Top 5 GMM Animal Moments (2018)

– Happy day after Christmas but not quite New Year's – As you know, we've partnered with St

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– Today we go into beast mode – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical special holiday episode! – And happy day after Christmas! I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, then this episode can be your very special non-Christmas present – Yes, we're continuing with our best-of week where we look back at some of your favorite Mythical moments of 2018 and today, we turn to our friends from the animal kingdom as we look at the top five animal moments as voted on by you And we don't know which ones you selected, but we about to find out

– And we were told that Barbara and Jade, our dogs, did not make the cut so before we reveal your top five, we have asked to have an honorable mention of our dogs to kick things off Look at that, she is a, she's a ginger – Now look at the tail ♪ Under the sea ♪ ♪ Under the sea ♪ – Come on in here Come on

– Now what he supposed to be, a lizard? – Come on over, come on Come on over, Anthony Walk, walk, walk, Anthony (crew laughing) There you go – He doesn't seem very comfortable

– [Link] Anthony – Let's see how they interact ♪ Under the sea ♪ (Link laughs) – You know what you get when you mate a mermaid with a T-Rex? Jurassic Park 4 You haven't seen it? – No – It was so good

(chuckling) It actually wasn't that good I did see it – I didn't see it Okay, that was cute, but let's get on with these top five moments Hit it with it, Stevie

– [Stevie] Coming in at number five, Rhett and Link found out what kind of food a rat preferred – [Link] Yes – Okay on this one we've got the delectable Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich – [Link] And over here we have KFC's Chicken Little – I think we should acquaint him with each one just so he's just sorta– – Let him know what's there

Don't let him eat it though – Oh gosh he gets really excited when you get him close to chicken Okay now – He smells both – Now we're gonna– – Put him in the middle

– Science (crew laughs) – Come on rat man, oh, rat, of course – Master Splinter's just looking for the exit Now once he realizes that he's in a safe, but exitless environment, then I think that he's gonna decide to eat a chicken sandwich – Yeah Chick-fil-A, you know where it's at

I don't know why I'm rooting for Chick-fil-A, I mean just because it's on my side Oh he's getting himself clean, he's cleaning his snout Getting ready for chicken – Ha I remember this – Is that a zoological fact? – That's a pre-chicken routine, yeah

I always do that, you know, wipe my face down before I get it greasy again Oh, oh, yo! Yeah – Gosh – He did it, okay, he ate it, he ate a little bit – Master Splinter has chosen

– Oh look he's pushing the bun off! Look at him! – With zero influence from us, the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich 'Cause he did check out Chicken Little over here first – Science, guys Yeah, so scientific – Yeah, those were the days, man

Remember when we had– – Those were the days? – When we had a rat and chicken sandwiches and stuff? – Yeah – That was awesome – Yeah – I'd go back to that in a twinkle of an eye – You know what, it could probably be arranged pretty easily

All right let's see what's next – [Stevie] At number four, we meet Damnyell and Richard in Good Mythical More – Hi My name is Damnyell It's like Daniel but with an M

This is my show Fun times with Damnyell We have– (chuckles) I know how to have fun Would you like to have fun with me? This is Richard (crew laughs) Richard likes to have fun

Richard and Damnyell, having fun – Dink it, dink, it dink it It's kinda floppy Oh – That is weird

It's like a salty freezy – It is weird (blowing on pickle) – It doesn't work – Bite it, it's food (blowing on pickle) Bite it, it's food

– Oh, it's food – Bite it Put your teeth together There you go – It's been awhile since I've bitten anything

– You're a pacifist? – I don't really think, I don't believe in dismembering anything – Oh gosh – Well there's plenty of member to go around – I'm on a liquid diet Richard, on the other hand

– Drink this juice – I gotta say, I don't hate it – Richard's crazy – Drink it – No

– No? – And he eats right in front of me – You drink it – Oh gosh – Oh boy – The plot thickens

– Happy Cotton Candy Day, Daddies – Just move over, trust me – Are you ready to open your mouths for something salty and sweet? (Rhett laughs) – More of those – You look like so much fun – You look ridiculous

(laughing) Do you wanna hear a sweet nothing, Damnyell? – Of course (breathing heavily) (moans) – When I die, I want you to eat my heart to gain my strength – That sounds like fun – [Jen] Oh my gosh – In my spare time, I'm building you a coffin

(Rhett laughs) Hi Jen, see ya later at book club (both laughing) – See ya there – Hey imagine if this is the first one of these videos someone ever watched (laughing) Bye Daddies! Bye Daddies! – Oh That is history

– Yeah, man – History in the making – What a moment – Wow And that was an animal moment

