Ultimate CANNED Water Taste Test

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony, then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked

Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them But when the world needed him most, he vanished A 100 years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone But I believe Aang can save the world

This weeks guests were homosexual partners according to Siri knowlegde, please welcome Rhett and Link! (applause) (tongues click) Are you giving like the go horsey, go noise to yourselves? – We're not making any noises – No, it's our feet making noise It's been happening all day, it's weird – Yep, mine too (laughs) (tongues click) – His feet

– Okay, cool Welcome guys – Think there's something on the floor – Yeah, that's probably what it is Boy, what a show today

– I say that every time we have a show cause I really truly believe it – (aggressively) It's always a good time on LTAT – LTAT – Some of my fingers too – [Stevie] I have been asked and asked and asked for you guys to straight up react to fan compilations and I'm giving in because today's the day, people You're going to see it here

I also have some behind-the-scenes clips from our reverse slow mo game this week that Morgan cobbled together in an epic fun time – Epic fun time! – And a very special live performance from two very tall guys that you might know And you might know and you might be – Is Kurt Rambis coming? – (laughs) Yes, I've asked Kurt to come in Cause I know who that is

But first, a blatant promo for a new collection of ours that – Yeah, lets promo something – I think is quite awesome which is our Mythical pet collection – Look at that pile of pet collection – I mean, come on We got a baby leash We got a big daddy leash

I mean these are for animals but you can do what you want – [Link] The great thing about this leash is that it's long – But short – But not too long Short but you don't want a leash that's too short – You can have the big daddy leash – This is for a big dog that you need to make sure

I mean I don't think a big dog is going to break that but you don't want a little leash on a big dog 'cause — – It makes him look even bigger – Things don't look proportionate – Can we also explain these are all patterns from the Mythical studio that you have seen and you enjoy on a daily basis So, this is our Ear Biscuit set This is the big daddy collar and the little daddy collar

– Yeah, all the collars and the leashes are Ear Biscuity – Look at this cuteness – (laughs) So cute – We have a dog hoodie with the dazzle pattern from the back parking lot – And look if my hand were a dog (Stevie laughs) – Just imagine your dog Just imagine what that would look like – [Stevie] Yes

– Yeah and I look great – Yeah you could probably bring the dog to like a hand, they can do anything these days – Get yourself a couple of bowls for some food and water – Look at that, that's from the mythical kitchen – [Stevie] Mythical kitchen

– Oh, yeah yeah, I recognize that pattern – Tile pattern – And then, you know what? If you have animals they don't always get things in the bowl to their mouth You gotta put something under the bowl – [Rhett] So what do we call that? – So we got our splat mat

– Splat mat, that's– – Splat mat – LTAT themed – LTAT splat mat – LTAT splat mat – [Rhett] And it's also a giant– – And there's other things

– Mouse pad – (laughs) Yes – And I mean if you have a giant mouse for a pet and it needs to pee somewhere – [Stevie] That as well – It can do that on that thing

– So go to mythicalcom, check it out there's some other stuff over there that I don't have with me today, but if you wanna, you know, mythical up your pup – That's quality– – [Stevie] Or your cat – That's quality buckle – Um then head on over

– [Rhett] Great buckle – Yes, everything is quality – Yup great big buckle – Okay so this week on the show we did a find the name brand, canned food edition, but one thing was missing from our canned lineup And that is canned water

– Oh that's a thing – So I figured today we could do a– – [Link] Canned water – Canned water taste test Thank you so much – [Link] So, oh wow, look at this – Can I say, this sounds really it's gonna sound really lame and that I'm not very exciting, which is true, but like, the last time we did a water taste test it kind of is my favorite taste test that we've ever done because you really have to concentrate to taste the like– – We always concentrate Stevie

– Subtleness Yeah and I have a ranked water system in my mind now when I go to the store and I'm like looking for water I have favorite water – You remember huh? – [Stevie] Yes – And what's your favorite water? Not a sponsor

