Top Optical Illusions Of 2018

– Today we're getting lost in the best optical illusions of 2018 – Let's talk about that

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– Let's – Webster's Dictionary defines illusion as something that deceives or misleads – Hm – Or does it? It does, and the good people over at Illusion of the Year have just announced their annual list of top optical illusions of the year so today we're gonna feast our eyes on them – Yes, these optical illusions are created by genius illusion makers from around the globe and then whittled down to the best of the best, and then voted on by the public, so without further optical ado, it's time for– ♪ Let's get optical ♪ ♪ Optical ♪ ♪ I want to get optical ♪ ♪ This illusion's optical ♪ All right we're gonna lead off with a few of the runners up and then hit you with the top three illusions of the year

Our first runner up is a photo-based tilt illusion – Okay – And it's called just a tree in winter time Have a look – Just a tree

– It's just a tree in wintertime, man Don't get so freaking excited – All right it's moving out – As this zooms out, Link, I want you to tell me, how would you describe those lines? – They're wonky Going down into the right, then down to– – [Rhett] You would describe those as wonky lines

– [Link] It looks like a Donkey Kong kind of, like, vew – You know what, Link, those lines are horizontal! And parallel! Let's show the next part, the reveal with the red line Watch this You can see, yes Link, your eyes have deceived you, my friend Here's what's happening

It appears as though– – Pretty good – That the horizontal rows are angled because the size of the photos increase and decrease a little bit and also the background of that photo, the earth and the ground is tilted a little bit, so you carry the tilt throughout and it makes it look like you've got wonkified stuff going on – I would call this borderline genius – Well and you know what, if you turn the volume up a little bit, you can hear my uncle saying, "If global warming is real, why is there snow in winter?" – Good point, uncle Next runner up is called who's chasing whom, now I got this one, I'm gonna present it to you, but I'm gonna let the ingenious minds behind the illusion, Ben Van Buren and Brian Scholl set it up for us

– I love those guys – [Narrator] Ladies and gentlemen, this just in Godzilla and Mothra are fighting each other in the streets of Tokyo – What! (extended yelling) Did he say? (chuckling) – He said the streets of– – Oh, yeah – The T town

– T town – Actually there's no optical illusion here, I just wanted to hear you– – Oh that's okay I can be of service – Demonstrate your breath control – I could have gone for longer

– No, I'm gonna pick up this clip from here, and I want you to tell me as it's playing, who is chasing whom, Mothra or Godzilla? Who's doing the chasing? Let's watch it – [Rhett] Blue is chasing red – [Link] That's Godzilla – Now red is chasing blue – That's Mothra

Please use Mothra and Godzilla, those terms– – [Rhett] Godzilla's chasing Mothra Well, it was, it started as Mothra chasing Godzilla, and then Godzilla said, uh-uh, and started chasing Mothra – And now I say uh-uh (laughs), ain't none of that happening – Well of course 'cause it's an optical illusion – The red dot stayed completely stationary and the blue dot was kinda circling around– – BS! – The only thing that changed was the background was moving

– I don't believe it! – The map behind it, well, watch it one more time Look at the red dot It doesn't move on the screen Just ignore the map – [Rhett] Oh you're right

– [Link] See that right there? And I think what they're really saying, this is proving a point Whenever red and blue think each one is winning in a race, we're actually all just going nowhere – Oh So deep, Link All right, next is the once upon a time illusion

– Ooh – Let's see it (soft music) Hm – Okay, queen storms left and right in front of her mirror – [Rhett] Yeah, that's what's happening, right? Yeah you see this one

– Big Bad Wolf hounds Red Riding Hood diagonally – [Rhett] It's a little bit like your red dot blue dot thing but it's more exciting – [Link] Puss In Boots flies like the wind Oh yeah, flyin' like the wind – [Rhett] He's going in a figure eight

It just seems so straightforward doesn't it? Oh Cinderella – Cinderella sweeps around the fireplace – Really it's just Cinderella's head Let's be specific here – Makes it creepy

– So you believe all of those things that were being said to you, right, as I did the first time I saw this – I was just reading them off the video – Now it seems like they're doing the things that are described, but Link, they aren't They're all moving clockwise in the exact same circular path Look, even Red Riding Hood, even the fox! Even Cinderella's head

They're all moving in exactly the same oval pattern – What! – No, you can't do that – I just can't – Don't, it hurts my feelings a little bit that you even tried – It actually, I thought it would feel good but it felt dirty

– Again, this is the same principle that your red blot, red bot dot, blue dot– – Godzilla and Mothra, man – Yeah it's basically frames of reference You see, we're just stupid humans You give us a frame of reference, we're like, oh yeah, that's exactly what's happening We're not computers, people

– I'm just pure, and I like to give myself over to the illusion of reality – Well by the way, Netflix just ordered 36 more hours of that video (Link chuckles) Newsflash – All right let's move on to this next illusion called the Dan swing papers – I love it when Dan swings

– Sounds pretty exciting right? Watch the video and I want you to tell me how the crabs and other shapes are moving – Oh, crabs Where are the crabs? Oh there they are – Enter the crabs All right, what do you see? – I see crabs– ♪ Going like this ♪ ♪ Going like this ♪ ♪ Going like this ♪ ♪ But I've done this enough to know ♪ ♪ They're not actually going like this ♪ ♪ Going like this ♪ Tell me how it's happening

