Too Many Espressos Challenge

– Mythical tag team back again Check with the record

Let's begin – Obligatory reminder to get the full GMM experience everyday click the thumbnail with the green border to watch this episode from the beginning and then click the other one, then the red Technically if you click on the green one it should just all play for you seamlessly And speaking of beginnings, at the beginning of every single day millions of people across the world are reunited in doing the exact same thing, drinking coffee – And we're gonna get our day started with a game and some coffee

Let's each take one of this seesaw here – Is it gonna stay balanced? – Not right now Actually not coffee, espresso, which ounce for ounce has a lot more caffeine I'm gonna hold on That's a little

Here we go A little unbalanced – That's great – But whatever One more

Yep – Double dink – Ah – Ah – Alright, we're gonna go back and forth quizzing each other about strange and interesting coffee facts

If you get the answer wrong you gotta take a shot of the espresso – You start by asking me the questions – Okay The most expensive coffee in the world cost $1,06250 a pound and it comes from the feces of a particular animal

This high dollar crappuccino passes through, Jamaican fruit bats, elephants from Thailand, Brazilian kinkajous or your dog Barbara? You know she was making some cash on the side – Yeah, I see her out there sometimes in the yard When she goes around the corner I don't know what she's doing – Pooping out coffee for big bucks – Now I know

Okay Well I thought this was gonna be the civets, you know, those civet cats – Yeah – Civet, tibet – Whatever it is

We've had that on the show before and apparently that's not the most expensive coffee 'cause that's not one of the options – It did taste good, I think – I have heard of elephants poop coffee I've definitely heard of this I haven't heard of the rest of them, so I'm gonna go with B – Okay, you are right

It is B These luxury coffee beans are hand picked from elephant dung Apparently, the gastric process of the pachyderm improves the taste of the coffee – Of course it does – But for a much smaller fee a hippo will fart in your frappuccino

– Oh I gotta take one of these – How do you arrange that? – I'll arrange it Ah, whoa – At Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone, Japan, I probably said that wrong, you can pay to take relaxing baths in a variety of liquids including coffee, green tea, wine and sake

– Sake – Yeah But they also offer another type of unconventional bath Which of these bath do they actually offer, A, live eel bath, B, boba tea bath, C, ramen bath or D, the liquid that collects at the bottom of the recycling bin bath? You know about that liquid – Ramen bath sounds very intriguing

Boba tea sounds the most obvious Live eel sounds cracra You know what I'm going with live eel bath I think it's just crazy enough to be correct – It's crazy enough to be wrong because it's ramen bath

You were right Your instincts were right Have another shot Link – Oh man, I wanna do that – Yeah, when you're in the ramen bath just make sure you don't get your noodle confused with the noodles

– Ah man, as if I'm not a shaky enough person – You're losing Link – Or am I (mumbles) – A recent study ranked all of the countries in the world by order of most coffee consumed per person to least They rank every country on earth

That seems like a ridiculous process – Yeah, pretentious – With an average of 33 cups of Joe a day, which country drinks the most coffee per person? Is it Brazil, Finland, the US

of A or new California? It's gonna happen – Yeah, yeah – No, it's not Wow, okay – 3

3 cups of Joe a day, who is it? – In Europe, they drink quite a bit of coffee but it's less cups because they drink it like this Right So, I don't think it's gonna be Finland Brazil, I'm not familiar with the Brazilian coffee customs I should read up on that

I think this is the US I think we take this because we're crazy – We're the number one coffee drinkers on the planet – We got our beverages

We're just out of control with our beverages I think we take the cake on this one We also are the leading consumers of cake C, US

– The answer is B, Finland – Whoa, really what? – Drinks the most coffee Norway is number two Iceland is number three – Oh, all the cold places

I should've Yep, yep, yep, yep – Not surprisingly Finland also has the most effective network of socialized plumbing care It'll get you going – I'm gonna drink this with no expression

– No espression – Yeah It didn't count that was a chill – You're like Shaq when he ate that hot chip – The only thing on the planet more entertaining than GMM is that NBA on TNT

– That is a pretentious statement Ask me a question – Okay Sultan Murad the Fourth, the ruler of the Ottoman Empire in the 17th Century loved coffee but was not okay with the citizens drinking it In fact, if you were caught drinking coffee under his rule what was your punishment, A, birching, that's AKA getting beaten across the backside with twigs, B, permanent banishment, C, beheading or D, being forced to go to your friend's improv show? – Oh, that's horrible

– Yeah, that is the worst option – That's a certain strain of human bean – Human bean is that a joke? Is that a pun 'cause this is a coffee game? – I hope I said something funny I don't know I'm guessing the whole way through

Man, this guy he's really being stingy with his coffee Beheading somebody – Yeah – No way I think you just whoop him with a birch tree

Birching – Birching The answer is beheading He would freaking kill people – Dang

– That drank coffee Don't even talk to me until I've had my beheading – Ah, gosh I can feel the lightning coming from my loins up through my fingertips and – Ask me a question Link

– The Starbucks Venti Ice Mocha Frappuccino with whip has the exact same amounts of calories in it as which McDonald's menu item triple cheeseburger, a quarter pounder with cheese, four piece chicken nuggets and an egg McMuffin? – Oh gosh – I always eat those together – Or D, the kid left in the ball pit a few weeks ago? – Oh gosh – Lots of calories there – Okay, so I'm guessing that a Venti Mocha Frappuccino has about I'd say 1100 calories in it and I think that that would be a triple cheeseburger

Or it's A or C but I'm gonna go with A – Well, you're wrong and you're right – It's C It's the nuggets and the egg McMuffin – No, it is A

– Ah ha – Ah But it's only 520 calories – Oh really – 520 calorie

– And finally, you've already lost but let's see if we can get you to get even more hype – You win a mug – In 2010, a Volkswagen Scirocco powered only by coffee traveled 209 miles – The thing goes grrroco – One mile for every 56 espressos and it went as fast as 60 miles per hour

Was this coffee-powered car known as the A, Automo-Bean, B, Car-Puccino, C, the Expresso or D, caution, contents may be Hot-Rod? – Ah, caution, contents may be hot-rod – Oh God I love how you do it – I'm gonna crush the glass (screaming) No, I'm not

– You picked D 'cause you knew that was wrong You're right Link, it's the Car-Puccino and I've got to spend the rest of the day with you now – And where's his mug? Oh gosh Really? – This one's yours – I win one too

– [Rhett] Also a GMM host is what you got – World's best GMM host and here I am Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – My name's Natasha

It's my birthday We're playing will the black forest cake and – It's time for spin the wheel of mythicality – Some people were more into that than others – Oh yeah, the lower left corner, not so into it

– Click the bottom Link to watch this episode from the beginning – And click the top link to watch us find out if an entire breakfast will chip in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the wheel of mythicality is going to land Orange you glad you can buy our GMM mug online at mythicalstore

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