We Shave Josh’s Head for $30k

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and cereal is just cold soup

This week's guests called tomatoes maters, potatoes taters, and Portmantos man-taters Please welcome Rhett and Link (Link laughs) (Rhett laughs) Wow – Coming with the jokes Coming with the jokes! – Man-taters

– What a quick entrance – Yeah we gotta– – From Rhett and Link – We got a lot of experience – Super excited! – I can't believe it – LTAT, woo! – Guys, today's episode is just chock full of stuff

It's gonna be really long, I'm sorry that I shouted Chris, I hope your ears are okay, but hey guess what? Today's episode is sponsored by– – [Stevie and Link] Audible! – [Rhett] Woo! – With Audible, you get access to an unbeatable selection of audiobooks including best-sellers, motivation, mysteries, thrillers, memoirs and more Audible has the largest selection of audiobooks on the planet and now with Audible Originals, the selection has gotten even more custom with content made for members I just started listening to– – Tell us – A little series, a little Audible Original series called Bedtime Stories for Cynics

– Okay – Oh – Which actually– – Are you a cynic or a bed-timer? – I enjoy sleep and I also am a cynic – [Rhett] Okay, good – And if I were more clever, I would combine those two in a statement to you but I didn't think of what that statement was

But anyway it's an Audible comedy original It's hosted by a friend of the show, Nick Offerman – Oh – Yas – And it's like basically bite-size stories, it's basically bedtime stories for adults

So the first one I think is called Goodnight Ambien, and it's a play on– – That's appropriate – Goodnight Moon, you know, where they're saying goodnight to things except for in this one they're saying goodnight to adult things It's adult-propriate – Nick usually comes to my home to read the stories directly (Stevie chuckles) – Well actually Nick reads the parts around the stories and then other people read the stories, but sure, he comes to your house and does, yeah, does it all

– And if I take an Ambien, I'm like having weird sleepwalking situations – Exactly – So be careful – It touches on that for a story Also your friend Tony Hale, there's a bunch of different comedians who read stories

– Tony tucks me in – Yeah That was a separate comment that you were friends with Tony Hale, I wanted to plug that, but also Tony Hale reads these bedtime stories as well So check it out Audible members can choose three titles every month

One audiobook and two Audible Originals you can't hear anywhere else They also get access to exclusive audio fitness programs – Mm – Get a free audiobook with a 30 day free trial when you go to Audiblecom/LTAT or text LTAT to 500-500

That's Audiblecom/LTAT Audiblecom/LTAT And thank you to Audible for sponsoring this craziness

– Support these efforts by listening to books and whatnot – Yeah, it's that easy, the whatnot part also Did you guys know that this entire week, we did the job, you did the job of determining the number one best cereal of all time? – Yeah we did – Best week of my life – Something we didn't do though is determine the worst cereal of all time

– Oh – That's my cynicism kicking in That's how I tied it back – Okay got it – Yeah 'cause every seed was positively voted upon

– Yes But we also asked people what their least favorite cereals were so that's what we going to do today – We gonna do that, y'all – Uh-huh – Taste the worst cereals, pick the absolute worst

– Okay – Totally objectively The crew also filled out their own brackets – Okay – They have their own teams as you know

– Yo – So we have a team and an individual situation to reward today – Oh – Okay – You can feel the energy in here

It's just buzzing with potential – Yeah I could detect that people felt more involved – [Stevie] Yeah (chuckles) (Rhett laughs) – They're paying attention for once – Also, the wonderful Mythical Beasts raised over $30,000

(Rhett, Link and crew clapping) – Yes! (crew cheers) Y'all are crazy! 'Cause y'all want– – To No Kid Hungry – You're uncrazy, it's a great cause – And that means today, we're gonna be doing a little shaving – Yeah we are – Of Josh's mustache and beard

– I've been working out my wrist – Beard (laughs) – No, head – Well actually we could shave his beard He doesn't have one but we will shave it

Hey Josh – Hey – How's it goin'? – I'm okay – You just been hanging out the whole time over there – Little bit

– Well continue to hang out over there– – Credit to him, man – You won't let me leave – Yeah – You motivated the Beasts, 30 grand – Yeah

