Testing The Dog Poop Vacuum

– Today we trek through pet tech – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning – Have you got a pooch like we do? Hey, whoa, Barbara's so excited about our brand new Mythical Pattern Pack For Pups featuring pet products in a variety of Mythical patterns We got leashes, collars, bowls and more at Mythicalcom – Mm-hmm, speaking of fantastic products, it's been 12 years since Apple gave us the iPhone yet technology has yet to give us what we really want, an iBone! – What? – That's a bone that lets your dog see– (Barbara whimpers and yelps) What their friends from puppy school are up to now

Right Barbara? – Yes – Yes – Barbara's very excited about one of the products that she's already seen so you'll se that in a little bit There is no iBone but there are plenty of crazy and questionably necessary high tech products out there for pets that do exist and today we're gonna get our paws on the craziest of the bunch It's time for Weird Products You Must Have: High Tech Pet Products Edition

(Barbara barks) – So we searched every doggy blog and comment thread on the internet to track down the weirdest high tech pet products– (Barbara barks) The world has to offer And now that we have 'em, we're fixin' to put 'em to the test (Barbara barks) Right? (Barbara whimpers) (Rhett laughs) (Barbara barks) (chiming music) – Okay first we got these two pet launchers, the iFetch and this Unique Petz Launcher because maybe you wanna toss your dog a treat or a ball but both your arms are broken Heh, let's see– – Heh – A clip from the Unique Petz Treat Launcher

– [Woman] Sit, stay (light-hearted music) (treat launcher click) That just hit him in the head – Great commercial! – Just hit him in the, okay so this is like a user review I hope and not the actual ad – Yeah right – Maybe we'll do better, okay, over in the multipurpose area we have pet wrangler Jenna

(crew applauds) Our dogs are best friends with each other and they're also best friends with Jenna and so dogs and Jenna, we're gonna launch a treat at you (Link chuckles) – Okay here we go (treat launcher clicks) (crew laughs) – A little short – Let me try again Let me try again, I'll extend my arm a little bit

(treat launcher clicks) No no no no no, you gotta give it a chance (treat launcher clicks) – Misfire – You gotta make sure one gets loaded in there (Barbara yelps) – [Jenna] Barbara does not like that – Yeah, this is a close-range projectile

– Yeah yeah it's close range – You know what, I got an idea Why don't I just take a treat and throw it? – [Rhett] Oh look how much better that works – [Link] Who got that one, Jade, here's one for you Jade

– Barbara – [Link] There you go Barbara's over here – She's like I know the sources of the treats, I'm coming to it – She knows that there's treats over here

All right Jade got one too so – Good girl – So all right, so let's up the ante with the iFetch shall we? Oh so this dog plays with it himself, no owner required – [Rhett] Well that's the whole idea of this thing The I in iFetch is the dog

– [Link] Oh, look at that Does that dog also own that house? – Yeah – Did the decorating That's pretty cool, okay This one seemed to have potential

All right so I gotta fire this thing up – Barbara's very excited Barbara likes balls – All right so I'm on level two but hopefully it's not a dud All right Jade go back

– Jade, come on, come on – All right here we go, we're firing it up, you ready? (Barbara barking) Here we go, three, two, one, fire! Fire! – Woo! – Oh (Rhett laughs) – Good girl! – Three, two, one, fire! – [Jenna] There you go Barbara – Three, two, one, fire! (Barbara barks) Let's put this thing on level three, shall we? Three, two, one, fire! – Your fire's a little delay, whoa, whoa (Barbara barking) – There you go, there you go

(iFetch whirring, clicks) – [Link] I think Jade wants to be the loader (Rhett laughs) All right so Barbara seems– – Wow – To be having a great time – [Rhett] Barbara's very excited about this – I don't know if Jade retreated to me or if she wanted to be the one to load the cannon

– You know what, I don't know if Barbara's smart enough to figure out how to load this thing so she needs a buddy She needs a friend – Throw one here, Jenna – Barbara's not used to this many balls – All right Jade so you're gonna put this in there

Here you go Okay (iFetch whirring) – Here it comes Barbara, go – Oh! – Whoa ho ho ho! Ho ho! – Sorry Kiko – It just hit the camera

– Oh, did that hit the lens? – Okay obviously we are tech savvy guys I mean I could put the ball in here So we've invented our own products to pair with these launchers to make them safer – Introducing the iFetch eye protectors and more importantly, the iCrotch As we demonstrated, these things pack quite a punch and if you find yourself in the line of fire, you wanna be protected

– Yeah which raises the question, why didn't we put this getup on Jenna just a few seconds ago? – I think that's pretty self-explanatory – [Crew Member] That's true – It looks like it could be a Muppet character with the two– – Like a mouth is gonna come open from someplace – Okay so we're gonna fire these up and fire 'em at each other's areas – Yeah

– Because we wanna make sure that when the dog's going nuts that we don't as well – Yes Okay I'm gonna drop one in, whoa (Rhett grunts) – There we go – [Rhett] Boy this is fun

(Rhett grunts) – Ah And no pain at all (Rhett grunts) Oh there it is Oh yeah! – Okay I feel safe (chuckles) – Yeah I do

(chiming music) Okay next up we have a remote-controlled bird drone cat toy It mimics the flight of a real bird so your blood thirsty cat can hunt it instead of your toes Let's see a clip of this thing (soft electronic music) – That clip started so peacefully but the ending was– – Yeah yeah – Kind of odd

