Swallowing Whole Hot Dogs

(chokes) (laughs) – This week on GMM the guys are ranking different grocery store hotdog brands, to find out which hotdog brand is the best And that inspired Mike and Alex to come up with an idea of their own

– Hotdog eating contest – Yes – You'd like that? – Yes, I saw a bear eat hotdogs once Remember that, in the cage match? – What do you mean? – Against that one eater guy, he goes against a bear Spoiler, he loses

(laughs) You can't eat more than a bear – I think in order to defeat you, maybe I look at how these animals do this – It says this dog just eats it whole – Oh my gosh – It's just gone, he doesn't care at all

– This girl just eats one whole – She's gonna try What? Look how surprised she is – I get scared about choking on stuff People always say, "you're not chewing your food

" – You do choke, yeah You're a choker – So what if I just skip that altogether? – Just swallow it whole? – Yeah – If you eat them whole, do you poop them whole? – Well, science says no, but my mind says maybe – What kind of science have you researched that says no? – Well I mean you eat peanuts that come out as peanuts

You eat peanuts does it ever come out whole? – Well I've never eaten one whole Let's try it – You know how sometimes if people eat a lot of asparagus it makes their pee smell? We have decided to play an entire disgusting game on GMM this week, based around that single concept So different mythical crew members are going to be eating single items, that are supposed to make your pee smell a certain way, for an entire day, then they're going to pee into cups, then Rhett and Link are going to smell those pee cups on GMM – This is the one everyone knows about, it's asparagus

So I get to eat a bunch of it, and it's going to make my pee smell like asparagus Ooh I'll eat that too, I don't care Mmm, it's so good – I'm drinking coffee, and normally I drink coffee with a ton of milk and sugar, because I'm a child, but the effect is stronger with straight espresso

So that's what I'm doing now It's gonna be strong That's way more than I thought it was gonna be It's like a whole cup of coffee But worse

Down the hatch Oh it's very hot, it's way too hot – Guess what I have to eat? I think this is gonna be really quick Because this kinda already smells like pee But it is good

– So my ingredient was garlic, so I made a super garlic heavy breakfast I made a hash with potatoes and four cloves of garlic I made egg with, I just put raw garlic on top of the eggs There is some black garlic aioli here, which I haven't tried yet, but it sounds really good Then these are olives stuffed with Garlic, so all told I've got like probably eight cloves of garlic on this dish

Eggs with raw garlic, pretty good Woah, oh my god, this is like by far the most garlicy thing (coughs) Oh my god That is just raw garlic inside there – I am worried that this is a very elaborate prank

I'm new here, and they're like "yeah, we're all drinking and eating weird stuff so that our pee smells weird and we're gonna have our bosses smell it" It's probably a trick Oh boy (soft electric guitar) – This is my last will and testament Just imagine like I'm already dead, okay? – Okay

– Okay so I died during a hotdog eating contest Pretty embarrassing for me Mike gets my car – [Mike] Nice Any insurance money or whatever goes to my mom and dad

I'd like everyone to dress as shrimp at my funeral – (Laughs) okay – This is in caps and underlined, this is not a joke – Oh I know it's not a joke – I'd also like to be cremated

Signed Alex Punch, and dated – I'm not trying to die today, which is why I– – (Exclaims) – Small guys to practice with – Much better, yes – Put the whole thing in your mouth You didn't even just pound that? (laughs) Oh no

You got like a spit up bucket or something? – Yeah I got this big ol' troth – That's excessive bot okay – I can't do it – It's too big – You try, you try

– I can't even take two ibuprofen at once (laughs) I can't Dude, it's so big There's no way, I feel like my body won't allow it – I'm gonna try and do it in just one fluid motion

(chokes) – (Laughs) oh no Dude, it's so big – We are losers if we can't do just one of these – Are you okay? – So close – Ah, dude I thought you did it

– It doesn't work (chokes) (laughs) – It went down, dude I swallowed – I got so scared – It shot out of there like a rocket – I've never seen anything like that

No way Well, now that you conquered that hurdle, I think we move on to the real thing – Yep – You don't seem excited? – Yeah, no, it's a good idea – This is a medical grade specimen container

Nature's calling, and I'm gonna fulfill my duty As an excellent employee, this is fine Gross – So, I just go in and I come out with it – Can I go pee now? I have to go pee

It definitely smells like asparagus – Thing is, clear This is not weird at all No – (Laughs) Oh mike, come on

It's a real deal These are quarter pound beef franks, Mike Are you out of your mind? Look at what I just struggled to get down compared to this One, two, three, four dude – [Mike] Okay

– [Alex] You're nuts This is not much better – It's so big dude Where does it go? (gags) Did you see the panic in my eyes? – Push, push it – Dude it won't go in further than that

– Push it (gags) – [Alex] How many years has it been since you puked? Oh you're crying – Eight years old – You haven't puked since eight? – My god – See, dude? – I can't get it past my little globul

I feel like it's going down my breath hole, instead of my, how do you differentiate though? (gags) Why did we think we could do this? – It seemed so easy – I have the worst headache – Hotdog sweats – So close – This is so, just, strange

I'm like here standing quiet, trying to support my friend just swallowing a whole hotdog Why? – You're a good friend man If I die, keep rolling – Oh, Mike that was so close though – You know I think we've done all we can at this point

Maybe we just, have a normal hotdog eating contest – I say three minutes on the line, whoever gets the most hotdogs and buns down, wins – Go Wet buns are gross – Wet bun is disgusting

I need like a different flavor in my mouth (Gag) – Four, three, two, one (gags) How many did you get? – About fifteen That's one, that's gotta be one So I'll call that one

– What? – I took a bite out of this, a bite out of this one, I ate the whole bun on this side – I'll give you five genuinely I think I ate four Well done man – Reigning champ

– This sucks I feel bad, I don't feel good – I don't know what to do now – I'm sorry – [Stevie] Click on the left to watch one of the Good Mythical Morning episodes from this week, or click on the right to watch another episode of Good Mythical Crew

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