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– Will Texas Roadhouse out-stack The Outback? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Summer

– Our June live shows featuring unpredictable comedy and harmonious songmanship are comin' up quick! Get tickets at RhettAndLinkLivecom now – Now a little while back we did a chain restaurant steak taste test and the best steak came down to Texas Roadhouse and the Outback Steakhouse Outback barely eked out the win but I think that was mostly because and I said this at the time, that was where I had my first date with Jessie so I just had to pick one – Yeah and here's what happened after that episode aired, we noticed that we had accidentally tapped into an existing beef, no pun intended, between the Roadhouse and the Steakhouse

It all started back in 2018 when Texas Roadhouse retweeted this meme with them as the Krusty Krab from Spongebob and Outback as the villainous Chum Bucket – And then Outback replied with this – Okay – Which I gotta be honest, point Roadhouse – Then Roadhouse destroyed Outback with this

– Oh okay so we know that Texas Roadhouse has a better social media team But we wanna have an honest to goodness, fair and square comparison between the two restaurants to really figure out which is better overall and not just steaks It's time for Food Feuds: Texas Roadhouse versus Outback Steakhouse – We're gonna taste various signature dishes from each restaurant head to head and then Rhett and I will rate each dish on a scale of one to 10 In the end, whoever has the most points will be crowned the absolute uncontested best steak restaurant of all time according to us and will win a chance to sponsor a GMM episode

– Ha, I like the way that works Okay so when we did the restaurant free bread taste test last year, Texas Roadhouse beat Outback but then Outback recently won the steak taste test so these guys are starting out on even ground – Yeah and now both of their menus are huge and there's lots of good stuff that we just don't have time to try but feel free to share in the comments the dishes that you like but just don't be going, you guys didn't try the cheesy winger dingers What's wrong with you? – Sound good – We had to draw the line somewhere

(Americana music) Okay first up we're gonna be tasting a sampling of appetizers from each restaurant – Hi y'all I'm Roadhouse Rhonda I've got a Roadhouse combo appetizer platter We got your boneless buffalo wings We got rattlesnake bites, no they are not real rattlesnake

Please stop asking me that – It's like a jalapeno – Yeah yeah and then we got some tater skins and you get a choice of dipping sauce but I gave you blue cheese and that's just how we're gonna do it – Okay, thank you Rhonda – Enjoy, buckaroos

– Thank you Rhonda – Oh you – Don't eat that trash (Rhett laughs) – Hello, good day, mate My name is Beck Betch and I've got some Aussie-tizers for you

– We got some fries – We got Aussie cheese fries, Kookaburra Wings, and we got volcano pretzel bites – I've never had these – You're gonna have all of them (Rhett and Link chuckle) – Now a couple of things

Bloomin' Onion is not here because Texas Roadhouse actually has a similar dish and we're gonna put those head to head in a different round Second thing is we got a lot of things to taste and so we're not gonna be going back and forth We are tasting, getting an essence of the whole plate, and then conjuring our score – We're gonna conjure a score? – Conjure it – Like magic? – Can't go wrong with cheese fries

– No those are good Is the different sauce for the fries or a Kookaburra Wing? – I'm gonna do without the sauce – Never had this – It's a tasty wing – Totally unique too in its rub

That's an interesting wing flavor – Kookaburra – I like that – I thought that was like an endangered species – And then to round out our appetizer plate– – A pretzel bite? Oh this is probably what this is for

– [Link] I put my fries in it by accident but didn't hurt 'em – Oh man there's more cheese on the inside of that – That is an odd thing to put on the menu – That's not the highlight of the plate – Mm-mm but the wings – That's a good plate though

You can't go wrong with cheese fries – See now over here when we got the tater skins, these things are huge You can pretty much compare these with the loaded fries Tit for tat I'd say they're pretty much neck and neck

– Yeah, both very good – They've done a pretty good job of slathering it with cheese and bacon bits – Boneless wings which not a fan technically – Dink it and sink it I don't think we got time for sinks and sinks, man

– You don't like a boneless wing? – I feel like I'm taking advantage of the concept of a wing It's good though, it's a little drier – I would say it's not bad – It's not as interesting as the other one – [Link] Oh and then these jalapeno poppers

