ULTIMATE Veggie Burger Taste Test

– Today we name the daddy of all veggie patties – Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning – Now Labor Day is right around the corner, and Labor Day is not just the best time to get that mattress you've had your eye on, no, it's more than that Labor Day means staying home from work, meeting up with friends, lighting some charcoal and grilling, not barbecuing– – Right – Some juicy hamburgers – But did you know that some people prefer to eat hamburgers that aren't made of ham? – Huh? – Or any meat for that matter

You can throw a dart anywhere in LA, and you will hit a vegetarian, which you will then need to take to the hospital – Right – Of course when I throw a dart, wherever I'm at in LA, I just hit Chase (Rhett chuckles) I don't know how that happens – Is he a vegetarian? – But you know what, we got good news for you vegetarians who haven't been hit by a dart: we're about to taste the hottest vegetarian burgers on the market to name the best of the best

– It's time for ♪ I don't think you're ready for this veggie ♪ Burgers – So we're gonna be tasting the eight top veggie burgers that are available most widely in stores so that you have the opportunity to taste these after us – And you may notice that we're not tasting the Impossible Burger, because that is available at this point only in restaurants, so we're doing ones that are available in stores, however, we're gonna take our winner from this and pit it against the Impossible Burger in Good Mythical More – Stick around for that

But now, let the tournament begin! (funky music) For the quarter finals, all of the burgers we'll be tasting are Labor Day style, AKA they have been served on buns with ketchup and mustard, lettuce, onion and tomato for you, not for me, 'cause I don't like no tomato – First up we have the Boca All American Classic Meatless Burger This is the only burger we're gonna be tasting that is not vegan because it's got cheddar cheese in it – Look at that nice little patty And that is going up against the Morningstar Meat Lovers Vegan Burger

Their website says this juicy quarter-pound burger tastes and feels so much like meat, you might just think it's the real deal – Hm – Now just to clarify, we're not gonna judge these based on how much they taste like meat I'm sure that might help us like them– – Just which one we like the most – It's just whichever one is the tastiest

Best experience – I do think that if it tastes a lot like meat, I am gonna like it, but this one doesn't look as much like meat, 'cause it's very light brown – Here you go – Oh, yeah, this has tomato on it – I want you to have your tomato

Dink it, bink And eat it Toasted bun – I can't help but when I bite into a burger expect to eat meat, so, that's gonna be on my mind – I'm saying that the patty's kinda hard

– Yeah, it's not super tender – It's a little smaller than this one – Look at that one, yeah – The Morningstar – Peeks all the way out

– Dink it It's got a more distinct flavor, but I don't think it's a better flavor – It's not a better flavor – Mm-mm – I strongly feel, strongly feel in general that the Boca All American burger, and it might be that cheddar cheese coming through, tastes better

– You're exactly right It's clearly tastier – All right Boca is moving on (funky music) All right now we've got Dr Praeger's California Veggie Burger– – Ooh a doctor

– This thing has carrots, peas, broccoli and spinach Mm! (chuckles) – All right– – All together – We're going up against Amy's Sonoma Burger, so this is like the California matchup Sonoma is in California – I've heard of that

That's a region, right, is it a desert? – I don't know, it's made with organic veggies, quinoa and walnuts, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free – Yeah that's what they eat in Sonoma – Free to be eaten by me – Walnuts, The Walnuts of Sonoma is one of my favorite novels (crew laughing) It's a romance novel

(Link chuckles) – All right, carrots, peas, broccoli, spinach (Link clicks tongue) It looks pea-ish The patty is green – Pea-ish – Garden pea-ish

– Please clarify, you're talking about garden peas Mushy, very mushy – Mhm – Kinda like it's just a vegetable mush – It tends to disappear in the Labor Day burger configuration

– I had to go in for a second bite just to try to taste it – Let's see what Amy's tastes like Looks more like a burger, there's no greenish hue to it – It tastes more like a burger – I like knowing that it's got walnuts in it

Just knowing that, being such a nut fan – Yeah (crew laughing) Big nut fan – But the taste is not overwhelming But it does top the doctor