– Yeah (laughs), I love that it was an animal moment – Ah – I mean Richard is an animal – I don't know why but my nose keeps running out of joy for reliving these moments I'm just gonna sit on that

– You got the joy runs – (chuckles) Give us another one – [Stevie] Our number three clip comes from the What's Licking Us episode when Link got hot and heavy with a mini horse – Oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, there we go

Now those lips were hairy – You got a guess? You wanna use one of your lifelines maybe? – As crazy as this sounds, I think I'm gonna lick it (Rhett and crew laugh) – Oh gosh, why did I say that out loud? – Okay, Link, protrude your tongue Oh! (laughs) – Gosh – Mm

Get a little bit more, get a little bit more (laughing) Oh gosh – Oh God Is it a camel? – Link, take off your blindfold – It's a miniature horse! – Oh! – His name is Thunder

– It is a camel This is what I call camels – You got to lick your favorite animal – Hello it's a miniature horse! Hello, we Frenched (laughing) – You spent a lot of time with that, with Thunder since then

– Yeah that was the beginning of a very special relationship – Oh gosh (laughs) – All I would do is just stick my tongue in his nose again and again and again – Yeah yeah he really likes it – My tongue did kinda go in a nostril

– Yeah – I remember that – Where else would it go? (laughs) Okay, continuing on – [Stevie] Coming in at number two, Snake Yoga – Everybody say hello snakes

– Hello snakes – Hello – This is the strangest thing that's ever happened to me (instructor chuckles) – Oh wow that's like– – Oh look at Link! Oh wow, Link! You got a snake headband! (laughing) (Link laughs and whimpers) You have a snake head band! (whimpering) It frames your face perfectly! (Link wailing) – [Instructor] All right ready we gotta step back Step your right leg back, we're gonna go to warrior one

– Look what's happening to your mouth – Your whole face is– – Shriveling up – [Instructor] Find a little space (laughing) – Link, something is going wrong with your– (moaning sadly) (Rhett laughing) – See through your new eyes, Link See through your new eyes

(whimpering) – Here they come I don't think crying helps (Link whimpers) – [Instructor] Exhale, inhale in (blowing air) – Oh– – Ugh! – I can't do it 'cause it's too close to my face (Link breathing heavily) Your snake just crapped

(all yelling) – Oh no! Look at all that crap! (yelling, laughing excitedly) – I feel one with the snakes – Oh – Don't you get any ideas – [Rhett] Don't come over here and do that – That turd is so huge! (laughs) (Link sighs) – Wow

I have never seen a snake take a crap before or since I'm so glad that that moment was captured – Oh man, what a visceral experience – Wow, look how happy she was (chuckles) – She, once we wrapped, she darted out of there

Okay – How could it get any better than that, the snake crap? Whew, let's see – [Stevie] And finally at number one, from our Shocking Fairy Tale Endings game, Rhett kisses a frog and meets his prince – Okay get rid of this – I am going to– – I'm so happy

Look, he's jumping towards you, man You're fine with touching a frog? – Not really – I'm told he's slimy and that he could potentially have a disease called cock-dil-a– – [Rhett] Help! – I wouldn't touch him (Rhett groaning) I couldn't grab it Ew! Uh-uh

– Look at him – I couldn't do that I could not hold that thing Kissy kissy kissy – Where have you been all my life? (magical poof) – Oh! (laughing) (crew laughing) – Chase's face

Hi Chase (Link laughs) I'm not even gonna ask – I love the look on his face from the split second that he appears on the screen – Yeah, right – Oh look here he is

– Hey guys – Oh – Happy Boxing Day (crew laughing) (Link chuckles) – You know how you and Thunder have a special relationship now? (Link sighs) Me and Chase do too (laughs) – All right come back tomorrow

We're gonna show you as you voted on, the top five most painful moments on GMM – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – Present time! – Rhett, I got you a very special present – Oh, even flatter

(chuckles) – I was like– – Oh you took my hint Go flatter, yep Don't break it – What a wrap job on this That's what they call it, wrap job

Oh – Show it to the people (crew laughing) I think maybe that can go on like the front of your car – You know who's really freaking out right now? Jennifer and Mark (laughs) Somewhere Jennifer and Mark are watching together and I want you to take a video of you watching this and send it to us and we may or may not do something with it

– Happy holidays, click the top link to watch the the Five Shocking Fairy Tale Endings Revealed if you'd like to relive the moment where Rhett kissed Chase – I know I would! (chuckles) Happy holidays The all-new Tour of Mythicality special is here Available now on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and a wide variety of platforms including most cable TV providers

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