Strangers Judge Rhett & Link

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and if we're not supposed to eat at night, then why is there a light bulb in the fridge? This week's guests make at least 69% of their sexual innuendos inadvertently

Please welcome Rhett and Link (Rhett chuckles) (scattered applause) – Oh I get it! – Uh-huh Uh-huh – Why are you putting your bottom on things? – You're bootying things? – I'm marking my territory

– Oh (chuckles), that's where you're, you know when cats do that, they're marking their– – Yeah they're putting their glands – Is that where your scent glands are? – Yeah on my right butt cheek (Rhett chuckles) – Guys, this week is another packed week We've been running a little bit long, but let's see what we'll do today It all depends on how well you do at a game that I've devised– – Game! – To celebrate a holiday that I looked up and I'm now quite fond of that is going to be happening next week so we have that

I also asked the Mythical Beasts on Twitter to find people who didn't know you, show them a photo of you, and then ask them some questions about what they thought about you and boy are the answers great! So I want to go through that with you I also have a behind-the-scenes, not even a while the cameras were rolling, a behind-the-scenes moment from this past week of GMM that might embarrass you a little bit but I think that's the point of the show But before all of that– – Who do you mean by you? Us? – I think both of you, I think both of you will enjoy this – Oh – Before all of that, it is time for our GMM rejected snack of the week

– Yep, okay – We're already to it – We're to it and this week, you ate meatballs on the show, you didn't know what they were How 'bout another one, shall we? – Oh yum – So this is one that could have been on the show but was rejected because hopefully it wasn't too gross

– Well this one was– – Are we gonna try to identify it like the game? – Yes, I know what it is Thank you, Josh This one was rejected because of time, but it was one that Josh felt very strongly about– – Oh my – At the time, and then when we came up with this segment, he had a perfect place to present this And I will just note that I am subjecting myself to all of this even though I know what it is

– Yeah yeah I appreciate that – And it's not great – So it's not great, you say – Well the idea of it's not great I'm sure it tastes delicious

– No it smells like turtle (Link coughing) It smells like I would imagine– – Fish food – A turtle – I'm gonna need my barf bucket I'm gonna need a spit container

Yeah it looks like a– – Oh gosh (Stevie chuckles) – Do you want a bucket? – No, no – You don't want a bucket? – Oh no no, no no, you know me – All right Shall we? And I have that ability to plug up my nose

Thank you – Dinky – You can plug up your nose without touching it? – I'm doing it right now I can't smell it – I'm doing it right now

– Hold on, you're just now– (chuckling) – How old were you when you figured out you could plug your nose without touching it? – [Stevie] Okay – I was today years old, that's what they say on the internet Actually I still haven't mastered it Dink it, sink it – Oh God! – I think it's fish food

– Oh God – No 'cause it was all meats – How do you do this all the time? Why don't you ever react like this? I don't understand – Turtle – No

I actually like this thing – Snake Oh it's something you like? – Wait why is it kind closed? – [Josh] Turtles are in the sea and, well I don't wanna give any more hints – Beaver – What? (Link gags) – You said you actually liked it

(crew laughing loudly) (Link whimpers) – [Link] All right give us another hint I don't know what it– – It's a shell fish (Rhett chuckles) – A crawdad? – Is it specifically a crawdad? (laughs) – Why is that funny? It's a guess, bro I'm guessing! – No, Josh, would you like to– – Give me another hint – Oh is it one of those geoducks? – I mean that's a lot of hints

– [Josh] No it is not I said close with the turtle 'cause it's in the sea and it famously has a shell – Yeah – Why'd I say famously? That doesn't make any sense, it has a shell – Conch, conch

– No that's not conch, it would be white – [Josh] You slurp 'em – You're gonna do a lot more guessing – Is it oysters? – Yeah – It's an oyster ball

– Oyster ball – Something happened to it in the processing – Okay, it only gets better from here – That was rejected 'Cause it wasn't gross enough or something

– Well no I think, why did we reject that one? We rejected it for, we always reject these things for very specific content reasons And I think we already had one, oh we had the sea cucumber – We've been too oyster-heavy – We had the sea cucumber and so that's why we didn't do the oyster So okay, this upcoming Monday, which is the last Monday of January is bubble wrap appreciation day

