Top 5 GMM BFF Moments (2018)

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com – Our week of reacting to your favorite GMM moments continues and today might get a little sweet – Uh-oh – Might get a little sappy Might jerk a tear or two, I don't know

– Uh-oh – Because you voted on the top five GMM BBF moments of 2018 – Yeah we're celebrating our 35th year of friendship, Link, so hopefully there's some great BFF moments in 2018 Let's see the fifth one! – [Stevie] Our number five clip comes from our Craft Store Makeup Challenge episode when we gave Link a power tool – I've been given a power tool, everybody

– I am not comfortable– (jigsaw whirring) – What, I'm sorry? – You shouldn't be allowed to do this You shouldn't be allowed to do this but you have to go first because you've also got herpes and I don't wanna use the thing after you so you gotta start slow – You're jumpy, man – For a good reason – (chuckles) Yeah, I've earned it

Really purse 'em Purse 'em – Seriously, don't go so fast, man – Okay, nice and easy It's either on or off really

(classical music) (jigsaw whirring) (both laughing) – Wow, so intimate – Wow Oh wow How does that feel, by the way? – Look at what you did, you did a good job I'm missing the edges

– Look, you can't even see it moving That's crazy! (Link laughs) You overdid it a little bit on the sides but it actually feels kinda nice – Oh – Oh gosh, oh gosh (jigsaw whirring) – Look at my eyes

It's like a massage (Link laughing loudly) (jigsaw whirring) (classical music) Wow Usually when you put on lipstick, it's like this I've seen 'em do this – I've seen 'em do this, man

Trust me Oh it's actually pretty precise, man – That is tickle tickle – It's pretty precise, now work it in Look at that, that's incredible

– It feels good – You know what stage you're at Everybody in the house knows, oh, must be lipstick time – Yeah (chuckles) – Boy

– We should do that more often – I wanna do that again Every morning, come on over and (imitates vibrating) – Do we still have that contraption? – Well yeah it's a jigsaw, Rhett, we have it – We can get another

– Highly recommend that – What a moment of connection – Okay let's find out the next one – [Stevie] Our number four moment comes from our Weird Celebrity Beauty Hacks episode, when Rhett and Link talk about their balls – [Rhett and Link] Round five

– Which celebrity gets their balls ironed? – Nobody gets their balls ironed – What? – You guys want us to, ooh – Yeah, I've already done it today I don't need to re-iron my balls – Sorry that was that

– What? – And you have this – Oh my gosh, Alex Don't let me burn you here – That's not me, sorry There you go

– What? – What does it say? – This celebrity gets laser treatment to smooth out wrinkles, remove hair and correct discoloration of the testicles Also nicknamed ball ironing – Testicles – This is urban legend type stuff – Now first of all, I want you guys to know that we each have two balls

You gave each one of us one ball – One – And why's mine gotta be blue? (laughing) – I think we know why I think that Tom Cruise has got a tight ball sack I mean, he's probably got the tightest ball sack of any 55 year old man or however old he is, but Clooney

– Exactly – Clooney went like some people I know, Clooney went gray in his 30s, and– – What's that gotta do with down there? – All I'm saying is sometimes I make indirect eye contact and you could use some ironing, so (crew, Rhett and Link laugh) Indirect (Rhett laughs) Wow – I'm not gonna make any eye contact with anybody right now

– Where'd your blue ball go, by the way? It suddenly left – Oh, yeah I got rid of it (Rhett laughs) (Link clears throat) – Oh wow – You know how to do that? – You still ironing your ball? – No Let's not talk about this anymore

– Oh – It makes me uncomfortable It's a little too intimate – All right, what's next? – [Stevie] Our number three clip is from the third Extreme Would You Rather Challenge and involves raw fish and belly buttons – Would you rather do a tuna tartare body shot out of a hairy belly button

– Oh gosh – Or do a shot of tartar sauce, tuna water, and body wash This is more recent Rhett, how do you think they responded? I remember this right What did they rather? – This is round one, Link

– I would not rather I mean I would take the shot of body wash, looking at this – You know what, a lot of people would pay for this (crew laughs) That's the thing There are people all over the world– – Give me a break

– That would pay good money – Give me a break – To eat out of my belly button – Gosh – And you get to do it for free

(Rhett chuckling) – Stop being so jolly about it Like a bowl of jelly down here – Can I be laughing? – Can I get a, you can do it, serpent king? That would really help me – You want a chant or you from me? – A chant – [Rhett And Crew] You can do it, serpent king

You can do it, serpent king – Get it all – My approach was not smart – Don't leave any – See all the sucking? – You can do it, make it clean

(retches and coughs) (crew laughing) – I sucked it into my lungs, man – What happened, man? – I– – Is it my, are you reacting to my belly button or to the tuna? – Neither, I thought it would be a good idea to suck as I went for it and it went into my lungs – Yeah typically you don't suck tuna – It went into my lungs – Just eat it

(Link coughs) – It's still in my lungs – Well you might die but you should probably finish this before you do – God, man Did you warsh? – No, I knew this was a possibility and I didn't– – Oh gosh (Rhett laughs) (Link coughs) – Hey don't cough it back on me

