Vintage Party Food Taste Test

– Today, we're gonna party like it's 1949 – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) Good Mythical Morning! – Mythical Beasts, first things first, this Friday is our season finale! Then we're gonna be off for three weeks but don't worry, 'cause we'll be back with Good Mythical Summer starting Monday, May 28th – But today, we're gonna show you a prank I play on Link involving an insane amount of scratch off tickets, and we're gonna figure out who's a CEO and who's a serial killer But first, party snacks They've been around longer than you It's time for "Can You Match the Food to the Year People Ate it at Parties and Drank Beer Yes or No Dear?" – We're gonna taste a party food from a particular decade and then we are going to guess what decade we think it's from by shuffle boarding the dish down towards our mythical pyramid of decades

Chase, what are you a maitre 'd? – Yeah, sure – Yes, he's the mythical waiter, Chase He's gonna measure how far we are from the correct decade – He's gonna keep an eye on it – Of course who ever's closer wins the point and then in the end the one with the most points will not have to eat a very popular dish from the year 2500 BC, a worm

– A worm? – Hungry? – [Rhett And Link] Round one – Okay, we have our first dish in front of us – What is this? It looks like some sort of ketchup made into a jello mold with some sort of, is that cottage cheese? – I don't think that's, I don't know what that is It's got a, is it a fruit flavor? – It's fruity It is cottage cheese

– So cottage cheese – And ketchup Jello – Well, that sounds appetizing – It tastes better when you put it together – It's not horrible

– But it's really weird – Okay, since I'm tallest, you go first – Okay, whatever (crew laughs) – Yeah It all makes sense

Where do you think it's from, Link? – Dang, this is tough Gotta think about this a second It's definitely old, it's something I've never seen, or heard of, much less tasted Even something from the '60s, I would've heard about, I think it's earlier than that So I'm going for a slow push into the 1930s area

– Slow push, don't overshoot it now Oh, very, very nice – Yeah – Well, I mean– – Here you go – I've got mine, I've got my own stick

– Whatever! – I think you're on the right track I mean, I was definitely thinking, I don't have any idea specifically, but I was thinking top of the triangle But if I had to guess specifically, this seems like a food for trying times So, I think this is probably from the '30s But it could be the '10s, the '20s as well

I'm gonna just try to do a general, I'm going for the '30s, but I'm gonna end up knocking yours right into it – Unless you knock out, you trying to knock me out? – We'll see what happens – Oh, what a fail No matter what Okay, Stevie, so tell us not only what decade it was popularized in, but what is it first of all? – [Stevie] That was barbecue cottage cheese salad

– [Rhett] Yum – [Stevie] Which was popular in the 1940s – Oh, okay, you're closer – [Rhett And Link] Round two – Oh, so what do we have here? A bread bowl, got a little crouton action

– [Rhett] That's dark bread – [Link] Dip it in that – Oh – Sour cream – It's almost like a spinach and artichoke-ish thing

It's kinda like a cheese ball meets a spinach and artichoke dip – Hmm, not bad at all – There's definitely cream cheese in there I could eat that whole bowl – Look at that, now if we took these off, we could just shuffle this

– Okay, we're just gonna do the bowls – Mm-hmm – Okay – You first? – Yeah, I go first this round This really, it has like a '50s, '60s sort of vibe

Y'know what I'm sayin'? – Why, why is that? – 'cause it's just like, "Hey y'all, (crew laughs) America's on the way up, we're makin' progress Let's start puttin' food in bread bowls – We got to make use of that bread edge – So, I feel like, this is like post war, y'know we're just gettin' hit in our stride, 1950 Okay, here we go

(cheers) Right on the money! – If you're right about 1950 – Yeah, I mean I like to think that I am You want a stick? – Give me that stick – Hey, that's my stick – I'm takin' your stick

– My stick's just a little bit longer than yours (crew laughs) – My stick's more accurate Alright Now, I think this is, this bread bowl action is on the precipice of fondue action Which I think was in full blossom in 1970

