Sweet Spicy Food Vs. Spicy Sweet Food Taste Test

– Is sweet food spicy better than spicy food sweet? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning

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All right today's episode is all about tongues but before we get to that, let's take a moment to acknowledge Rhett's beard I acknowledge your beard – Thank you – All right now back to tongues Your body's natural flavor flicker, telling your brain what's right and wrong in this crazy mixed up taste-filled world

It's how you come to think of candy as sweet, habaneros as spicy and pig anus as a little salty – But what if we took some well-known foods and swapped the sweet with spicy and verse vicey? Will our fleshy food figure out or flip out or will we bring a brand new culinary delight into this world? It's time for Sweet Foods Spicy Versus Spicy Foods Sweet Which Is Better? Won't Know 'Til We Eat – A few weeks ago we posted a series of sweet spicy food versus spicy sweet food match-ups and you voted on which you thought we would like better and now we're gonna find out if you were right and the prize or punishment at stake is for you – You're gonna get a point for each round the majority of you guessed correctly and if you get three or more points, we'll give you personal shout-outs to as many of you as possible in Good Mythical More

But if you don't get three right, we're going to post a photo of us holding a loser potato to our Instagram and every one of you must post a sad face emoji on that potato because you need to be identified as the loser potato that you are! (rhythmic music) College is a time of cheap eats, wild, unabashed experimentation, oh and education So in the name of learning let's mix up the iconic college food spicy ramen with Link's favorite cereal, Frosted Mini Wheats – Yeah and are we gonna come out on the other side of this, me not liking ramen or Frosted Mini Wheats? – Ah, well no, you just might not like sweet ones and spicy ones Okay so Josh, how did you make this sweet ramen sweet? – [Josh] So the sweet ramen is simply boiled in Swiss Miss hot cocoa (Link chuckles) – Okay

What's step two? – Made right in your dorm microwave – Some things don't have to be over complicated – Step two, enjoy! – [Rhett] I don't wanna get too much of the– – [Link] That's a nice reminder – [Rhett] I want it to be kinda dripping right when it goes in my mouth – Now when you eat the ramen, don't you use a spoon, brother? – No, I use a bowl

(slurping ramen) That's not pleasant – Yeah it is There's chocolate with noodles in it – Yeah you eating it's not pleasant – [Link] Oh

(chuckles) – But that's nothing new – I'll tell you (crew laughing) It's, and as it gets colder, I mean the seasons As it gets into winter, remember this – It's amazing how– – Whoa

– There's nothing about the noodles that takes away from the chocolate goodness – Nothing – You know what I'm saying? – It adds more – Noodles are a canvas – And life is the paint, man

– Well in this case, the chocolate's the paint, but all right, let's have some– – This is not gonna be good – Spicy mini wheats – That is correct – How'd you make 'em spicy? – [Josh] Just a simple firey cayenne glaze so pretty similar to how they do it just with a little extra – Well I'm just gonna pour in this one 'cause we might need to use this for the thumbnail

All right so pour this – [Rhett] That's some thick milk Is that yogurt? (both chuckling) – Just thick milk – Did you shake it? Where's your spoon? Oh this is your spoon – Yeah, now you gotta– – I gotta– – The spoon was never intended for this

Have you watched people eat ramen before? – Yeah they use a spoon – No I think that's when you're like in an Italian restaurant with the pasta – Yeah that's where I eat my ramen – Okay I think you just prove yourself wrong – That is some thick milk, homey

– All right I'm gonna get two of these – [Link] Yeah I usually eat two and what I'll do is– – [Rhett] This is kefir, right? – There'll be– – This is not – I don't know – Dink it – Now you're gonna eat it the Link way

Ah ah ah ah! – I'm gonna eat it– – Ah! Hey, hey! – I'm gonna eat it the right way – No, eat it the Link way! You put the sugar up and then you turn it over in your mouth onto your tongue – Which does absolutely nothing to change the taste that's in your mouth – It's happening Frosted Mini Wheats is being ruined for me

– I wouldn't say that this is bad and I really like spicy things but– – Well hold on – I don't know if I needed that level of spice added to that type of experience – Hold on though – I held on for awhile – Yeah

There's no chance – It needs– – Sucks – It needs something sweet – Now we gotta see what the fans thought So we are saying that the sweet ramen was amazing

