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– I have one more special treat, 'cause I know – Uh oh you're used to some very high-end foods

– Oh no! (laughing) – I watch the show, hold on! – No! Hold on, we aim to impress our guests here (rhythmic music) Welcome to Food Fears, where I make something you hate taste great Today's episode is gonna be absolute Limsanity because we have Steven Lim – Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to be here – Most people who are here aren't nearly as excited as you, which is fantastic

– Are they usually, like, pretty nervous or scared, or? – They're nervous, but they overcompensate by acting really confident, but I can smell the fear – I see on them and I smell nothing on you – It's weird to say this, but I am a professional eater – Like you can eat 60 hotdogs in 12 minutes – No, well, I could try

(Josh laughs) – But I get paid to eat, so, this is just right up my alley – Yeah, I mean I've followed you on the 'Gram for a while I see you out on K-town eating Jokbal, eating the Korean pigs feet – Wow, okay, you know your stuff – That's some deep cut

– Okay – That's some deep cuts So, I mean, you've traveled all across the world, you've eaten so many things What has been like the single best thing that you've eaten? – Okay, one of the best things, this was not on camera We went to Japan and the tasty Japan team brought us out to eat, and they fed us horse mane

– What? – Have you had it 'fore? Raw horse mane, it was worth the most– – Wait, what do you mean raw horse mane? Like, you're eating the hair? – It's not the hair though, it's like the part of the head, that's like near the hair But it's like, they call it mane, but it's like the head I used to be a very picky eater actually – [Josh] Really? – I'm from Ohio I'm like as American as they come

– Okay – So I only ate like chicken nuggets and french fries growing up and only until I tried to resolve my own identity when I was like, in college, that I started to eat more adventurously, so – Oh okay, gotcha – No yeah, you probably ate more adventurously than I did growing up, (Josh laughs) being from like Little Saigon area, yeah – Alright, well, I don't know if I can shock you with anything and I don't know if you're gonna be scared of it, but I'm excited to see where this goes

– Okay – Are you ready to see the secret ingredient? – I'm super excited – [Josh] All right, today we're eating, it's beef heart – Oh, okay – [Josh] So, have you had, you've had beef heart before, yeah? – I've never seen it in this form

Isn't it bigger than this? – I've seen bigger, haven't we all? But, (laughing) but this is a nice petite heart and so you and I are actually gonna share this So this has simply been boiled for safety, just so we can like try it completely plain – Awesome You know I'm actually really excited – This is actually really similar to a Sichuan dish

– It is – A Fu Qi Fei Pian – It is! Oh my God – Yeah, you know Fu Qi Fei Pian? – It's literally, okay, that's my favorite Chinese dish of all time I have an album on my phone called "Fu Qi Fei Pian" – We should dish this stupid show, – No, no no no no no no – And just go hang out man! – Yeah, you wanna do that, all right

– Let's go to Maori Park dude (laughs)! It's customary for us to just take a bite of this plain – Okay – [Josh] So if you just wanna pick that up – Dude, I've never– – [Josh] I hope you're not a germaphobe – No I'm not, I've never seen it like this before though

– Yeah, this is also you see some of the veins that are actually still in there – And then you got this little fat cap on top – Wow! – So it almost looks like brisket So we're just kinda gingerly touch our tips – Cheers! – On the show we, "Tip it and dip it" – Hmm, it should use some sauce (laughs) – It's needs some flavoring

– Mm-hmm, okay, I will be honest, it's not that good – Yeah – Yeah okay it's like, it literally tastes like paper but the texture of like styrofoam? – Mm – But then the chewiness of octopus? – It does have an octopus like quality – Sorry, just eat this alone

– [Josh] I don't like that at all – I don't (mumbles) what is that? – Mm, that's just heart fat Okay so since you've already had beef heart in Chinese dishes and other foods, I'm not gonna do anything like that I think I'm gonna take a page from your childhood, – Okay? – Harking you back to the days when you were a picky eater and try to make something completely all-American – I want it to be better than Fu Qi Fei Pian