– The '70s was a big fondue time – [Link] So I'm thinkin' this is 1960, but I also have an opportunity, since we've removed it from the plates, to just give your bread bowl a blistering knock into oblivion – Yup – So that no matter where I am on the board, with you off the board, I'm guaranteed the point – But what if my bread bowl is just holdin' tight, holdin' it's position? Chase, keep on eye on this, make sure you know whose is whose, 'cause I think this is about to get violent

– I am gonna knock your bread bowl off of your incorrect answer of 1950, while my bread bowl will come to rest gingerly in 1960 – Oh, you're gonna play the ricochet game? – I'm blastin' it and I'm bouncin' it – If you pull this off, you deserve every bit of the win (laughs) – [Link] Aw, dang, which one is mine? – [Rhett] Mine's in the middle, yours is on the far left – [Rhett And Link] Okay

– So what is it and what's the answer? – [Stevie] That was spinach dip in a pumpernickel bread bowl and it was popular in the 1980s – [Link] Oh, dang it, I knocked you closer! – Yup, thanks for that, Link – Dang it! – You can do that anytime you want – [Rhett And Link] Round three – Okay, we've got our next item

An hors d'oeuvre of sorts – Looks like a – That's an olive on top I believe, Link

– Of what, tuna? Don't like olives What's this, some corta – (laughs) Some corta

– Some sorta, finger food, man (crunching) Whoops, I may have lost my olive – Is that chick, what is that? Is that chicken? – It's not tuna, I don't know what it is – It's not good and I like olives – All I know is it's old-fashioned

– Old-fashioned, okay – Mm-hmm – I'll see where you're goin' with this – I'm thinkin' this is 1910, let's go back all the way – Really? – You see a lot of fancy people in their big ol' dresses, walkin' around eatin' these watercress sandwich things

– Okay, let's see if you can get in there, sucka (plate slides) – [Link] Oh gosh, it's slick! – [Rhett] Yup – [Link] What happened? Center of the board! – Hey, that's a nice central spot though I don't agree with your reasoning, but I agree with your placement – Oh, so you think I was accidentally correct? You're sayin' what, 1950 or somethin'? – I think this is the '50s

This is when people started saying, "You know what we can do, we can break these things up and put 'em on a plate and be fancy" – Mm-hmm – [Rhett] You're already in the '50s, if there's a way for me to get you out of the '50s and stay in the '50s, that's what I'm gonna try to do (plates clank) (cheers and laughs) – I told you it was slick! – Okay – Not as heavy as a bread bowl – I hit ya and ya stayed right in place – Alright, Stevie, what is it and where was it? – [Stevie] That was ham spread and olive canapés Which was popular in the 1930s

– [Rhett And Link] Oh – Yes – You're closer – Get another point – [Rhett And Link] Round four

– Man, we got somethin' on a shell, like a oyster shell – [Rhett] I think, not like an oyster shell, I think it is an oyster shell – It's on ice – But what is that? – Ooh – That's not part of the oyster, that's spinach – What is that black? Oh, it's green? – Yeah Hmm, that's good man, you're gonna like that You're not gonna dislike that

– It's not bad – I mean it's got all kinds of other things goin' on So, I'm first again – Yeah, it's like – Boy, that's a heavy plate, with that salt on it

– It's savory Don't love it though – Okay Man So far, my reckoning has been severely off every time

– Alright, so whatya thinkin'? – Well, it's pretty fancy, it's got a bunch of other stuff going on – [Link] Very fancy, there's a – I would not have thought that like, oysters were a thing from the early days, from the early 1900s

– Why not, we've already known oyster back then – Not prepared like this, though I think they just, grabbed 'em outta the ocean, popped 'em open and ate 'em But again, this is a fancy time I think this might be all the way back in the '90s

– Really? – Because of the combination of ingredients, it's bold You remember what the '90s were like, with all the big shirts? They're comin' back – Yeah – People made bold choices, I'm gonna make a bold choice Goin' back to the '90s

