We Try Chalk Eating ASMR (Expectation vs. Reality)

– What's the most satisfying YouTube trend? – Let's chalk about that (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning

– One of a kind memorabilia alert! – Woop woop woop woop – The next Mythical Society collectible item is a vinyl record featuring us performing two different Merle Haggard covers Very excited about this, flip it – Look at that – Bam

– [Rhett] Whoa, whoa, we gotcha, we gotcha Woop woop – To get your hands on this record, you gotta be a third degree member of the Mythical Society by October 1st so if you haven't already, sign up for the third degree at MythicalSocietycom to get that record – Yeah, now let's take another trip to the weird part of the internet shall we? – We shall

– A wide swatch of online videos are designed to be satisfying but some are not all cut from the same cloth, some are cut from chalk – Okay, that's right Chalk carving and other chalk destruction related activities are a huge YouTube trend Sounds strange but if it's satisfying, we gotta try it out It's time for The Weird Part of The Internet: Chalk Carving

– The invention of the internet harnessed unquantifiable amounts of brain power, time, and investment and it's all led to this: us watching people carve chalk for views, for views – Hmm – Let's acquaint ourselves with chalk carving in action – [Link] Okay, so it's basically like ASMR Take some colored chalk blocks

– They just sell chalk that's been painted so people can do that? – Then you got these tools– – Okay – To manipulate it with – Let's manipulate it, Link I'm gonna put red on my red tray so you won't see what I'm doing – [Link] I'm just gonna start, oh, I'm kinda, look

I'm ripping off my paint My paint's coming off too, look at that (chalk crackles) – [Rhett] Oh gosh – [Link] That did not work as well as– – I think we got– – The paint on that, we got the defective painting – [Rhett] We can, look, hey, we'll just pull it off

– It's like opening a present I think this means that we painted these ourselves, right? (both chuckle) Okay you know what, that's all right – Got it – Shake it off Shake it off

All right now we're gonna– – You know what, we're gonna need something a little sharper That's what that means – And what about the sound? (scrapes chalk) Mm-kay Chalk carving away Boy, I think the one thing we've learned is if you're gonna paint your chalk, don't do it with whatever paint we chose

– (chuckles) This is the most unsatisfying chalk carving is this kind, just ripping your paint off like that – [Link] Look at that (Rhett sighs) – [Rhett] There are some people who would be into this, this version of it – Oh look at the, well you want a clean break I think it's most satisfying for at least all the paint to be gone

– [Rhett] Oh that's nice, that's nice though – I got this dowel rod, boy that's pointy That'd go right through your eye – Then I should probably hold it Oh that's just all wood? This is just a sharp piece of wood

– The focus is really the chalk here – Oh sorry, I got distracted for a moment – I don't know what this could do but– – And now what do you do with all this chalk? You snort it? – Oh, stay tuned Okay so, I'd say we're not as good at this part of chalk carving as other people are but there's other variations that people enjoy including crumble and chop (chalk crunching) Oh, I will grind your bones to make bread

That's a giant crumbling human bones – I get it, you know what– – The sound is, ooh! – I can see how you can get into this I'm a little turned on – So that was just the chalk portion but there's– – Am I supposed to be turned on? – No, yes – Oh, I'm not turned on

– You're supposed to be turned on but never admit to it – Okay all right – That's how this works There wasn't a crumble part– – Cut me like your chalk, Jack – Of that video but– (crew laughs) I'm gonna crumble and you're gonna chop so listen to this

That was your chair – That was my chair making a weird mm sound – Mm! – My chair is turned on – All right you ready for some crumble? (cracks chalk) Ooh Yeah

(chalk cracking) – I like the way you crumble– – Shh! Chop it ♪ Chop it like it's chalk ♪ ♪ Chop it like it's chalk ♪ (chalk crunching) – You like that? – Hey, don't, don't, don't – There's a reason that no one who makes these videos says, "Do you like that?" – Right, 'cause it's– – But I can't help, I'm a salesman – Here, can I give you some pointers? – Do you like it? – Maybe can I do it? – No you can't hold a knife – Okay put the front of the knife, keep it down

Yeah, yes – Do you like that? – Yes – You like it like that more? – Shh (Rhett chuckles) – I'm gonna have the best chalk carving channel because you'd be like, have you seen the chalk carving guy that says, "Do you like that?" – Your face is not the right one to be making – Okay the satisfaction doesn't stop at carving and crushing because apparently chalk also makes a satisfying ASMR fizzing noise when soaked in water

Let's check that out (water fizzing) (chalk crackling) – Okay so the fizzing is so satisfying and that's just water with food coloring in it We just have water with no food coloring – You wanna crumble into my bowl? – And then I have some Coke that we're also gonna try – Let's start water

– Okay 'Cause if you just do that, nothing really happens – You get a little bit– – If you do this (chalk cracking) You hear that? – That's good, I like that – It's human bones

– Saying can you hear that, that's good – Do you hear that? Do you hear that? All right let's try with the Coke You take this and remember our catch phrase Now this is becoming a chalk carving channel completely – Yep

– I think it's gonna be fizzy (chalk cracking) (Coke fizzing) – Do you hear that? It's like the never ending chalk Look it's still going This is how they make snow in movies (Coke fizzing) – Do you hear that snow? – LeBron

