The Titanic Never Actually Sank (Conspiracy Theory)

– Go in to the pudding and find the truth – You want me to– – I want you to go into the pudding

– Welcome back – Yes indeed, welcome back to Hard Truth Link, is your brain ready to grow three sizes like one of those dinosaurs that they put into water? – As long as my skull grows with it – Because I've got hot news straight off the presses of 1912 that Titanic never sank, and the truth will shock you Buckle up buttercup

– Okay great – Link – You've got a thing, huh? And that thing Okay – Link

– Okay, okay – Do you know what truth stands for? – Something tells me no matter how I answer you're still gonna tell me – Titanic really isn't underwater, that was a hoax – Titanic really under that hoax – Okay you all know the fable, but let me go through the details just to refresh your frickin' memory

The beautiful luxury cruise liner RMS Titanic, shipped off for its maiden voyage on April 10th, 1912 It sailed for several days before striking an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland The ships sinking lost about 1500 passengers including Jack, who died even though Rose totally had room on that door That's a conversation for another time The aftermath of this tragic accident caused worldwide outrage, and a complete reworking of maritime safety procedures

Of course none of that is true Don't touch my rod, man My pointer Should probably call it a pointer Please let engineer, writer, and life long Titanic researcher, Robin Gardiner get right to the point and open your to his easy to follow theory

– [Interviewer] Robin, the floor is yours go ahead – [Robin] Right, well Titanic wasn't a single class, there was no Titanic class of ships, it was the Olympic class Construction began on the first of those ships, Olympic herself, shortly before construction of Titanic There was a third one, but that wasn't started until after Why do you think that concerns us? It had already occurred

– Yes as that makes absolutely clear, the Titanic never really sunk because it was swapped for a mere identical sister ship called the Olympic In a dual scheme involving insurance fraud environment robber baron takeover of the United States economy Okay, now you're thinking how did all this happen? – How did all this– I got a chart for that, Link – Happen – Olympic equals Titanic

Both of these boats were owned by the International Mercantile Marine Cooperation, and that's just the tip of the iceberg The Olympic sailed first and was found at fault when it struck a military ship, costing the company lots of money And then the two ships were so similar it would be hard to tell the difference Unless you're paying attention Are you paying attention, Link? – Yes

– Cause I'm dropping truth bombs Under the cloak of moneyed secrecy, the Olympic became the Titanic with a simple paint job Same ship, painted because of insurance fraud I know what you're thinking, who could pull off this kind of massive insurance fraud Well

– Who could pull off – Ever heard of JP Morgan? Link, do you know what JP Morgan stands for? – Oh wow you've done this all ahead of time – Just planning murder on the regular, and getting away with it like a naughty boy

Never saw that in there Okay, JP Morgan was considered a robber baron, that means belonging to a class of extremely wealthy men who nearly control all industry And I'm not gonna get bogged down with the extremely boring and confusing facts Let me just put it on to chart form

Conspiracies can be complicated and difficult USA was bad at money, JP said, 'Hey I got money, USA' USA is like, 'Thanks!' Other rich guys are like, 'Mm that's upsetting' J

P is like, 'I don't care, I can get more money' All the rich guys are like, 'No!' And now they're all dead, multiple rich dudes that were in disagreement with with JP Morgan, died in the Titanic crash I know you're still having trouble Why do you keep trying to make my pointer smaller? – Because you're poking me in the eye with it

– Okay, at the time Morgan wanted the US to create a federal reserve bank, and there were three powerful men who were opposed to it Millionaire John Jacob Astor, mighty magnate Benjamin Guggenheim, and Macy's co-owner Isador Strauss And they all super died on the Titanic This is true

All this was made even more suspicious considering JP Morgan was superposed to be on the Titanic himself He had a giant private suite, but he canceled at the last minute because he felt like it I wouldn't cancel a freakin' Carnival cruise even if I had a standard room Hello, something's up

In summary, JP Morgan intentionally planned for the Titanic to sink, and of course he would be fine with insurance fraud, as the old saying goes, 'Everything is a rich mans trick, and Morgan's disappearing ship and rivals is the greatest magic trick of all' You know the old saying Link, I sense you're still doubting Pick a card, any card

Any card Yeah, just pick a frickin' card man Link what does that card say? – The Titanic was a hoax – Boom What are the chances that you picked the only– – There's another one

– Two cards that say the Titanic was a hoax Out of 52 cards, you picked the 2 What are the chances? – Probably 100% – Okay, now this is almost too convenient Don't you think? Because isn't magic all about distraction? And what if this super convincing theory about the ship J

P Morgan missed is just a distraction from a truer truth, the truthest truth Hold on to your horses Link Yes folks, we've all been duked by a duper Here's what's really up, JP Morgan's famous absence is meant to cover up another famous absence from the Titanic, Milton Hershey

Founder of Hershey's Chocolates, an already wealthy candy robber baron himself, put down a $300 deposit to secure a room on the Titanic, but due to illness, or work stress, the stories conflict, he left a week early Until recent history Hershey has enjoyed massive uncontested success despite being terrible chocolate It is objectively horrible chocolate However, Milton Hershey colluded with JP Morgan and associates to murder everyone in their way to secure his gross chocolate empire

And if you don't believe me, the proof is in the pudding In the pudding, Link Go into the pudding and find the truth – You want me to– – I want you to go into the pudding What's so hard to– Put your hands in the pudding

– You're wondering why we're taking a three week break? – There's where the truth lies What are the chances? Link, would you mind opening that bag for me? Try not to get any pudding in the thing that's inside of it Link you know what Hershey's stands for? Hershey exterminated rivals securing humongous earnings, wowza – That's yowza – Well it depends on what part of the country you're from

Yowza, what were the chances that that was in the pudding? I mean, if this isn't any clearer I don't know what could be That is the real story behind the not sinking of the Titanic and why Hershey's chocolate, which is objectively awful and terrible, continues to be such a big deal You're welcome Link, and mythical beasts – Tried to make it a W – I rest my rod

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