Unbelievable Knock Off Brands (GAME)

– Knock, knock! – Who's there? – A knock, knock off – Let's talk about that

(uplifting music) – Good mythical summer! – Some people say the generic isn't as good as the original, but that is just plain false Ask anyone who's seen our Brooks and Dunn cover band, Looks at Buns – [Link] It's very close – [Rhett] Can't tell the difference! – Haha, nope! And today we're gonna put that notion to the test, with some hilarious knock off products It's time to play, Mama said knock you off, I'm gonna knock you off! Alright, I'm gonna show Rhett some name brand products, and he's gonna have to guess which, multiple choice item is the name of a real, yet hilarious, imitation knock off slash generic version of that product

Okay? – Okay – If you get four or, you look sick, are you okay? – No, I'm just getting ready to think hard – Okay, yeah, if you get four or more of these right, you get to keep one of the knock off versions of an item Okay? – Of my choosing? – And I think, I think there's a couple of these, you're gonna want! – Oh I'm sure – Let's get to the first one

Hamburger Helper, aka, your divorce Dad's best friend – Mhmm – Is a boxed food product complete with pasta, and powdered sauce packets – I'm familiar with it – Mm I eat a lot of those, hamburger sold separately Which one of these items is the name of a real life Hamburger Helper knock off? Is it, Panburger Partner, Meat Skillet Associate, Cooking Comrade, or Unpaid Beef Patty Intern? – Ha ha

Uh, Meat Skillet Associate would be a horrible, horrible name Panburger Partner is so close – Yeah? – Can they do that? I don't think they would lead with, I don't think you would have Comrade – Yeah – in the title – Mhmm

– You know, that's not gonna go over too well in America – Now you're thinking – What! So I'm going with Panburger Partner – You're off to a good start, – Yeah! – It is A Panburger Partner from HyVee! Look at that, no that's HY-TOP! Unfortunately Panburger Partner is no longer in production, but we're told if you buy Hamburger Helper, and hide it in an unsanctioned survivalist bunker for 70 years, you get close to the unique Panburger Partner taste – Oh okay, cheese burger macaroni

– It's very woke to use "Partner" too, I like that – Yep, it is – Alright, next one, your favorite, Swedish Fish are like IKEA for gummies, distinctly Swedish, and I've also choked on parts from both – Uh huh – Which of the following, is a real knock off brand of Swedish Fish? Is it A Norwegian Nauticals, B Scandinavian Swimmers, C Stockholm Sea Creatures, or D I can't believe it's not chum

– Hmm I feel like I should know these – I know Cause you're such a big fan – Cause I'm such a big fan of Swedish Fish – I let those things swimming right in my mouth all the time! (whistles) Scandinavian Swimmers

– You're right! – Yeah, ha! – Wait, were you just guessing? – No I'm just using my instincts man – Okay, but cause, I didn't know if you had seen these in Trader Joe's There's a Trader Joe's version, – That are different flavors! – Yeah they're fun twist is different flavors That not only includes fish, but also lobsters and stuff – Yeah

– It really does – That's a dolphin – So taste, tell me which one is better I, since you're the expert on it – Let's go red to red

Oh, red lobster, huh! – Trader Joe's got a sense of humor – It's immediately softer – That's better right? – Significantly softer Scandinavians, what? – Swimmers – Swimmers – Incidentally, Scandinavian Swimmers is also what Pewdiepie calls his fans

– Ah ha, his what? Fans? – Fans – I hate to say this, Scandinavian Swimmers – Scandinavian Swimmers are better! – are better? Yeah, you heard it here – Softer, less artificial tasting – Alright, if you get two more right, that might be the one you wanna keep Okay? – Let's seal up for freshness

– In 2012, Lady Gaga, you know her? – Mhm – Of her, I know you don't know her personally – No no I know her – But we met I know someone who, who, met her at a party

– Yep, I know him too – Lady Gaga released the first ever black liquid perfume, Fame It has sold over 30 million bottles worldwide It smells of deadly nightshade, tiger orchid, and apricot Which one of these is the Fame knock off? Is it A Famous Person, B Crazy Lady, C Born This Smell, or D Meat Dress Sweats? – Oh, okay

