Sweet & Spicy Snacks Taste Test

(synthesizer sound effects music) – Welcome to let's talk about that, the show about the show, I'm Stevie and I'm most definitely not standing right behind you Don't turn around

There's nothing behind you Nothing to be afraid of Just keep looking at the screen Ignore that weird feeling and any noises you might hear Everything's fine

This week's guests pulled the there's two of us stacked on top of each other in this trench coat prank, without understanding the fundamental point of that prank, please welcome Rhett and Link (applause) – Shh, shut up! Shh, shh, they're gonna know you're here Just, we'll talk about it later – But we talked about this, you're, everything will come clear over time shh – But you're gonna blow out of your cover

I told you, you know what- – I will hit you, I will hit you! – Right, you wanna get him out of here – No, he can stay, you can stay – One last chance – Don't be an idiot – Hey Stevie! – [Stevie] Hey guys

– [Link] It's hot! – Let me tell you though, the whispering made it so no one could hear what you were talking about, so, nailed it – Oh good – [Stevie] Nailed it – [Rhett] Ha, ha, ha, great – Guys, what a great letat I have just like every Saturday when I say the same thing, we have, while the cameras were rolling moment

– They were rolling! – A wall of cameras – Yes, we have a chance to hang out with Rhett and Link and the mythical crew Also we have a brand new Twitter scenario and boy was it a big one But before all that, we get to eat – Yeah, I like eating

So, this week on the show we did sweet spicy snacks vs spicy sweet snacks – It's easy to get that mixed up, which makes it simpler – Well it turns out, which I already knew this, but I'm gonna say it turns out as a good segue, there are sweet spicy snacks on the market that are just sweet spicy snacks – Yeah it's kind of a thing already – [Stevie] Yeah

– You mean sweet and spicy – Yeah, so- – Not sweet or spicy then added to the other one so it's- – Well some are spicy sweet and some are sweet and spicy, but- – Well, how do you know the difference? – Cause it says it on the pack – Oh – So I have a bunch of snacks back here that we're gonna taste and rank casually – Okay

– All right, casual ranking? – Hit us with it casually – We have Doritos spicy sweet chili, have you had these before? – Oh yeah, the purple bag, I gravitate towards a purple bag – I don't think I've ever had these, no – You've never had these? This might be the best flavor of Doritos – Really? – I'll take a handful just so, now it's such a darker powder that it, I question whether there's anything there

(loud crunching) – Mmmmm – That's my favorite Doritos – That's sweet – I think it's now my favorite Doritos – And then spicy, so I think this should be sweet spicy chili, no, it's a sweet chili they make spicy but you experience the sweet first

– There's a hint of cleaner, but I like it anyway – Cleaner, yeah that's the part I like – You know, like all purpose cleaner that you put on the floor when you mop That's not what you put on the floor when you mop, you know what I'm saying – I can't imagine anything being better than this, like in life

– [Stevie] Okay, I remember this brand of chips because I think that you really liked one of their other flavors, sweet and spicy Hawaiian Chips – The Hawaiian chips that are juts the spicy ones, were the ones that really blew us away – Oh yeah, the Habanera ones? – [Link] Yeah So we know that they know how to do spicy But do they know how to temper it with the sweet? – [Rhett] Yes

– Kind of smells like dog food – Shake your hula skirt this way – It actually does – Let me take a sample – What is that, it tastes like a leather boot! – You know what it tastes like, when we do the episodes where we eat the stuff we buy off Ebay that's expired? – [Stevie] Really? – Old candy bars

– [Stevie] Is it expired? – Old everything – Is this expired? – [Rhett] No – Eww, it tastes like a fricking boot – It tastes like an Ebay auction – What happened? – Not good at all

– Sweet and spicy sunflower seeds, David Brand, this is arguably my favorite brand of sunflower seeds – You know about brands? – David, can you come in and give us a personal endorsement for David? – [Stevie] Into the mic – Right into camera – David Brand, it's a good brand – [Link] Why, give us more

– It's tasty and zesty to the touch on your tongue – Thank you – Ha ha ha, always end with a thumbs up and a smile – I'm a seeder, I seed quite frequently – I don't do the seed game