– Definitely better – But did you agree? Did you predict? – [Stevie] Well turns out that 62% of the Mythical Beasts thought you would like the sweet ramen better – Wow, you know us so well – Actually 62 seems low for this choice I'm very surprised that– – Well they know I like the spicy stuff

I mean it's like, I think, you know, you never know You don't know until you try That's why we're trying – I'm not disappointed (rhythmic music) All right let's scramble up 7-Eleven 'cause we're flippin' spicy pepper jack cheese and sweet sweet Slurpees

– Okay so– – Somehow – On this side we've got the cheese that is no longer pepper jack cheese, what kind of cheese is it? – [Josh] Well I'd call it jelly bean jack It's sweet jack cheese Instead of red and green jalapenos, we get red and green jelly beans – This is a stretch

– This looks Christmas cheese That's the music video we'll come out with this year – Christmas cheese, does it Christmas please? Christmas cheese, it does Christmas please (Link groans) I don't like it I don't know why you're, you love cheese so much that it's dumbing you down in this moment

It's rounding off all the edges Where's the old Rhett? – What about this face is saying that I'm enjoying this? What about this picture here? – That's right, that's your at-rest face, man It's resting Rhett face – To me it's not so much that it's sweet that's the problem It's the jelly bean-ness

'Cause I think you can put sweet things in cheese, like you can get like a cranberry– – Black cherry – Cheese, yeah Yeah, you can put blueberries in cheese – No, but you can put a craisin – Yeah that's not crazy

– And that's the struggle – I'm not that impressed – Craisin's not crazy – I'm not that impressed So this is gonna be tough because I can't imagine that a spicy Slurpee's gonna be good either

(chuckles) – (chuckles) No this ain't gonna be good Dink it Drink it It tastes horrible, even before the spice hits you – It took a long time to hit you, it hit me immediately

Is that habanero? – It's hit me in the goozle, man – Yeah (Link hiccups) There is (Link chuckles sadly, pounds fist) – Yeah, it's very distinctly habanero (Link groans) What is it, just purified habanero put into some ice? – [Josh] Oh maybe you should be doing the cooking around here

(Rhett laughs) – Stop smi– (Link hiccups) Stop smilin' man, because I didn't think we were doing this (hiccups) on this show anymore – I'd prefer undoubtedly the Slurpee Because it's like, what do you call it when you just– (Link hiccups) Instead of taking something orally, you inject it (chuckles) (crew laughs) What is that called? – Intraven– – Vein lining – Intra (hiccups) venous

– This is like mainlining spiciness Now you shouldn't inject it into your arm But like– (Link hiccups) – When you bite a pepper, it's kinda like hmm, hmm, but when you just take this, the whole thing just immediately– – What are you voting for? – How is this not clear? The Slurpee, clearly – Okay it's clear All right so did you predict this? I bet you didn't

– Hold on, you also agree with it? – You gave a whole speech I'm not gonna cross you on it – Okay, all right – [Stevie] Okay so this one was even closer because 52% of the MBs thought that you would like the spicy Slurpee better – Ah

– You did it! – Yes – You did it! – You're so smart (rhythmic music) And now the raw round We like our spicy tuna raw and our cookie dough even rawer but will we still like 'em when we swap that spicy and sweet? So we got sweet sushi How's it sweet? – [Josh] Well instead of mixing the tuna with sriracha, we mixed it with cream cheese frosting

– [Rhett] Oh gosh – [Josh] Then all the accoutrements are also sweet Sweet soy, sweet sabi and sweet ginger – [Rhett] Okay so we gotta go all the way – Now what about the black ring? – [Josh] Oh that's just seaweed

– Now in order– – Oh man, the wasabi has hardened – In order to give this a fighting chance, I can't eat the seaweed That's the thing about sushi that I don't like – [Josh] Just tongue it out from the middle – Just tongue it out from the middle, he says

– [Josh] Mm-hmm – I'll let the ginger be the after burner here Get some of the sweet, get some of the wasabi as well, sweet wasabi and sweet soy – Is that a piece of chewed gum? – (chuckles) You gotta use the chopsticks to get it 'cause it's very hard It's congealed a little bit, whatever you did to it to make it sweet also made it a little congealed

– Okay I'm gonna tongue this out – I'm gonna go halvesies – I mean some sushi has sweet junk all over it Ponzu whatnot