– It's a big deal That's an awesome deal So we're gonna– – Can't wait to get hold of you – You're gonna be so streamlined by the end of this episode – Very aerodynamic, I like to do swimming so that's great

– Do swimming – Oh, yeah – That's how they say it – You'll be doing swimming – Doing swimming is one of my favorite– (laughs) – [Josh] It's fine

– Okay But first, we're gonna get to the snacking part The snacking part which also is the tasting of cereals part – Okay we're combining those two things– – Here is the top four, bottom four cereals as voted on by the Mythical Beasts – [Link] Okay

– The number one worst cereal is All-Bran – [Link] All-Bran – All-Bran – I have not had, oh twigs – Oh it's the sticks, yeah, it's the fiber sticks

– [Link] Okay – Oh sorry I also had not seen what it was Apparently, you can make banana bread out of it But that's not what we're, we're not judging that

We're judging just the cereal – I have not had this one – Also, Grape-Nuts – Grape-Nuts, very crunchy – Oh come on

– Grape-Nuts – Grape-Nuts are great! – People think Grape-Nuts should be in the bottom but we're gonna taste it and I will guarantee that it will not lose – You ever had Grape-Nuts and yogurt? – Uh – Hey like this? – I don't think I have Oh look at that

– See look– – Power parfait – Power parfait – They're actually Grape-Nuts – Everything winds up in the bottom – They're grape seeds

– [Rhett] That's what they're emulating – Speaking of bottoms, Fiber One This is another– – Oh that's a fiber twig – This is another twig So maybe you were thinking of that twig

– [Link] That looks like insects – I'm not sure which twig– – Fiber One, it's a little too fiber forward in the name – Yeah – You don't wanna be that fiber forward You want to imply fiber without saying it

So All-Bran wins so far – So we got a Kellogg's, a Post and a General Mills What's the fourth one? – Yes And this one I just whole heartedly disagree with – Oh come on

– Raisin Bran? – Raisin Bran is one of the best – It's seriously one of the best, so– – Wasn't Raisin Bran in our brackets? – Yeah, I'm happy that you agree with me 'cause I feel like this is just a no-go for the worst – It's got two scoops of raisins in every box And the sun puts 'em in there – Exactly

Thank you, so we have, so this is the All-Bran on this side I'm guessing, we got two twigs – Davin, help us out, man Can you bring it over here? – I feel like– – You want me to– – I feel like yes – I think we should do All-Bran and Fiber One side by side because, we all know that Grape-Nuts is not the worst I mean we're gonna taste it, mostly 'cause I just wanna eat it

– Well Grape Nuts is unrelentlessly crunchy, I mean– – I will say – Unrelentlessly? – It is a workout for the jaw (Link laughs) – Yeah that was, I double negative – You mean relentlessly crunchy – All right well I have not been paying attention to anything that you're saying

– Link has made up a new word that counteracted, contradicted itself – What about unrelently? – Thank you– – Unrelently – Which one is this? – This is nice – All-Bran? – This is the All-Bran And then we're tasting it next to, this is the Fiber One

– There's no crunch, there's no crunch – There's no crunch but this has got a good taste – Now I have to pace myself No, now I'm back on track – Oh, then it gets bad

Just got a little bit of cinnamon, a little bit of sugar and that's the– – Mm – And then it's cardboard – I like this – It's like cardboard shavings – Okay this is the other twiggy one

– [Rhett] Is it Fiber One? – I mean this looks like gerbil food Look at that – There's more of a crunch going on here, I will say – Oh, it's more of a traditional cereal taste of Fiber One – I don't like it as good

– I don't like it as good – All-Bran's way better – Gimme some Grape Nuts just because– – Wait wait wait So between these two– – Fiber One is horrible – Fiber One is worse

– Fiber One is not the ticket – So this is not in the running anymore is what we're saying – No, it won – Give it to me I'll take it home

– Wait it won No it won so it's not in the running for worst – I'm gonna make banana bread – No we're just saying Fiber One won It's over

– Oh because you like Grape-Nuts – I mean it only takes 80 minutes 80 minutes and I'll have banana bread – Guys this is going horribly wrong – Let's try some Grape-Nuts

I know I'm gonna love Grape-Nuts Maybe they'll, I'll prove myself wrong by eating it – [Stevie] They've been sitting for a minute – We might have to do a time lapse on our chewing though Because– – I got some hair