– Oh no it isn't – Okay – And I found this article on Mental Floss and I thought that we could maybe play a game 'cause when I started looking into weird facts about bubble wrap, I didn't know anything and I thought that perhaps you wouldn't know anything, and so I thought we could play a game – Thanks for the vote of confidence (Rhett laughs) – And the way we're gonna play it is you each get, don't

– Don't pop it – Hold your hand out – Don't pop it You each get your own roll – Whoa, this is quite a roll

– Yeah, and you're going to, I'm gonna ask you questions I'm not gonna use the white boards I think that you can just, gentleman's yell it at the same time If you get the question right, you get to pop some of your poppables– – Oh as a reward – Yeah it's a reward

– So we're not buzzing in by popping? – No no no You just get to pop if you get it right The winner gets a very special bubble wrap related prize and the loser, well I mean, I don't wanna punish any of the losers, all I would say is that if you try and cheat in any way, I think we've established now who controls the food that you eat on the show and how gross it could be, you know what I'm saying? – That's how you mark your territory (Stevie laughs) – That's quite a scent gland – Okay, bubble wrap was invented in 1957 and was first created to be what? – Obviously, it's not, I would say protective clothing

– Okay – Protective clothing? – Protective clothing – What? – Protective clothing – It looked like– – Oh you wear it – They didn't change the design of it, it was like this, so if you had this, what would you use it for? – So it's obviously not packaging or protective clothing

I don't know, I'm actually gonna go on the nose and say packaging – The answer is wallpaper – Wallpaper – Rhett, I'll give you that one because it's clothing for walls – In the late 50s, that was, they were trying to push their design boundaries

– You earned it – Yeah go for it – You got a little closer than me (bubble wrap squeaks and pops) Okay – That's an interesting style

– Next question – In 1959, the two people who invented bubble wrap incorporated their company which still has the same name today What's the company called, and your hint is, it's a descriptor for– – Pops, it's got the word pop in it – Kay – Air

Air Pop, Don't Stop Incorporated – Okay – I was gonna say It's Poppin' – Those are both really great guesses The answer is Sealed Air

That is the name of the company, Sealed Air – I'll give you that one since you gave a more technical answer – Oh God, this smells so bad (bubble wrap popping) – These are pretty small bubbles – They're small bubbles

– I like to pop one at a time – Every time I'm presented with bubble wrap, I think about the video that we made in the old studio where we wrapped everything in bubble wrap including each other Let's roll the clip (orchestral music) (bubble wrap popping) – We'll try this one It wasn't until a company pitched IBM on using bubble wrap as packing slash shipping material that it began to be– – Worked for them

– A shipping standard Previously, people had used what three main things to ship their stuff? If you guess one of the three things, you will get to pop – Peanuts – Styrofoam peanuts – Cardboard, and– – Foam? Cedar chips, newspaper

– Newspaper, okay, newspaper's one – You wanna pop? Newspaper– – This was based on you guys wanting to pop bubbles because it seems like something people want to do – That's a good one! – But that was a good one Sawdust and horse hair – Horse hair

– Horse hair Of course! – Right, you shave your horse, what are you gonna do with it? – This is a number-based one So Link, this is for you to do really well at – Oh Lord – According to one customer who took it upon themselves to do the math, how many layers of bubble wrap would you need to land on in order to survive a fall out of a six story window? – I'd say 3500

– Actually it's much less than that It's 350 – It's 39 See? 39, that makes no sense – Okay, 39 layers of this? – I think it's the bigger bubbles, but– – [Rhett] Well I did small bubbles

– I didn't say the math was right, I just said that this– – 3500 – Is something they published – 39 layers from a six story building? – Yeah, Link you get to pop it – Well, you'd live, but you wouldn't live well (bubble wrap pops) – And finally, I have not been, oh yes, there's the score, you're tied

So this is the tie-breaker – Tie-breaker – Studies claim popping bubble wrap reduces stress levels Why do scientists believe this to be true? And the hint is, it has to do with an ancestral addiction Something that humans– – Popping boils

Like de-pussing your boils – Okay – Well you're not completely wrong because it has to do with the grooming process We groomed each other – Okay yeah

I mean that's right So it triggers memories of the insect squishing done by our ape ancestors – Insect squishing, that's different – We like the moment when the victim resists and then surrenders – Yeah you crack it, man