– Oh, I'm unable to open the bag so it doesn't seem like it – What do you do while you're seeding? – Watch TV or movie – [Link] Really? You sit on your couch- – [Stevie] I just have always done it – [Link] Like a baseball player with a cheek full of- – [Stevie] I have always done it, I have two cups, the seed cup and the spit cup No no, you can't get more than one seed in your mouth

– You're more redneck than I thought – [Stevie] Because I don't like it when they get soggy So I'll put it in my mouth, then I'll take it out and then get the colonel out cause I don't like finding the colonel in my mouth cause I feel like it doesn't taste as good – You're trying to whitewash a redneck – [Stevie] What? – Like you're trying to cut the mullet of a redneck, that's what you're trying to do

– Yeah, mullet free – Whitewash a pig, I got it wrong but I landed on it – Put lipstick on a pig – Put lipstick on a pig, you're trying to cut the mullet of a redneck, that's all I'm saying – I like that phrase, I like- – You gotta keep it in your mouth, you gotta

– [Stevie] I like the multi, you have to get through the shell to get to the part I like doing that, that's not bad, it's a hint of flavor though, it's not as overwhelming as the other two – [Link] Stevie, do you know why it's a hint of flavor? Cause you're eating it wrong – [Stevie] I know – [Link] If you don't leave the thing in, that's where the flavor is, it's on the shell

– Yeah I just like a hint of flavor with my sunflower seeds – You gotta go full redneck – [Stevie] I don't do flavored sunflower seeds usually, I don't like flavored sunflower seeds, I just do roasted and salted Wow I'm so interesting – But you gotta let them soak, and get soggy and then- – [Stevie] No

– Then the colonels come out easily – And then you spit them in the cup – Here's another rednecks snack, Beef jerky – By the way where am I gonna go, here we go – Sweet and hot, technically not sweet and spicy but same thing

– Close enough – Whoa, boy you can smell that right away, right away! – [Rhett] What's happening over there? – She's choking man, don't worry – This is your other collaboration process A project with Jack – Jack Link's, they're, what did you say David? – [David] Zesty to the taste

– Zesty to the taste and especially when you touch it to your tongue – [Rhett] Thumbs up, yeah ha ha ha, yeah – [Stevie] Now, this just tastes like beef jerky to me – Just regular old beef jerky – [Stevie] Yeah

– It's good beef jerky – [Stevie] It's fine – I mean, I'm going back – I wouldn't say it's hot – It's not hot and it's not sweet

I just don't- – [Link] It is sweet – Yeah but, as sweet as beef jerky is – How is Jack? – Fine – Does he give you 50 percent? – We're not on speaking terms – Look at these babies

– [Rhett and Link] What? – Ha ha, yeah, sweet and fiery, which is what I call the Cheetos, the spicy Cheetos I can never think of the name and I always call them fiery Cheetos, Gushers – Every time we talk about Gushers I say they don't exist any more, and I don't know why I think that Because they do exist, but what I didn't know existed was, did Zach make this packaging? – [Stevie] No – Did we construct these, this is real? – Listen, we don't have that budget for the show

– You're not a child, just because you stop doing something doesn't mean it goes away – What do you mean? – I'm saying you stopped eating Gushers and so then you assume they didn't exist, but they still continue to exist – I know, I admit I was wrong about that but what I'm now asking about is, is the sweet and fiery flavor fake? – No no, it's not fake, what? – [Rhett] No, taste it! – Cause this seems super odd to me – No, everybody's spicing things up man – It kind of tastes odd

– I mean this is like a Mexican candy, more of a thing – It's very good – It almost has like a guava type of ping to it which I'm not crazy about But I do like it – [Rhett] Man look at that Gusher

– I don't remember the last time I had Gushers – I miss Gushers – Bringing back so many memories – The actually skin of the Gusher is just perfect The taste of it

– [Stevie] Yeah – It's a little sticky, not better than Doritos though – Not better than Doritos I feel like Doritos takes this, I would give Gushers a second place – [Link] I would too, I'm surprised but I would

