Ultimate Pumpkin Spicy Challenge

– Today we're pumpkin spicing it up! – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning

– Every October grocery stores line their aisles with one of the most clickable ingredients money can buy Pumpkin spice – Mhm – And some YouTubers out there have been known to exploit this trendy spice by making videos about it – So in an effort to never exploit the annual pumpkin spice trend again, Rhett and I have taken it into an entirely new realm that is so uniquely different and exciting, you will not be able to resist watching it

That's right, today we'll be doing a challenge that's not about pumpkin spice but instead, it's all about pumpkin spicy It's time for let's roll the dicey on that pumpkin spicy (creepy laughter) – Here we are in the spicy showdown pumpkin patch – And upon the spinnable pumpkin platform, AKA lazy Susan I'm not gonna call it that 'cause she's exhausted

Is gonna be placed two pumpkin spicy dishes One of them will taste nice like pumpkin spice, but the other will be packed with something either really hot or really nasty flavor So spicy in those two senses – Right and for extra– – Nasty spice, or spicy spice – For each round we're gonna draw one of these cinnamon sticks and whoever has the longer cinnamon stick gets the power to choose who eats what

(claps) Let's do it! – [Rhett And Link] Round one (creepy laughter) – I appear to have a bowl of potentially pumpkin spice yogurt – And I appear to have a little square of butter with pancakes under it (chuckles) – And that could be pumpkin spice pancakes or some other nasty spice – Yes, well for the power of choice, let's pick a stick, pick a stick, pick a stick Link

– I'll pick this one – I'll pick this one – Ooh – Oh! – That's close – It's close, but mine's a little bit longer! – All right you've won the power of choice for starters

(claps) (sighs) What do you think about that pancake and those yogurts? – Let fate decide What if I just let fate decide? – What if you did? – Oh, how long would that take? (chuckles) – Probably awhile Approximately this long, looks like you're getting yogurt Doot You happy with that? – I cast my fates to the gods

And they gave me the yogurt – All right, let's do this There's no indication with what I'm doing here that it's nasty (suspenseful music) – Oh that's pumpkin spice That's good, that's real nice

– This, on the other hand (Rhett laughs) What is this, cumin? – [Stevie] Nope – Is that cumin? – What is, oh – [Stevie] It's vindaloo and curry powder (Link coughs) – Vindaloo pancakes

– It's an Indian food pancake – Mhm – And it's not tasty – You like it? – No – Okay, you turn into your dad when you eat vindaloo pancakes

(chuckles) – Vindaloo! Is that like Thai food? (Rhett laughs) – [Rhett And Link] Round two (creepy laughter) – Okay – I got a tall beer or cider or something – And I've got hummus with some chips All right

– For the power of choice (psychedelic music) – Oh Bookuh! – Boop boop! Beep beep! – Whoop! (laughing) – Aw, dangit! – Ah! I know how to pick a long stick – You win again That doesn't mean you're gonna pick the right thing

I cast my fate to the gods once again – Sure, go for it (suspenseful music) But not quite as much this time Ugh, I'm not really in the mood for a beverage (chuckles) Oh oh oh oh

– I am I know that there's something in that hummus, man – There's a lot of spice on this, but the eye test says that it's pumpkin spice – It's cold, that's good Is it beer? Pumpkin spice beer? (suspenseful music) Ugh

– That's pumpkin spice – [Stevie] It is beer – Was it mouthwash? – [Stevie] It's peppermint oil – Oh my gosh, woo, that'll wake you up into the evening (chuckling) That'll give you a second wind

(blowing air) – You like it? Oh that's, ooh, that's real nice – It's Christmas come early to my mouth (laughing) It's horrible though – [Rhett And Link] Round three (creepy laughter) – Tummy's kinda hurt

My tummy's burning – Well just pick another stick, Rick – [Link] You want that one? – I grabbed it before you did – You'll be wrong this time This one

Darn it (Rhett laughs) You beat me – Yeah, you try to follow my instincts – Hold on, actually I wasn't– – No, no, no – Okay

You lucky dog! – No, no, man I interpret thing from the top of the sticks – There's nothing to interpret All right so we got a bagel We've got some sort of a drink, a latte perhaps

Pumpkin spice You're looking closely, you're studying – I'm looking into the bagel – I can't tell anything from the bagel There's some white chunks but that would just be what– (burps) Sorry

(blowing air) – No, it's smells great – Yeah it is – I never wanted somebody to burp in my face so much – Oh gosh – Link, you know what

You look like a bagel man – I would not have chosen the bagel I was hoping Oh I'm like afraid

– The bagel that bites back (suspenseful music) Oh, okay – Mm – I made the wrong choice! Ugh! – This is a great bagel – It tastes like something that should not be in a cup

– [Stevie] It's garlic – Oh gosh! – It's good for the immune system – Oh man – Drink up, man – That's gonna stay with me for quite some time