I gotta say – It does Congratulations, Amy of Sonoma – You don't need to be a doctor to beat the doctor – Nope

(funky music) All right this is the Garden Burger Black Bean Chipotle Veggie Burger It says here that the first three ingredients are brown rice, onions, and black beans or brob As I like to refer to those three things as – Brob? – Yeah it's got brob – All right and that's versus the Gardein Chipotle Black Bean Burger, which the first three ingredients are black beans, brown rice and veggies, gluten-free, with an authentic chipotle seasoning

– Authentic, are you sure it's authentic? (Link sniffs) – Yes I actually can smell a little chipotle here, and this is the most economical burger, AKA the cheapest one we're gonna be trying today – Okay – [Link] It's a little darker than that – Now there's black beans in both of these

Warning – For later (Link makes squishing sound) There's something to this one – Can you taste the brob? – It's the spice – The brob? – Mhm

– I can really taste the brob And there's a nice spice, a nice spice – Yeah, I do like it It's not burger-like at all, but it's tasty Now, the authentic chipotle of this one combined with the economy of it– – Whoa

– Man it really is authentically is smelling like chipotle – Mhm Oh wow – Oh – I see corn floating in this patty

– [Rhett] Man – Not the first time that's happened – Super mushed though It's got a super mush thing going, but it's got a great flavor profile – This is tough

I would argue– – Argue it – The chipotle is overwhelming – Too much? – It's too much – You can't have too much chipotle – Compared to this one, which has a little less, but you enjoy it and you feel rewarded by noticing it, and this is just, it's kinda like it's forcing itself down your throat

Chipot– (grunting dramatically) Tell me I'm right Tell me I'm wrong Just tell me something – I think you're right, Link – Yeah it's milder, but– – It's got a better consistency

– It's tasteful and tasty – It is So the Garden Burger is moving on (funky music) Okay for the end of the first round o match ups, we have Hilary's World's Best Veggie Burger What is it, Hilary's or the world's? It's corn-free, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free which raises the question, is it taste free? (chuckles) – Well it also raises the question, what the heck's in it? – It looks like a chicken patty

– It does – I say that right up top – Well it's got millet, quinoa and coconut oil and sweet potatoes – Yeah, lots of good stuff – Versus the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger

Did I say beyond enough? – Twice – That's how it's worded, man, this is a plant-based burger, 20 grams of plant protein per patty, the primary source of protein is peas And I'm told that sometimes it will bleed because of the beets, and if that ain't appetizing, I don't know what is – So it's got a meat-like quality to it It's also the most expensive burger that we are testing today

– That's right, Rhett Let's go with Hilary first Hil'ry! It's a What are those corn patties, polenta? – It tastes like polenta – It's frickin' a polenta patty – Hilary, this is not a burger – Hilary, if you took two of these and made them the buns and put a burger in the middle, that would be a good idea Call 'em buns

Veggie buns – It really is polenta-like (coughs) – I really like it, but it's almost unswallowable (chuckles) with all the bread with it – Yeah I feel like it's going to just get lodged in my throat – Mm

– Drink a lot of water if you're gonna have this – Now I'm gonna see if I can squeeze some beet blood out of this thing Nope, not gonna happen – Maybe after you bite it you can do that Looks very burger-like, I will say that

– Bite beyond it Whoa! – Whoa Huh-huh-huh-huh What? – That is a meaty burger! – Oh my, what? – I am beyond excited! – No! That is beyond anything that I expected – I don't know if it's because it was just beyond eating this, but this is beyond amazing

– I'm gonna bite beyond the first bite – You almost bit your thumb on the back of the burger That was the deepest bite I've ever seen you take on the show – I didn't go beyond– – You do know that we're eating more – The end of my thumb

– A lot more Clearly– – That is really good! – Beyond Meat Beyond Burger moves beyond this round – Hilary, you should sell this (funky music) Okay for the semi-finals, all the burger will be served Arbor Day style which is just on plain buns, exposing them to a less protected flavor environment – Oh yeah, and we got Amy's Sonoma Veggie Burger