– Not a time lapse but a flash forward – I forgot how horrible this tastes The crunch is unrelentlessly happening – It's like you fell in the driveway and got something in your mouth (Link chuckles) – I feel like the more you eat it– – Got some gravel

– You're trying to prove something to yourself, like your jaw starts to hurt and then you're like I can do it, I can get through the whole bowl and then you wanna eat it – Hold on but the taste is good though – It needs honey, it needs something It needs a little sweet, man It's horrible

All right I'm– – Onto the Fiber One – You can't say that Fiber One is better than Grape-Nuts man – It says zero grams added sugar but there's some– – I won't be your friend anymore – It has a Christmasy taste, going back to it after the Grape-Nuts – Grape-Nuts is all texture and zero taste

– Well this was riveting – I disagree – I think that we've made a choice You disagree with the choice? – I think Grape-Nuts is the worst – No! – I disagree with that as well

– Fiber One's the worst, man – Yeah – Okay majority rules and the worst cereal is Fiber One so– – You like dog food now – I know everyone was itching to– – Yeah I do – Fiber One but highly recommend you don't

You're still eating, that's fine, sure, either way – [Rhett] So you like dog food better than Grape-Nuts – I think so, yeah – Yeah, you should go back to San Francisco (Stevie laughs) – Hey man, you want me just to come back with another top for you huh, you're jealous

– No, matching, I want the matching bottoms – You want me to wear the bottoms All right I'll go back and get the– – There's a lot more talking about tops and bottoms than I ever thought that we'd do on this show But here we are and Fiber One is really horrible – I gotta go take a (bleep)

(crew laughs) – Okay At least it'll be the right consistency – Wow, how'd that go for you? Did that work out well? It went? – It went, it went real fast, didn't it? Clean as a whistle – While you were gone, we go the pool out – Yeah what's up with this? – Well okay so every time we have a tournament I feel like we need to switch up the crew team game a little bit so this time, each crew team decided on an object, an item, a thing they wanted to throw into the betting pool and then so now, we know what the winning team is 'cause we already went through the tournament

This is just like the formal presentation part – Okay – So a representative from each team is gonna come up to this awkward microphone – I don't know who the winning team is – Well no, I know, well neither do you

You understand – The universe knows, 'cause it's already happened – 'Cause it's already happened so we already have the points, you know what I'm saying? So a representative of each team is gonna come up, talk about what they are betting and place that item or thing or whatever it is in the pool We're gonna go through all the teams and then we're gonna find out who won and who wins the whole pool of things – Okay

– So I'm going to call each team, beginning with the Meme Lords – Meme Lords – Our short form team Hello Jen, welcome to the microphone – Hello

– And also the set – Yes, thank you – This half of the set 'cause I saw that you were on the other half earlier – You're not wearing the banana costume, you're holding it – No 'cause I– – Would you like a definition or would you like to hear it in a sentence? – Yes? – Banana

– B-A-N-A-N-A-S Okay, well I'm from the team Meme Lords as Stevie said We are wagering this banana suit because we made some bold choices and we didn't wanna give anything more important away – (laughs) Okay – You knew you were gonna lose, okay, put it in there

– Oh okay so somebody's gonna walk away with that – Thank you, Jen – That was great – Now I would like to call up Money Man's Men – Yes

– Which is production – Unabashedly my favorites – No favoritism shown – Oh – Oh hello Josh

– Hey, what's up guys? Haven't seen you in a minute – I thought it would be Davin – No, no no I'm his men He is the Money Man, together, he and I are the Money Man's Men – Oh

– Yes Well this is Chef Gordon Hamsey He's the pig I have a drawer in the kitchen that used to have my laundry basket in where I'd throw dirty rags but then I moved the laundry basket somewhere else but I kept throwing dirty rags into that drawer and so I put this pig statuette in the drawer so I could stop throwing dirty rags in that drawer because it would get mildewy – Okay great

– That's a big drawer – Yeah, yeah yeah, big drawer (laughs) – You got some big drawers – Okay – Laying down in the drawer like it's a morgue or something? – You got some big drawers

– He stands in the drawer It's a big drawer, there was a lot of dirty rags and a lot of mildew, it was a health concern – Okay – So the pig – Wow this pool is growing of things that everyone wants

