Testing Mystery Objects (GAME) Ft. Jack Black

– Can we tell what these weird products are used for? – Let's talk about that (upbeat theme music) – Good Mythical Morning

– Please welcome back to the show from the new movie The House with a Clock in its Walls, in theaters today, it's Jack Black – Alright (crew cheers and applauds) Welcome back, man – Hey, Jack – Thanks, you guys, it's good to see you guys again

– So glad to have you – Thanks for having me back – Just got a small bone to pick with you, – What, talk to me – Last time you were here, you ripped off the head of our cardboard Santa, and I noticed you did not bring a replacement with you – Well, I'm a Jew, and so I don't have access to those kinds of cardboard merchandise

– Alright, forget I brought it up – That was a heavy metal classic rip, though I think it was well worth the loss of Christmas merch – It was worth it – What's gonna happen today, I don't know

Okay, so in the movie, you play a warlock who lives in a house with a clock in its walls – Exactly right – It's the title – Yes – Well, warlock is not in the title, they shortened it

– No, it's The House with a Clock in its Walls It's been voted the most difficult title to remember – Okay, so in the trailer, you say, I don't know what it does, except something horrible So in the spirit of not knowing what something does our crew has acquired a slew of unusual items that do strange or unusual things And we are gonna have to guess what they do

– Oh, I love this – It's time for The Game with the Freaky Product in our Hands – Okay, we're gonna get a weird item placed here on the desk with no context whatsoever We're gonna inspect it, play with it, you can taste it, whatever you need to do – Oh, and then we're gonna write down on these whiteboards what we think the item is

– Oh, okay, hold on, let me get mine – You get it right, you get a point If nobody gets it right, Stevie will award a point to whoever she thinks, in her own opinion, guessed the closest – Right, and then the winner at the end of the game gets to keep any item of their choosing Alright, let's get started with the first one

(clock bongs) – Here it is, it's metal It's got a ring inside of a ring You wanna touch it, maybe put your tongue through it – That seemed wrong, I was only doing what you told me – Well, I won't be putting my tongue through it

– One side of it is, whoa It's unbreakable It's got teeth right there, Jack – Yeah, it looks kind of like a Sterno flame thingie – [Link] It does, yeah

– I have a guess – I do, too – [Rhett] Not bad about this – [Stevie] Alright Rhett, why don't you go first? – I don't know if I'm right about the vegetable or fruit, is that a vegetable, I say carrot peeler – A carrot peeler? That assumes that all carrots are pretty straight, but a lot of carrots

– Yeah, not a carrot it's a peeler of some kind, I believe – Okay, Jack – A cutter of some kind – I'm going with a Sterno flame thingie – Yep, you stuck with your instincts

– [Stevie] Link? – I just think it's a weird cookie cutter of some sort It certainly could be – [Stevie] Okay, this is a corn stripping tool, for getting the kernels off of the cob Amazon says, quote, the corn stripper tool Is easy to use and clean, perfect for salads, cornbread, and others

– You do the honors – So, wait a second – Do the honors there – You were pretty close when you said carrot – I knew I wasn't right about carrot, but

(Jack grunts) – It's as easy as one, two, three (screams) (clock bongs) – What material is that, it's rubber? – You got rubber on one side, and you got, I mean obviously this goes around the back of your neck, right – Of course That's exactly what I was thinking – [Rhett] But then what happens with that part? – And then on the back there's these, I mean you got this point thing

– Link, just go ahead and put it on 'Cause I don't think that you wearing it is gonna give us any clues as to what it does – It certainly goes on – Yeah – Yeah

– It certainly does that So then it's just a question of why – That is the question, is it not – Why on Earth? – It emphasizes your cheeks – [Jack] It really does, yeah

– Maybe that's what it is, maybe it's for models – I got it, I got it – [Stevie] Alright, we'll start with Jack this time – I think that it's a Cirque du Soleil CPAP mask (crew and hosts laugh) Only for people in Cirque du Soleil that have a snoring problem

– [Stevie] Okay, Link – I think it is a high cheek enhancer that you wear while sleeping So then you take it off and you go out to Rodeo Drive, and you're like – It's an option to surgery, though You would wear this every night

– Right, it's a trainer, cheek trainer – Rhett – I went with a cheek exerciser, I think if you were to do something with your face, you would be building muscle – [Stevie] You guys are all over this This is the Hourei Lift Bra, a trendy Japanese product that's worn on the face in order to lift your cheeks to get rid of smile lines

And we do have the instruction manual for you – But you don't wear it in public, it trains you for going out in public without it – Link, you're the closest, yeah – What country is this made in? – Japan – Japan

– Oh right – Okay – I was being very delicate with it, and then, oh, oh, oh – There's a lid that screws off – Oh, oh, oh

Things keep happening – [Link] We can take a look – Oh, look, look, oh, there's more, and look – [Link] Is that a hole in the bottom? – It's a hole, see straight through – Reassemble it if you would

– There you go, and then this goes in there, and then this goes on top – Okay, yeah, I think I know what this is – I actually have a feeling Rhett's still writing everything he can think of to try to get a point – No, I'm pretty simple

– [Stevie] Okay, Rhett, let's see it – It's a plant pusher – A plant pusher? What is a plant pusher? – Well, my uncle's also a plant pusher This one in particular just pushes You get a little plant, and you put it in there and then you push it

– That rings true (Jack and crew laugh) – You know, a plant pusher – [Stevie] Okay, Jack – I am pretty sure that it's an insect habitat enclosure Because if you notice, you could put the bug in there, and the air could come out from the bottom, is that true, oh no, no

