Summer Blockbuster Movie Challenge

– Today we make movies no one asked for – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Summer – I'm Matt, this is Emily – Hi – You've probably seen us on the show before but today Rhett and Link are letting us host it – Yeah

– Ooh – If after today you need more Emily, I've got a show on Mythical Society It's called That Ask Though All of my bad choices are probably related to boys and church – Yeah? (Ellie laughs) Church? I wanna elaborate on the church part

– A lot of my firsts– – What did you do in that place of wholeness? – A lot of my firsts were in a church – No – Mm-hmm If you haven't seen it, go check it out But after this is over, this video

– And you can check me out there as well on my show, Royalty Freestyle ♪ There was a lot of traffic on the way over ♪ ♪ But if you keep me around ♪ – Wow ♪ I'll make my job lowerly ♪ ♪ Lower job ♪ ♪ You don't believe my love ♪ ♪ You think I'm a liar ♪ ♪ Believe that I had a flat tire ♪ – So today we figured it's the height of summer, the heat is beating you down You've gotta be in search of a dark room with the AC blasting so you can just sit there for two hours What better place to do that than a movie theater? – So today we're gonna be creating some unforgettable summer blockbuster moments right before your eyes

Ooh! It's time for Random Summer Blockbuster Challenge – Here we have two popcorn buckets – Mm-hmm – And in one of them are movie titles of blockbuster movies that do not exist – But totally should

– Yeah and in the other will be names of random characters that have been created for us We'll choose one from each – Right, and then we get 30 seconds to embody that character and deliver the big plot-defining monologue from that film and it's your job, Mythical Beasts, to let us know in the comment section who you think won and Emily since your hair is longer, you go first – Okay – It's 'cause I'm scared

– (chuckles) Okay Oh boy, Teacher's Pet Sematary Very excited about the remake by the way – Oh yes, don't go down that rod – (chuckles) Rod

All right and my character is Felicia Forecast, a weather person who hates her job – Mm – This is fun – Hey, you do it – All right

– I'm very excited for you – Thank you – You're gonna do great – Thanks babe – Yeah

(clock ticks) (chuckles) All right Emily, are you ready? – Yes – Okay and go – Hi, I am Felicia Forecast, reporting live wherever again instead of in studio We have reports there are mobs of children eating adults outside of this elementary school Oh, there they are, maybe I can get a little interview

No, oh boy I feel like this is the end I hate this job, I've always hated it I'm better than you Ken, and you know it Back to you, Ken

– And time That was great Come back over here (crew applauds) Oh, beautiful – Yeah

– I really love how you talked about the children eating people It made me, number one, wanna see the movie, number two, hungry – Hungry? – Yeah – It made you hungry? – I just haven't eaten in awhile – It didn't give you any thoughts about inequality of the workplace at all? – No no no no no no no, just hunger

– That's how I feel – Yeah (both chuckle) Hungry for adults – Hungry for adults – Mm

– Well, I think it's your turn now – Okay, let's do this All righty, so, for the title it is The Girl With The Dragging Canoe (Emily laughs) Uh-oh, all right That's appropriate subject matter and character is Dude Manguy, the chillest dude on the beach

– Wow – All right – Okay, I'm excited for this – [Matt] I'm excited too (clock ticks) – [Emily] All right Matt

– Yeah – You are looking chill AF – Hell yeah I do, hell yeah I do – All right, take it away – Hello ma'am, my name is Dude Manguy, Detective Manguy of the Ossolo PD to you and I saw that you were a witness as to seeing a girl with the draggin' canoe, all right, so first of all, I don't like to get out of bed early in the morning, especially not for a call about a missing persons, let alone on the beach 'cause it's one of my favorite spot, all right, so you're gonna have to tell me right now, where is the last time you see her and also did you kill her 'cause if you did, you have to tell me, I'm the law

(Emily chuckles) – That was great (crew applauds) – Thank you – If you did, you have to tell me (chuckles) – [Matt] Or else it's entrapment – Or else it's like you lied

– It's reverse entrapment I really, I love that my character just was holding this the whole time – I know, you were drinking on the job – Yeah well, you know I'm really chill That's the thing about me

I'm like the chillest dude – Being an alcoholic is chill – Yeah it's a good time – All right I'm gonna go for it again – All right

– Let's see Okay, so I've got, is it Milos or– – Milos Glubernuck – Milos Glubernuck and the Asparagus Factory – Mm – Yikes

– That sounds smelly – It does And– – Your character – Titanius, masher of skulls – Nice, so wait, the movie title is Milos Glubernuck and the Asparagus Factory

– I think it's a play on Charlie on the Chocolate Factory – No – Is what I'm going with – Can't be – It's not? Okay

Okay, okay, let's do it – I'm excited for this (Emily laughs) (clock ticks) All right, ready when you are, Emily – All right let's go – And go! – Hello Milos