– Remember her meat dress – I do remember that Famous Person, – Mhm – That seems like a joke Either Crazy Lady, or Born This Smell

Born This Smell, too clever B, Crazy Lady! – Crazy Lady? You're going with that? – Yeah! – You're right! (laughing) It's, it's called Crazy Lady Check it out – Yeah it is – [Link] And this is it right here, we're gonna, We're gonna smell both of these, – Side by side? – Yeah, so first, let's just get a, How do you open this? – That's the real one right? – This is the real one

Just gonna spray in the air (laughing) That smells, smells high dollar – I could imagine, uh what's her real name? – Uh Joanne – Stephanie? – [Female] Stephanie – I could imagine, – Yeah Joanne was the album, that was who, her Mom? – Stephanie smelling like that Is that you or the (sniffing) Is that you? – It's not, it's not No, I don't have Crazy Lady on already

– I think I got some of you in, in a whiff, or else just, really doesn't smell good (laughing) – I don't think it smelled that different – Oh yeah, now that you're not mixed in with it – It's not bad, but it's not, it's not as good – Yeah, it's just a little bit crazier

– Alright, now we settled an Oreo controversy, in a recent Ear and Biscuits podcast episode – I was present for that – Now let's expose a rip off First off, Oreos are actually the shameless knock offs of an earlier cookie called Hydrox – Yeah, you're not supposed to say that

– It doesn't matter though, because Oreo beat Hydrox to a bloody pulp in the fair free market competition – Yes it did Capitalism! – So, which of the following is a knock off of the knock off, which is Oreos? Is it A Saucer-O's, B Choco Pucks, C Creme Betweens, or D Chocolate Flavored Sadness Food? (laughing) Chocolate Flavored Sadness Food – Creme Betweens – Yeah Creme Betweens – Creme Betweens – Choco Pucks! – That's my favorite one to say! Creme Betweens! – What you thinking? – Creme Betweens! – You, you going with Creme Betweens? – Yes, it's so stupid it's gotta be right

– It is right! (laughing) I can't believe they went with Creme Betweens! – Yeah man – I mean, they could've, – Choco Puck, the other two didn't really make sense – It could've been Faux-reo's, No-reo's, Oreo-No we didn't, anything but Creme Betweens – Creme Betweens, but you know what? You know what it is, it's Creme Betweens! – Oh man, four out of four, you're going for the creme sweep – Ha, the Cre- ho ho ho (laughing) Hold on, how many are there total? – There's an unlimited amount, this is gonna go on for days – Okay, alright, oh this is the never-ending episode? I've been waiting for this! – Hello Kitty is popular worldwide, and her image has been slapped on more products than you can shake a trapper keeper at For example, we found a Hello Kitty knock off brand alarm clock

Was that copy of Hello Kitty called Hello Cat, Hi there kitten, Meow Meow Little Kitty, or Good Morning Dead Possum? – Ah ha, ha, hm (laughing) I know what you're thinking about that, cause it was one of the names we considered for this show – Crazy Lady is giving me a headache – Yeah the only reason we didn't go with Good morning dead possum, is because we couldn't get dead possum (laughing) – Right, they were all scraped up

– It's harder than you think! – Mhm – Don't fail me now, Rhett! – These are all bad (laughing) These are all bad – What are you leaning towards? – Uh, I'm, I'm learning I'm leaning towards Meow Meow Little Kitty, because that would be a better name for a toy

– Kinda wordy though – But, saying Hel– – Hello Kitty is Snappy – If you really, really want to get the Hello Kitty people, you want the word Hello in there So, if that's legal, I'm going with that, A, Hello Cat – Everything's legal here Rhett, and you're right! It's Hello Cat! – Yeah! – We got it right here, look at that! It's a little smaller, but it does, that you can't see it from the outside

It's also a lot cheaper This one's 16 dollars, and the other one, this one is 40 dollars Yeah, you get what you pay for, I think – That shouldn't be, that shouldn't be legal, man It's the same friggen thing! – Well the colors a bit off, and if you have a smaller desk like, end table, this one's actually better

