Taco Bell Secret Menu Hacks

– Today we think outside the bun and the taco – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) Good mythical morning A while back we did an episode all about the secret menu items at different fast food places But you know what, sometimes all the secrets get exposed and you've gotta make your own secrets That's what we're gonna do today – It's time for Fast Food Secret Menu hacks

Taco Bell edition When the secret menu's lacking, it's time to get hacking So what we did is, we did a little shopping at the Taco Bell, ding dong – That should be their slogan – Ding dong

– Ding dong, I like that Taco Bell, ding dong – We ordered a bunch of stuff that you can just order off the regular menu and now we are gonna walk you through combining those things, and you can do this in the restaurant, to create new items that everyone around you will look at you like you crazy or really smart – Let's get started We're gonna be making a Mexicrunchwrap Pizza Supreme

You're gonna need to order two Crunchwrap Supremes and a Burrito Supreme Now what we're trying to create here is a better version of the Mexican Pizza So the Mexican Pizza is one my favorite items at Taco Bell, it doesn't get a lot of love and maybe it's just not supreme enough So what we're gonna do is take this for first Crunchrwap Supereme, you just set it down And then you just take a Burrito Supreme, I've always wanted to do this

You just gonna take it and work it like a tube of toothpaste It will open up, don't worry It will find a way out – So you're not opening this first? – No, you do not open that, you leave it intact just like that – [Link] Oh wow

– Wooh-ee Squeeze all the enjoyment out of this, that you want – Do you mind if I– – No, I can see you wanted to be involved, that's fine – Just couldn't resist – And you're just gonna squeeze that, until all the supremeness is out

Then you're just gonna take and kinda work that in, and around, so that you got full coverage Give me that next Crunchwrap Supreme and just place it right on top Get the corners lined up real nice – [Link] Oh yeah look at that – Now you're gonna take some of the nacho cheese and you're gonna just deal this out on there

– [Link] Ooh man – You got a spoon over there? You can kinda work that around? – Yeah I'll use a big spoon like you would on a pizza slice – Now this is what they call pizza sauce at Taco Bell, that they only put on the Mexican Pizza It's really just taco sauce and it's like our marinara I'll just work that in there nice, alright Neil get in there and do that

– I'll do McLaughlin – And then, I know you don't like diced tomatoes, but you can pick them off, I'm just doing this for the people We're gonna run that around Then you're gonna top all that off with some shredded cheese, ours has congealed a little bit, but that's okay It's gonna do the same thing in your stomach

– Right, I mean if it's going to look like it in your stomach, it might as well look like it now Think Taco Bell's been living by that mantra for years – Now, I hate to ruin such a beautiful thing, but I'm gonna right down the middle of this sucker – Oh muggings – You might need a bigger pizza cutter, ours in the same exact height as the whole– Do we have a bigger one of these? Or do we have a big knife? Okay, there we go

There's a big knife Gonna just– – Watch the finger Oh my goodness Oh Schmidt, it says Schmidt on the knife Oh you're breathing hard

I don't want my taco maker to be breathing that hard – Then I'm gonna and just– – [Link] He's struggling – [Rhett] Perfect – He's questioning whether– Oh my goodness – Take a corner and go town Link

– Go to taco town Wooh-ee Look at that children – That's a cross section, enjoy – What a flour tortilla

– And you're complaining about that? – It's fine – Now if you do this in the restaurant, I suggest just taking the items home and doing it first, 'cause you wanna get really good at it like I am, before you break this out inside the restaurant – This is good though I mean it has every ingredient, every item a Taco Bell has, so it's really not that much different (laughs) One of my favorite dishes are tamales, but interestingly enough Taco Bell does not serve tamales

– Yes, strange – But they do serve potatoes, which I have some here Our vision is to take these and use them to make into a tamale So we're gonna start with that – Which is little bit weird, because tamales aren't made from potatoes

– They're made from corn – But they have a lot of potatoes so why not It all makes sense in the Taco Bell logic universe – That is the answer What I'm gonna add to that is, I've got a Beefy Five Layer Burrito, because that's got potatoes and cheese as well as beef inside of it

