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(suspenseful music) (poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be eligible for financial compensation

Today's guests do love pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, but their pina coladas have ground up testicles and their rain comes in the form of human chocolate fountains, please welcome Rhett and Link (scattered clapping) Hello! – Hello! – I didn't see you there, and now you're here – Hey! – Happy Saturday! – Happy Saturday! – Let's Talk About That! – I got it, show about the show, pina colada – I have something I would like to talk about right off the bat First of all, I will say there is a segment today that I am so excited about

– Oh man – But before we get to the segment that I'm so excited about, I'm also excited about something else Can you tell via my shirt what that thing might be? – You're excited about caring – It's true! – 'Cause caring is cool! – And I'm caring about registering to vote and voting – Oh, I see the connection, yes

– So this is exclusively for our US audience, but election day is November 6th Today is October 6th I did a little bit of research, most states, the longest time you need is 30 days to register to vote so if you're not registered, today is the day to go and register– – Get out there! – At Vote

org Some states, you can go on the day and actually vote and register and vote on the same day Most states, just go to Voteorg, give it a check, see if you're registered Even if you think you're registered, please go

Another fun fact, if you are 17 now and you're going to turn 18 on election day or before election day, you can register to vote right now In some states you can be 16 and pre-register to vote – [Link] Whoa! – So I'm talking 16 and up, go to Voteorg There's no excuse not to

– [Rhett] And then you wait for two years? – Well you wait until you turn 18 – What do you do with the two years? – You sit around– – Get hype – You practice voting You take p-voting, pre-voting Like PSATs

– Pulling the lever You work up your forearm strength Tricep strength, see a lot of people don't realize – I think 16 year olds are working out their forearm strength – Oh, oh, oh, oh! Woo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boop! – Also I would like to not get the teenagers' hopes up that there's actually a lever because there's not

– No no no no, see the whole point was, I'm trying to get the teens to vote so I'm telling them that there's a lever There's a big lever! – There's a pokey thing – It's actually candy-coated – Well it depends – It's a candy-coated lever and everyone licks it

– The only way you can find out what it is is if you go and vote Is basically what we're trying to say – Yeah just vote to figure out how to vote if for no other reason – In some states you can get married at 14 – Oh, also, fun fact about the caring is cool t-shirt, you can get one of your own at Mythical

store A portion of the proceeds goes directly to Voteorg so we're tying it all in to voting It's very important, please register today – Another portion of the proceeds goes to us

– Yeah, right – 'Cause it's our shirt – But we are voting (laughs) Can't get around it! – All right guys, I have some teasers for what's coming out today – My favorite part is the teaser

Not the things that you tease but just when you tease them – Oh yeah, I use my teasing voice (Rhett chuckles) – Stop teasing me! – We have a much anticipated update on Link's bathroom remodel – I'm excited about that – There is, a tying it into the voting, a White House scandal that I'm actually excited to talk about today

– Oh, we're gonna get political – Well we're not gonna get political You have to see what it is, but this is the thing that I was like, I'm so excited about, 'cause I really am so excited about this And then I have an interesting satisfying video that kinda plays on something that Link had requested earlier this week – Oh, I love any type of satisfying video

I don't watch them but I do love the idea of them – I'm not sure whether to emphasize the satisfying or the interesting but I do know one thing that's satisfying and that is today's beverage – Oh! – Which I am excited about, mostly because the top as Lucas pointed out to me says shake it like you mean it – Shake it like you mean it – [Stevie] And we all know I like to shake things

– You're holding it differently – So this is water– – You used to hold it like – [Link] This is a consonantless– – This is the safest way to do it – This is kinda like The Weeknd, the artist who took the vowels out of his name Now, products are starting doing it

W-T-R-M-L-N W-T-R Wtrmln Wtr You don't need consonants to know how to read – You mean vowels (laughs) You said vowels until that last one

And then you said consonants – No I said consonants until the last one – Until the last one you said vowels, until the last one where you said consonants – I've been saying vowels? – You were saying vowels – The vowels are missing

I know what a vowel is – I wrote my own vows for my wedding It was kind of embarrassing, honestly – But everyone was probably crying – I was crying

– Oh my gosh, it's literally– – Is it bad? – Smells like a rotten watermelon, like at the family reunion when they cut the watermelon open and then you play softball and then you come back and eat some more – I don't know, the second sip is better than the first sip – [Rhett] It kinda tastes like a wine cooler – Unless you love watermelon, you are not gonna like this And if you don't like vowels, you're in for a treat

(laughs) – You know the ironic thing is just the other day we were going through, we were culling different items from our kitchen – I'm sorry, what? – Culling, culling We were thinning out our kitchen appliances – Got it – Getting rid of things