– The easiest to get is the Fiji that's my favorite – [Rhett] Fiji – But I do like Aquapana – I don't even know what that is – Aquapana – You've seen it before and I also like Mountain Valley, if anyone wants to send me water

– Don't send her water (Rhett laughs) – So here's the thing, so you know box water? – Yeah I heard about it – And that was like a trendy thing? So canned water is the next trendy thing, because Pepsi's coming out with a canned Aquafina, but the benefits to a canned water verses a plastic bottled water is that cans have the highest recycling rate of any beverage container So you can, cans can go from the recycling bin to store shelves within 60 days – [Link] 60 days? – [Rhett] Quite a turnaround

– And the average aluminum can is made from 68% recycled content So it's the highest of any container – It's not as good as drinking filtered water from the tap in a reusable bottle – [Stevie] Yes Link – Which is what we– – Recommend

– Recommend – But it's better then bought – [Stevie] But today– – Then plastic – Yeah If you're in an emergency situation or if you There are situations where you need a can – Or if you taste test you know 15 – Right – Waters in a very short period of time

– One of those looks like a beer – We gotta get through these waters Yes, okay so this, people have been making fun of, we can do this one first, but I actually think it's a really cool concept It's basically if you don't want to drink alcohol at a party than you can drink water – [Rhett] You look like you're drinking alcohol

– The packaging is really cool – Yeah man, 'cause it looks like a what? Like a – [Rhett] Colt 45

– Is that a Colt 45? – I was gonna be like "a beer" (laughs) – Like what brand? It's like a 40 – [Stevie] No – Looks like, I mean it's not a 40 ounce – Miller? Miller? – [Link] No

– Ben? – [Ben] Looks like Miller Light – Yeah it looks like Miller Light – [Link] Miller Light – [Rhett] Miller Light – [Ben] Miller Light, a crafting beer yeah – Yeah, it says "mountain water, murder your thirst

" – So this is from the Austria, Austrian Alps, as opposed to the – Australian Alps – Australian Alps – Which are in a different place – Take it, drink it – Nice, alkaline base, not too bitter

– You have an opinion about this? It just tastes like water to me – Yeah it's just water – Okay, which one do we want to go for? This one I think has a charity element – Oh, let's go with one– – Let's see if we can taste the gratitude – [Stevie] Canned water for kids

– Taste the generosity – Drinking water with a purpose – Sea whack Canned water for kids Oh that's a four

– 95% of all money collected from the sale of this water helps fund and deliver clean water programs to those in need worldwide So this should taste – Okay

– Exactly the same as the first one – [Stevie] Like you're helping the world – Yes, it tastes exactly the same as the first one – What, no, what? No, no, no – It's not, the first one was a lot softer

– [Stevie] Yeah – It's a lot softer to the pallet – You can't, did you taste that difference? – I made a choice in life to not notice the differences like that It makes me a happier person – (laughs) Okay, let's go for one of these

– I believe that you are noticing a difference, but I am not – One of my friends, this past weekend came over and was drinking out of one of these and I was like "what a hefty vessel for just a throwaway water" – And ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever– – This has kind of that like– – Ever ever – Is it Doctor Bronner's soap – Yes

– [Rhett] It has that kinds thing like way too much text – Yeah but you know you find yourself in situations where you're like "what am I gonna do right now?" besides just drink this water Oh – It's got a fizz – [Stevie] Should it have a fizz? – That's weird

– I don't think it should have a fizz – I don't think your water should have a fizz unless – Thanks to people who recycle nearly 75% of all aluminum ever made is still in use today

– Huh – [Rhett] I think they're all good I'll say that much I feel like I have, there's a slightly metal aftertaste in this one though – Yeah, that's what it is – Am I being crazy now? I'm really trying to taste the difference

– No, you're getting better – Oh good – Yeah – Yeah, this is my least favorite so far, but I, you know, appreciate the amount of copy you got on your container Let's taste the– – And you can seal it back up – One that maybe just straight up copied what the other person