– [Stevie] And I would give Hawaiian chips a zero out of zero even though that's not how our ranking is – You that's clear – [Stevie] Okay, great we did that then Speaking of flavors of things – [Rhett] We did that then

– This week we announced out Bleak Creek BBQ Bonanza giveaway where two people and a guest each will be chosen at random and fly out to LA and join you guys and the mythical crew for our very own pig picking inspired by the lost causes of Bleak Creek – I call Bleak Freaks, when they enter their proof of purchase, you must be a Bleak Freak! Up in this peace! – [Rhett] Now, you'll see that a pig picking plays a very pivotal role in the book The lost causes of Bleak Creek, and pig pickings which is what it sounds like, is when there's a giant pig and everybody's picking the meat off of it – I'm so proud of you right now – And here's the thing, we do it Link had one for his engagement party

– I did – I had one for my engagement party – He did – And anytime you'd do anything significant in North Carolina at least back in the 80s and 90s you had a pig picking – When I was 16, pig packing, pig picking

– Really? – [Rhett] Pig packing ha – [Link] Pack up the pig then you pick the pig – So we're gonna have one of those in Los Angeles – If somebody dies, pig picking – I don't even know how we're gonna do it

I don't even think you can get a whole hog anymore – Yes you can, and we are going to yes, we're gonna do the whole thing – If you're having a baby, Stevie – What? – Then you get a pig picking – Okay

– When you have your baby we'll do a pig picking for you – Thank you so much, also recently learned about how many people were at your wedding Link, which I think is a staggering amount of people – Ha, yeah you're talking to Christie, I think she said offhand, I don't even remember it was it 600 people? – [Stevie] It was, yeah – Everybody – Yeah, I get numbers wrong so I didn't know if it was 800, my wedding you were there, remember, when I got married

– That is a lot of people – And Christie just threw it out casually, yeah we had 600 people at our wedding – Yeah, that's like more pigs than one pig – Oh yeah – [Stevie] Ha ha ha

– That's a parade of pigs for picking – And not to get competitive here, but I think I had more people at my wedding – What? – Then don't get competitive – We had 750 at my wedding – Oh we had 601 at my wedding

Fine I had 751 at my wedding – This is insane, I mean in the scheme of things no one's excited about wedding numbers, except for me I guess – [Link] We were popular – And people here yes, Casey agrees it's insane – [Link] Our families were popular before we because in internet famous

– I didn't know most of them but I had 750 people at my wedding – Um okay, well I didn't even get to the part where I tell people how to enter the giveaway but- – You mean if you want to be a Bleak Freak? – If you wanna be a Bleak Freak all you have to do to enter is pre-order the lost causes of bleak creek or an ebook copy of the lost causes of bleak creek or buy a ticket to the bleak creek conversations tour and then you go to bleakcreekcom enter your proof of purchase info and bam, you're entered, and the thing is, you can enter as many times as you want, with as many you have to purchase and then each purchase you can have an entry, that's mind blowing – Every copy of the book, is an entry – Exactly, fraud wear prohibited no purchase necessary to enter, full rules are on the website

That's just a natural thing that I had to ask Ask, add – Stevie I'm sorry, I just got a response from Christie that I asked her a question while you were talking – Oh thank you – I'm sorry, but she actually said that at our wedding we had 751 people

– Ha ha ha – Interestingly I'm getting a text from my wife – How did you, your phone is still in your pocket you got a special vibrate for your wife? – Yeah yeah yeah, I call it the Jessie vibrate And she just said actually 752 was a total head count, when you count me and her, there was 752 – Okay, I got to see if Christie counted us

Oh actually, not only were we not counted she took away two more because she thought that I counted us when I gave her my half of the list So we're actually at 755 – 755, 55 is the number I think you're going for – 55? – Yeah – Is that how the show works

– 755, cause that would be if I added us back – Oh hold on Jessie vibrate, uh, actually she said we didn't count the band, and the band if you remember Liquid Pleasure, had approximately 87 members – Right, so now you're up to- – I think I'm actually, I don't even know what the previous number I said was – 754 plus 87 – I think I said 752 plus 87, so that would be 839