And we found something in one of the top shelves that, it was a picture of a watermelon with a tap in it, and it was the tap – Why did you even have that? – I don't even know – Did Jessie know where you got it from? – I was like, "Who is is this?" She was like, "I don't know" – Who's is is this You know what's almost as exciting as that story is when Link was talking about his shower for a very long time

There were nipples involved – Here – Like to say nipples, yeah There were nipples here – No I mean, this was the conversation that we had– – On this very show

– On this show – That we are on, we had a conversation about your shower – My rain shower head, yeah – And you had in between rounds of the water filter episode I believe, you had divulged some of this information and then you reconfirmed it here – I remember that

– Turns out, you're really into talking about your bathroom in between takes of things, in between when the camera's rolling – That's because the construction of my bathroom never ends I mean it's been going on for months and nothing has happened, until, I know what you're talking about, something new happened – We're just gonna lead right into the video clip with that – My shower's finished but the rest of my bathroom is not finished

There's no sink But there is– ♪ A new toilet ♪ Ooh it's smoking – So you got a rain head and a toilet? – I got a rain head and a– – It's all a man needs, really – I didn't get any toilet (laughs dramatically) I got– – You got a rave toilet didn't you? – I got a toilet that, ugh

It senses your presence and the lid pops up and then it lights up so you can pee into a light ring – Hold on, does it got a bidet on it? – It's got a bidet on it – Oh yeah – It'll clean the front, it'll clean the back, it'll clean the front and the back – If you wanna go to a bidet factory now, I'm down for that

– It's got a blow dryer in it, man It's got a blow dryer in it Are you telling me that when you walk up to your toilet, does it open for you? – It doesn't open I'm just saying, I've got the blow dryer, I've got the bidet, I've got the seat warmer I got the self-cleaning

– Mine opens – Does it say welcome Link? – And when it opens, it doesn't say that, no And then the seat is hot – Yeah I got the hot seat – Oh you got the hot seat

– I said that – And then I sit down on it and then I do everything that it seems that yours could do, and then I just stand up and walk away and it flushes, cleans, closes– – It flushes on its own? – It flushes on its own – I don't have that I definitely have to reach around It's such a pain to find the handle

(chuckling) – But no one wants to touch the toilet in any place that they don't have to – Right, yeah, yeah – I only touch the toilet with my buttocks My toilet has ground effects There's not only light inside of the bowl, there's lights outside of the bowl

– I have to come see this toilet – I'd like for you to come see it – Can I use it? – No You can watch me use it I don't touch it with anything except my– – Are we about good? Okay pop it up

(chuckling) – Are we about good? – It wasn't that I was tired of your story, it's that I– – We kinda had a show to do – I thought that maybe we were about to start a fire – Yeah, anything that you didn't cover about your toilet that you'd like to share? – Well here's the thing, what I said wasn't true, okay? What I've discovered in using the toilet more is that I do have to touch Well, I don't touch the toilet anywhere else, but I have to touch myself And I thought that I wouldn't have to wipe

– I know what you're saying – With a bidet– – I know what you're saying (laughs) – But I actually have a question – I do know what you're saying – I do have a question

– I've got like 18 months of experience with a bidet – Yeah, help me out – What are you saying? – Do you have a bidet? I'll explain – I do not have a bidet, no – I highly recommend it and I don't even know how to use it yet

– I know how to use it – So here's my question – The answer is no – So it jets me, and then, there's a dryer which will then dry everything off But the dryer doesn't really dry everything off, and so there's two times when like, should I wipe and then bidet and then should I wipe again before I dry? – Again the answer to your first question is no

The answer to your second question is yes Here's the thing, I know the blow drying is exciting And I know that you're enjoying it You will stop doing the blow drying altogether, for two reasons, number one it's not effective, number two, it wafts the smell of your own dookey up into your face It finds a way out, okay? – Wait so you do all this before you flush? – I don't flush, I stand up and walk away and then it flushes

– Well here's why, here's why I don't have that feature The reason I don't do that is 'cause– – It was pricy too – I only wanna flush one time Because in my experience, the bidet does the dirtiest work

(laughs) – So you don't pre-wipe before you– – No, pre-wiping is like defeating the whole purpose Let the bidet do what the bidet wants to do but just know that the bidet is gonna get you 98% of the way, depending on what kind of day it is, and then you're gonna– – It's a buh-day – You're gonna do a wipe– (Stevie laughs) Which is gonna do two things, it's going to clean you all the way and dry you all the way and then you flush – But what I'm afraid of is if you don't wipe first, it's gonna strow stuff around – No no no no