– Which came first? The Ever and Ever, or the Proud Source – Proud Source – Oh it says naturally alkaline – Well, they have no fizz, there's no fizz in there at all – I didn't notice the other ones had fizz

– The other one– – Oh the other one had major fizz – The other one made a little "psst" when all three of us opened it – Oh really? – [Stevie] Yeah – This one I like better then these two – It's crisper, the liquid distilled the softest by far

– This is better then Ever and Ever It must have come first – Okay, we have one more, this ones– – [Link] Sea Whack actually has– – The most basic looking one – The most bite – This is just called Canned Water

And it's got the– – This looks like Target brand – The instructions on the outside Open water– – But the brand seems to be Open Water (Stevie laughs) – No, that's telling you what to do Open the water and drink it

(Stevie laughs) – Sustainable packaging for plastic free oceans Again, the best way to keep crap out of the oceans is to not buy it – This is like a, this tastes like an Aquafina to me Aquafina situation, I don't like it – So Aquapana and Aquafina are two different things? – Oh boy, you better believe it

– You know what– – This is middle of the road, – Just very hydrated right now – Just middle of the road water Middle of the road water – Okay, but we're like, we're fairly close in thinking that, no we both, you like Liquid Death? – I love Liquid Death, it's my favorite but, mainly because of the packaging (Stevie laughs) – [Rhett] I'm hoping to have a Liquid Death

– I mean this is so hipster, I mean it's great – I'm ashamed to say it – [Link] And it's the most– – But I like Liquid Death the best – [Link] It's the most water in a thing too – Send us some Liquid Death, Liquid Death

– It's half, this is 500 milliliters – Yeah, that's right up your alley – I want 17 ounces – Okay, did you know that this week is the 35th anniversary of your friendship? – Yes – That's cool

– Because September fourth– – I've heard that from the Mythical Beast – 1984 – It's not something that we've celebrated annually – Oh don't lie, don't lie to the people – Somebody did the legwork and the research to go into, like the Harnett County records and their like September fourth was the first day of school in 1984 and that was the day we met

– Yeah Well, our friend Kiki at Your So Loud, just recently made a compilation celebrating that friendship of yours and what makes it so strong and unique and I know for a fact that you have not seen it – [Link] That's right – Because we're preserving it for this reaction Are you ready? – Are you ready to react? – [Link] To act

– Actually that's what we're gonna call this series that we don't have graphics for Ready to React Let's do it (upbeat tube music) – All right – Same font, that's good – I like [mumbles]

(thump) – Oh – Here let me try – No! – Let me try! – I want another try – Why we fighting after Valentine's Day? (pound) – Oh my goodness (laughs) – You're suppose to hit down here – Oh hey that's my esophagus

– What? – You hit me really hard man – No I didn't, I didn't, I'm sorry – I got it (Link yells) – Guess what? – Ow – I hit bone man, I went straight to the bone

– That kind of hurt – (laughs) That's right it hurt (upbeat percussive music) – Sorry man – Three, two, one (smacks) – And there it is

– Eh! (smack) – What! (smack) (laughs) – You just hit me twice! (upbeat music) – You know your best friendship is quality When that best friend is in an car accident and the way that you find out is through a tweet – (laughs) That's right (gentle percussive music) (laughing) – Tired yet? – Nope not even trying – Tired yet? – Have you started? – No have you? – No

(grunting) – You're putting all your weight into it You're holding onto the table man What's up with that? – No, no I'm not – Have you started? – Shut up (laughs) (grunting) – No! (Rhett aggressively grunts) – Okay

(laughing) – (together) Pine – (together) Everything tastes better – (together) And you bring it up (laughs) – (together) Over everything (laughing) – (together) Nothing like us

– Oh ho – Like come up to you – (together) Like mange – What? (Rhett laughs) – (together) Honey dew – (together) With a Z

– (together) Anus fork – (together) Dinner is lunch – (together) Cake leather – (together) Opposite – (together) Coyote urine

