Ultimate Smelling Bee Challenge

– Can you smell-el-el-el-el-el what these jars are spelling? – Let's talk about that? (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning – Tickets to our live shows in Houston, New Orleans, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and Tampa in early September are on sale now so go to RhettAndLinkLive

com now for tickets and VIP meet and greets today, now – At the end of this month is the Scripps National Spelling Bee and if you can spell esquamulose you might be a spelling bee kid – Definition please – I do not have one – But if you know what bird crap smells like– – Yeah oh yeah

– Then you might be a smelling bee kid and that's all that matters today It's time for– – [Rhett and Link] The Second Annual Burbank Invitational Smelling Bee – Welcome to the smelling zone And just like last time, we're gonna each take turns at the stench bench smelling the smells before us When we smell a smell correctly, the first letter of that smell will show up on the board

And that mystery word over there on the board represents yet another completely different smelly substance and a bucket full of that nasty stuff is gonna be dumped on somebody, either the smeller if he guesses wrong or the other guy if he guesses right – Mm-hmm, and Lil Stinker, the smelling bee bee, is gonna do the dumping Hello, Lil Stinker – Hey it's great to bee here (laughs) – Is all of your banter gonna be– – Pun-related? – Pun-related

– Probably – Okay Probab-lee? – No, didn't work out at all but– (laughing) – All right Rhett you go first – [Rhett] All right (relaxed music) – All right contestant number one, smell your first smell

Yeah get those nostrils down on it – Oh, it's a vegetable It's a fermented vegetable That is sauerkraut – That your final answer? – I feel very confident about that

– That is correct – Woo! – It starts with an S You're off to a good start – A four-letter word that stars with an S? – Heh heh heh – That I don't want, that I don't want dumped on me

Oh-ho! – You gettin' something stinky? – Oh! That could be a lot of different things – [Link] What are you experiencing? Give us something – It smells like it could be in the cheese family, like it's a stinky cheese – Okay – I had a family

You guys took me away from them – Oh (crew laughs) We'll put you back – Oh I'm sorry about that – It's okay, we're going extinct

– Is it hive collapse syndrome? Is that what took you from your family? – No it was a literal hand that came in, grabbed me and took me here but it's okay, I'm union now – I don't feel confident about this guess but I'm gonna say cheese – No cheese is incorrect – Okay here we go Oh, that is like a soap or deodorant

– Need an answer – I'm gonna go with deodorant – That is incorrect – I'm not doing well – Bee-lieve in yourself

(Link, crew chuckles) – [Rhett] This is fruity It smells like Kool-Aid – You believe that it's a beverage I will say you're correct – It smells like sweet tart drink so I guess I could say energy drink but I could also say Red Bull

– Need a final answer – It's a energy drink Energy drink – We need more specific – I gotta be that specific? – Yes

– Monster – Oh, yes you're right – [Rhett] Aha, yeah! – All right move on over to the solving pool – Very nice – And Rhett, you got an S and an M to go on

(crew laughs) – Okay Microphone's a little short, that's all I gotta say – You get this correct, I get whatever it is dumped on me – Some scam? I'm gonna dump a scam on you Spam

Spam! – Spell it – S-P-A-M, Spam – That's correct (Rhett laughs) – Yes it is Are we gonna get to see Link get dumped with that? – Yep

– Will you hold my glasses? Don't touch the glasses part – Any last words? – Do your best, bee – You ain't my keeper (Link groans) – Scam? (relaxed music) – Okay Link, you've got four substances in front of you You have a substance on your shoulders that you're probably still smelling

– All I can smell is Spam This smells better, ah, I've smelled this before This is tea – You are correct but you need to be more specific What type of tea is it? – Lipton

(crew laughs) – No no no– – Starts with a– – No what flavor of tea is it? – Earl grey tea – Yes! That is correct – I got an E! Oh, this is fish (crew laughs) I smell nothing but fish – Okay well, is that your answer? – [Link] Does it have legs? – I'm not gonna answer that question

– All I can smell is fish – Okay wrong (laughs) That second one's tricky, isn't it? That's a tricky spot – Smells fruity – Uh-huh

– Oh this is a drink, this is that red drink Oh gosh, Hawaiian Punch – It's another kind of drink It's not Hawaiian Punch, I'll give you one more chance – It smells exactly like Hawaiian Punch

Cherry Coke Root beer – I give you, no, okay you gotta move on now I gave you three guesses – [Link] Oh gosh

(groans miserably) This is like a dirty sock – We're gonna give it to you, it's socks – Socks, yes – Yeah! – Okay Link Step into– – E

– Step into the guessing pool – E space space S Is it, it could be eels (Link groans) – We're going to need a final answer – Elfs? (Rhett laughs) – Oh gosh

– E, (mumbling gibberish), eel All I can think of is eels Eer, ears – Okay Link Is that your final answer? – Yeah, ears

E-A-R-S – Wrong, Link! It's eggs – [Link] Eggs! (laughs) Dang it, I should have known it was eggs – Assume the position Oh, oh

(Link groans, whimpers) (retches) (Rhett laughs) – God – Oh I shouldn't have took my glasses off – Oh! – Ah – Look at that, you got egg in the left eye, oh (cries) (relaxed music) – All right Rhett, get to smellin'

– This smells like stinky cheese again It smells like cheese – Okay, I would be more prone to help you out but I'm coated in egg and Spam – Okay I'm gonna say cheese – Nope, it's not