You know? – Okay who's next? – P-I-G The Interns are next – The Interns – Our writing team Oh wow

– I don't know if you remember this – Ellie, you're not an intern – No it's a joke 'cause people in the comments are always like, wow, you have so many interns (chuckling) On our team and and they're always talking about me But I'm a writer

It's a good job (Rhett and Link laughing) First time my dad's ever been proud of me – This feels like a stand-up routine (chuckles) – Thank you – Keep standing

– Well so we, I also didn't do the math I don't know if we won or lost, which is why we're wagering something very important to me and the team It's a billboard from that one time I bought everything advertised to me – Yeah – Including a bench ad

That's an advertisement for me to put an advertisement on a bench Ya better believe I'm doing that (whimsical music) Yeah this is a little scary, but– – Wow – This is from– – That's kinda like, well, it's kinda like a movie that I've seen but not gonna talk about – Yeah no spoilers

I'm in the new Jordan Peele movie – [Link] Hey, shh! – Yeah, it's pretty cool It would make a striking decor to anyone's fireplace mantle or whatever– – You don't have to sell it Just put it in the pool – Are you gonna– – Thank you Ellie

– [Rhett] Are you gonna fold it, are you gonna– – So much – Thank you Ellie – It really doesn't fit in the pool but it's cool – Okay Okay, all right

Okay – Basically, everyone just put in something you want to get rid of – They're assuming– – Yeah there's a theme There's a theme going on – That they're gonna lose

Somebody needs to go for the gold! – Mythellaneous Operations – Oh my gosh – (chuckles) Hi guys – Hello Jenna's tickled

Look at her, she's tickled – I'm having a good time – Are you okay? – It's great, no, yeah, I totally got this – Do you wanna put it down first? – I don't need to put it down They said we had the whole time I was talking so I'm gonna– – Good, great

– I'm (chuckles) I'm with team Mythellaneous and we're betting Craig's old cage because you all said that we could get him a new one and I have a video of you saying that ♪ We'll find our way ♪ – Why did I even say that 'cause I think once I made a physical connection with him, just hold it there for a little bit Just air chair it – I had to re-adjust– – Oh wow

I'm afraid for that thing – This is easier – [Link] I think once I made a physical connection with Craig, I was like– – You felt sorry for him – I felt like he needed a tree – Well good, well now we have this

– Yeah and we got him the cage with the tree branch also – Huge – It's so pretty – It's pretty awesome – It is really cool

– I thought about kicking him out and getting in there myself – [Jenna] It's got a heated rock and everything He's so happy, he loves it – I wouldn't call it a cage though but I mean you do – Yeah yeah yeah

– All right put that in here – Yeah, okay – All right – Air chairing that thing – Uh-oh

– There we go – All righty and safe – It's got old snake in it – Great – It's a lot of– – Great, great, thank you Jenna

And of course, Post Is People Too Post? Hello Zack – Hi Stevie – Welcome – Hi guys

– Hello Zack – Zack, you look like you're about to sing something (laughing) – No – Look at, there's something about the way he walked up, it's like– – It's the hands behind the back It's adjusting the mic then putting the hands behind the back

– Sing something, man – No I'm not gonna do that – Come on, dude – Come on man

– Yeah so keeping with the theme of getting rid of things that you don't want, my team has bet me so– – Oh what? – Not really sure how I feel about that Pretty sure we lost, Casey picked our bracket – Oh, whoa – So yeah, here we go guys – Well I feel sorry for giving you a hard time when you're betting yourself

– Can you sing? – Sing, boy! – Get in that pool and sing, Zack! Can you whistle? – Hey – Can you whistle for me? Can you squeal like a pig? (laughing) – Zack, I'm sorry – All right well this is– – I just wish you guys would have bet stuff that mattered – Zack matters! – No offense Zack – I for one think this is an excellent pool of items that someone's going to win

– [Link] Nobody wants any of this (crew laughs) – Okay, I'm told the winning team has a score of 45 out of 80 – 45 out of 80 – The losingest team has a score of 17 I would like to invite someone up here to give me the envelope with the answers

Will that someone please join me? – There he is – Stevie, gentlemen – Sir – Typically the company who's in charge of the information is not also one of the teams Like, when they get, what's the– – It's the money man