(crew laughs) – Yeah but not this much It's way too much for me – I need the sweetness to overcome the fact that I'm eating sushi – It's unsettling for me and I think anyone who likes sushi for sushi reasons is not gonna be into that – I like it but it does taste like a dessert

– [Josh] You say that like it's a bad thing – Yeah I didn't approach it as a dessert sushi but if you do, I think you'll like it – Spicy cookie dough – [Josh] Yeah so it's chocolate chipless cookie dough– – No! – Which Link loves and then ghost pepper which Link also loves – Ghost pepper

– I– – [Josh] Just a scosche – Crap – Get a big bite, man Get a big bite – I love the consistency

– Oh this one sneaks up on ya Ooh – It's not even spicy – No it sneaks up on you It's not nearly as spicy as the Slurpee

I really like this – Oh oh oh Whoa, you're right I'm frickin'– – You're like seven seconds behind – I got scared because you said ghost pepper

It wasn't nearly as hot as the previous round – This one's easy – It's palatable I mean I could fight for that but I'm not going to Were you guys correct? – I thought this was awful

I thought this was great – [Stevie] 60% of the MBs thought you would like spicy cookie dough better – Yeah – You did it again – I recommend this

– You guys are gonna get some shout-outs in More (Rhett grunts) (rhythmic music) Nashville hot chicken, Nashville hot Everybody's Nashville hot chickening stuff, even Panda freaking Express So we're gonna do it too but we're gonna flip it with a McFlurry because that's a good chaser for some hot chicken – [Rhett] Okay so we got sweet chicken

What's on the bottom? – [Josh] It's a angel food cake instead of white bread – It looks like bad chicken, like something's turnt on it Like you know– – [Rhett] There's still pickles though, nice touch – Yeah, sweet pickles – Sweet pickles

– Are you sure this is not an episode of Leaving Things In? – [Josh] I'm not sure of anything anymore – [Link] 'Cause it looks like this has been left in something wrong – It smells like a donut and I will say, I mean you enjoy putting chicken and waffles and syrup and hot sauce together So this is– – True – Seems like a shortcut

– It actually is covered in donut glaze and then cinnamon sugar so you're right – Good gosh – I'm gonna go just straight chicken first Man, that's good – What the freakin' crap

The things that happen on this show, I just feel like it's a privilege to be here Like, we come in, we sit down in this chair We're like, oh yeah, that sounds like a crazy idea, do it And then we come, we sit down in this frickin' this chair and we get served a new thing that should have been around forever – I think this has been around but it hasn't been done like this

People have gotten to this combination of tastes in indirect ways by putting like chicken on a donut – It's been dangling in front of our faces the entire time – But just to go straight sweet on the chicken itself– – Donut glazed fried chicken – Now I will tell you, you know what would make it perfect? Hot sauce on top of it – Yeah

– But this isn't about sweet and spicy, this is sweet or spicy – This can't beat it – Well I don't know It's a McFlurry – I mean we just had, we've had coldness

– All right so what makes this spicy? – [Josh] Well so it's jalapenos blended directly into the McFlurry and then there's Hot Cheetos and Takis on top – [Link] Okay a little window dressing – Hot Cheetos and Takis – And hotness That is odd

That is not bad – You know what, it's not bad but this was life changing so– – Hold on, I don't wanna sell this short because this is actually frickin' amazing Yes this is mind blowing – This is like a spicy ice cream which– – The Slurpee was horrible, this– – My favorite spicy sweet was the cookie dough though I think this is not as good as the cookie dough

Something about the jalapenos don't work as well as the ghost pepper – Josh I'm not trying to kiss your butt, man, but you did a good job on this – Okay let's– – Did you guys– – Let's see who agrees – Did you guys predict this? – [Stevie] 70% of the MBs thought you would like Nashville sweet chicken better – Four for four

You know us so well – Mm-hmm, all right, thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Yo, I'm Alex – And I'm Zack

– And we just did a spicy Korean noodle challenge – Hell yeah – And it's time to– (Zack laughs) It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality (Link laughs) – What? Having fun in the kitchen – I love it! – Click the top link to watch us play Candy Crush in real life in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Look, feel and smell your Mythical best with our Mythical grooming collection available at Mythicalcom

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