– But only when you poke it – No, there's no way for air to come in I'm wrong I'm wrong – Okay, then maybe it's a dead specimen – A dead specimen enclosure

– I think this is like a magic trick, like something you get from a magic shop – You know what, that's not a bad guess at all – I don't know what you'd do, I have no clue, but it's a magic trick – [Stevie] Okay, this is an egg cuber And Amazon reviewer G Otis said, if, like me, you despise ovoid hard boiled eggs, this is the product for you

– So that's a hard boiled egg – And no matter which way I turn it, it's still a cube – [Stevie] I think that is kind of a magic trick So I feel like Link gets this point – Really, more than a plant, – Aren't eggs plants? Eggs are plants, right? (clock bongs) – Oh goodness, that's heavy

I mean, how much do you think that weighs? – I'm gonna say not that much (crew and hosts laugh) – Hey, that's cool – We'll say maybe, seven and a half, five to seven – What does that say? – Schwegler – Schwegler

– So this is a Norwegian something So there's a bunch of, like, rolled-up cigarillo papers or something – I was trying to see – And a brick – If this was some sort of musical instrument – I don't wanna say any of my thoughts, 'cause it might give away, – Oh, you think you know what it is? – I always feel like I'm close

– [Link] I mean, that's basically a brick, guys – I think I got it – I think I'm getting some of your vibes, Jack If you think you've got it, I think I'm stealing it I'm not looking at your answer, though

– Don't even look – [Stevie] Alright, Jack – I'm pretty sure it's a Norwegian bee enticer, 'cause as we all know, the bee species are going extinct, and we need devices such as this to entice the bees out of their natural habitat to make them have sex and stuff – Inside of bricks – That's right

There's no more enticing, – I think I am picking up on your vibe because I thought it was a heavy insect farm habitat thing – You kept it more general, so more than bees are invited – Well, I'll say non-bee – Okay, good, alright, if there's any mention of bees, – I don't know what it is but it's something, – I went in a different direction – Like a hornet or something

– I said it was a Norwegian moisture collection device 'Cause you know when there's floods in Norwegia – You're saying in Norway, if there's a desert in Norway, and you needed moisture, you would just take that – No, if there was a flood, you would set this in your basement, and it (sucks), sucks it all up – Oh, moisture collection

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Gotcha – So tell me I'm right – [Stevie] Okay guys, first of all, this is German, but close It is the beneficial insect nest, sold on GarrettWade

com as a place for bees and other beneficial insects to nest for a, quote, handsome, eye-catching and beneficial addition to your garden And I'm gonna have to award the point to Jack, because as Link stated, he did steal Jack's mojo – He said non-bee also – Yeah, he also did, – I did say non-bee 'cause – You said definitive bees – Bees make their own hives

You don't have to make a hive for a bee (clock bongs) – [Stevie] Okay guys, final round, and I feel Like this should be worth two points for extra suspense – Yeah, I feel that way, as well – [Stevie] This is a two-pointer, let's bring it in – Alright, a handheld device of some sort

Batteries on it, it's flashing – [Rhett] It's blinking it's blinking, it's blinking – There's a number, it said zero – [Jack] It's like a– – Don't do that? I got some head shakes when I did that – It could be dangerous to do that? – Oh! – You dirty dog

Dang it man, let us see it – I got ya, I got ya I don't know what it does, man – What is it, they got me nervous now – Oh, I think I know, I think I know

– But it doesn't do anything It doesn't do anything – Let me try it, let me try it Oh, if you do it a bunch of times the numbers go all the way up to nine – Put it on nine

– Ow, oh, I think we found what this thing does – Did it just shock you? – Yeah, oh yeah, it did Now you feel it – I don't feel anything – You don't feel, now how do you feel? – Nothing

– Oh really, now how do you feel? – Nothing – Well then let's go to seven – Nothing – Let's go to eight – Nothing

– Bull, come on, nine – You do it – Aw, come on, you felt it, you felt it – I didn't, I didn't – I think you need to hold it

– You gotta hold it – And then push the end – Ahhh – You gotta conduct – [Link] Here, you try it

– It's like isometrics – But why? – But why, and don't push that to your temple, brain shock (Rhett and crew laugh) – Brain shock – Okay, I feel like we're all gonna get this one – I just hit this thing out of the park

– [Stevie] Alright, Link – I'm saying this is a nine-level shocker for kids (Jack and crew laugh) – That's good, I think you might be onto something there – [Stevie] Okay, Rhett – I said it was a Norwegian electrical pleasure device

– I love that Norwegian made it back into the – [Stevie] Okay, Jack – I just went with portable electroshock therapy stick, in case you need a little bit – Just a little jolt – For the brains

– [Stevie] Okay, this one has a really quick name This is the Meridian Energy Acupuncture Pen Laser Electronic Pulse Analgesia Therapy Machine Body Massager Pen Pulse Monitor Pain Relief Silver, and the website includes this map of your meridians – [Link] Oh, that's a very accurate map – [Rhett] Yeah it is, well – [Stevie] Guys, I gotta say Link is immediately disqualified for saying the phrase shocker for kids

And I think this one goes to Jack – Yeah! – Yes, you said therapy, and it was a therapeutic device – You could put it almost anywhere, except for the tip of your penis, apparently, I didn't see a dot there, but everywhere else is like, oh yes Put it on your lips, put it on the top – Nothing's off limits

– So Jack, you get to choose, which one do you want man? – Testicle adjacent shock, but don't go crazy, guys – Would you perhaps be interested in? – No, dude, I am going home with this baby right here I've got a lot of things I wanna shock – Thanks to Jack for being on the show once again Check him out in The House with a Clock in its Walls, in theaters today

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