We Put Cheese Wheels On A Car

– Can we drive a car on cheese wheels? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning

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– Now over the years of making this show, it's evolved and expanded a whole lot and we are continually amazed at the things we find ourselves doing, both logistically and legally And a lot of the credit goes to our amazing Mythical crew and thanks to them, we pretty much live in a fantasy world where we truly believe, as my son Lando's third grade class saying ♪ Anything you can dream, you can do ♪ – Oh that's sweet, I like that – It's not– – So– – It's not true normally – Well it's true here! – Yeah

– And we had a new dream Cheese wheels on a car A car with wheels that are cheese wheels You can't tell us this is not a good idea and we're like why has this not been done? – They're called cheese wheels – Okay so to see if we can make this dream come true, we asked the Mythical crew to put cheese wheels on a car and they have documented their entire process up to this point

Let's take a look at their journey – All right, thank you everybody for joining us We know you are busy but we have something important to talk about – You guys know that Rhett and Link have a lot of faith in all of you so what they've done is they've tasked us to task you guys to take the tires off of a car and replace them with tires made of cheese – That's insane

– The important thing to know is that when these cheese tires are on, the car needs to drive – Yeah, of course – Everybody feel good about everything? Let's put some cheese on a car I suspect Pasley, you'll be doing a lot of the work – Yeah

– So we have to figure out how to make a car essentially work on giant wheels of cheese which means we need to buy giant wheels of cheese – I'm thinking we should get something like spongy – Yeah use something like a parm Just gonna shatter and shard off – Yeah I think we need something with a little give

– I'm thinking like a nice mild, medium cheddar – Nice – You know, nothing too fancy – [Nicole] I think this could work 38 pounds

– That's big How much does a car tire weigh? – I've never changed a tire in my life – So we're gonna kind of divide and conquer Lucas, you need to get with the mechanics See what's going on with the car

See if we can get it running That's the first step I want you, Caitlin, to figure out how we can get the car jacked up We're gonna need four jacks Get with David Hill, figure out how to make that happen

– Got it – And then I'm gonna work on the cheese part of the cheese tires – All right this is the vehicle At one point it did run – Let me just crank it over and see what happens

– [John] Sure – Yeah, completely dead, okay I'm gonna check these fuses and see if one of them is blown which can happen when you're cutting wires and stuff – Right Talking shop here, if we were to take the wheels off this car and try to drive it on other things, maybe like cheese, you know 'cause cheese wheels

Do you think it could take the weight of the car? – Cheese could be a tough one – Could be – I'd stay away from the mozzarellas and Goudas – None of the softs maybe a semi-hard

– None of it soft, yeah Yeah – What we're getting is four 38 pound wheels of mild white cheddar cheese – I don't know if I'm supposed to say this on camera but I think there's like a 0% chance this will hold the car up – See I think there's 100% chance of this

And so if you average out what we think, that means 50/50 shot – It's got a 50/50– – 50/50 shot – So at this point we looked at the battery, checked those fuses Those are looking good Now we're on the relays, seeing like we're kinda chasing down these wiring diagrams all throughout the car

– A wiring diagram for the space shuttle doesn't look a whole lot different from a modern car – That may be more time than it's worth Thanks, did the best you could – My pleasure – Looks like we'll have to find another way

– Good luck with your cheese wheels – [John] Thanks – Oh crap, the cheese wheels are not coming (line trilling) Make them regret ever crossing us – [Rebecca] New York Valley Cheese, this is Rebecca

How can I help you? – Hi Rebecca, my name is Nicole and I'm calling because I recently had an order placed that ended up being canceled and I was wondering if you could possibly help me with that – [Rebecca] It looks like your order was shipping with the incorrect method so it would need to be resubmitted as a new order Do you mind if I place you on a very brief hold? – No problem – Thank you (Nicole laughs sadly) – This is already the worst idea and suddenly we don't even have the cheese

(laughs) That was the easy part, we just clicked a button – [Rebecca] Okay so most likely what you would need to do is actually submit separate orders for each wheel of cheese – If I submit separate orders for my wheel of cheese right now, will it come when it was scheduled to come? – [Rebecca] It most likely wouldn't ship until Monday or Tuesday and then not arrive until around the middle of next week – It's imperative that I get it at least on Monday or Tuesday so if there's any way you can possibly do something, I don't know, expedite it, anything you can do – [Rebecca] So I'm looking through our shipping systems and communicating with our logistics team and we might be able to have them arrive by Tuesday