– That's really good – Because the jalapeno is not overpowering, so we just need to give a score one to 10 for each – Way better than, okay, you wanna start over here – Again I don't know about the pretzels but the wings are really coming to the fore for me I'm gonna get it a nice, solid seven

– Okay I was thinking six because the pretzel bites are a serious misfire for me What about over here? Six over here, I think I'm gonna go seven over here – Oh – Because even though I don't typically like the boneless wings, I love these rattlesnake bites and I actually prefer the tater skins over the fries – To me these wings are really knocking out these nuggets

I'm actually favoring the Outback and I'm gonna give that a six – Okay So that means we have a score of 13 for both of them – Oh we tied (Americana music) – Okay so when we did the steak taste test, we did sirloin because that was the only steak that was available in all those chains but now we got a lot of other cuts available so we're going with a porterhouse which is a New York strip and a tenderloin together

– Hello – Hello Good day So the Outback steak comes with any potato and any side I've got here homestyle mashed potatoes and American cheese 'cause it's a beauty

– Oh okay – Okay – Goodbye – Hey! You come back here Now you can leave

(Rhett laughs) – Oh – It's a power move – A little control thing happening here, I see – All right Texas Roadhouse steak with mashed potatoes, some white gravy and that is chili, AKA Texas honey

(Rhett chuckles) – Let's prepare our steaks for eating Can I use a knife? – You know what, under these circumstances because we gotta move quickly– – It's round at the end – Yes – I mean, oh, oh, nothing's gonna happen – [Rhett] Cutting into the strip here

– [Link] Okay I'm gonna cut into the same place – [Rhett] Okay now I've got two equal size bites here – I'm gonna start over here – Wanna start over here? – I kinda want a piece with the fat in it – I'm not blown away

– Add in a little white gravy and mashed potato – That's an interesting concept – Oh that's good – I kinda feel like I'm doing something wrong when I put white gravy on top of mashed potatoes but– – No I like that – I don't wanna be right

– And then– – You do have a spoon but you can– – Never had the chili – You can do it with a fork if you want – I'm just assuming you're going to the other side Dang that's good chili – That's really good chili

– It's not hot, it's sweet – That's what you would expect from a Texas themed place You gotta get the chili right and they did – All right – All pretty solid

– [Link] Now we're diggin' in over here, I'm gonna take a complimentary bite – The steak's better – They put a rub on it – That's a more tender steak – I'd say it's– – They're both good

– I do agree – It's a better steak though How 'bout this mac and cheese? – [Link] This mac and cheese got some sort of spicy on it – And it's a little swirly which kinda throws you off a little bit – I like that spiral

It's an upward spiral just like the toilets Down Under – Yep, they go up – They spiral up Now at this point if you've already had the loaded fries, you've got all this bacon happenin' on this potato You might get bacon overload if that's possible

– I think I prefer the bacon and the cheese on my potatoes more than the white gravy – I love the white gravy and I love that chili – Very good chili – Man, all the sides are great – I am feeling really, really good about this whole plate and don't feel like there's anything that really missed at all

I'm gonna give it an eight – Mm, mm You know what I agree I was also thinking eight over here – Okay

– Over here, I do agree with your assessment of the steak but when you bring in the sides, man I'm gonna go with a seven I don't think there's that much of a difference It's difficult – I don't know I feel like the steak was a slight misfire compared just again, side by side comparison

The white gravy throws me a little bit Really good chili but not enough to get it above a six for me – I respect that (Americana music) Now onto dessert – Hi, what do we got here? – Okay Rhonda

– This is just a standard big-ass brownie With a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge We don't need a lot of frills– – Don't oversell it, Rhonda – Yep, don't need it – Rhonda's (beep) recently

So she's (beep) her own (beep) Anyways, this is the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under – I will be back for you – She's scary 'cause she's so (beep) – Okay you've got a lot of tax, sir

You're not gonna make it far in this country – So it's a pecan brownie and it's vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings and whipped cream – Okay – Enjoy – So there's a nuttiness to this one