– Versus the Boca All American Classic Meatless Burger – And let's just take a look at these Lighter complexion – Smaller as well – This one, I can see– – Parts

– Granules of stuff Dink it Sink it – Hm – It has a cardboard-like consistency

– Yeah it's dry too – Mhm – Now that there's nothing else on there I mean you typically wouldn't eat a burger like this but– – I don't remember why this moved on at this point, because it's– (crew chuckling) – Yeah it's not holding very strong without the ingredients, the other toppings (Link spitting) Oh you're spitting it out? – I just can't eat so much of this

– That's a bad sign Neither one of them are great, let me just say that – Whichever one moves on is gonna lose to something later (Rhett chuckles) Let's just be real – But this one holds its own, literally holds it own without all the help of the other toppings much better than this one

– Mhm – So while neither one of them is really thrilling me, I think Amy, you're moving on (funky music) – The Beyond Meat Beyond Burger – And the Garden Burger Black Bean Chipotle Veggie Burger – All right, get another taste of that chipotle

Still like the crisp– – It's still good – Maker – That's still a good burger – I would say very good burger – Very good burger, say it

– It's a very good burger – Say it three times Five times fast – It's a very good burger – That's one time

– I said it once five times as fast – Oh, I get it – Was it beyond good though? – Baby I remember you from the last round Oh it even smells like a burger

– I mean it's greasy even, in a good way – It's like magic What happened? – There's meat in here There has to be – Yeah

They been putting meat in here the whole time! – And it moves on – Definitely (funky music) – Welcome to the veggie burger championship round, and for this final matchup the burgers will be served St Paddy's Day style – Right

– Just patties, no bun, no condiments The ultimate and truest taste test – I've got Amy's Sonoma over here She made it to the finals, congratulations, Amy – Mhm, of course, the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger is right here, and let's just hold these up and say that these are the two most expensive burgers

Amy's at $275 a patty and the Beyond Meat at $374 a patty – Now I wanna say, Amy, good for you, you know? You made it this far Before we taste your plain patty, once again, I wanna say, no matter how this goes, congratulations for just making it to the end

– 'Cause I do think that we've telegraphed how much we love this but let's taste it, maybe we're wrong Mm, Amy is exposed – (chuckle) Yeah That's exactly what I was thinking I wasn't thinking about Amy exposed, I was thinking about her burger being exposed for what it is which is something that needs to be eaten along with other things

– It's like a floppy survival situation – All right Gimme – Let's go Beyond Meat to the Beyond Burger – Even the way it interacts with a grill makes it, again, we're meat eaters, so we're biased

– I think that's an excellent point If you're a vegetarian or a vegan and you're in the market for a burger such as these, you may not like this one because it approximates meat so well, that may not be your thing And we recommend Amy's for that Otherwise, boy, this is a magical achievement – I've gone way beyond the amount of veggie burger that I thought I would eat, just while you've been talking, I almost finished this one

– (chuckles forcefully) So there we have it (crew chuckling) (Rhett mimics Link's laugh) (Link chuckles) – I love it when you respond to me like that (Rhett laughs forcefully) (Link laughs) That's so supportive (Link chuckling) – All right, so, what have we done? We have crowned Beyond Meat Beyond Burger the veggie burger Brian, right there – Congratulations, Beyond Burger Beyond, what is it? Beyond Meat Beyond Burger

You need a simpler name, but– – How 'bout Veggie Burger Brian? – Hey, there it is Congratulations (both laughing forcefully) – Uh – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Hi I'm Tiersa – I'm Dan – I'm Whitley – I'm Wendy – I'm Abram

– We're from Portland, Oregon We're about to do the blind burger taste test challenge, but first– – [All] It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – That's a fun family! – Put on your blindfolds! – Click the top link because we're about to do a taste test showdown between the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger in Good Mythical More – Let's see where the wheel lands – [Rhett] We've got a new show on Saturdays, which means we have a new tee at mythicalstore

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