– Now that's a tough one to not have the first letter The first letter's very helpful Oh, that's, that's a vegetable This is so difficult I'm also smelling, there's little pieces of Spam that you dropped over here

– Yeah there's more pieces over here – Oh what is that? That's a Thanksgiving dinner – Final answer? – Yes – Nope Not it

– I miss the outside – We'll let you out soon enough – [Rhett] It's not something that's in a Thanksgiving dinner? Dang it, I'm not gonna get any of these – [Link] Mm – [Rhett] That's a soap of some kind

– Nope – It's a fragrance like it's in, just like last time, it's in the soapy, deodorant aftershave category – You're not getting it right so I'll give you a hint This would be in school – It'd be in school? – School

It's okay to be wrong – No it's not 'cause I get it dumped on me – That was a hint – Oh, eraser – Final answer? – Yeah

– That's correct (Rhett laughs) – Okay I got one – You got an E – I got one, I got one, that's not helpful – [Link] Brace yourself

– Man, I think this is something that's gone bad But I kinda like it, smells like old bread I'm gonna go with that, old bread or slash mold – It is bread Be more specific

– Like a type of bread, like focaccia? – Not that specific (crew laughs) Fo-what? – Focaccia – I need a final answer It's a form of bread – It's a pizza crust, I don't know

– No, you didn't get it Move on over to the guessing zone And now for this last round you have an opportunity to ask for a lifeline and that can be the origin or for it to be used in a sentence I suggest you use one of those – Prompter, I would like the origin of this smell

– Okay, origin This word originates from Google Autofill when you type in any woman's name – What? You type in any woman's name – Yeah, it originates from Google Autofill, that's the origin When you type in any woman's name

– Is that a joke? – I wish it were – So if you put Sheila space, this is the next thing? – Yeah, that's the world that we live in now – I have, I literally have nothing – Well what words fit with that? Just sound it out? – Beem Beef

Sheila beef (crew laughs) (Lil Stinker laughs) Something tells me that's not right – You're on the right track from the spelling standpoint – Oh, it's two Es – Or is it? – Oy

Beef, that's all I got Sheila beef – No Rhett the correct answer is feet Sheila's feet – Oh Sheila's feet

Got it, foot fetish – All right you might have to take a knee – Okay ready? Here we go, ugh Sorry, I gotta get it – Oh gosh, a lot of water

(Rhett grunts) (Link yells) – (groaning) Oh it's pickled pigs' feet! Ugh, ugh! – And the bee missed the bowl! It's all under our fireplace – Ugh! – Sorry – Pickled pigs' feet (Rhett moans) (relaxed music) – Okay Link, all I can smell is vinegar but you've got four things to smell in front of yourself – Oh this one's mild

– [Rhett] Come on, Linkster – Come on – You can do it – I just feel like I'm tokin' it so hard Gettin' not much

(Rhett sputters) Cheerio's – Not even close – Not even close Woo! Okay I've smelled this before, this is strong, this is pungent – Okay yep

– Is it fishy? I feel like it's fishy – What do you smell like it? – This is definitely fish, this is like a– – Okay it is fish I'm gonna need you to– – I need to be more specific – We have had this on the show – It's not surstromming 'cause that's way too strong

– It's a type of fish and I believe that surstromming may be based on this type of fish That's about as far as I can go – Sardines – So close but what's the other thing that's like a sardine? – Tuna (Rhett laughs) – No

(Link groans) All right movin' on – Seriously? I gotta rally, man – [Rhett] I believe in you on this one – Ugh (Rhett laughs) This is pungent, this is cleaner

– I do think that you can use this as cleaner – You can use it as cleaner but it's not a main brand cleaner? – I think you need to sniff really hard to get the guess right, yeah – I just killed brain cells at this point I can feel myself getting stupider – [Rhett] You have not only smelled this on the show– – I know that feeling

– Not only smelled this on the show, you've drank this on the show – Did you pee in this? It is urine (Rhett laughs) – Correct, Link, it's urine – U! – Yes you got the vowel – Whose is it? – That's very important

– Lucas – Lucas – Do you have any medical advice for Lucas? After smelling his urine that hard – Yeah you should use it to clean (Rhett laughs) Ooh

Ravioli – Ooh, ooh, ooh You're in the right family – Is this marinara sauce? – It has marinara sauce on it but what is it? – Meatballs – That's correct, Link

– Yeah! – Yay! – All right you got the last two letters Come over here – All right – And see if you can get it – [Lil Stinker] Watch your step

– Oh gosh – It's a nice splash – May I hear the word in a sentence? – Yes you may We grew up together He's my best blank? – Plum

Chum Chum is the stinky stuff that you put in the water for sharks to come up! My answer is chum, C-H-U-M, chum (Rhett roars) – You're right, you jerk! – You didn't think I would know what the word chum– – No I knew as soon as you got U-M and as soon as you were gonna get a clue, you'd put it together – All right, bee Go for it

– Just what the doctor ordered – [Link] Oh! Oh no! (Rhett groans) (Rhett yells) – Oh gosh, oh, oh, thanks chum – Imagine if they did this in the real spelling bee – I don't think there are any winners here – Go free, bee, or sting somebody

Make honey! – This is– – No that's a fake wall – This is a lie! – Yeah Go out through the door Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– I'm Una Van Winesburg and I'm in Washington, DC at the Scripps National Spelling Bee and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Oh that looks like fun F-U-N, fun

Click the top link to watch us play slang man in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Get a grip on your phone Mythical and GMM popsockets available now at Mythicalstore

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