– (together) If your names rhyme, you're related – (together) In your mouth – (together) 23 million dollars – (together) Woooo

– (together) All the time – (together) Gah – (together) Butt hole, anus muscle, gateway to the colon (Rhett laughs) – Wow – Grab some

– Man this is what best friendship is all about I mean how many friends do you– – Honey nut cheerio hand – That you can have honey nut cheerio hand cereal with? – Unapologetically – I really want to lick the back of your hand right now – Do it

– Oh ho ho – I'm not gonna look at it – Ahh – All right – Can you pee into my mouth? – Take a knee, con

(laughing) (beep) – Ah yes, thank you – Thank you – Your name, Rhett and Link? – Smitty and Smutty – Smitty and Smutty, all right, we got Smitty and Smutty – Soft and Moist

– Grab one of these – That was a little side project we had for a while – Who was soft and who was moist? It doesn't matter – Depended on the day – Depended on the day

– We're gonna be double layer bubble buddies – Double layer butter bubbles – No, double layer buttle bubbies – Double layer butter bubbles – You got me screwed up now

– (together) Double layer bubble buddies – Buddies! – (together) Double layer bubble buddies – That's what we are – Guy's just standing there (laughing) – That's who we are

– Come on, just for your yoga buddy Eat an olive, it's mixed in with so many other things Is it really gonna ruin the bite? This is my life for the last 35 years – And the, there's jala freaking penos in here too (Link laughs) – No one else want's to eat with you man (laughing) That's why I was the only one who ate with you

– Every last bit That's how I would do it, everyday at lunch, and I did have one friend (laughs) – Yeah, you guys see what I've been through for 35 years – And you can make it, and you can be having the same smoothies that Link has every single morning – Hint

– 'Cause once he finds something he likes he sticks with it – It's got peanut butter in it – That's why we've been friends forever – And I count it a privilege that we get to spend time together Rhett – Really? – Yeah really

– You're a good friend – I mean this isn't This is a privilege you know? – It is – There are people who've aspired to do this type of thing and we're already doing it – I'm thankful, and it's not even like Thanksgiving

That's how large I'm living (Stevie laughs) – 35 friendiversery – I was saying 35 years before it was 35 years apparently – (laughs) Yeah – I was just rounding up to 35

– Right – But now it's officially 35 – Yeah, it's true Research shows it – Uh Your So Loud

thank you for that The unison talking, got quite a kick out of that – That was very special – If you haven't already, go check out Kiki's channel which is Your So Loud, and thank you again Kiki for letting the guys react to your compilation We'll have more of that on LTAT in the future

Have you noticed the shirt that I'm wearing? It's a great shirt, and it's a shirt that you can get if you've been to one of your live comedy, music, shows on the Rhett and Link live tour But we're reaching the end of that tour so if you haven't seen it this is your last chance In fact, if you are in Flordia, if you're in Jacksonville tonight, Saturday, September seventh, I don't know if tickets are still available, but they might be or if you're in Tampa tomorrow which is Sunday, September eighth, or you're going to be anywhere near Albuquerque, Phoenix, Sacramento, or SoCal in November go to rhettandlinklivecom for tickets and I thought that we could use a little taste of – Water? – [Stevie] Of what the concert is (laughs) like – Liquid Death? – We already did that

– And so you guys agreed to perform a live– – We did – [Stevie] Song – With pleasure – On LTAT, and it's one of my favorites 'cause it's stuck in my head now – [Link] Oh yeah, let's do it – Let's do it And I thought um

– Look it, there's a guitar right over here – Oh good thank you Ben I was gonna say it's gonna be too awkward if you do it just like with the lights up – We'll we're not gonna lock eyes with you Stevie (guitar playing) – If history has shown Link I think that you might (laughs) – So the dimmed lights, I think make it better