– Did you use a verb that doesn't exist? – Strow – Yeah, okay – Strow is kinda like spatter, but– – [Stevie] Okay, all right – It's a southern version of spatter – Well I am sorry that I asked if there was anything else that you need to talk about the toilet, apparently there is

We'll save that for another episode – I need a tutorial video please – I'll make one – I have a feeling you're gonna be talking about this in between takes – Well I'm gonna be talking about my sink hopefully if that ever goes in

– That's true You can only wait – (chuckles) Yeah – You can only wait That's right

– That's all you need to do Because you can't wait excitedly, I'll tell you that much You can just wait – I can only wait – I'm going back in for the stank drink

– Okay, we can't wait any longer for my favorite portion of– – [Link] You can travel in time and know – We've had a scandal here at the Mythical studio You guys don't know about the scandal It is so good So, this week we did the POTUS's favorite foods episode

– Yeah – And it was, by the way, one of my favorite episodes we've ever done 'cause Jordan is freaking hilarious and he was hilarious as all the presidents When your food was delivered– – Love Jordan Especially his mouth – Ooh

It was delivered under a White House cloche, do you recall? – Yep It was very, very well-made, by the way – It was very well-made Problem is, before it was well-made, it was made and then it was run over by a car And the person who ran over it– – Come on! – With his car, was one Benjamin Eck

Now I will give him this I will give him this (Rhett laughing) – Ben left – Ben was at this camera – He was operating a camera, now he's gone

– And now he has exited – Ben, I think you need to come back, but– – No wait, Casey's now there Casey just like filled in immediately (Rhett laughs) – I will give him this, he did immediately call our production designer Mike, and he called Jacob, and so it was taken care of and reported The interesting thing is we have security cameras

– (laughing) Oh no – In the parking lot – Yeah 'cause I'm wondering, Mike who built it, did he put it like, did he wedge it under his wheel? – Okay, all right so I have bits and clips I need to reorient myself – [Link] Twice? – Okay, so this is the security footage of the hit if we could play that

(objects clatter) (Rhett and Link exclaiming) – Oh, you know what, he didn't quite run over it He just, he gave it a love tap – Okay, we'll call it a love tap You can hear it, you can hear the crunch Which I didn't realize our security footage had a sound until this happened, but– – That is very impressive

We get that kind of footage from our parking lot? Wow – I wanna break it down – You better believe it – Because I believe the term that Ben, did Ben come back? No, he's still gone – Ben doesn't wanna talk about it

– Ben exited Ben has left the building – The term that Ben used was that the White House was right behind his car (laughing) So I wanna go back earlier into the footage and this is the definition of right behind – [Link] Yeah, the yellow area is– – [Rhett] I mean it is in the pathway of the car

– It is not right behind – But not right behind – That's our definitely of right behind – Right, I agree with that – The end of the phrase is, "It was right behind my car

"I didn't see it," so let's go back even earlier – [Link] There he is – [Stevie] There he is (Rhett and crew laughs) – He sees it, the dotted lines are indicating he definitely sees it – All right you're saying he did this on purpose

– No, no, no – Maybe it was in protest of the current administration Maybe that's what this was about – Well here's the other things, so– – Is he carrying his own version that he made with socks? – (laughing) Yes That's the real answer to this

– He's carrying his little White House – So here's something else I found interesting So Ben goes and he sits in his car, but he's in his car for a very long time Enough time, one might say, to have one, the sun move And two, to be thinking about that White House that he saw before he got in that car

– Right, he's contemplating – This is pre-meditation to the max – It's a full two minutes in the car – Yep, sometimes it takes awhile to get your phone hooked up (chuckling) I been there

– And then the other weird thing is if we go father in the clip, after the hit of the White House, let's see what Ben does (objects clatter) (emotional music) It looks like there's a slight hesitation But then he just leaves (Rhett laughs) (Link claps) – No way! – And he leaves – He like (mimics motor revving)

(laughing) – And finally– – You could tell that it was like the car itself was thinking about not exiting – But the best part– – Oh this is amazing – In my opinion is if we go even further into the footage because when Ben called Jacob, he mentioned that Mike might be upset about it, but let's see what Mike's reaction was (laughing) And– – I bet he said, "Oh man," and then he walked away – Yeah well I couldn't quite hear what he said, so I wanted to raise the volume on what he said, so we did that and listen to this

(man whoops sadly) (all laughing) – Sounds just like Nick Cage Well the interesting thing to me is why are they so afraid to come close to it? – They're afraid to deal with the truth – Well later, it wasn't as bad as we had thought and Mike was able to piece it together, and it looked awesome for the episode And Ben, are you coming back ever? – We're done, Ben, we're done talking about it – You know, we have security cameras in the back parking lot of the studio so if you do something, it's gonna wind up on this show, you know what I'm saying? But don't do anything 'cause I don't want you doing anything