– So much for the power of choice, huh? – Let me wash it down with some bagel – Hey you can't take my bagel! – Mm, that's good – [Rhett And Link] Round four (creepy laughter) – I have what appears to be pumpkin spice ice cream – And I have what appears to be pumpkin pie, with some other spices

What looks to be pumpkin spice on top of it – That is a dark pie Which is the longie? – Why don't you just pick first? You can pick it, you can go ahead, take it all the way out if you want – That's a good one – Oh gosh

– That's much longer (laughing) – How do you know? You don't know You act like you knew but you don't "This one's longer," he doesn't know – Woo, that's the longest one in the mix, man

(Link slaps stick) Woo, I could play this like a flute (blows air) (claps) – All right – But – I don't need the power of choice

– I mean, I screwed up last time, so it's not like necessarily But you did point out that's a dark pie That's a dark pie – Looking dubious – And I don't know if you're trying to throw me off 'cause you know something that I don't, but I doubt that, so I'm gonna (laughs)– – Hey that's fine

I'll eat the dark pie which they intentionally made dark so that you would not want to eat it – Eat the dark pie, my friend (suspenseful music) Pumpkin spice (Link moans) It's pumpkin spice ice cream It's pretty good

– It's doused in some sort of spice Oh it's hard to eat – Well this is really good I love eating it on top of a pumpkin It really adds to the experience

– What is it? – Any guesses, Link? – It's gritty It's also fruity Like the worst fruit ever – [Stevie] It's Szechuan peppercorn and if you chew 'em– – Peppercorn – [Stevie] They're gonna make your mouth numb

– Yeah, looks like he's already chewed 'em (laughs) – All right I can't feel my tongue a little bit – Oh that might be advantageous heading into the last round – I can't swallow – Oh, ew, oh

That was tough to watch – Whoa, my tongue is numb though Touch it, can you feel it? (crew laughs) – [Rhett And Link] Round five (creepy laughter) – Okay, last round I've got what looks to be peanut butter but I can't– – A whole jar of it

– I can't pop the top to find out what it looks like – I have a bowl of chili and my tongue is still, it's feeling weird and there's a crescendo of peppercorn that's happening – Good weird or bad weird? – I can't even say – Just weird-weird – It is odd

Woo! – You know what Link, I won't even look I'll just pick the other stick – Come on, power of choice! (psychedelic music) This one, oh! (Rhett laughs) No! – Oh let's see, oh yeah, mine's longer, okay – No! – Okay, now this is interesting Because we've got your favorite food

– You know this is gonna be spicy, whatever it is – And it's the last round – You know I love peanut butter You gonna give it to me? – You know what, maybe I should enjoy your favorite food Maybe you should enjoy, or I should still enjoy it

(both laughing) I gotta work on my timing What I meant to do was, maybe I should enjoy your favorite food, or you should enjoy your favorite food, but you know what, I think I'm gonna enjoy your favorite food I picked the peanut butter – Are you sure? – (chuckles) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – So you think that they double faked out

Spicy chili, probably not spicy, but it actually is spicy – I went around the corner and came out to see the light – [Link] Looks like they done something to that peanut butter I'm just saying – Well I think they may have mixed pumpkin spice into it

– Oh yeah that's true – If anything But – Oh gosh – Get a healthy bite

Yeah add a bean Make me proud – I'm eating the beans, you're eating the peanuts Dink it – Nope

– [Link] Sink it (suspenseful music) – Oh that's nice No that's not (crew laughs) – Yeah, this is nice, I think Yes

– Oh Okay (claps) (laughs) – Chili time for the big man! (Rhett laughs) I'm a big man – You want a bib that says that? – What you got? What is it? – It's hot! – How hot is it? – It's hot peanut butter, woo! And it's, it's oh It's building

– You got a guess now? – Is that habanero? What is it? – [Stevie] No – It's just straight fire – Yes – Straight fire! – [Stevie] No it's ghost pepper – Oh gosh

– Oh! Your eyes are watering, man But blow some breath my way (blows air) It's still pretty nutty – You want me to blow it through a cinnamon stick? – Yeah (blows air) Oh wow

– You like that, don't ya? – That's pretty cool – Yeah You oughta pay me for that – Ghost pepper tunnel of smell – (moans) Okay, well

– You okay? – How's that chili? – Just have some more Oh it's so good, man – Does it got pumpkin spice in it? – Yeah – (chuckles) Nyeh Big boy got him some pumpkin spice chili

– [Link] It's got actual pumpKin in it – All right there you go I'm gonna be recovering Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing (grunts) – You know what time it is

– I'm Alyssa – I'm Jake – I'm Andrew – And I'm Anna – And we're doing the ghost pepper challenge

– And it's time– – [Together] To spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – Oh gosh – Don't do it! – Maybe they didn't You never know, maybe they didn't We'll never know Click the top link to watch us determine the best pumpkin spice ice cream on the market in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] You can't get pizza stains on our black on black logo t-shirt so grab yours at Mythicalstore

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