– Just a little taste of something that we do (Stevie laughs) – [Rhett] At the show – [Link] Sing a song – One, two, three (soft guitar music) ♪ That picture frame ♪ ♪ Those hooded strings ♪ ♪ They are driving me insane ♪ ♪ Unequal pizza slices ♪ ♪ Thoughts of different sizes ♪ ♪ It's more than I can take ♪ ♪ Missing parenthesis ♪ ♪ Uneven Capris ♪ ♪ Googling askew ♪ ♪ Bags open ♪ ♪ From the wrong end ♪ ♪ Should be recognized as a sin ♪ ♪ Along with ♪ ♪ An unsolved Rubick's cube ♪ ♪ And I ♪ ♪ Gotta make things right ♪ ♪ Make it the way it's supposed to be ♪ ♪ It's my OCD ♪ ♪ Toilet paper facing inwards ♪ ♪ Unsynchronized synchronized swimmers ♪ ♪ A closet that's not organized ♪ ♪ Bills removed out of sequence ♪ ♪ Side burns that are not even ♪ ♪ That one rebel minivine ♪ ♪ And I ♪ ♪ Gotta make things right ♪ ♪ Make it the way it's suppose to be ♪ ♪ It's my OCD baby ♪ ♪ I ♪ ♪ Gotta make things right ♪ ♪ Make it the way it's supposed to be ♪ ♪ It's my OCD ♪ – Woo! (clapping) – All right! – Yeah come see us in concert come see us, we'll talk to you, we'll play for ya, we throw money in the crowd

– Well – We throw cash – Yeah, I mean we haven't done that yet, but we're willing to if that's what it takes – Rhettandlinklivecom for tickets – You know why we call the earl that? Cause it's live anything can happen

– The earl? – We call it the earl – Oh the earl, The url – Oh (laughs) – And starting now, a free can of Liquid Death with every ticket – Oh man – We throw these into the crowd

You never know who could get hurt, people bleeding and stuff – Actually, you know what, pending, free can of Liquid Death with every ticket – Will definitely get an email about that one – Probably not gonna happen Definitely doesn't happen

– That was great guys, thank you so much – If the shaker was too loud in that mix, it's my fault and I'm sorry – It's just because there's two of them, if there was one of them we'd be fine – I rarely use this shaker and when I use it I just really give it – [Stevie] Really shake it – I really shake it – If you're gonna shake something then you should shake it That's what I always say

– Just give it a complete shake (Stevie laughs) – Okay as I mentioned we played, you played the reverse slo-mo game this past week and of course there was a lot that didn't make into what you saw You were commenting on the lovely bits of performance you say from Paisley and Lucas, and Morgan put a little something together that highlights that even more and just looks really freakin cool, so here it is – [Link] Okay (intense music) – Wooo (man laughs) (Stevie laughs) – Oh wow

(Link laughs) – Lot's of – Magical little glancing blows – [Stevie] Yeah – That was magical, with the music – Man I could watch that you know what? Start another channel – (laughs) I thought you were gonna say "start it again

" (Rhett laughs) – [Rhett] Bring back – You guy's can start it again at home, – [Rhett] Wind it back up! – If you'd like – I feel like that would be something that you could like, not that we have the brains of toddlers, but I feel like you're like looking for something to show to a toddler there just gonna sit there and go – [Stevie] Yeah – That's the kind of content

– Show a toddler like wreckage of other things – Interact with the world – Yeah (laughs) – Drinking a Liquid Death, toddler sitting there – Okay guys, cheers, another LTAT down

– Yeah – Yeah we did it – And now our final line – Until next LTAT – Until next L-T-A-T

Keep on– – It's until next, there's no "the" – Right, right, right, you're right I'm wrong, but you want to say LTAT – LTAT – [Link] No – No

– But no LTAT in this part, just LTAT occasionally mixed in– – [Stevie] It doesn't even– – It's just occasionally – Okay, all right – 'Cause I don't have to be, we'd have to rhyme BYMB with LTAT and that would be a– – But is this an occasion to do it – No – Okay

– But yeah– – Until next L-T-A-T, keep on BYMB (upbeat music)

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