We Try Ear Cleaning ASMR

– Today we clean your ears – Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning – The internet has more nooks and crannies than a polygonal English muffin – Hm – And one of the most niche yet also most popular corners of the web is made up of ASMR videos, some of our favorite You know about ASMR videos

They're basically the ones where people do unusual things to create interesting sounds that give brains of the listeners a heaping handful of happy tingles – And contrary to what many people think, ASMR isn't just mindless ice eating and foam crushing being performed in front of GoPros and cheap microphones, though if you are interested in ice eating and foam crushing, may I recommend our ice eating and foam crushing videos They're both great – Yes – So come with us now as we take a trip to the weird part of the internet

These days, ASMRists across the globe are using the greatest technology available to give your auditory cortex the tingle it so desperately desires, for example, have a look at what the girls over at Rapunzel ASMR are up to – Two kinds of scratchings (soft scratching) – Just because I don't understand this world, doesn't mean that I don't love it – Right, okay, between us, we have one of those really fancy 3D microphones that they have It's a binaural microphone

Basically extremely sensitive microphone It's got a capsule in each ear – Mhm – And so it allows you to basically hear sounds just like you would hear them in the real world – So this experience that we're about to take you on is best had with earphones on, so I encourage you to grab your earphones, put those on, or head buds or whatever they're called these days

– Usually earbuds and headphones – But if you don't have 'em– – But you mix it up and it doesn't matter, that's why we love you – This is still gonna be weird even if you don't have those, so let's get to cleaning some ears I'm speaking into your ear – And I'm speaking into your other ear

– And of course we're gonna clean your ears today – And we want to respect your cleanliness, so we're going to put on our rubber gloves (rubber rustling) – Yes we're just gonna ease our fingers right into our rubber gloves – My hand is so sweaty, so it's difficult– – I've got one glove on – I can't get my fingers into my glove 'cause my hands are just so sweaty 'cause I'm so excited

(snapping rubber) – There we go, both gloves I've won the glove race – I need some baby powder – Now next, just relax I've purchased this amazing ear cleaning kit on Amazon

I just opened it in your ear – Amazon didn't have another ear cleaning kit, so I have a dental kit – And I'm gonna start shoving this metal device in your ear There we, oh– – Sorry (chuckles softly) – Watch out

I'm just rubbing the inside of your ear with this metal device It feels great to you, I'm sure – You've got some ear tartar – You gotta really scrape it I'm gonna scoop it a little bit

Just a little scoop, then I'm gonna taste it (smacking lips) It's pretty good You've got a really strange diet, I can tell – What have you been getting into? You've been a bad boy – Oh look a what I've got here

(Rhett chuckling) – Sorry – I've got a ball of floam – You've been a bad person (chuckling softly) For those who enjoy a more intense wax removal sensation like I do, there's only one thing that'll do the trick – [Together] Floam

– I'm gonna shove it deep in your orifice – I've got orange floam on this side – Okay I don't even know if you can hear me anymore, but there's floam all over your ear region (floam squishing and sticking) Look at that

Now we're gonna just pluck a little bit away Just a little bit Okay Yes, I'm just– – I don't understand – I'm just plucking out some floam

Your ear is covered in floam Don't sleep on floam anymore There's all these Okay, now I'm gonna– – Do you like that as much as I do? – I'm a good floam plucker – Okay, any good ear cleaning should always include a deep ear shave

– There it is (Link spits) – Oh, I can't believe how much hair you have in there We gotta do something about that, mister (razor whirring) – That's right A little hair, a hair trimmer

Oh goodness (razors whirring) – So impressive Your hair is so impressive – Oh yeah, that's it I think I got it all

– Clean as a whistle, whistle, whistle– – [Together] Whistle, whistle (Link whistles like a bird) (Rhett chuckles) – Now this whole ASM ear trend got us wondering, why isn't ASMR for your nose a thing yet? Well now it is – Good question There we go, we're just putting your nose on you, don't worry – Oh your nose is so big

(chuckling softly) – Wow And you know what, we're gonna place a head on you there just because, look at that – You look incredible – You're a complete human – But we gotta get something, we gotta get some stuff out of that big honker

– I got some dinky chopsticks here (tapping chopsticks lightly) Yes – I don't know why we're using chopsticks – 'Cause you gotta pull out the boogers All right we're pulling out your boogers

Oh there's one – Wow How'd you get so stuffed? Wow, really? Opps Look at that – Ew

– Salty, so salty – Oh there we go There it comes – What on earth have you been smelling? – Have you been in some sort of industrial environment? Without a respirator? – We gotta take it up a notch with this blue thing – Oh yeah the blue thing

(blue thing whirs) I think our friend is having some trouble penetrating (drill whirs) I think I'm just stuffing it further in there – There we go Just relax Keep breathing

