Uterus Chili Cheese Fries Taste Test

– Oh! (Stevie whimpers) Oh my God – Mm

– Oh my God (upbeat rock music) – Welcome to Food Fears where I make something you hate taste great You might recognize my guest from the local Souplantation line It's Stevie Wynne Levine – I don't wanna be here, I'm so sorry

But I love you I just hate what you're about to do to me – You don't even know what you're eating today so I think your fears are really unfounded (whimpers) – That's all I can produce right now I can't produce words

– It's good to know that I've already just inspired fear and complete loathing in you Anyways, you are familiar with the female anatomy being a woman (Stevie sputters, laughs) Of course And as a feminist, I believe that representation matters which is why today we're eating uterus – Oh my God

– It's not scary, it's beautiful, it's a miracle That's where babies come from or maybe pee, I don't know – What? – What? – Oh my God, Josh I have got to leave – Looks are not everything in food

It could taste great You haven't even experienced it yet– – Why does it even look like this? – And that's what this whole experience is about is being open-minded – Oh my God – So we do have to try the product first so I can kind of get your flavor notes and what you don't like about it so I can try and create a dish that you will 100% love (grunts) – I can't look at you

Okay, here's, I have a caveat – Okay – It is actually Saturday morning right now What I usually would be doing is drinking at brunch but the part that we're missing is the part I brought which is the tequila – Wow, you just had that ready to go

– Yeah – I normally just swig that behind the dumpster out back at work so this is actually really nice to drink out of a cup – I'm shaking In real life, I will eat just about anything It doesn't usually look like this and it's never been uterus before

Oh God – First time for everything That's a good sign – Is this cut in a way that– – Yeah so it's in two parts so I'm gonna– – Oh my God! – Eat it with you as is customary and so if you just wanna grab this – Oh my God

– You have to really get a feel for it to also– – Oh! – Yeah it's cold and sopping wet, that's how you have to eat it, it's– – Touching it makes it so much worse – And on this show we always like to gingerly touch our tips– – Oh my God, my tip– – So we're gonna go ahead and tip and dip it – Oh! (whimpers) Oh my God Oh my God – Do you like it? – No

No – But is it the texture, the taste? – Oh my God Oh my God – I mean I cooked this myself It's just boiled but it should have a kind of purity to it

– Oh my God – So what it is about that you'd like this changed Oh you're just going to the tequila now Okay God, I still have uterus in my mouth – [Stevie] Oh

My – I swallowed a lot of that uterus whole – Okay I did it – Well you got it down You didn't throw up

– Look at the freaking cross-section situation That is not okay, look at my bite mark though Good bite mark – That's impressive – The texture is so terrible

It is like rubbery sponge – Mm-hmm – And the taste is super bland but then there's like a hint of like nuh-uh Basically what I'm saying is I hate everything about it – Wow, strong words from a strong leader

– Thank you – So I need you to give me about an hour and you're gonna come back and I guarantee you, I am guaranteeing victory on this one I've never done that before, this is just for you I'm guaranteeing victory, you're gonna love the final dish You can even have the rest of– – Well we still have this much tequila left so

You know what, I'll see you in an hour – It can only help (down-tempo music) Male sex organs are a dime a dozen around here I mean we eat so many penises and testicles and I think representation is really important so I'm really excited to cook with a female sex organ this time So first thing's first, we gotta make our waffle fries

People don't typically make waffle fries at home because a lot of people don't know how they're made All you need is a crinkle cutter mandolin and you take the potato and you run it across one way, rotate it 90 degrees, run it across the other way, then you'll see that beautiful windowpane texture Now we gotta make our beer batter for the french fries Gonna dump in some flour, a little bit of Creole spice in there, and then we have beer that goes in Just whisk that up

And final step is a shot of vodka The vodka's gonna make it super light and airy Take the fry, you dip it in the batter, you swish it around and then to get the holes, you go– (blowing air) Is it super gross that you're just blowing on your food? Of course Then you just wait about three or four minutes and it should be nice and light and crispy and airy There's really no wrong way to cook a uterus

It does have a funky smell to it though and so if you put it in an Instapot that has lid on it, it'll at least stop that so that's what I'm doing (water splashes) I don't wanna shy away from the uterus I want to embrace the uterus and use it as many ways as possible so I'm taking off the membrane and actually frying that into uterus cracklins which I'm then gonna dust in Tajin, a chili lime salt There is one element of uterus that's pretty pleasant It has this nice cartilaginous snap to it