– Now can you hit the '90s? Wow, goodness! – Okay (laughs) – You lost a lot of your weight along the way, but I think you overshot – It began to, it began to sort of slide on the salt that was coming off of the – You know what, that's great Oh, that's salt, I thought that was ice

– It's salt – I was wonderin' why it was warm – You want me to take my oysters outta the way or you wanna use 'em? – I don't care, because, basically, as long as I don't go out the board, I get a point – Well, it's harder than you think I didn't push that hard

– I think you're right about 1990 – Oh, you do, huh? – Big shirts comin' back, half shell oysters, – Slide it on down there, see what happens – 1990, here I come (plate slides) (cheers) Woo! Yeah, yeah! Big daddy oyster on the half shell! Slidin' in the home (laughs) – [Stevie] Okay, so these are oysters Rockefeller and you both were, not right, because they were popular in the 1920s

– [Link] Ooh! – [Rhett] My oyster's closer to the '20s – Rockefeller, huh? – Okay, Link – That rich guy – [Rhett And Link] Round five – I have an insurmountable lead, but you know what, I'm gonna make this last round worth two points to keep it interesting

– So, we can tie? – If you tie with me, we'll both half the worm – Half the worm, okay – Here we have some sort of sliced and diced spam, meat-object, with some sort of like sour cream and chive, I'm guessing – [Rhett] Oh, gosh, I guess you put it on the – [Link] Layers, like look at that Look at that – [Rhett] It smells like spam, or like potted meat – Gosh

– With some cream cheese – You got friends over, you wanna do this to 'em? (crew laughs) – You put it on a Ritz Cracker, it kinda covers it up Not horrible – [Link] This is important Okay, I will go first to give you a slight advantage, given as, you're losing

– Okay You want your plate? – You think I could just put this down there? – Um, nope – How do yo think it would slide? I like Ritz Crackers – Now, my granddad, he loved 'im some potted meat He did not transfer that love to me

– Mm-hmm – I think it's rather nasty – It's an acquired taste – But as much as we've guessed '50s, – Yeah – Again and again, we have not tasted anything from the '50s, until now

– I see where you're goin' with that – [Link] Yeah! – Ooh, okay – Hope I'm right, 'cause I nailed it! – So, wow, I think that you're right, but if I hit 1950s, you win, because you're already in the 1950s – Yup, so you agree with me, but you hope that we're both wrong and you're goin' for another answer – I mean, this is a congealed meat and cheese thing, it's got to be from the '50s, I mean, there's really no other option, right? – Well, you could knock my plate off of the '50s, man

– So, I gotta get just enough speed to move your plate off of the '50s, but not fly over your plate, which is prone to happen – By the way, we could both be wrong about 1950s – I don't think so I'm gonna really weigh that side down (crew laughs) – Chase, he's gonna attempt to knock my plate out of the 1950s

– Here we go – I heard him (crew laughs) – [Link] Whoa, you broke my plate! – [Rhett] Yeah, but my plate left the building (laughs) So, it worked – This is still my plate

– Alright, I'll take that – Yes – [Stevie] So guys, that was a spam and cheese ribbon loaf and you were both correct, it was the most popular in the 1950s – Dang, great strategy, too much firepower – Wow, you broke my plate, and it still didn't knock you off

So, you know what that means, I win! I don't have to eat the worm – Act like you've been there before Alright, okay, I'm going to eat this worm, anus and all – Oh gosh It's gonna be gritty, is it gritty? – Worms suck, man

Worms really suck – I know how you feel, I ate an oyster earlier – I need some of this cream cheese (groans) Okay, fair and square, I ate the worm – Well-played, Rhett, well actually, well-played me

– Yes, well-played, Link Keep watching to see me cover Link's entire car in scratcher tickets – What? Get you "Boiled for Safety" mug, while you still can, because they're almost sold out Available at mythicalstore

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