– It's fine – What's the guy at the Oscars? – It's fine – That screwed it up? – Oscar – It's fine Everything's totally legit, totally legit

– All right okay – Okay Let's see Oh my (laughs) – Now we have the team and the individual

– I didn't know what I was gonna be lookin', thank you – Thank you – Thank you, sir – Zack, you comfortable? – Yeah – The winner is Mythellaneous

– Mythellaneous wins Zack and you get Craig's cage back – Yes, oh, okay – All right Jenna, have fun – All right we, okay All right

– Zack, you might wanna help just a little bit At least shuffle – Yeah do that – Let's shuffle just a teeny bit – This is great

This is great Okay – There we go – And – See ya Zack

You can be in that terrarium if you want to You can combine it up – All right, congratulations team We also had an individual competition and we have a new individual competition award – Grape-Nuts

– I thought that it was a lot heavier than it is but it is not metal so it is not that heavy – What is that from? – This is the Mythical bracket champion's trophy I believe that– – What is that, Joe Rogan holding our logo? – This specifically, he really wanted this and I said that he could have it But he won't have it because he didn't win because I totally know who the winner is and he does not have it in his briefcase But he does so please come back so I can announce who the individual winner is

– What is happening? – I don't know She's talking very fast – Things are just so hectic I don't know how well this is going Thank you

– Good enough – You're welcome – Good enough – All right And our winning team member, zuh– – It's a tie? – Because it's a tie are Jake and Leanne

Come on down! – Oh wow – Jake and Leanne! – Hi guys, congrats – Look at that – Okay guys – You get to share this and you get to share this gift card as well

– How fantastic – And you're now a couple so– (laughing) – Drinks on us – That's awesome, guys – Congrats, congrats – Fight over that later

– Yes – Just like that (crew applauds) You know what, just making the world a better place That's what's happening – [Stevie] That's what this was all about

– I don't know how better we make, they're just gonna bludgeon each other with that thing to see who ends up with it – Right, I mean, they're happy Jenna's happy, Zack is happy – Everyone's happy – Craig's happy

– You know who's about to not be so happy? – [Stevie and Link] Josh – Josh, you ready? – I sure am – All right – Okay – [Josh] Whoa, you guys move fast over here

– [Link] All right, here we are – Okay You wanna take the mustache? – Yes We're gonna double up, huh? – Yeah – Okay

– Are you ready for this? – So you're gonna shave, I'm gonna de-mustache, you're gonna de-head hairish – This is intimidating – You can't keep look, just look straight ahead, okay? Don't move, trust me – I feel so vulnerable – [Rhett] Do you need some encouraging words? – That'd be great if you have any

– I don't have that but I have a smock – That's perfect A lot of people said that I'm gonna regret this, got a lot of Twitter messages saying that but $30,000 is so much money for such an awesome charity No Kid Hungry is very cool helping end (chuckles) childhood hunger and food insecurity and that's so many breakfasts, so many free school lunches going to so many kids and thank you guys so much for all of it, it was super awesome – And with that

(chuckles) (Josh and Stevie laugh) – We're gonna remove his mustache (whimsical music) Now go like this, okay I'm using my left hand which is not the one I use for– – Why? – [Rhett] Not typically the hair cutting hand but– – Why are you doing that? (high pitched rapid chatter) – Go like this – Like what? – Like this, other way – What side? I can only do it one way

– No, other way – No I can only do it that way, I can't go – Well I'm gonna have to, there we go 'Cause you got some stragglers – Yeah

– Okay now, I'm gonna use a razor on that too A razor is technically a knife I think that I should not be doing this on the face – You shouldn't be doing this, definitely – You should be doing that and then I'm taking this down, no guard

– [Rhett] Just gonna spray directly on – [Link] I'm gonna clean up Rhett's hair here – Oh, that feels funny (laughing) – Do you want the man's razor or the woman's razor? – Give me the woman's Venus four safety razor – [Rhett] There's so much extra on the woman's

– Yeah – I don't think I could fit – All right keeping the man's (high pitched rapid chatter) – Yeah this is so satisfying – The slower, more tender you go, the more you're gonna hurt me

– Okay – It's just tearing them out one by one (laughs) (crew laughing) – Stop shaking – I can't – Okay I'm just gonna, I'm gonna be firm and good