There's a little bit more There's a piece way down in there (both laughing) – Why are you enjoying it so much, man? – Oh man – Why do you enjoy it so much? – I mean it was fun for me It was fun for me

– You could have at least waxed down there beforehand, man – I grew extra for you – (sighs) All right let's find out what you voted on next – [Stevie] Our number two clip comes from the Ridiculous Mascots Game when Rhett and Link played a different game instead – I'm gonna tell you about a mascot and of course, you've just gotta guess

It's like a fish (slapping hands) I gotta, it's like I'm on the pier with Granddad – It's like for one moment it did make you a little mad, right? (laughing) – Okay – Now I know what to do to get him – Yeah! I can't catch it

– I'm gonna get him with the dead fish – This is a good game, we should sell this – You know what, we're changing it For the next at least– – This isn't about minor league baseball – I thought you were gonna hit me

– This is called catch the fish with Granddad – For the next eight minutes, this is what we're gonna do (hands slapping) – That's so stupid Oh I'm gonna hurt somebody – You know what, let's go back to the originally scheduled program

– I was having a lot of fun (Link chuckles) Keep going – I'm gonna say– (chuckling) I'm gonna tell you about a minor league baseball mascot – I understand – You're gonna tell me if it's real or fake

– Real or fake – And if you get three of these right, you win– (slapping hands and laughing) You win your very own mascot – Okay (chuckling) – Wow – Catch the fish with Granddad

We haven't played it since then (slapping hands) – I mean, it– (laughing) Why's it so hard to catch? – I don't know – Try it – You have to look into the eyes of Granddad – Try it

(laughing, hands slapping) Oh, oh! – Oh, caught your fish, Granddad! Okay – Wow, you know what, we shouldn't let our kids play on screens We should say, yo, play catch the fish, kids That's what you should do to occupy yourselves – All right and now, boy

That jostled my, I don't mean to bring it back to my balls but it jostled my balls – That's a different game – Jostle the balls with Granddad – Let's see the top moment – [Stevie] And finally, our number one GMM BBF moment comes just minutes after we turned Link into a human chocolate fountain

– Oh gosh Activate– – I never watched this back either – The head! Oh gosh – Oh goodness! Woo, is it raining in here, is it just me? This is my first time watching this back – Really? – Yeah

– Oh wow – Look at me, I'm David – Oh that's– – You seeing this one? – That's real nice – Yeah – This is amazing! This is freaking chocolate amazing! Hoo! (classical music) Oh, there's a Twinkie

– You want a Twinkie? – I didn't see that (Link chuckles) I can't get it Oh! (laughs) Woo, look at me, Dad! I made it! (both laughing) – I hate to ask you to do this, but can you pee into my mouth? (crew laughing) – Take a knee, son (Link laughs loudly) (Rhett, Link and crew laughing) Nothing wrong with this! – We got two angles – Welcome to the internet, fam! (laughing excitedly) Woo! I win the internet today! At least for the next two minutes! – I've never felt closer to you

(laughs) Oh (Link sighs) – Yeah I've never watched that back I just couldn't bring myself to do it in any form Facebook, any way – How does it feel now? – I wish I would have watched that back earlier

– Yeah – I could watch that every morning – But it's the kind of thing you do once I gotta say, of course, I did it on both sides – I know

– I was like, here I am on the left side, then I'm on the right side Couldn't get enough (chuckling) Okay, tomorrow we're gonna go through our top five animal encounters and thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – [Both] Present time! – Link

– Oh man, I laughed so hard my nose is running – I got something very thoughtful for you (festive music) – You thought long and hard about this present? – Yeah I said, get him something flat (crew laughs) (Link laughs) That was my only request

– It's a Bop Magazine from April 1985 – Yup (laughs) You remember what we were doing in April 1985? – No – We were in first grade together – Oh yeah

Look at this Chicken feathers, bah, Simon Le Bon I don't know who that is Simon, who are these people? This is Ralph Macchio, Madonna, Billy Idol, and– – [Rhett] Menudo? – No I don't know who that is But there they are again

– It's Duran Duran – Oh it's Duran Duran Duran – Duran Duran – Something wrong, I thought it was only Duran and Duran – No, back in the day it was Duran Duran Duran Duran Duran

– This is actually kinda cool, Rhett, thank you – I thought a lot about that – What is Brooke Shields' first name, full name? What is Brooke Shields' first name? – Brooke (Link laughs) – Full real name I don't know, it doesn't give the answer

– Brooklyn Shields – Actually, the answer's on page 77 Hang tight, guys – This is so fun – It's Christmas Day, you don't have anything else to do

– I mean this isn't drinking chocolate from another man's fountain (crew laughs) But, you know, it's not a bad second option – Derek Taylor – Really, she's named Derek? – Or Brian Setzer or John Taylor Oh, now I gotta go back to this page and figure out which– (crew laughs) Number 25

Brooke Christa Camille Shields – Wow, BCC – All right, click the top link to watch the giant human chocolate fountain uncut – Yes and happy holidays – [Link] Wanna watch our Tour of Mythicality dressed in a three piece suit, a scuba suit, your birthday suit, suit yourself

The Tour of Mythicality special is available now on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and a wide variety of platforms including most cable TV providers

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