– There's gotta be, oh you know what I got, I got a new rod for my conspiracy theories (laughing) It's just, it's just a little bit shorter – Let's see, I mean is that the snooze button? How does that even work? – Well I think it gathers the radio frequencies from the air and consolidates them, and transmits them into this so you can listen to FM Radio – Now you get to only choose, one of these as your prize, so – Uh Oh – You're gonna be torn between the two, you can't have both

– Very much so – Deep in the freezer section of the grocery store, you can always find breaded fish sticks Are you a fan? – Yep – Which of these items has a somehow worse name, than Fish Sticks? (laughing) – Is it Fingers of the Sea, Fried Swimmers, Crack Sticks, or Mercury Poison (laughing) – Crack sticks? – That is C, yes Your option for C is Crack Sticks

– And fingers of the sea, makes the most sense – Like chicken fingers? – But Crack Sticks seems so wrong, that the only reason you would put it in there, is if it was right (suspenseful music) – Crack Sticks? – You sure? – Yeah – Are you sure? – Yeah – You're right! (laughing) – Crack Sticks! They freaken called the rip off of fish sticks, Crack Sticks! – [Rhett] Yeah from Findus! – [Link] Find us

– Find us! We're the ones who make Crack Sticks! (laughing) You'll find us – We didn't buy them, cause they're a, – That's the commercial for it – It's a federal offense to purchase this – Find us, some Crack Sticks! – Please! I got to have them! – And just, people together saying that – Six out of six, I can't believe you got Crack Sticks right – Man, I got the Creme Betweens, I, – Okay, this is the last one, okay, for the creme sweep

I can't believe it's not butter is a low fat, vegetable oil based butter substitute, that claims to taste like the real thing Which of these is a generic substitute, for this infamous butter substitute? Is it A Memories of Butter, (laughing) B Taste Like Butter, C Butter It's Not!, or D Wow! I totally thought it was butter! – Oh my! Memories of Butter's incredible – It's kinda sad, you know, – When you eat it you get memories of butter (laughing) – It's not butter, but it does enable you to access those memories – I don't think that's it

I don't think it's Memories of Butter Uh wow Taste Like Butter is a better marketing, I wanna eat that more – It's very on the nose – But Butter It's Not, is more consistent with the original knock off, which I can't believe it's not, again you're trying to find something, that is in the original that you put into the knock off

– It's got all the words, minus two Shorter – So I don't know, I don't feel super confident, but hopefully for the creme sweep, I'm going with Butter it's Not! – You're going with Butter It's Not? – Yeah – Well, the creme sweep, has happened! – Yes! – And it would have anyway, because you know what, they are all imitations of – What? – I can't believe it's not butter, look Wow, I totally thought it was butter

Tastes Like Butter, Memories of Butter is real, and we have right here, Butter It's Not! – Oh, from Kroger, – Yes – Oh gosh – So let's taste these, and see which one you think is better While you do that, I will mention other brand names include I'd rather not call this butter, You can run, butter you can't hide, Thanks Butter, no thanks, This is butter AF, don't at me, (laughing) Butter not look at the ingredients, and I can believe it's not butter, but my wife can't (laughing) Which one do you think tastes better? – Well I see that you had toast that you wanted me to put it on that

– I did, yeah – I'm just doin it straight – Screw that! – Oh, oh this is so much better I can't believe that's not butter – Wow, this is the name brand, – Oh! – Not butter, that's why it tastes so much better

– It's, I mean, – Butter – Way way way better – Alright, there you have it So which one do you wanna choose, because you earned it man! – Let me, listen, – You get all three, – I get all of it man! I'm gonna dip my rod into some butter – [Female] Don't forget the Crazy Lady! – You want some Crazy Lady? – Yeah gimme some Crazy Lady – Here you go, you're racking up today man, you've earned it, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'm gonna start doing that at the end of every one of these

Ha ha ha ha ha Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Rhett, – And I'm Link – And this is the – And this is the Good Mythical Morning Panel Good Mythical Morning Panel at PortCon Maine at PortCon Maine – [All] And it's time to spin the wheel of mythical– – That was confusing – Click through to watch us taste prongles

– Yes these, and to see where the wheel of mythicality is gonna land – [Link] Wear a different Mythical T every day of the week! Head over to mythicalstore and pick your favorites – [Rhett] Hint, it's all of them

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