– Did you guys make out? – It's a great way to get on the show – I mean make up? – The first one – You made out? (laughing) – Every making up involves making out Everybody knows that – So Ben didn't tell you? – He called me

– No he did, he did He called Mike – He was like, "I ran over your props again" – Again? (laughing) Wait, this was not the first time? – No, he does that every prop It's part of the process

– Yeah, right, yeah, yeah – It's like a honing– – You need it at this point – Yeah, we wanted to stress it– – You need it at this point, right – Wasn't that the best thing ever? I love it! I love it, when Jacob said we had security cam footage, I was like, you know it's probably not that great, but then it was and I'm so, so pleased – It's as if it was framed for this moment

– Yeah But it wasn't, it was not scripted It just happened – It's actually on the thirds – It's good

– Wow, serendipitous – We should aim it at the criminals, but we don't – I'm gonna say I can't beat this clip, but I do have something else I wanna show you Specifically Link In More yesterday, you were talking to Ellie and Ellie said that she still had the blue plastic film on her refrigerator because she thought it looked pretty

– Which is weird – And you were like, can you peel it off and can you film it and can I see it? Which is also weird for you to say – Well – But it's fine You were both weird

It gets weirder though I'm throwing all kinds of Mythical crew under the bus here because when Ellie got home, I had asked her if she could please film the video, but she could not part with the blue film on her fridge – Really? – So she called me to apologize and say that she could not part with it, but, I went onto YouTube I found a film pulled from the fridge satisfying video – See I'm not that weird, it already exists

– Yeah, and I think you're gonna like it – [Man] Go (film tearing) Oh it catches, oh yeah, it catches Look at that (man moans) – [Woman] You like that? – [Man] Oh yeah, oh the edges

Oh, make it happen, yeah – It's so clean underneath – [Man] Oh my God, yeah (man moaning) Yeah right there, right there (man grunts) – [Stevie] Oh God, it's so terrible

– I will say, it would have been better on mute – Yeah, that guy ruined it for us – You don't need voices or comedic oversexualized banter on your satisfying videos – Yeah, let it speak for itself – That ruins it

That was a parody I'm insulted by that – I don't think it was a parody I think his voice was a parody 'cause I got Ellie to record that voiceover No I'm just kidding

(all laughing) – What? Actually, I got a new refrigerator recently that I've put in the garage and it came with the blue stuff on it and I thought it was gonna be fun to pull off, but then you realize that there's all these places that they literally fastened little fasteners and the handles on top of the blue stuff, and it doesn't rip cleanly – It's difficult – And if you wanna do it, you have to get a razor blade out and then you're cutting into your fridge – Yeah – [Rhett] Why is that the case? – It's stupid and you know what? – There's still little pieces of blue everywhere all over my fridge when you get close? – 'Cause what can you do, what can you do? – You can't do anything except just be upset about it

It's not satisfying at all – You have to take the handle off of the, that's just wrong, man – Who's gonna do that? – That's horrible I mean that really does make me angry – I'm angry about it right now

– You know the funny thing, my toilet still has the plastic on the top of the seat I've been waiting to pull that off – So your pee just goes everywhere every time you– – The seat, man – You've been purposefully waiting? – Everything's not done I want the whole bathroom to be done and then when it's done, I'm gonna pull the– – You gotta shoot a video of that

– Or get Ellie to – Okay – I could kinda relate to that because the first MacBook that I ever got, I took a shower before I opened it (Link giggles) I was just like, I gotta be ready for this – I don't know what you're saying

– I know what he's saying – I just was like– – We're bidet boys We know what– – I come in from something that made me sweaty and I was like, oh, the computer's here! And I was just like, I gotta wash myself before I touch this – Wait when was this? – This was like the first ever Mac laptop that I ever– – 2007 – Yeah, a long time ago

– Got it, okay – [Link] Sometimes I sit on my toilet– – Okay – Just to get hit with the bidet Like I don't have to even use the bath– – You shouldn't admit that That's weird

– We're done! – It gives you a fresh feeling I'm gonna get you one for Christmas – That would be weird – Not a whole toilet Way too expensive

I'm gonna get you what Rhett has – That would be an odd Christmas gift – You just have an attachment that can go on any toilet – Yeah, any toilet – You guys wanna say the toss-out or are we just gonna be– – Yeah yeah yeah, yeah

– Three, two – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB – I said it right – Yeah (poppy electronic music)

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