up a couple of rows here and slice Gotta get some leverage

– [Link] Okay – Again, a ripe pineapple And you just gotta stick your fingers– – Well hold on now – Right under that and pull See how satisfying it is? – I think it might be too ripe

Face it towards the people, you gotta give it to the people – Well I wanted to– – Oh Remember when I did the kiwi and it worked perfectly? – [Rhett] You stick your finger in there – [Link] Oh – [Rhett] And pull

– You know what, you'd be a good surgeon Can you clean out some of that and then we'll have this, this will be more clean, like get rid of that with the knife – Well just rip it out of the way I mean it's happening, it's just we're not to the good part yet – Yeah 'cause they didn't show the beginning

– [Rhett] Get that out of the way – I think ours is over ripe – Mm, I watched a bunch of people try this and everyone that did it– – Look at that – After the fact did exactly what we're doing – That's just droopy mush

– Isn't this satisfying? – No, let's forget it happened – Two men mutilate a pineapple (funky music) Okay now it's time to move beyond fruit to chicken Can we peel this chicken like a peach? – Maybe it'll work better than the peach – I don't know, maybe we'll just bust a chicken in half

All right so we have boiled this whole chicken, then we immediately shocked it in an ice bath, we scored it – There's a, the little score – Again, you don't tell the people at the party that you scored it – I scored at the party (chuckling) – You can just score pre-party

– I scored before I got here at this party Ha! – So Link just take your thumbs and sort of find the scoring And just peel, do your worst, man Oh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ew – Don't say ooh, say ah

– Ah – [Link] Oh gosh – Don't grab the meat Don't grab the meat This is like biology class

– Oh gosh Oh gosh, this is not satisfying This is anti-satisfying This is ruining satisfying videos for me Ugh, ugh

Ugh! Ugh, this is bringing– – Anybody want chicken? – Bringing back flashbacks of stuffing things in a turkey – I had this idea that it would be like cool to cook a chicken at a party and then be like, hey guys, gather round, but now that I see you do it, everybody'd be like, uh, can we get pizza? (funky music) – Okay now we're gonna try the kiwi method on a Nerf football and we're not gonna apologize for it – Nope – Or explain ourselves – Uh-uh

– Okay? I don't know why we're doing this, we just want to so we're going to – Stop asking questions! Okay so for this first part to cut the ends off– (knife whirs) I got this regular old electric knife (knife whirring) Oh oh, that's pretty satisfying – Oh yeah – Ooh! – [Link] It's like a knife through Nerf

– Take that Nerf cap home with you – Look at that, look at that – I kinda went at an angle (knife whirring) – Oh yeah – Take that one

– Look at that What happened to that piece down there? (Link grunting) – Oh gosh Oh gosh So now you can put those back together and have a different game – Yes

I made a baby Nerf football – Okay so we have a modified electric knife It's been modified, see that? So I'm just gonna– – Oh my goodness, look at that (knife whirring) Don't cut my fingers – Gotta kinda work it in there

Oh there we go So I have insertion – [Link] Don't break the skin Oh that's good, Rhett You've done it

Nice and easy Uh uh, now look at that end, you gotta stay close to the edge, you don't wanna get, you don't wanna be to close to the edge Uh, uh– – Hey quit saying things, man! – [Link] I'm watching this edge for you Oh yeah Roll it back

Oh yeah Ooh, now you're cookin' Roll it back I keep thinking it's bread – It is bread

– I wanna eat it – Isn't this bread? – [Link] Ooh you're gettin' close to the edge – [Rhett] Livin' dangerously! – [Link] Whoa whoa whoa, you should have completed it Whoa whoa whoa, watch that edge You're going too close

– And then you just– – No no, wait, wait, wait You don't wanna break the, yeah (knife whirs) Yeah yeah yeah, back it out Back it out – Beep, beep, beep, beep! – All right there we are

– That was so satisfying – All right so– – So I'm just gonna reach in here – Turn it on its side Here's what we wanna do My vision of satisfaction is birthing it forward

– Well I've got a good hold on it, brother – Do you need me to hold this part? – I think you should just pull it I'll birth it this way – Hold on, where's the camera? There's, right at Andrew You ready? – I don't know if I completely separated

This is like when the baby is caught on the inside, you gotta reach in there and you gotta find where the baby's stuck and you gotta dislocate it – It needs to be one confident, satisfying motion of delivery – Every good OB knows how to find the place where the baby's stuck – It's usually the head, just grab that noggin' Hold on, are you ready? – Yeah yeah I'm doing it

– You're doing it? Okay – Don't let it rip – I'm not, I'm not Pull it and I'll just yank it Yeah! Ba-doing

We can add that sound in post Ba-doing – Look at that, how satisfying is that? – [Link] Almost as satisfying as this – And then you can, it's like a new game – I tried to put my arm through it

You throw it, I put my– – Whoosh – Yeah, yeah – Look at that – Wide receiving! (Rhett laughs) I got a elbow pad – Okay– – Look I'm a skate boarder

– And then you give this to the neighbors – All right I think that the actual kiwi was the most satisfying thing that I've ever experienced on this show – Oh you didn't find this satisfying? – This isn't bad – I found this very satisfying – This is good, DIY padding

– Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Jaycee – And I'm Jackson – And we're playing Will It Fruit in Denver, Colorado

And it's time– – [Both] To spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Will it fruit? – Will it? Click the top link to watch us peel onions with a cement mixer in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Sick stickers, brah Where'd you get 'em? – [Link] Mythical

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