– Binding agents if you will – Yeah And then I've also got a Bean Burrito, which will go inside of the tamale Now you can choose any Taco Bell burrito you want, the innards of this are gonna become the innards of the Pota-tamale – Oh nice

– So we're gonna come back to that – I love a good bean burrito Talk about a binding agent in your– – So this right here, we need to open this up, because everything that you see in here is gonna become the tamale outside The tamale itself I'm gonna add some more potatoes, 'cause it's gotta get real starchy

So I'm wearing gloves, so this is gonna be– – Me too – [Link] This is gonna be great I'm just gonna start mushing – You gotta break those potatoes down Now again if you do this inside the restaurant, you will be asked to leave, typically

– Or you'll be hired, who knows? – Now when you do this kind of thing, in my mind it's all about the look on your face If you can just look like "I know what I'm doing "I'm supposed to be here in this booth "doing this right now" Everything's gonna be okay – Now you really gotta pinch, every single potato

'Cause you've gotta get it down to a consistency that can become the outside of a tamale – You're saying the outside of a tamale, it's weird to me – Like become the tamale part of it – Okay – I mean the tamale has an inside and I'm not making that right now

– But most people think about the husk situation as the outside and then you, you know – This is gonna be the husk, so go ahead and smooth that out – Smooth it out – [Link] That's gonna be our husk Now this getting close to being tamale consistency

– I think you're done – I'm bringing all this to the middle – That looks like a masterpiece right there – Rhett, I want you to grab this– – Tortilla? – [Link] Tortilla and get rid of it – [Rhett] Get rid of the tortilla

– We do not need that And now let's lay down the husk – [Rhett] Don't worry – So, I've got a ball and I'm gonna split this in half, roughly – 'Cause you can make two of these if you want? – No, no, this is the top half of the tamale

– I should just shut up – I'm gonna put this here You open that, that's the inside of the tamale We want to get that into a ball And then get rid of that shell

What I'm doing over here is, I'm creating the bottom of the Pota-tamale (gloves squeak) Do you just have glove fart? – I don't know if that burrito, my hands or my butt – You always get glove fart – It was one of the three – When making Taco Bell

I'm making a nice little pocket and then you're gonna take those innards in the middle of this tamale Then I'm gonna take this and put this over the top So whenever you're ready Rhett – All this extra stuff is going to go to a big bowl in the refrigerator and the crew will eat it We have a lot of single guys here, trust me this stuff will get taken care of

– So get ahead and– – [Rhett] Just deposit it? – So you wanna center that and I'm making the lid – That's the inside of the tamale You're gonna wanna wear gloves for all of this – So as you can see, I've made the tamale lid and I'm gonna throw that over there – [Rhett] It smells so potatoey, I wish you could be here

– Now you roll What are you eating? – I've got a lot, I mean– – You're not supposed to be licking the gloves The point of the gloves is– – It's just me (laughs) – It's gonna be me too (laughs) – I didn't know what to do, there's just so much stuff there

– I'm taking this and I'm gonna totally tamaleise it, and then with any husk they always twist the ends So I'm gonna do that – Get it tight, get it real tight It's like a big old tootsie roll – Let me see you tootsie roll

Alright so here we go – At this point everyone in the restaurant has gathered around, everybody's like "What's gonna be go be inside this thing?" – [Link] Ready to be unraveled – Oh man I am so excited Look at that, it's a freaking tamale – Boom

– You gonna put stuff on top of it? It looks a little dry – I mean it's gonna look a little bit more like an enchilada at that point but– – There are no rules – This is some Taco Bell snot sauce – No rules, just right Isn't that Taco Bell's slogan? No that's the Outback, sorry

Ding dong is Taco Bell's, I keep forgetting that Welcome, ding dong – [Link] Ding dong time to eat – Open late, ding dong (laughs) – Alright, I'm gonna put a little cut right here – I'm gonna do a backwards cut

– Get yourself one, that's right This is Food Network type junk here Then we're gonna get a dink, two dinks to make up for the last one – Oh gosh, dropped it– – On your crotch – That's what I get dinking