– Okay, now that we've mastered ASMR nose and ear cleaning, we're gonna combine ASMR with Hasbro's game Speech Breaker It's time for– – [Rhett And Link] Will I be an ASMR maker or a sound faker when I use this here Speech Breaker? Paid for by Hasbro – [Link] Bro – Our friends at Hasbro heard about our interest in ASMR and they said, and I quote, "Hey Rhett and Link, you like audio-based fun? "Then have we got something for you" This is their new game Speech Breaker and here's how you play it

One player puts on the headset, takes a microphone and then draws a card which has a who, what, where scenario written on it and that player describes the who, what, where scenario into the microphone without saying any of the actual words – But here's the catch, when you talk into the microphone, you hear your own voice in the headphones on a delay which totally messes with your brain and makes it really hard to talk Very similar to the speech jammer that we have used to make prank calls in the past on this show Then the other person has to guess the exact scenario that the speech broken person is trying to describe – But what if we combine Speech Breaker with ASMR? Well it turns out, we can

We have created these game cards here that have specific actions written on them Basically they're descriptions of ASMR videos that exist out there in the world – Right, one of us will put on the headphones and draw a card and using our best ASMR voice, okay, we are gonna act out the actions associated with the title of the ASMR video on the card, and we cannot use any of the do not say words that are also written on the card, okay? – Yes – I'll guess first, so get ready to be speech broken – Okay, now, I'm gonna put these sound dampening headphones over this just for recording purposes so you don't hear the delayed voice that I am hearing

– All right the button's right there and then you'll have a set amount of time to give your clues I don't even know if you can hear me right now (Rhett exhales) – What? (chuckles) Okay, here we go (newscaster music) Okay I've got this very carb heavy loaf

And I'm slicing it up And then I put it into the pieces from the loaf together And in between the two pieces of the la-loaf, I'm putting-utting fish And then I'm mixing the fish with a white cream– (static crackles) That's it – You sounded like Dwight Schrute telling a spooky story

(crew laughs) – What was I doing, Link? – Oh my gosh, okay – Sorry – You're making a mayonnaise and fish san-wish (crew laughing) – Mhm, and then what would that typically be called? – A tuna sandwich – Yes! – Oh! – Yes, I am making a tuna salad sandwich, but yes

– You had to give me an extra clue but– – A mayonnaise and fish, I'll take the mayonnaise and fish – I didn't know how, ASMR videos can be weird I would click on mayonnaise and fish sandwich ASMR (newscaster music) – Oh yeah yeah (Rhett chuckling) Okay, father

I just want-to-buh-tah-tah-take a seat on this chair I'm a-put a robe around you and I'm gonna touch your head and the stuff that grows I'm gonna shorten the sa-ta-tuff that gah-bah-rows off of your head, Father (crew laughing) You think you-you know-know what I'm doing to ya? – Yeah – Okay

(static crackles) It's done – Giving my dad a haircut ASMR – Yes! – Yeah-hea-hey! – Exactly – Really, that's it? – While eating a what? – Slurpee – Nope, a fish and mayonnaise– – [Together] Sandwich

– Okay here I go (newscaster music) Oh-kay I've got a little-ittle friend And she's so small and she doesn't move But I play with her

(crew laughing) And I've gotta get her ready for the big dance The big high school da-dance that everybody looks forward to and the joo, junior and senior– (static crackles) – Okay I know we're working with prom, but the little friend? You're getting a little friend Preparing my doll for the prom ASMR? – Yes, it's getting my doll ready for prom ASMR Yes (hands slap), my little friend! – Action

(newscaster music) (Link moans quietly) Okay, girl I want you to come over here and get in this tub, 'cause I've, I've-I've made lots of liquid flow into it I just, get inside so I can rub you all over (chuckling) All over, 'cause you're so-so hairy And oh yeah, you're getting so clean

How we gonna– (static crackles) Okay How was that, for you? It was great for me – Giving my dog a bath ASMR – Yes! (chuckling) – Hey– – I couldn't say Jade – We found a new talent, man, look at us! – We got it! – Hasbro's Speech Breaker's available to purchase in stores now and online using the link in the description

– Thanks to Hasbro for sponsoring this episode and thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm TJ – Hi I'm Ty – We're from Boston, Massachusetts, and it's time to spin– – It is time– – Wheel of Mythicality

– Do we have mister-tah-tee (both laugh) – Yes, get 'em started early Click the top link to watch us play musical instrument or fart sound in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the wheel's gonna land – [Rhett] Mythical Amazon tees now available overseas for free deliveries, if you're a Prime member that is

Prime shipping now available in the US, UK and Germany Visit amazoncom/mythical

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