– 839 – So there were 839 people at my wedding – Well you know what I'm just now remembering and confirming with Christie that liquid pleasure, I'm related to a guy from liquid pleasure, like that was my uncle, the lead singer for liquid pleasure is my uncle – But I still had more people at my wedding – Ha ha ha ha! Who wins? – That's right, you decide

– Also, unrelated if you're in LA on Sunday November 3rd and you grab a ticket to the LA bleak creek conversations tour you can meet some of your favorite mythical crew including mythical chef Josh, cotton candy Randy, and yours truly, bleakcreekcom if you want tickets Also New York, October 29th there might be some surprises there, so get them tickets – Yeah – And listen I- – Who's your favorite crew member? – Ha ha

– [Link] That you would want to meet? – I met them all – David Hill is pointing, David Hill will be there, he's pointing at himself He'll be at the LA show, listen, I am excited about these bleak creek conversations But I do think that LA night is gonna be extra special because we're like hey we're gonna invite everybody out but then like oh but like many of you would want to actually get a chance to see, grab a pig, with a mythical crew member so that is exactly what's happening so come out and meet the mythical family – Yeah, you can road trip from adjacent states

– Yeah well I mean, I want to talk about it because we don't, you know, it would be awesome to be able to take everybody on the road and have everybody be able to meet the mythical crew but we're just not in a position to do that so , really the only place that this can happen is when we're at home in Los Angeles which is everybody else's home so – Are you saying you are going to pay to transport us from Burbank to LA? – I didn't say that – [Stevie] Oh, okay – Uh, yeah yeah yeah, pay you're own gas but uh – I tweeted out a Twitter scenario a few weeks ago that somehow got us in the number 2 tending spot in the US on Twitter VMI Twitter scenario

– [Rhett] Thanks for that – Then somehow, 15 minutes later it just changed from Rhett and Link trending to just Rhett trending And then it remained that way until it died – Right – And I accidentally helped, by tweeting about it, to Rhett

– Yes, accidentally, yeah yeah yeah – Accidentally of course – There's so many, there's thousand of responses and you would think that this would be the best Twitter scenario of all time which I mean, it's not a bad Twitter scenario but why- – Yeah, what do we get for cashing in on our Twitter clout? – Oh, what? Nothing, ha ha – We got responses – Okay, but the scenario was, use your phones predictive text to finish this sentence Rhett and Link are

– [Rhett] Yeah okay – [Stevie] And I didn't know if this would work so I had slacked it out to just the mythical crew and you guys can't see – [Link] Okay

And I had asked them to do it, to see if it would work if I sent it wide So predictive text learns from what you usually text, so it is personalized to your phone and experience – So here at work I would expect that the Rhett and Link auto complete would be different than amongst fans – [Stevie] Sure, yeah, for instance Chase you all know him, he's a producer, Rhett and Link are- – You know what he'll be at the bleak creek conversations in Los Angeles, right? – Yeah yes – Chase will be there

– I see I see – Rhett and Link are going well with the family for a drink or two and then load up the GFX docks and send me a link to the diet plan – Ha ha ha, what? – So you got a little producer in there, you got a little whatever he's doing tonight – He knows about our personal lives like what we're doing tonight? – I guess so – And what are we doing? – We're going to the diet plan

– You're gonna load up, yeah you're gonna load up the GFX docks – Okay, load them up – This one I also liked, so this is from Jake our line producer who is frequently worried about everything that we do – Ha ha ha ha, yes he is – Rhett and Link are not wearing their bike helmets

– Ha ha ha! – Wow! That's good – Thank you Jake – My favorite one came from Tim our IT guy it says Rhett and Link are the same as his computer pin I can grab the HDMI to BNC convertors – What! – It's amazing how personalized it is – I don't even know what that is

– It's IT language – [Stevie] Yeah, so I got so many responses, I'm gonna read some of them and we'll put their screen name up on the screen This one says Rhett and Link are here for just one kiss And I feel like these say I want to analyze like what this says about the person – I'm here for just one kiss

– [Stevie] Here for just one kiss – How many responses did you get for this? – Thousands – [Link] Thousands – [Stevie] Thousands – All right, buckle up

