We Make Our Moms Take Lie Detector Tests

– Today we give our moms lie detector tests – Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning – We are wrapping up our back to Mythicality week, but do not panic because we are now airing new shows seven days a week on this very channel in addition to Good Mythical Morning every weekday, we have a new episode of our podcast Ear Biscuits that comes out e'rr Sunday – And tomorrow we're premiering our new Saturday show, Let's Talk About That That is the name of the show, Let's Talk About That – But talk about it

– I will, because it will be, amongst other things, a laid-back conversation between the two of us and Stevie and you do not wanna miss it because Stevie will even have her own desk – Is that right? – Yes – But right now, let's just talk about moms – Okay – What's their deal? (chuckles) No, actually we had our moms in town earlier this summer and we're doing some fun activities with them, taking them out to dinner, letting them see the sites, and of course, strapping them into industrial polygraph machines to ask them our most burning questions

– Yes, now this is the first time that we've had them on camera, we're very excited to introduce them to y'all and I have not seen what Link's mom said to him, he has not seen what my mom said to me, so we're gonna break in a couple of times to react to how all this went down – Yeah let's experience this along with you But first, I just wanna say, to our moms, moms, thank you so much for letting us hook you up to lie detectors and for being the best people ever – Right – We love you

– Yes we love you – Now let's watch what happens – You ready for the first question? – Mhm – Did you ever drop me as a baby? – No – Did you ever drop me as a baby? – I don't think so

– That's not true – Oh dear – She's not telling the truth – You– – I don't remember dropping you – Are you lying or are you blocking it out? – Eh, maybe I did

– You slipped, what happened? – I don't remember, it's been a long time ago – 'Cause it would explain a lot if your answer was yes – (chuckling) Okay, yes – I mean I don't think I was dropped None of my actions indicate that I was dropped as a baby

– Mm, the only thing that concerned me is that when you were born they had to use forceps That bothered me and I was worried about that – Like literally when I was born, they used tongs to what? – To put it around your little head to help pull you out As I pushed, he would pull – I didn't ask you about this

– I know – You just wanna talk about it? – Do you think I should discipline my children more? – Yes (laughs) – Very true (laughs) – Do you think I should discipline my kids more? – No – Is that true? – That is true

– What do you suggest? – Well I really think it's too late – Oh God (laughing) – They're already on the road, but I think they're doing good – Do you think you should have disciplined me more? – No – Do you think Rhett should have been disciplined more as a kid? – No

– Do you think any kid ever should have been disciplined more, like in the history of kids? – Yes – Oh – Do you have a secret hobby that I don't know about? – No – That is true – Oh

– Do you have a secret hobby that I don't know about? – I don't think so – I need yes or no answers – No – Is that true? – It's not (chuckles) – You're hiding a hobby? – Not hiding anything from me? – Mm-mm

– You used to read those romance novels You remember those? – Yes – Sometimes I would sneak in and educate myself (chuckles) You still doing that? – I've stepped it up a little bit (laughs) British mysteries now

– Oh British mysteries – Does it involve the cows? – A hobby with the cows? – I don't know I'm just trying to find out what your secret hobby is – I don't know of one (both laughing) – What kind of British mysteries is my mother watching? – (laughing) Oh

And the cows, my mom does, and her husband Lewis – Right – They do have cows – For context, they actually do own cows – They do own cows

– And she's doing something with them – Well she has a golf cart – She's doing something on the golf cart – I think she's just driving the golf cart around in the midst of cows and she doesn't wanna talk about it – Well now taking it back to the forceps, as your mom said

– She wanted to bring up the forceps – I have always noticed a little– (Link laughs) – The indentions? – I mean the indentions I've never known what that was from, but now it's the forceps – Well, she called me on my birthday and she's talking about the forceps on the phone then She was like, "I remember when you were born, "they had to use those forceps

" – Yeah does she still have them? (laughing) – She doesn't get to– – Does she take you to the cows with them? Come on, we're going out there She grabs your little head with the forceps – All right, there's more of this to watch, but I will say, they were such good sports, I mean, we did not tell them that we were gonna hook them up to a lie detector until we did, and then it's in a room with like the fencing behind, it's like this is so creepy – They seem a little tense– (Link laughing) But that's exactly the way we wanted it – (laughs) And we're finding stuff out