That's what I get for dinking when it's ding dong time Wow – That is some good stuff – How did you make this taste better than anything at Taco Bell? – Added more potatoes – I mean, I'm about to eat it right off my crotch

– Okay Taco Bell already has the Double Decker Taco But we gonna take the Double Decker Taco to a whole new level, in fact six more levels to the Octo Taco So you're gonna get every taco that Taco Bell serves I'm gonna go through each one of these, but basically what we're gonna do is Link is going to be taking the ingredients out of all except the very last taco So we're starting with the Chalupa, you're gonna start with Chalupa because it has a bready bottom

We wanna use that bready bottom as the base for our taco So just scrape it right out there onto the plate – I don't wanna damage your shell here, 'cause that's very important There you go, bam – Okay starting with that bready bottom

Now we're moving onto the Gordita Between each layer, I'm going to take some nacho cheese, which is gonna be the binding agent here for these So I'm gonna take that, I'm gonna work it around and then Link you're gonna place that empty shell right on the next layer – Yes – So Gordita on top of Chalupa and we're moving right along to a soft taco, keep it soft on the bottom

And at this point if you've made the other two items, nobodies questioning anything If you haven't been arrested, you're still in the restaurant now everybody is just like "oh look at this magician at work" – And of course, it's worth noting that I am assembling all of these taco innards to be a dish in it's own right Pile-a Bell – That's right yeah

So now we're moving into the Dorito section This taco has seen better days – Oh my goodness – But we're gonna go with it, 'cause it still has a shell and I think if Link can hold it together it will be made up for with the cheese It's all gonna go into the Octo Decker, no one will notice

– You don't need all of this, these are toppings man We're not into that yet – Pull the toppings off and I'll gonna get that cheese right on top of that nacho cheese Dorito's Taco Now moving onto a fiery one – I've got a new technique to keep the soggy shells more intact

– See it's working Now if you just got these just from Taco Bell, they're gonna be kinda hard And all you're gonna wanna do is just the spine of the taco, it won't care 'cause we're gonna bring it back together here in a second So just gonna take that– It's just like a puzzle at this point – Yeah, it will crunchy, but ours got soggy

So what? – Use your imagination, gah Again cheese solves a world of hurt here – Here we go Oh I am sweating over here – This the Cool Ranch Taco, fling it in there and you can remove the meat there Link

You don't wanna over meat this thing You can't over cheese anything, but you don't wanna over meat it And now we are moving onto the Naked Chicken Taco, which was incidentally discontinued at our local Taco Bell But we got a couple in preparation for that Hopefully this thing is still good, but basically just a piece of chicken

– [Link] That is flat round, shell shaped nugget of chicken – So you would just leave the chicken out or replace it with whatever Taco Bell is about to put on the menu, the next taco Now, I'm just gonna put a little bit of cheese on the chicken You don't want this to fall apart – The chicken wants to stand up

– Now you're gonna take that taco, completely assemble like normal And you're gonna just place it right there in the top – [Link] Ooh this is the moment, right there – You're gonna crown that Octo Decker and then I'm gonna see if I can get my hands around this thing And there you have it, the Octo Decker

And of course the test of any great– Gosh look at the mound you've got over there You can enjoy the mound, I'm gonna enjoy the Octo Decker I'm gonna see if I can get my mouth on every layer – Good luck – You should be the one trying this, but I'm the one who really wants to

– I'll hit the other end of it Woah Rhett You could be an octo dad – I got every layer, I got every layer – Ooh, he got every layer! – [Rhett] Now it's rug dole

– How is it? – Find out – I'll give it a shot, feel like I've gotta– – Take your retainer out (laughs) – You gonna hold it for me? – You can do it, I believe in you Look at that mouth man (Link groans) Heard something pop, what the taco or your mouth

– It was my jaw – Oh gosh – That is a lot of shell – But it's good man We've created something special here, a special moment

– And if you eat the whole thing, you gonna create you something special later – Now here's the deal Taco Bell The representative who may or may not be watching What we're hoping is that you will consider at least one of our items– I mean look how beautiful that is And actually add it to your menu, your secret menu

I believe that the world will become a better place So if you want that to happen, hold my hand like and you'll listen If you want that to happen, you'll listen and comply Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

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