We Snuck Into Our First Studio Ever!

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I'm the one who framed Roger Rabbit

This week's guest won't stop and smell the roses unless it's for a GMM episode titled "We Try Stopping and Smelling the Roses" Please welcome Rhett and Link (clapping) You put your face in his butt (smack) Oh (laughing) – The bit is worth it keep going (smack) – Oh you hit yourself again

– Where is he? I keep hearing something – Hey man! (screaming) – You hit that, too (laughing) – I'm a big man – Hey guys, welcome – Did you hit your face on the desk? – No I hit my buttocks of the desk, and then I hit my buttocks on the couch, and then I hit my headtocks on the microphone

– Headtocks, yeah You did It's okay, it was fine No one heard it, no one noticed it – It was cool, wasn't it? Was it cool? – Do you think we're cool now? – Yeah, exactly – Shoo – You know the ghost in the Mario? – The Mario? – Yeah

(laughing) – When you look at them they freeze That's not really what we did though – But it's close – Yeah – Okay, guys, today is the maybe first time that we're going to talk about how we took a trip to North Carolina this summer

– Let's just say it feels like the first time (laughing) – It does, it really does And I have a clip from the trip that we took to Buies Creek, North Carolina – A clip from the trip (clapping) – And I'll explain more about what that is and what that means, but just know that it's very, very special, and you haven't even see the clip

Neither of you have seen it – I haven't seen the clip – [Stevie] But you weren't even in the clip – [Rhett] Yeah, yeah, yeah – You'll understand when we get there

– I think I know what you're talking about now – I also asked the Mythical Beasts to propose what Rhett's actual nickname in high school could have been on Twitter – Oh – And I got some interesting replies, – [Rhett] Sure you did – But before we get to all of that, of course it's time for our rejected snack – Bam! – This week we did an international movie theater snacks game

– Darts, snacks – And your South Korean snack, I do believe you might've hated the most out of all the snacks, that was the buttered squid – Buttered squid, yeah – Yeah, that was pungent – This is another thing that they have in South Korean movie theaters

Oh, its squid again, but it's squid jerky – [All] Hot chicken flavor – [Rhett And Link} Squid – Yeah, and Daven was saying, too, in the movie theater in Korea town here in LA, they also sell these

These? This – [Link] Thems – I don't like the way they word it though – Oh gosh, it's wow, there's a, it smells like cat food It smells like, whoa

– It smells like fish food – [Stevie] Whoa, it is smelling stale – It smells like fish food – Wow! – [Rhett] You ever had a fish? – That you had to feed? – [Stevie] Can I say something that my dad's gonna be upset with me for saying, but was really cruel – Take a string

– I had a goldfish growing up, and it died, and then my dad, to dispose of it, put it down the garbage disposal – What sound did that make? Oh, I'm not dead yet! – No, it pretty much just sounded like a goldfish getting chopped to bits with razors (Link's imitation of a garbage disposal) Sorry dad, but don't do that – [Rhett] I mean it – You just did, you already had it? – Holy moly! – I just did it man, I just did it It's probably spicy, too, because it's hot chicken – The hot chicken flavor – Got a bigger bite than I wanted to have

Oh! – [Rhett] Guys, – [Stevie] My god! – I like this – My god! No! – I legitimately like it – No, I hate it I hate it – [Rhett] It's so salty

– I hate it so much – But a little bit sweet It's not bad – No, it's almost down I hear it

– So it's salty, it's sweet, it's hot, it's fishy – [Stevie] Oh! – You like all that together – It smells way worse than it tastes – [Stevie] OH! – I bet they don't smell it when they eat it in the movie theaters People who like it just don't, they don't even activate that

– I think I'm just becoming an, you know, as I get older, and my taste buds are dying by the thousands, I just need something to wake myself up, remember that I'm a human – There is zero part of that that tastes like hot chicken There's zero percent – Well, it's interesting how much hot chicken is taking over I saw a sign where Panda Express is now advertising that they sell hot chicken, but they call

– Hot szwechuan (laughing) – Hot szwechuan – Hot szwechuan

– Hot szwechuan szwee – They consulted me on that campaign I said don't say szechuan, say szwechuan – Szwechuan – The Americans will love it

(laughing) – I have not had that – I'm not kidding, I like this – I'm glad it passed, it did pass, it's not lingering in my mouth, so I mean it hasn't passed Anyway, so you know this and I know this, but you have a tendency on the show to claim various things as your nickname in high school – Yup, had quite a four years – Here's a little peek, a handful of some of the nickname's you've given yourself Chile Puller, Bearded Ken, Turtle Meat, Jack Master, and Residual Whiteness

(laughing) And that's not all – You got a bit of residual whiteness on the back of your head here – Really? A little fuzz? – Got rid of that – I put that there for the bit (laughing) – Residual Whiteness