– Mm-hmm, okay – There's a roundness to this What do you think about a round brownie? How do you feel about that? – [Link] I like that, ooh and there's a softness I'm going for the center, the part that I usually save for last – [Rhett] I got a really big bite but I'm just gonna try it

– Mm, that's good – That is really, really tasty – Mm-hmm I'm gonna give it a nice wipe – Yeah, gotta have a clean spoon

Gotta have an unbiased utensil comin' in – There's a little more to this and that brownie doesn't have any pe-cans or puh-cahns in it – Oh wow this is super moist too I thought it was gonna be hard – [Link] This thing here, there's a lot more moving parts

– What? Oh my goodness, that's good Dude, that is so good – There's a couple of things that bump me – Oh really? – It's actually, I wouldn't call this a brownie It's almost custardy like it's almost liquified

– Well this is very traditional And it is what it is and it is a good brownie This is something new and different altogether that I, I'm gonna give this– – It's like a molten, loose cake, which I don't think I'm making it sound appetizing – I wanna give it a 10 but I just feel like I can't, I'm gonna give it a nine I can't imagine that being a better dessert for what it is

– I can imagine it because that one to me is better – I'm gonna keep eating it– – I don't like nuts in my chocolate stuffs and I don't like chocolate stuff that's that loose I gotta be kinda brutal, I'm actually giving this a five It's just not up my alley This on the other hand, it's not gonna blow it out of the water but I'm gonna give it a solid (grunts) seven

– I'm gonna give it a six It's good, it's not great (Americana music) And finally the Bloomin' Onion because Texas Roadhouse also has a version of it – But not because we eat it last usually – Good day, mate

– Good day – This is our famous Bloomin' Onion It's an onion that blooms – And is then fried – Yeah it's both

– Hey, you! You may have created this – Yes – Lookin' a little tiny – Oh no – Don't you think? Disappointing

– Let him have it – Wow, whoa! – Wow – All right this is the Texas Roadhouse Cactus Blossom No it is not a cactus – It's still an onion

– Don't ask me that And it comes with some horseradish sauce – And it's, okay so you clearly ripped off the Outback but then you in the Texas fashion made it bigger – Yep – Yeah

– You wanna start over here? – Yeah – With what I'll call the original – Well the funny thing is I mean, not only is it smaller but it's fried in a different way – Have they got– – It's hard fried – I'm told that Outback has proprietary machines that they keep secret but then Roadhouse figured it out somehow

– I mean it's not that hard to figure out I don't think Just call some engineers Can we cut an onion to little strips? – That's good stuff – Yeah Movin' on to the Texas Roadhouse

I'm gonna do no sauce first, just– – I'm going all the way – Way different – Oh wow – And not as good – Mm-mm, the horseradish in that sauce is, it's overbearing

– Yeah – And then the breading is kinda blah – You know, you think when you steal a machine, you steal a recipe, you do something to make it better but that did not happen This is almost the perfect appetizer – 10

– 10? – I mean well if you're gonna rank a Bloomin' Onion against other Bloomin' Onions, this is a 10 This is the standard – Okay I'll go there brother, 10 (Link chuckles) I wanted to so I will – Texas Roadhouse, this is the only place, but you have disappointed here

– I'm giving it a five – Four for me – Ooh! That hurts – Yeah, that is the death nail for Texas Roadhouse, I'm sorry to say – And so the final score is wow, 63 for Outback Steakhouse and 48 for Texas Roadhouse

So there you have it, the official absolute uncontested best steak restaurant of all time according to us is the Outback, congratulations, Beck – Hey, I'm very happy about this – [Link] Sorry Rhonda, you okay back there? – Yeah (crew member laughs) – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– I'm Kiana – I'm Tyler – I'm Mike – An I'm Matt an we're from Texas Roadhouse and we came to New York and we just did a hot sauce challenge and it's time– – To spin– – The Wheel– – Of Mythicality – Hi guys! – Click the top link– – Love ya

– To watch us try to have a conversation with loud music blasting in our ears in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land Dude, check out these far out swirly colors on our summer tie-dye tees Available now at Mythicalstore

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