Welcome to my asparagus factory You found a golden ticket and I'm here to crush skulls and eat asparagus and you ate all my asparagus so you know what it's time for I wanted to use the asparagus but I already said it was all gone, dang Dang – And time

– Oh boy, okay That felt great (crew applauds) – That was incredible I felt the anger in Milos, you know – Well I wasn't Milos, I was Titanius

– Oh that's right – I was talking to Milos He ate all the asparagus – You know, it's a very, very confusing movie – Smell it

– Ooh, smells like urine – It's pretty good – It doesn't, it doesn't – Yeah yeah yeah all right well, I guess it's time for– – It's my turn – It's your turn again

– All right and the movie is Personal Space Invaders I know a lot about that life and let's see, mm mm mm, my character is Ol' Wesley, the creepy neighbor who warns of impending doom All right I can pull this off – (chuckles) Yeah – [Matt] And I'm gonna do it in my shorts, I don't care

– Okay I think that's definitely nailing it (clock ticks) – All right – All right Matt – I'm keepin' the shorts – Good for you

– I'm ready – You ready? – Uh-huh – And action! – I've seen this kinda thing before, neighbors It was about 1963, a loud bang, a loud flash of light, little green men walkin' single file down the little road They come at you with a weird, weird motivation

You're sittin' in a movie theater for example It's empty Thousands of seats everywhere and they sit right next to you Why would you do that? I don't even sit next to my best friend They're personal space invaders if you ask me

(Emily laughs) – Very nice – Thank you, thank you (crew applauds) – If you ask me – I'm creepy – I like how he started out kinda like Old Greg and then turned into a southern guy

– Yeah you know, I never said I was good at accents – (laughs) No it was good – It's not in my job description – It was very good – Mm

I wonder what this book is It's Grim's Complete Fairytales, not a sponsor (Emily laughs) Your turn – All right Okay

(exhales) Big money, big money, big money The 40-Year-Old Virginian – Yes Love the puns, this is a pun-heavy episode – Yeah definitely

Okay – I'm excited – My character is Franny the Granny She hates loud music but loves coupons – That makes sense

– This is my future – Yeah this is my grandma – That's a fortune cookie for me All right here we go – I believe in you! – Thank you

– I do (clock ticks) You look amazing – Thank you – Are you ready to do this? – I am – Okay, and go

– Hello neighbor, your music is too loud, but my goodness, you're tall (chuckles) You wanna come over and help me scissor some coupons? (crew laughs) By the way, this is a back massager (crew laughs) It has many settings, see if I can get it to work That one helps my arthritis See I can't get it turned, oh

– Time (Emily laughs) Incredible (crew applauds) – Oh yeah – Wow That is not a back massager

– It is – Is it? – As advertised, it is – Mm-hmm, what else would it be? – I've got some of the best– – Yeah yeah yeah yeah – Props of the whole day I think – Yep yep yep yep, those are both clearly used as intended

Are we ready? – Yes – For my round, okay (massager vibrates) Oh you gotta turn it off (laughs) Oh – I got it, it's good

– My mom has one of those – Too much information, Matt – Or the perfect amount All right, my title is Cardigans of the Galaxy – Perfect

– Which is perfect Okay, and, my character's name is Johnny Fingers, who just accidentally killed his father (Emily cackles) Why is it Fingers? – [Matt] I have no idea All right – He killed him with his fingers

(clock ticks) All right, Mr Fingers – Johnny Fingers – You ready? – Yeah I'm ready – All right, action! – All right Dad, just a little further back

I gotta shoot this apple right off your head, okay? If I do not do this, I'm never gonna get good at shooting I'll never be a hero and forever Johnny Fingers will be known as the guy who peed himself at summer camp, okay, so just a little further back All right, all right, hold steady (ray gun blasts) Hey, we did it! I'm really good, I told you, okay go even more further back, I'll shoot it again, this time hold it at your heart Hold it at your heart level

Ready Dad, all right (ray gun blasts) You're fine again, now go back a little bit more No, you fell off a cliff And scene – Oh

(crew applauds) You wore shorts to murder your father? – Listen, at this point I'm just gonna wear everything that you give me, I'm just gonna let it build up – Yeah that's a good choice (electronic whirring) – I'm Johnny Fingers – (laughs) Let us know in the comments who you think delivered a better summer blockbuster monologue – Yeah and thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is (electronic whirring) – Hi I'm Katie – And I'm Cameron – And we just watched Endgame – And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Of Mythicality – Very cool – I saw Endgame too I thought it was great – I have not seen it yet

– All right click the top link to watch us guess the terrible action movie line in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land – [Link] Dude, check out these far out swirly colors on our summer tie dye tees Available now at Mythicalstore

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