– Okay, thank you Rebecca I appreciate all of your help, okay I'm definitely gonna write a survey about how wonderful you did – Good news, bad news The good news is that we have cheese for the wheels ordered and so that'll be here in a couple days

Bad news, mechanic came, took a look at it Doesn't look like it's gonna run – I think we might just have to push it – I was wondering if you guys had like a vision – Kinda this right here

– So is that– – Those are the wheels that will be cheese – Okay – [Kevin] And this here is your car – [Caitlin] Cheese is here – Yay! (smacks cheese) – Okay well, seems like about the right width

Yeah I don't even know what to say I don't know what to say I wish I could tell my 12 year old self, people are gonna pay you money to put a car on wheels of cheese – No I've never done this before so hopefully figure figure it out all right (metal clanging) David, you ready? – Yes

– [David] Oh yeah – So I've got all my couplers on and now we're adding our piece of extension to go through the cheese Last thing to do is to just transfer the holes on the actual wheel onto the cheese wheel (drill whirring) (smacks cheese) We're ready to roll So we got our holes drilled, we're putting our cheese on

I'm tightening these lug nuts with a thunder washer on each one just to hold that cheese in there Maybe my nickname should be PF Gouda Wrench (chuckles) Okay guys, this is it

Let's lower it down, let's get one person on each tire Let me know when you're in – For the record, there's absolutely no way this is gonna work – Everybody back away from the car in case it goes somewhere weird – Stranger things have happened

That cheese wheel looks strong as heck – One, two, three (suspenseful music) (metal clanging) It's kinda what I figured It's not looking like it's a very operable vehicle, guys I mean you can tell it's bending it

– Oh yeah – Look back here– – [John] Oh look at this – If you put your hand down, you can feel where the bolts are just ripping through the cheese (Mike sighs) I guess I need to let the guys down (line trilling) – Hey man

– Hey Link How ya doing? – [Link] Dude I got you on speaker with Rhett – Well I have good news and bad news We put the cheese on the car, like you said, that's the good news The bad news is it didn't work at all

– [Rhett] Okay, I guess what you're saying is that regular old cheese is not going to work You might need to modify the cheese – [Link] That makes sense, yeah – I have a couple ideas but I wanna see what you guys want – [Rhett] We just want cheese wheels, man

– [Link] If it tastes like cheese, it looks like cheese, and it's a wheel, that'll work You can do it, man We believe in you – (chuckles) I needed that, thank you I don't know what I'm doing but I have a few basic ingredients that I'm gonna work with

I have some corn starch in here Pure grade gypsum, gourmet cheese powder Some super generic cheap Parmesan Then I have the food glue and so what I'm hoping to do is kinda make a concrete mixture and then fuse that into a brick of ramen noodles Still don't know if that's gonna work but first thing you gotta do is try, right? (thumping mixture) (shaking food) I don't know if this is gonna dry

I don't know what's gonna happen to this So I've got my first trial recipe is set up Gonna let 'em sleep overnight and we'll see what they look like tomorrow Put it right up here, make sure it's getting lots of nice sun Bye cheese, I'll see you in the morning

Okay so lift our cheese out Hopefully one of these is just like rock hard Still pretty soft Yeah, this would work This one looks harder

So this is still real soft, this wouldn't hold a car up Next are these two This one looks like it's got more of a roughness But still it's soft This one's even softer

This one is the one I thought was most promising And this lets me turn this into a more usable building material So based on our test, this is a pretty good, pretty good version with cheesecloth on one side And so in order to scale this up so I can do four full-size tires, I've created this It's currently unnamed but the working title is tour de fromage

So the cheesecloth spool comes in here and as it's being pulled in, I've got my cheese powder mix here which is kinda replicating cheese cement and then I've got the cheese crumble mix here There's more of the sand and gravel bit of the cement It's crushed up ramen, cheddar cheese Goldfish, Cheez-It crackers, Doritos and Parmesan cheese When I turn this crank, it pulls in the cheesecloth onto the wheel and it'll turn this wheel, which will turn that spinner and then I'll be able to manipulate this machine all on my own I'm a little bit nervous to be honest but here we go, we just gotta go for it

(machine whirring) Got all sorts of failures Obviously got some finessing to do with the machine but it's definitely working so stay tuned for something incredible So after our first very elaborate contraption failed, we scaled back and made a revised version much simpler The big difference between that and this is that this machine requires two people So this is our cheese mix