– Okay so we have brought back the very aggressive cat that I mistook for a human baby while blindfolded, Victoria – [Link] Hello Victoria – We're gonna see how Victoria, I'm sure she's evil and bloodthirsty despite her innocent looks, is going to respond to this bird – Now we're gonna launch it but we are not gonna control it because it is incredibly difficult so Chris who's off-camera over here has been practicing this thing for four months (Rhett chuckles) That's been his sole job here

All right, you ready, fire it up I'll give it a little toss Oh the cat's already looking at it Here we go, three, two (toy's wings vibrating) (toy thumps) (Rhett laughs) Oh! – Much like a real bird, it ran into the wall

– [Link] No David, oh, oh, there we go – [Rhett] Whoa! – David in for the rescue Okay let's try it again See this thing is not easy to fly in a confined space You want me to toss it again? You got it

– I'll hold it again (Rhett laughs) – [Rhett] Oh, oh gosh – Get it, Victoria That worked great Cats love it and it's very easy to control

– Well you know it's actually very realistic because if we had an actual real life bird in here, that's what would have happened It would have been bouncing off the walls We had to resuscitate it – True – And speaking of real life birds, this bird drone doesn't just change the way you approach playing with your cat, it also changes the way you can approach the world's most sacred art, magic

Now watch as we do the world a favor and make a cat disappear – [Link] Kitty kitty kitty – Abracadabra – Whoa! – (laughs) Whoa, whoa Whoa, oh! (both laughing) (Link gasps) Look at that! Oh my gosh– – Get it! Get it! – Hey don't swing that thing

Oh it went in the trash can! – Yes! – You knocked it, how did it get into that trash can that's like stuck under the frickin'– – Look at that, look I frickin' Frickin' did that on purpose

(chuckles) – (chuckles) I'm sure you did (chiming music) – And now we have the Pooch Power Shovel, a cordless electric vacuum that sucks your pet's dookey– – Hmm – So you don't have to Let's watch a clip of this amazing technology in action – [Announcer] The Pooch Power Shovel is a cordless vacuum-powered pooper sooper that makes cleaning up after your dog quick and easy

It's simple to use, lightweight, powerful and it sucks dog waste straight into a degradable plastic bag No more messy manual scraping or bending over to pick up waste No more hosing and scrubbing the pooper scooper when you're done Once you collect all the waste, simply open the unit and toss the bag in the bin No mess, no fuss

The Pooch Power Shovel can handle waste deposits from any breed of dog, large or small, and it can vacuum dog waste of almost any consistency, making it the perfect gift for any dog owner (Link groans) – Oh that last one! – That thing is hungry for some poop! (chuckles) – Oh gosh – It's like Hungry Hippos (Link sighs) – Why did they have to show the last one? – While you were enjoying that video, I did the honor of doing my business in several places on the AstroTurf Actually this is poop from our very own Matt Carney's dogs

– Former Hot Dog on a Stick employee? – Yes, he has two dogs – Yeah – So double the poop – Okay, smells great in here so let's– – This is real (vacuum whirring) It didn't have to be but it is

(vacuum whirring) Maybe– – [Link] It doesn't seem to be, ugh gosh – Maybe you start with something less ambitious like a small piece of poop – It's not wanting to get, oh there it goes Oh, you gotta really line it up – [Rhett] That's nice

That was real nice – You try it with that one – This is a big honker over here – [Link] Put it real flat on top of it Oh gosh

– That's so big – I mean I– – It's so wet, oh gosh! – [Link] I think where one of the limitations of this thing– – Oh got it! – [Link] Oh, oh gosh (Rhett laughs) – You gotta get it in there– – It's horrible, man! – You gotta get it on there and then you gotta shake it in I'm having fun, now listen – Stop it

– A funny thing happened when our Mythical crew member as we just said, Matt Carney, was doing some research – Former employee of Hot Dog on a Stick? – Hot Dog on a Stick, yes He was doing some research for this thing and he came across this photo on their website – And he thought it was so great that he shared it in our office group chat and this is how the exchange went – Matt said, "Look how excited this little girl is "to suck up some dog (beep)

" – To which other Mythical crew member Aubrey replied, "If you presented me with that outfit, "I'd suck up as much dog (beep) as you wanted me to" – Well we like to make dreams come true here at Good Mythical Morning so Aubrey, come on, get out here (crew applauding) – Nice outfit, Aubrey – Thank you – Come on over

– You look like a Girl Scout from the year 3000 Okay hand her that– – It smells great – Yeah, do you regret your chat contribution yet? – Absolutely not, I think– – Okay you will in a second – Every little girl dreams of this, so I'm a lucky gal (vacuum whirring) – Now look happy, er, even happier

– Gotta shake it? – Yeah, shake it Sometimes you gotta kick it, yeah Wow, this is what the future looks like, kids – Now Aubrey, I think the company is gonna be taking screen shots and putting this on their website, so make sure you make eye contact with the lens while you're scooping up the dookey and smile really big – Okay

(vacuum whirring) – [Link] Let's clear the frame I don't wanna be in this, Rhett – Wow (Link giggling) Look at that, look how good it works – It's great

– All right Okay, okay You gotta pry this thing off of her grip – Yeah, I'm having so much fun Well thanks, guys

– I definitely recommend wearing white tennis shoes (Aubrey chuckles) – Oh wow, this has been memorable Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – Now you say you know what time it is – Oh, you know what time it is

(Rhett chuckles) – Oh, get it out of here! – Hi I'm Kanima – I'm Marcus – And this is Sam and– – [Both] It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – All right, somebody's gotta have a cat Click the top link to watch us guess the unlikely animal friendships in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Need some new accessories for your pup? Look no further than our Mythical Pattern Pack For Pups available now at Mythicalcom

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