– Rhett and Link are the same as a whole girl in a relationship with me – The same as a whole girl in a relationship with me Like you put the two of them together and it's like my girlfriend – I think that person is basically saying that we are basically a substitute for a relationship – Oh

– I'll take it – Sure, or I mean, what you could infer is that perhaps they're going through something in their relationship and that is why those words are there – With a whole girl – Yeah, with a whole girl This is also girl related, Rhett and Link are the same thing as a little girl

– Yeah, put us together it's a little girl – What is happening right now? – I don't know, and I will say that I did mine and every time that, cause you know that it pops up with three different suggestions you can pick? – [Link] Yeah – Mine are just super boring, like there's nothing funny or exciting about my words So that's why I'm not sharing it Oh wow, now I feel like you've got to share it

– Rhett and Link are the best way to get your hair back – Okay, yeah yeah, grow back, this is not a sponsor but we basically do exactly the same thing – Right, just by watching us? – Yeah – Just by watching us – Watching GMM on a daily basis is- – It'll grow hair on your back

– Been shown in small clinical trials to cause the regrowth of hair – Mm hmm – Wherever you want it by the way Anywhere you want hair – It's probably illegal to make a claim like that so, that was a joke

– You take our energy and then you funnel it to wherever you want to grow hair on your body – Here's what I'll say, I guarantee you, you can't prove that watching GMM doesn't cause your hair to grow – Grow hair on your tongue – Rhett and Link are doing a great job at making sure I cry every time I see you – Uh, that person is dealing with something

– [Stevie] Yeah – Dealing with something on their own – Rhett and Link are the best way to get your kids to sleep Kind of an insult, honestly – Hey, we still get the ad revenue

– [Stevie] Yeah, ha ha – I don't care if you're sleeping or not – [Stevie] Ha ha ha ha – At this point in 2019 the computer does not yet know if you're asleep or awake – Oh

– You know? – Rhett and Link are coming together in holy matrix and then I'm going to be in a different kind of pickle – That person's been watching some interesting content – Rhett and Link are great friends with that juicy and sweet little bit of love – Ha ha ha, yeah that is how we are friends With that juicy and sweet little bit of love

– This I didn't know about you, Rhett and Link are the same as Monday's with just a couple of days – Same as Mondays with just a couple of days – [Stevie] Wednesday? – If there were just a couple of days in the week Mondays would come around a whole lot quicker Every third day in fact So it would be pretty disappointing to be slapped with Monday every three days

This is an insult – Well, they're just a couple of days And you're the Monday, that means there's only two days so you're half the days – That's even worse – Okay, Rhett and Link are the same for me as a lover for the first time

Which is probably not that great – Wow, yeah – We are the embodiment of virginity – It sounds like we're the embodiment of the loss of virginity, if you take it literally – This is, this one

– Stop looking – This one's crazy, Rhett and Link are the way we get our water and sun – Oh wow, is this coming from a plant? – [Stevie] That tweeted it? – Yeah, because that would be like we are, we are the source of life – And this one I did already know Rhett and Link are just pretty as a kid with a collapsed lung – You can be cute but still have a lot of breathing trouble

– Yeah, you can't look at someone and know their lung is collapsed – Well you can – They can still be cute – I wonder what their face does look like when their lung is collapsed – Uh, no

– I think a lot of times you don't even know until you go to the hospital – Cute might inflate later kind of a thing Felt cute – Oh my god, ha ha, oh my god – Felt cute, might inflate it later

The lung – Okay, we had Abbi Jacobson on the show this week – [Rhett] Yes we did – Played a little game of one star five star bed bath and beyond, and we had a little teaser in there, an extra round that you may have seen some toilet seat action at the end well just you wait cause we got all that toilet seat action from that extra round for you to watch right now Okay you're looking at an LED Kohler pure fresh elongated toilet seat for 89

99 – Elongated? – [Stevie] Versus- – It is longer – [Stevie] Pregnancy tummy tatts by proud body pregnancy art, for 499 – Yeah

– [Stevie] Which is the one star? – Now these are temporary tattoos because if you're like full with child you don't want to be pocking needles You want to go with the sticker version – You want a sticker version I am a bit like, why, like a temporary tattoo can go anywhere, why are these specifically tummy tatts, and are they pregnancy, like what the- – [Link] One hot mamma – [Abbi] Okay