Kinda just pour it into the cheese reservoir down here And then Caitlin uses cheddar cheese and glue mix and starts to kinda coat the cheesecloth in it So here we go Takes about an hour to get one wheel finished That's kinda broken up into a few phases though 'cause we need time to dry in between

– A lot of this is me just trying to catch up with Pasley 'cause he's cheese expert – So we're getting to the end of this wheel It's pretty good, so now we're just gonna pop the wheel off of our rig And the wheel pops right off And then we'll just sit out in the sun to dry

Onto the next – We are melting down the cheese that we used from our first failed attempt at the cheese wheels and then Pasley's gonna add it to the wheel – When this is ready, literally gonna grab the pot and run in there and dump it on 'em You gotta hurry so we can get it on while it's still liquidy 'cause it wants to come out in a big 'ol clump Come on baby, melt for daddy

Melting cheese is actually really difficult to work with, believe it or not The window to get the cheese on is really short which is why I ran in This probably looks super appetizing, just me mashing it in Okay that's that, we'll just let it sit for awhile and get set up and I'm gonna slap it on the car – Wow, this is something, Pasley

– Thank you – I don't know what that thing is – Do you wanna give it a taste? – I'm gonna leave the tasting to Rhett and Link That's the biggest question though I like it, are they going to like it? And I don't know the answer to that

– I didn't know they were actually gonna do it (both laugh) I thought we might get some push back (laughs) You know what– – Okay so I'm told– – Wow – All we gotta do is step outside (claps) and give it a test drive – Okay, let's do it

– Cheese wheels (Rhett laughs) Cheezin', baby – This is so satisfyingly stupid (Link giggles) – What do you guys think? – You did it, sir! – Well hold on – Well I mean, you may have done it, sir! – [Link] This looks great

This tire is a cheese tire – You tried real cheese wheels and now we've got wheels made of cheese that you might not get as a cheese wheel at a cheese place but I'm calling that a cheese wheel – Well a couple of tests We need to taste it I mean that's just cheese

And I'm even getting to the cheesecloth – [Rhett] And there's still cheese under there Kinda hard to get your mouth on a tire – I can taste the Goldfish I can taste the Doritos

I can taste the, what is that on the outside? Mozzarella? – It's aged white cheddar – Aged white cheddar (grunts) It passes the taste test – But can it pass the weight test? – 100% sure it's going to, yeah – [Rhett] I like your confidence

– Prop her down, man – Art team assemble! – Oh, wow sir – There they are – [Rhett] They're hiding back there – Keep going, easy, easy, easy

(suspenseful music) (metal clanging) (Rhett laughing) – Ooh, yes! – [Mike] Okay guys, I think you can get in – Well who wants to drive? I know this thing won't run and you're gonna have to push it Rock, paper, scissors Hey, be a little ginger – I'm coming in

I'm coming in soft – It doesn't smell great in here, guys Art team reassemble – All right I'm gonna go into neutral Shifting into neutral

– You ready up there? – I'm in neutral and the brake is off – [Link] Go! Go! – It's, whoa ho! – It's waggling – Not a smooth ride! – Come on guys! We need more help, a little more help – [Mike] Let's let this baby go and pedal to the metal – Go! – Oh gosh

I kinda feel like I'm off-roading but I'm just off cheesing – It's like rowing a boat – No I'm on cheesing (Rhett laughs) – [Link] Can you smell the cheese? – Oh the cheese is wafting – Whoa it smells better now

– It really is wafting – [Link] Woo! (Link chuckles) (dramatic music) – [Rhett] See what we're up against – We did it! We freakin' drove a cheese wheel car! Okay– – We only lost cheese right here, well no we lost the cheese back there It was not a smooth ride but I will say that that was counteracted by the way the cheese began to waft into the cabin – Yeah it smelled great, it felt great

It felt so like a waterbed almost – And it's like the cheese core underneath the cheese sort of skin really held up, right? It didn't come off anywhere – It still tastes like cheese – I'm not gonna try it but I trust you – Oh my goodness

I just gotta say, I know this is coming from two bosses who are complete idiots but we are so freakin' proud of you, man – [Mike] Oh (all chuckling) Guys, group hug – You did it! – Okay – Thank you, team! – And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is – Hi I'm Storm – And I'm Mercedes – And we're at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs on our two year anniversary – And our car broke down

– And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Sorry guys – You needed cheese wheels – But hey, your names are still Storm and Mercedes You're gonna be okay

Click the top link to watch us try the weirdest toppings fans put on their mac and cheese in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Feeling groovy? Head over to Mythicalcom and grab some of our Mythical tie dye tees

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