(claps) – All right that's pretty good And – [Both] Scene

– Okay here's something, we don't know exactly what's going to happen but Ellie told us that we should take some water and we should carve some of this chalk into this water – [Link] Oh it makes a nice green film on top – You see that? – Yeah – You see what's happening? – Yip yip yip yip All right

– Oop – That's fine, that's fine Didn't even happen – Did you see that? Did you see what happened? – All right now we're gonna take some chalk and we're gonna– – Just dip – We've super charged the surface

– Just dip the whole square? – [Ellie] Do another color – Do another color she said Know what– – I bet you were really into sand art – Oh yeah – As a child or a couple weeks ago or whenever you were into sand art

– Hey, it's always Christmas time on Rhett and Link's chalk carving channel – You hear that? It's always Christmas time – And you're always getting a new present every day of the year 'cause it's a daily show – All right okay, okay, and now I'm gonna crumble some of this – No don't crumble, you just dip it

– Just dip it? – Yeah yeah yeah, you just dip it, you just dip it, just dip it Pull it out slowly (gasps) – Is that what you were talking about? (crew laughs) – Look at that, Link! – I didn't hear anything – No, it's not what you hear, it's what you see (chalk crackling) – You hear that? That's Ellie's dreams being crumbled in the water

(Rhett laughs) That was pretty cool, Ellie – Okay – We can do that – And if you still don't think that chalk is exciting, then how do you explain this video from YouTuber Artie's Place? – So I did a little test, scientific test with the chalk After five minutes, I removed this piece of chalk and I re-weighed it and it was 12 grams

So it absorbed four grams of moisture That's 100% proof that the chalk definitely is absorbing moisture (Rhett laughs) – I love this guy and he is now part of the team – 100% proof that the chalk is absorbing moisture – Don't you agree that he should be part of this? (patting Link's chest) – What does you doing this have to do with the question you're asking

– I just mean don't you think Artie should be a part of it? (chuckles) Don't– – I 100% agree that Artie should be a part of it – I love that guy, you know what– (Link coughs) He doesn't have to be present He's in a little inset We call it the Artie inset – He could just send us some footage

– And he just gives facts as we do our thing – All right we got some more chalk work to experience and a genre that is most suited to how we interact with the YouTube algorithm, chalk eating (crunching chalk) – The wonderful thing about eating chalk is you can write what you're eating with what you're eating – That is wonderful – Like Zach Choi did

Okay, safety note, it is not recommended to consume chalk and we will only be using a very special type that is non-toxic and safe to eat but even that is only okay in small quantities – Still smells, looks and seems exactly like the other chalk – Don't try this at home – What was he listening to on those earbuds? – I think himself chewing – Get down here on the mic if you're gonna– (chalk taps microphone) Actually go through with this

(both tap mic) Dink it – That's what we do – And sink it – We let you know what's gonna happen It's heavier

It's significantly heavier, it's a denser thing (crunching chalk) Do you hear that? Do you taste that, oh gosh It tastes awful (crunching chalk) – That's very dry – Is my mouth white? – [Link] Oh my goodness

(crew laughs) (Rhett spits) – Now listen, this is a thing that a lot of people do, so much so that people have put a lot of Amazon reviews on where you can buy this online starting with Jasmine who said, "Very weird aftertaste "Nothing like the chalk I ate as a child" – Or Olana, I think we should be eating it while, I think they were eating while they wrote 'em so that's what we'll do – Okay – I love the taste, but then five to six hours later, the chalk's laxative properties kick in

– What? (crew laughing) I'm not eating it for this next one Not my favorite It has a bit of an odd taste I still prefer Crayola It is a bit too mushy

I like melt in your mouth chalk but I didn't think it would get so mushy and taste so odd Edit (chuckles) They've come back in and edited the review – Update – I baked it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes after hammering it into smaller pieces

Amazing! Well of course we've done that as well – All right so we didn't hammer ours first but we did bake it Let's take some smaller pieces Now, let's just see if it tastes different (taps microphone) (both crunching chalk) It's a little crunchier

– It tastes worse – It tastes totally different – It tastes twice as bad as it did (spits) – Instead of tasting like dirt, it tastes like a crayon – Whatever it is, whatever disorder you have to have in order to want to eat chalk I can safely say I do not have it

– As much as I'd love to be done with this, we're not because– – My tongue is still white – They use kitchen utensils for chalk satisfaction – Okay (chalk scraping) – Okay, if somebody can use a sifter then we can use a meat grinder – (chuckles) Yes we can

Drop the blue chalk in there, Link – Okay – And I'm gonna use this purple chalk as my ram rod – Crank it (machine whirring) There it is, oh yeah

Nice! Okay, and I got some ham over here since this is a meat grinder – [Rhett] Yeah why not? – Let's grind some meat (machine whirring) Oh yeah, we got those meat crumbles in there – Oh yeah, oh yeah– – Oh yeah! – Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah Oh, we hit green, we hit green! – Hey, I got an idea

Let's do meat with no chalk I bet that will be the most satisfying thing (machine whirring) Come on, come on! There it is Yeah! Little green meat worms Now we're doing it

– Yeah! – [Link] Yeah! – Well I think I lost my ram rod – Kill it Taste it Well now that you're fully satisfied and as are we, we would like to thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Hey, why name's Doug from Fairland, Indiana (ripping plastic) And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Doug knows how to get on the show (chuckles) Click the top link to watch us invent the next newest trend, Jello carving, in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

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