– [Link] This belly rocks – Oh I see, I see there's a copyright mark there – Oh this is a fragrance thing, so you got the fragrances that go into this thing – You charge – What flavor? – [Link] You super charge the toilet seat? Flavor's maybe not the right word

– Uh yeah, what scent? – You see it goes in there, I mean I don't want to open up one of these – I don't think, this is loose, loose liquid – You know how to put on a tattoo? – Yeah – Yeah – All right

– Well I am just meeting you, right now, and I'm gonna put on a tummy tattoo – Yeah why not? – Do I know how to do this? – This is elongated – I have not done this since I was a child Does it go, it goes this way I'm gonna have you hold it

– I prefer an elongated toilet because of the shape of my face – Do I just- – Hold it that way – This way? – Yeah And then hold that on there – Oh gosh

– I just, I don't know what – We didn't take the paper off – I think you take- – [Link] How do you do this? – [Abbi] The paper off after Yeah you do what we were doing – But this is a big plastic sheet, that should come off

– [Abbi] It should? Can you tell I don't have kids? – I don't know how to make this work – I see I see, here we go, here we go That goes on – [Rhett] That goes on you – [Abi] Right? – [Rhett] Yep yep

– [Abi] No – Yeah yeah, that goes on you and then – No, I think it's this thing that (swear word bleep) We did it wrong, we did it wrong I think the paper is part of it

– It's not us it's the product, one star – We didn't read any directions – I can imagine how good it would look on you though if we did it right – Truly how, three adults don't know how to do this There aren't any directions

– [Rhett] I think you're pressing too hard Ha ha ha – All right I know what I'm voting for – I don't think it smells good – I had the box here the whole time

– Or a fricking tummy tattoo that you have to read instructions to use – Night light, simple operation – [Stevie] Are you guys ready to vote? – Yeah – [Stevie] Here we go, one two three – I think it's the toilet guys, there's something wrong with the toilet

– [Stevie] The one star product is the pregnancy tummy tatts – Nah – Yes, see it was a user error We do know how to do this probably – I thought they were just regular temporary tattoos that you put on your pregnant belly

– [Stevie] Yeah, normal people do know how to do that, the bad review is because they're just not big enough – They need to be big, they need to be bolder – Yeah cause your belly's gotten big and you really want to make a statement with it – If you're gonna put a tatt on your pregnant belly, it's got to be like- – Full thug life – It truly has to be like a joke like that

– Right it's gotta be- – Be like the Mom – Mom? Like truly it should be like the old school mom thing – Yeah – Right, or thug life – Guys, temporary tattoos

– Hard to do – Yeah, I prefer the real thing, you know – There's layers to it and you have to – The reason I like a real tattoos vs temporary tattoos is that someone else does them – Mm hmm, that is a good reason

– [Rhett] All you have to do is just sit there and take it – They're basically the same thing – Yeah – I was thinking about like, and I pitched this to my kids, I was like kids I think I'm gonna – You pitch things to your kids? – Yeah I see what they think because they have wisdom that I lack

– I'm like kids, Dad's thinking about getting his hand tattooed – Like henna? – No, like a tattoo, like a lot of people get full sleeves and I'm like what if I just got a glove – Ha ha ha – And Lilly was like, Dad it would be extremely painful, to get a hand tattoo – [Stevie] Yeah – Not only that but there's a reason people do the sleeve and not the hand

– Well I don't need any body to hire me I've given up on that – No it's not about getting hired necessarily – [Stevie] Hmm – I would hire anyone with hand tattoos

– If this is something that you would like to try temporarily I will make that happen for you and then we can judge based on how it looks with temp tattoos if we want to go the whole way – We can do a sharpie thing – [Stevie] I promise you – I can do a sharpie thing on there and then if you want to get a tattoo we can go right over the sharpie – I don't want you to design it

I just have so much hair everywhere else Everywhere else – Okay, now it's time for our final line – [All] Until next LTAT keep on BYMB (synthesizer sound effect music)

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