– I'm gonna be firm and good, boy – That's my new shop, Firm and Good $5 cut – Firm and Good amateur barbers (high pitched rapid chatter) – [Link] How does that feel? Feels good, right? – [Rhett] I think I've done ya

I think I done – I done your mustache – I think I'm done I was firm and good– – Do I look good? I feel good – I feel firmly good that I done your mustache

– The razor's starting to get hot Is it supposed to get hot? – Yeah it's gonna, I'm gonna keep it in one place for a long time and it's gonna just slowly sink into your head, right into your– – That's fine, we're already here, you know What are we doing? (high pitched rapid chatter) – Look at us Giving you a firm, good noggin' – Okay now, it was $5,000 for the mustache, $10,000 for the head, but then, you had the bright idea to raise the goal to 30,000 for a back tattoo that we are going to design

– Yes (laughs) Those are all true statements – We got some ideas, man – And that's gonna happen next week on LTAT So next week on LTAT, you will see the tattoo revealed and you will see the tattoo given to the lower back, lower back, is that where we're doing it? – Oh yeah, the lowest of the back

– Okay – You ever been to San Francisco? – I heard it's nice – They got a real good barbershop, Firm and Good – Can you call me scamp now? – Oh yeah – Get rid of that

– What is this? – Po ho ho ho (blows nose) (groans) – You need a– – [Josh] I feel like I'm gonna get slimed – Okay turn around, show him what he did and– – Hold on, first of all, look at that no mustache – [Stevie] Yes! – [Josh] How's it look? – Look at that – Please clap

– You look good – He looks good – [Josh] Thank you (laughing) Why is Stevie laughing so hard? – Look at me Just look at me

– What did you do? – Be still, be still It's simple, man – You really look like someone who works at a salon– – Every artiste leaves his signature – That's a L for how much you love them children – It's just water, man

– Okay, hate to do it, firm, but I turned it into a lowercase L – What do you think you're doing with the water? – Cooling you off – That's a lowercase L or a capital I Or just a line

(whimsical music) (spraying bottle) That's not water – Is it? – No – What is it? – Water doesn't have a scent – It's water – Now you can go to a professional barber if you want a straight razor on that but I don't feel equipped– – Let me see how you look

– To go that far – [Link] You look like a man who just raised $30,000 for an amazing charity – I feel like a man who– – And for that, Mythical Chef Josh, we give you kudos for being your Mythical best Thank you for doing this (crew applauds) Pretty awesome, right? And he doesn't look bad

– And I got a free haircut – He looks good, got a free hair cut – You done good, Josh, you did good – I'll do the same for you if you need it – I'm good, thank you

I forgot to say if you wanted to see the whole, Davin made this awesome spreadsheet of the different teams and individuals and how they did on their bracket and everything– – Oh okay – And also, we shot a Behind The Mythicality video showcasing all the teams, how they made their decisions, and it's really funny and you should go check it out over on the Mythical Society And one more thing that I wanted to talk about before we wrap up today's action-packed episode– – Yes – Was, you guys are going on tour this summer – Yeah we are! – Yeah and here's the thing, we need to clarify that if you came and saw us during the Tour of Mythicality, well this is totally different, this is a musical concert from beginning to end, this is songs with banter between the two of us interspersed throughout but it is not the stage show that the Tour of Mythicality was so it's a totally different thing so if you didn't wanna see that, this is different, and if you did see that, this is different

So they're both reasons you should see this – 'Cause we are coming to a few of the same places– – Yeah – That we came to or got near, yes – Do you wanna simultaneously say them with me as I say them? – Yep – Yeah

– Poughkeepsie– – Poughkeepsie – [Together] New York – Las– – Vegas, Nevada Salt Lake City, Utah Denver, Colorado

– Mil– – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Indianapolis– – Indianapolis– – North Dakota – Indiana – Oh Indiana – [Together] Detroit, Michigan

– Oma– – Oh my gosh That's all there is – Omaha– – Nebraska Minneapolis, Minnesota – And tickets are still on sale for the April DC– – C show

– So go to RhettAndLinkLivecom for more information And now is when we say the thing together that we all know Three, two, one – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB

– F-O S-H-O (poppy electronic music)

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