– Oh didn't even know – so I asked the Mythical Beasts on Twitter, What was, with little asterisk marks, Rhett's nickname in high school? Maybe toss in a "why" if it makes sense And – The letter "Y"? – Yeah – Residual Whiteyness – Make sure that the nickname has a "Y" in it Okay so @G_Money____ said, "Rhett's nickname in high school was 'That Was My Nickname in Middle School' because he used that joke constantly" – And to use it then Yep, G Money – I'm just gonna eat some squid – [Stevie] G Money, that's pretty good – During this segment

– @lOVELYLINK said, "'Cool Noodle' because he's long and slick Am I right ladies?" – Yeah you're right (laughing) – That one also had a lot of thumbs up, a lot of likes on it – Was that you? – [Stevie] Not thumbs up, likes – Lovely Link? Yeah

(laughing) Okay, @BoyNamedBryan, with a "Y", so it's not playing in, "'That' was his nickname in high school He's been trying to tell us for years" – Oh, no "That" was my nickname in high school "That"

– I mean, that was, I thought that was good – "That" was good in high school (laughing) – @rhettmcneal said, "Brett," which I also felt like people probably, well they do think your name is Brett – Right – So that's also a good nickname

– Yeah, I knew a Brett McLaughlin – Really? – Yep, when I was in college – [Stevie] Oh – I didn't know him (laughing) – He went to the other school

(laughing) – What? – You went to two schools in college? (laughing) – One with me and one with Brett? What are you talking about? – Well, I was about to say which school he went to, but then I was like, I don't want to say, I mean he doesn't, yeah he went to UNC (laughing) – Brett McLaughlin who went to UNC I mean, my wife knew him and my wife knew me, and she chose Rhett (laughing) – So she had narrowed it down to ett McLaughlin – It's a Brett or Rhett, but which one's easier to say

B-B-Brett or Rhett? Rhett – You were picked because it was easier to pronounce – Yeah – I'm with you on that – No they never dated, but she did know a guy named Brett McLaughlin and I met him

I was like, I mean, it was odd – Hmm, okay – To meet somebody who basically has my name nested within their name – Did you know a guy named – It's you plus more – Guy named "Daddy No Chin Apple Knocker" because that's (laughing) – That's what @PraiseSharp said – [Link] Introduce us – I don't know where the apple knocking part comes in – I do like that I like it because when you walk into a room you can deliver it, you know? I'm Daddy No Chin Apple Knocker, nice to meet you all

– I kind of like it – This one's from @josh_patters0n, "Ginger Bear", which I don't have any context for – You didn't tell us what Apple Knocker said (laughing) – That was my name – Oh, I

– Now hold on Back up a second, I'm interested in what Apple Knocker had to say Don't dismiss him

– I thought, I thought you Something about the timing of that, I thought you were introducing the next handle and I was like, that's a good handle – Daddy No Chin Apple Knocker

– The whole time I was just thinking, when is she gonna get to the nickname – That was my nickname in high school, man – Oh, according to who? – I said afterwords, @PraiseSharp – Oh, afterwords – Yeah, yeah

– Okay, this is the username – Yeah, make it simple Hyacinth Edward and the nickname it "Tired Dad Costume" (laughing) – Even in high school – Why did you throw a costume in there? – You look like a tired dad You look like someone dressed as a tired dad

(laughing) – I don't think they understood the assignment – No that's right No it's right, man – I look like a tired dad now for sure, but I'm just saying I didn't in high school – This says "Software Update" because everyone just kept ignoring him

– Oh burn, that's a burn (laughing) – That was from Teresa (laughing) – Okay, thanks for calling – And I will say I was there with him in high school, so I actually know what his nickname – [Stevie] What? – Was in high school – Yeah – Maybe we can reveal it after I'm finished with this list of very exciting things – Oh, we're not done? (laughing) – Still going

– This says "Corn Boy" because he would walk around town yelling "call me 'Corn Boy' Please I need this, this is all I have Oh won't you please call me corn boy" – I remember that – Mm-hmm, that was from Brant

– Oh so we've moved on to the writers (laughing) – Yeah, you guys can react appropriately now – Now we need to laugh – Okay, alright, yeah, yeah That was funny

– That was good (laughing) – That's what we're paying for – And finally, "Jack the Ripper" because of a series of murders he committed in the late 19th century, which makes sense – Let me guess who wrote that – I bet you can't

– It's not one of our writers? – Oh, no, it is I'm just saying I bet you can't (laughing) – Carnie – No – Ellie

– What? – Ellie – Nick – No – Now you've gone through like half of them – Fine whatever – [Stevie] And the reason you're not gonna be able – Tell us who This is a game on game – guess is because it's Brant again – Oh so this was Brant's assignment (laughing) – You didn't share the love on this one – Boy that went well (laughing) – Well, you know, I will say, I actually went to high school with Rhett, so I know what his nickname in high school was