– Pfoo! – [Steven] Can you do that? – Better than Fu Qi Fei Pian? – Yes – We'll see Go watch a couple episodes of Real Housewives (Steven laughs) and I'll have a delicious dish waiting for you – Awesome, I'm excited (upbeat music) – Food Fears! Okay To prepare beef heart, you gotta take a really sharp boney knife and you're just gonna trim off that excess fat on the outside

This is a long tedious process but just because you're cooking Food Fears doesn't mean you can take shortcuts Write that down Then you 're gonna flip it, I could do that all day and you're gonna use that to carve out the arteries and any other ligaments that you don't want I'd be terrible at doing surgery on like a real person No that anyone's asked me too, yet, one day

So we're gonna save this guy for pastrami, it actually almost looks like a beef brisket so that's awesome And now, we have to start grinding up the rest of it So once you get that beef heart cleaned up, you're gonna cut it into large chunks, you're gonna run that through a meat grinder Kobe, almost got it The Kobe was both a beef and a basketball joke, that's called a "double entendre"

I studied abroad in France So I feed more beef in there, the machine's hungry and wants to eat beef You want about eight ounces Use the hand that's covered in raw heart meat to touch your scale One of the Smosh Guys weighs his coffee on this in the morning

Prank, you have E Coli! You're gonna form that into a patty Perfect! To prepare the beef heart pastrami, you gotta get that beef heart curing Shout-out to Chef Sammy Monsour, friend of the show, he has this on his menu at his restaurant, so I was like, "what if I make a less good version?" And that's what we're doing So I'm using a mixture of Morton's Tender Quick which is a curing salt, brown sugar

This is ground coriander which is one of the flavors you actually associate with pastrami, ditto for black pepper and then you got a little bit of extra smokes, we're doing ours in the oven, we're adding smoked paprika We're doing a dry cure, some people do like a wet brine, I'm not "some people", I'm a loose cannon, you want my gun and my badge? You can have it You're gonna rub that down, you're gonna put it in a Ziploc bag Sleep tight sweet beef heart And get it in the fridge for about two days

Then you're gonna take that out of the fridge and you're gonna soak it in water, that's just gonna rinse some of the excess salt off Wow, those last two days were crazy, so much happened, I can't believe they announced a Joe Dirt prequel You know, dry it off a little bit And now we're ready to make our spice mixture So what we gotta do is take a coffee grinder, Garrett from Smosh uses this to grind his coffee in the morning and if he doesn't get E

Coli from the scale he sure gonna get it from this And then you're gonna coat that in a mixture of ground black pepper, whole coriander, whole caraway, that's a flavor you get from rye bread and then mustard 'cause like pastrami, mustard, rye you guys get it! Four, five, six, seven, seven seconds Rub that all over, try and get as much of that spice mixture on there So to cook a pastrami, we're using an oven smoker You're gonna take soaked mesquite chips and put that it the bottom of the basin

So you're gonna wait for these wood chips to really start giving out smoke, you'll smell it when it's ready and then you're gonna put the beef heart in there on top of that rack, get it in the oven at 300 degrees for about 40 minutes or however long Don't let me tell you how to live your life, like I'm not I'm not your mom, you know I'm not, unless you want me to be I can give you like life advice, take you to ball games, teach you to play catch, you know if that's you thing Or if you're in like theater, I can come to your recitals, you know, just be there if you need me And then you're gonna put a pan on top, you know place the pastrami on there, shut the door

It's really hot, you gotta smack it smack it, there we go! It's too hot to touch and I forgot gloves so I can't just like, ooh, take that and like ooh put it in– Throw it in the oven at 300 degrees for about 40 minutes Wow, so much just happened over the last 40 minutes, I can't believe David Spade dropped out of the Joe Dirt prequel You alls wanna use a chain mail glove with a meat slicer even though there are three layers of protection on the actual meat slicer itself, but it makes me feel cool and like I'm gonna challenge someone to an honor duel later Beautiful To make our fried onions, we're going really simple, we're just gonna mandolin out some red onions dredge that in seasoned flour, season it with whatever, season it with the blood of your enemies, who cares? Throw it in the fryer at 375 degrees for about a minute or two