The texture's almost crunchy like a pig ear To preserve the texture of the uterus, I'm gonna take nice, big rustic chunks and add that to a chili We're gonna start with some fresh pork lard All right and then you take all those uterus chunks and you just throw those right in the lard (uterus chunks sizzle) Don't wanna miss any uterus

Then right when the uterus goes in, you wanna add your spices so we have ancho chili powder, we got some cascabel chili powder, we got some cumin, and then we'll get salt in there too So when you add the spices, it's gonna toast in the fat Once all your spices are nice and toasted and the uterus is really coated, you're gonna add in your onion, some poblano chiles, and garlic And garlic, and garlic And then you're just gonna stir that up, let it saute for a couple minutes, really get that veg softened

So now that the spices are all toasted, we have to de-glaze the pan We're using a canned michelada because it has super awesome acid and the Worcestershire sauce in it So we're just gonna pour that in Then after all the alcohol's cooked out and it started to reduce a little bit, you're gonna take chicken stock, some crushes tomato, and just a little bit of hot sauce to that acid, and then you're just gonna let that cook down for about 45 minutes Also you may notice there's an omission in this chili

We're not putting any beans in it I really want the uterus to shine, and beans in chili is just super gross, like who does that? Ugh Food Fears Food Fears Food Fears

Food Fears! The finished dish starts a huge base of your beer battered waffle fries Pour that chili right on top, that is gorgeous Then you're gonna top that with just some simple shredded medium yellow cheese Awesome, then this is gonna go in the oven for about five minutes just to melt it You don't really want any browning on it

Once it's all melty, top it with pickled red onions, a little bit of smoked paprika crema and then it's gonna get finished very dramatically with the uterus cracklins (suspenseful music) (funky electronic music) All right so Stevie, you're back, you've been drinking behind the dumpster, I've been cooking How was it, did you meet Gerald? – I did He and I really bonded over our love for half bottles of tequila and then empty bottles of tequila – Yeah, I hate Gerald

Anyways, so are you ready for the reveal? – I am – Are you hungry? – No – Perfect 'cause we're doing it anyways I present to you uterus chili cheese fries with uterus membrane cracklins and a little bit of smoked paprika crema – Wow, Josh, this is so beautiful

– Thank you, so we made some waffle cut fries, simple uterus chili with a little bit of michelada thrown in there – Simply uterus chili TM – But please dig in, you first – This is uterus? – This is uterus membrane that we fried into kind of a chicharron and then uterus is all throughout the chili so if you see these little bits here

– Yeah – This is nice chopped uterus We just cooked it for about an hour – And pickled onions? – And pickled onions I'm gonna go in with my hands

– Yeah this is a hand, I feel like it's a hand dish I wanna get as much uterus as possible – You should, definitely get some cracklins on there They're my personal favorite – Do people eat uterus on a regular basis? Is there a cuisine in which uterus is a thing? – It's not super popular

From what I understand there are some parts of China where it's kinda considered like a drunk food, which really works out in your favor (laughs) You and Gerald And so but it's really not a very common thing – Well I'm glad we're doing it – Possibly for a reason

– Yeah Okay – All right tip it and dip it, we're saying that now, it's a thing – Okay (tense music) It's all over my face

And all over my lips – Call it uterus mouth It's an industry term Hmm Okay

– Not bad I think it may be the chili The chili's very strong – Mm-hmm – Let me get this other big chunk of uterus

– [Josh] Yeah Yeah try and isolate the uterus See if you actually like that texture (upbeat music) – It's much better with everything else, I gotta say – Yes

– Ooh, ooh I'm getting a nuh-uh taste – Mm-hmm – Ope (laughs) But I got it down

That's where the chili really comes in handy (chuckling) It's not bad though – Okay – Like if you need protein and there's literally nothing else in the entire universe, then uterus – Again, I have low self-esteem so that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me and that's a huge compliment

– I wonder if there is protein in uterus – There's gotta be – Sure – This is just like a protein shake – I'm not gonna eat this last bite

– You don't have to Thank you so much for watching and come back next week when I wage war on the fartiest fruit of them all, the durian And let me know in the comments what food scares you the most

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