– Yeah, what was it? – Wouldn't you like to know? – That's what you were planing for? That whole lead up to you saying it – I'm not gonna tell, I mean, it's like, I got to get something out of the deal – Okay, there is actually a nickname and you're holding on to it That wasn't the joke – No, there is no joke

– Oh, okay, good, great – If when I get something out of it, I'll tell his nickname in high school Until then, he'll just keep on lying about it – Okay, so you all think of what Link can have and he'll reveal the secrets So this summer we went to Buies Creek, your hometown, North Carolina, and we actually shot a documentary that you can see if you're coming to the Bleak Creek Conversations Tour

If you don't have your tickets already, and it's not sold out, then go to bleakcreekcom and see if you can get your hands on some tickets because every ticket comes with a book and an exclusive look at a documentary that we shot in Buies Creek – It's gonna be a very special night – So while we were there there was a night where we decided, hey, let's do something fun What is there to do around here? And then turns out there wasn't much except for a bowling alley and we were all to tired to actually go bowl, and Link had just gone to go visit some of his family so Rhett was just with us, and Rhet was like, do you want to see our old studio

We were like, boy do we, it sounds like so much fun So we drove by the studio So we went in and it actually was amazing, everything that we saw, and it's a good thing we had cameras there because this is it (bird noises) – Okay, so while we're in Lillington, which is the town right next to Buies Creek (engine roars) – I thought this is a good time to stop by Link and I's first studio ever

(happy music) (laughing) This is it This is where the Facebook Song, the Facebook Song is shot in this parking lot, The 600 pillows music video was shot, we jumped off of this down into the pillows This is all where it started Oh my gosh It has seen better days

First of all, let's see if there's electricity Yep Guys, the original Rhett and Link green, right here, this is it, this is the first wall we ever painted green, and that's why the logo was green forever This is the checkered tile, this is why the set of GMM has checkered tile because we put it in this studio, right here, and it's still intact At least some of it is

I think we're gonna find some stuff in here guys Okay, so this was our storage area back here, and I'm hoping, okay, it's not Oh yes, oh yes, it's still here

This is when Link and I did this ridiculous song called the Credit and Debit Song and I dressed up like a flower This is my, this is the headdress that I made for myself This isn't what they This is Link's old jacket This is Link's old jacket It's just wet, he left it He just left it here to rot This is tobacco that we picked while shooting "Looking for Ms

Locklear", and we hung it in here to dry just because, and there it is It's still there, dry (laughing) It's crazy I can't believe that this is all still here This is pretty significant

This is our recording booth, that all the vocals and guitar for basically everything we recorded probably from like 03' to maybe like 08' So like Facebook Song and all the early music videos We got this carpet from Home Depot and just lined the walls in here We routed the cabling through the wall into the computer on the other side of the wall So you couldn't communicate with each other, you just had to go into the recording booth and then basically yell at each other, because we didn't have system where we could talk back and forth

So way back in the day, the very first Rhett and Link Cast, which was the pre-cursor to Good Morning Chia Lincoln, which was the pre-cursor to GMM, was shot right here, and this again, this is the reason that our sets have always had, have always been two walls that come together because this is the very first one We sat right here, we had the green and the blue wall I sat right here This is the infamous pipe that when the toilet flushes upstairs we would have to stop our live stream because it would, you know This is crazy, so we did a video that was one of our first sponsored videos, sponsored by Butterfinger

We were these goth characters and we painted this wall black because goth, and it's still there, it's just still painted black – [Stevie] Oh my gosh, Christy did this – [Rhett] What? – [Stevie] Christy – Oh my goodness – Oh my god

– This is the summer that she was in Santa Cruz, and Link was sending her his voice on tape that he talks about, and she would send him her voice back Remember that weird puffy jacket that was rainbow colored that you had – [Link] Yeah – It was in her on the floor just soaking wet, rotting – [Link] You know, Nana said, you should go by your old studio

That was the first thing she said, and she was like, and you need to share with people where you got your start (laughing) I mean, it's a shame that we couldn't, I mean, if I was there we could've filmed that – But they're still filming right now – [Link] Well, if you're still filming, I want you to tell them how we really got our start (laughing) – Wasn't that sweet

Don't you wish you were there – We were the last people there I mean, that's freaking decades I don't know, we left in haste, man We only went to Fuqway, so like

– We could've gotten that jacket – 12 minutes away –

at anytime – That's what I was thinking, I'll just go back and get it tomorrow – For several years you had the option to go back and get it – Sometimes, tomorrow never comes

– Okay, that's all I have today You ready for our final line? – Yeah – Okay – Until next LTAT keep on BYMB (poppy electronic music)

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