♪ No they're not ♪ ♪ No they're not ♪ ♪ They're not moving at all ♪ ♪ We should do the whole show like this ♪ ♪ It would be so fun ♪ ♪ Entertaining ♪ – When does Dan swing? – That's a good question Those are his papers, I think that's all it is – Okay – Pretty interesting This is something known as phenomenal phenomemon

It is the interaction between luminance light and the edges of static objects which creates the illusion of motion of those objects So if you want a crab to dance, all you gotta do is shine some light and turn it on and off – You can make a dead crab dance if you paint the edges the right colors – Yeah the last time I saw crabs move like that was when I got a physical – Oh

TMI, Link All right, now we're gonna move on to the official winners – Oh, can we handle it, Rhett? – Yeah, the official third place best optical illusion – Third place – (chuckling) Of 2018

It's called the worms eye view illusion Okay, don't read the text, it's gonna confuse you Which direction are those moving? – [Link] From the head to the tail of the snake – [Rhett] Right, right, right, right And now, which direction are they moving now, Link? – [Link] The opposite way, from the tail to the head

Unless that's a weird snake where the tail and the head are opposite of what I know to be tails and heads And now it's switching back and forth – [Rhett] Okay, Link, I hate to tell you– – Gettin' pink and green – But that weird snake with a weird head that looks more like a worm's anus, it's not, those are moving– – You know the way to a woman's heart? – Yep, through a worm's anus – A worm's anus

– I've been there, okay, I've been to a worm's anus and I lived to tell about it But basically what is happening, this was a little difficult to understand I had to read this a number of times – I'm sure I'll get it immediately – All that's happening is as this color changer is moving back and forth, it's changing the brightness, the relative brightness and darkness of the two colors and the color that is more– – Is this phenomenal phenomenon? – Potentially

The color that is more prominent is perceived as the foreground color They're actually continuing to move in the same direction the entire time but basically, just changing which one's dark and which one's light causes your brain to, you always perceive the more prominent one to be in the foreground – Okay – Because you're a human, and just like all of us, you're an idiot who can be easily manipulated That's basically all these wizards of illusions, that's what you should call your frickin' contest, by the way

– Wizards of Illusions WereAllIdiotscom – We probably, we'd probably come to it in person if you called it the Wizards of Illusions But I will say that this illusion does not work on me personally because I don't see snake color

– That's good, Rhett All right, I got the second best optical illusion of 2018 It's called movement illusion with a twist – What? – Let's watch it Okay, Rhett, describe what you see

– [Rhett] Some stuff moving up and to the right – [Link] Okay and now when the background starts moving, what do you see, what about this same image? – [Rhett] It's all moving to the right – [Link] It's starting to drift to the right It's not though – It's drifting

– [Link] Now here's a new one, what's happening to this one as it moves to the top? – [Rhett] It's like a fountain of urine, going up and expanding – [Link] Okay, and then when they flip half of it, now what starts to happen? What do you see? – A headache (crew laughs) – [Link] But you see sort of a 3D image right, and then, you should start to see it spiraling around itself – Oh oh oh oh! – [Link] You see that? Oh yeah – [Rhett] Oh oh, yep

– It's 3D and it's spiraling (Rhett moans lowly) It's not, it's not 3D – Giant double helix – It's not spiraling Don't get worked up

I can tell you're getting worked up Don't do it – I wanna believe, man I wanna believe the illusions, wizards – You may know this illusion by its original name, Windows 95 screensaver

– (chuckles) Yes Spent a lot of time staring at that – That was second place, y'all Windows still relevant – Are you (chuckles), you just made it relevant

Are you super excited, as excited as I am about the top optical illusion– – I don't know if I can take it – Of the year? – I don't know if I can handle it – I present triply ambiguous object, which is also how Freddy Mercury refers to himself – Okay – [Rhett] Okay so you see this– – [Link] Three different interpretations when it is seen from three viewpoints

– [Rhett] Yeah, right now it just looks like a standard little 3D object, but whoa, look in the mirror man, looks totally different How's that possible? See where the flag is, it doesn't make sense? How can it be there? How can that flag be on two different things? – [Link] Is that a real mirror? – [Rhett] Whoa, look at that, there's another one and it's crazy, it looks so different! Yes, Link, that is the same object, and those are just mirrors in the background Now we saw– – Looks like a drawing Oh it's real, there's a hand! Oh crap! – Look at that, look at that Look at that, Neal

– What! – [Rhett] Look at that, look at it, look at it – I saw this last year when we did this in 2017! – Now, yes, you are correctly remembering that we saw a similar illusion that worked in the same way Basically this is a 2D picture and it's placed on a horizontal surface and then when seen from slanted perspectives that the mirrors create, you have to line this up perfectly with the camera – Of course – So that the mirrors and the cameras– – Lots of work

– And your eyes all work together Those parallel lines appear vertical and then you perceive these three different structures and then, ha, when you put that flag pole on there – Ha! – Gives you the illusion of gravity so it bolsters the illusion even further That's the thing you guys don't understand is this year, they put a flag on it (crew laughs) And if everybody had have known the secret, if we had have gone and told all the wizards the secret that if you wanna bolster your illusion, just put a flag on it, we wouldn't have had to wait to 2018 to see something this phenomenal

– But you know, when it comes to illusion wizardry, there are no winners and losers We're all just idiots – (laughs) That's right Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Good morning, I'm James speaking to you from the UK I'm drinking a glass of milk And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – I'd subscribe to that – Yeah, British people can make anything interesting

I think that's his point Click the top link to watch us play illusionist or James Bond villain in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Last call for these GMM and Mythical hats, y'all Go to Mythical

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