Now we're gonna make our Russian dressing I start by finely chopping red bell pepper, onion and pickles, get all your aggression out But I wanna listen to Slipknot Dad! Then I add that to mayonnaise and ketchup Man what a long drawn out process for a simple sauce you can just buy And then I add smoked paprika, beet juice, horseradish, and a little bit of Worcestershire sauce to finish it off

And that's ready to go on your beef heart burger So to cook up these burgers, I'm gonna get a grill pan screaming hot with a little bit of vegetable oil in it Lot of salt on that burger, slam her right down, and then there you're actually gonna leave the paper on 'cause once it steams, it'll be easier to peel away Sometimes, if you take it off too soon, it'll pull some of the excess meat off with it And you're gonna go ahead and peel away that paper

But when the steam hits it, it creates a little water barrier that'll peel off really easily Wow! That looks cool, I'm always surprised with myself Also it infuses it with that fun paper flavor You wanna salt the other side and now this bad boy looks ready to flip (mumbles) flips you're gonna add your two slices of cheddar cheese, that's a sharp white cheddar that's really gonna like distract you from the fact that's it's not just a normal burger

And then we're actually gonna take pastrami and then throw that right into the grill pan This is just gonna heat up that pastrami and then we're gonna put it right on top of the cheese and that's actually gonna help the cheese melt ♪ Food Fears come back to me ♪ ♪ I need you and I fear you Food Fears ♪ All right, so we're gonna add that pastrami right on top there, then we're gonna pull that off, uh So we're gonna go and toast the bun in that same pan we're actually gonna get some of that beef fat infused right in the bun

Then I can use that plate to hold the burger Food Fears! Now we start building So you're gonna lay down a base of Russian dressing just a couple happy little pickles, let's go tomato next a little bit of iceberg lettuce, 'cause vegetables are important Then on goes our massive heart burger monstrosity Then fried onions and then place a crown of Russian dressing to burger top bun on top of the bun top, bun, top

And then flip the bun very slowly (electronic upbeat music) All right so you're ready to see what I made – I'm pretty excited yeah – All right so– You made this just for me? – I did make this just for you – Okay

– What I made for you, this is the beef heart pastrami cheeseburger – Wow! – So we have a cheeseburger with Russian dressing and beef heart pastrami and then a ground beef heart patty I'm gonna go and slice this bad boy in half – Wow, can we get this cross section in? I wanna see the middle, wow – My gosh, that is impressive

There it is revealed Okay, I have one more special treat 'cause I know you're used to some very high-end foods – Oh no! – I watch the show hold on – No! – Hold on, we aim to impress our guests here, – Oh no! – A single sheet of gold leaf – I mean I appreciate it, I hate how this is my reputation now

– Pick it up and we're just gonna go ahead, "Tip it and dip it" – All right cheers (slow music) – Are you not entertained? – Honestly, this were In-N-Out, actually I wish it were In-N-Out (laughs) But I had to think about it, I did have to think about it I mean, good job with the meat like look at this – Thank you

– Can I show this to the camera? – Oh, please – This is a perfect medium rare – And with heart you wanna go rare on it – Oh yeah? – Oh yeah 'cause it's a lean muscle – I think you made me believe that you can do anything

Cause I think anybody would eat this, if you didn't tell them it was heart, they would just be, "oh it's a little funky but I kinda like it" – That's all I ask for is that people come on here and compliment me – You have some sauce on your lips, I mean I don't know if I should tell you or just let it go (laughing) – Oh man, that tongue thing was weird, but, okay – Well Steven, thank you so much and everybody check out Steven on BuzzFeed, worth it travels the globe, eats delicious food, it's awesome

– I mean this was a special experience though so, thank you – But was it worth it? – Uh, uh – Thank you guys so so much for watching and supporting me and if you wanna keep supporting me please subscribe to the Mythical YouTube channel if we get enough subscribers, we can keep making awesome food content so please subscribe, please keep watching and thank you so much

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