– Yeah we are, let's continue Did you like Link when you first met him? – Yes – Not true – Did you like Rhett when you first met him? – Yes – Is that true? – It's not true

– She says you're lying – I couldn't understand what he said, because he talked, he had a terrible Harnett County accent Unlike me who just doesn't have an accent (Rhett laughs) – That's okay, I don't care if you like him But what was your first impression of him? – It's hard to remember that far back

– Yeah, we're old, I get it– – I mean I felt like I've always liked Rhett Y'all been like brothers since first grade – Your grandparents would come up from Georgia to hear him speak – They listened to Link talk for entertainment purposes? – Yes, to hear his accent – Oh

'Cause this is a Georgia accent This is very different It is, and that's not a joke – Nobody can hear it probably, but– – Do you think Rhett was ever a bad influence on me? – With a few things, yes – Do you think Link was ever a bad influence on me? – Yes

– True – Yeah you remember that time that we threw rocks off of the top of the business school at Campbell? – Yes I do – That was his idea – I knew there was some reason that I wasn't sure about Link – Didn't somebody come after you with a gun? – Yeah, yeah, well he was nice enough to give us a countdown to get off of the property

– I know – Yeah, that was Rhett's fault – I got a whooping for that – Yes you did – I was 14

– That's right What happened to Link? – Nothing Sue didn't do anything to him She didn't do anything to him – He was her only child and her special boy

– He's still a special boy – Yeah – If you had to murder Rhett in order to save me, would you do it? – That's a horrible question – It was Rhett's idea – If you had to murder Link to save me, would you? – No

– That's not true – Oh – I guess I would have to – So that's a yes – She'd murder him

– I might have to murder Link – Would you do it with an ax? – No, too messy – You'd do it with a gun? – Yes – What about with your bare hands? – No – What if the only option was to smother him? – I couldn't do it because he'd be too much stronger than that

– You do remember what he looks like – (chuckling) Yes I do But he's still stronger than me – Okay – How would you do it? – I don't know

– A little birdy told me that Rhett's mom would murder me by smothering me, so I'll just give you that little piece of information – Mm, how horrible – The McLaughlins are wicked people – What? – Your mama was– – You're talking trash! – Your mama would smother me – Yes she would and I'd watch! – My mom didn't wanna say anything bad about you, and your mom's like, "We sold tickets for people "to listen to his accent

" – And then I'm gonna smother him – I'll smother him with a pilla – I think she's just gonna just– – With her hands? – It's the thing that I do when I get on top of you and say, "I'm dead," and you get really frustrated I learned it from her (both laughing) All right, let's see what else is gonna happen here

– Do you know who this is? – No – Do you think I look like this person? – Maybe a little, but not much, no But it is you, isn't it? – No, this is Rachel Maddow, mom – Who is Rachel Maddow? – A news person – Okay

– Do you wish I would stop eating testicles? – No – Not true (chuckles softly) – Do you wish I would stop eating testicles? – Of course, yes – I mean on the show– – I know! I mean you eat all kinds of strange things – I mean I've had sheep's balls, I've had pig's balls, I've had cow's balls

I've had a lot of balls – I worry that that's gonna make you sick sometimes – Well it's boiled for safety – Right – She being truthful? – Yes, she is

– Do you think the show would work if I didn't gag on testicles? – There's bound to be something else you could eat besides that – I should hire you as a producer (chuckling) See my mom wants us to lay off the balls, man – Okay – We should take that into account

– Okay, well, we learned some things today We learned that my mom is willing to kill you – Well, for the record, my mom would kill you too It's not, you know– – You want to arrange that? – With a– – Later in life (laughs) – No

It was demented enough that we told our moms about it – I think the bottom line is, they were incredible sports Thank you, Mom And thank you, you can thank your mom – Oh

– I'm not gonna thank your mom for you Thank your mom, man! – Thank you, Mom – Yes for letting us submit you to that lie detector test And we won't ever do that again, next time you come, we'll just do something else embarrassing – Yeah, I don't think they're gonna show up at our studio ever again

– And we love you, we really, really do – I love my mom and your mom – I love my mom and your mom as well We love both of you moms Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is – I'm Cara and this is Zoe and we're from Oregon, and– – It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! (Link chuckles) – That was a little bit cute All right, click the top link to watch us match the crew to what dogs they look like in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Your hair and your lips aren't doomed, they just may need to be groomed

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