That's what I'm saying, twist and crack – We should pop each other bubbles for this one then – I don't like the way you say that So– (pops bubbles) – Fine I'll pop my own bubbles – Okay, Rhett, you won

– I don't need a man to pop my bubbles – Okay (chuckles) Sealed Air makes these bubble wrap anti-stress boxes which is very ridiculous, but you basically open this and then you put it on your desk and then you pull out little bubble wrap– – Sealed Air thought of everything – And then you pop 'em, so– – Thank you – There you go

This was not sponsored by Sealed Air but it does appear that way – Anti-stress box, open it (smacks box) – Oh no – Sorry I thought you were gonna hold on, it's perforated

Hold on tighter – Oh it did bust – Oh that's good – Guys, we're now gonna move from this bubble wrap segment to something that's about you guys so I think it's gonna go better – Better, okay

(Stevie laughs) Yeah, back to us! Make this better – So this is like somewhat of a Twitter scenario situation – Ooh these are nice too These are nicer than those other ones – Yeah Sealed Air knows what's up

– Yeah well that is also, I don't think that's– – No no that's definitely not That's Trapped Air – Actually bubble wrap is a trademarked name Bubble wrap, that's not what the generic term for it is – Well Sealed Air is more catchy anyway

(chuckles) Sealed Air – Ooh Ooh that's satisfying – Okay So we played this– – Okay okay

– This game kind of on the show in the past where you know there's that study about can you look at somebody and guess what their name is and it turns out you kind of can? – Right – But I feel like I play it all the time where I just look at someone and assume what their name could be or what their background is – Yeah – And so I thought it could be fun to see if people did that for you guys if they didn't know you (Link chuckles) – So I posted on Twitter, I posted a photo of Link and I said, find someone who doesn't know Link

Ask them what they think the name of the person in the photo below is Ask them what the person in the photo most likely does for a living Ask them if they'd be friends with the person and why or why not and send me the answers So I did this for both of you on two separate posts – [Link] And these are the photos of us

I don't even remember taking this photo – [Rhett] That photo was taken in New York City in that playground parking lot – [Link] Oh there's a really short woman in between us – No, she took a picture with us, yes, but then she also took a bunch of other pictures of us – Oh

– Oh God So yeah actually I was trying to find, at first I posted a photo of Rhett that kind of made you, yeah, I posted that one and that one of Link, but then I was like, you know, people are going to think that there's too much going on in that photo so then I went back It was actually like a little difficult to find the most normal possible photos of you guys, so this is what I found – Okay We're in prison

– I'm gonna do some highlights that people answered I got a lot of responses, but then, I noticed trends popping up so I had Bethany do an Excel sheet of trends to determine what the most common name for both of you is so we'll go over that but– – Sounds like fun for Bethany (Stevie and Rhett laugh) – So this was the first response for Rhett Dad says, looks like he would be named Wyatt A lifelong student, working on his second masters or something

He looks like he's into sports so we could be friends about that – Wyatt, into sports Wyatt's right, sports– – I picked it 'cause I felt like Wyatt was a really good name for you – Yeah yeah yeah – I like that

There's nothing really funny about it, it just seems very accurate I feel like– – It's got a double T – Yeah Wyatt – Wyatt Wyatt

– Well if you say it like that, it could be a problem – Wyatt – This person says, his name's Logan He's an Old Navy model (Link chuckles) – I'll take it

– You're so basic – I'll take it At least he didn't say Gap – And she would bang him but not befriend him – Oosh

– Okay – Got that one – Old Navy, huh? – Asked my grandma who this was She said his name is Robert, is the bassist in some band and looks like someone you can have a good time with without worrying about how you're going to get home the next morning – A grandma said that? – Yeah

– Hey Grandma (laughs) – Bassist – You wanna watch me play the bass? – Oh God – Give her a ride home the next morning (Rhett and Stevie laugh) – Okay this person asked their mom, I quote, he looks like those guys from stock pictures

– What's worse than being a model for Old Navy? Being a stock photo model – No it's interesting because, you know, I get sent pictures of guys with hair that goes up and beards all the time from advertisements which are definitely stock photos That is why back up career – Yeah that's good I mean there's a lot of other people doing it but– – I'm the stock model

– It's interesting that these people ask their parents and grandparents, I guess, yeah, 'cause they don't know And they do know I get it, I understand – That's how the exercise works – Yep just verbally processing

Never got me in trouble before – He looks like a John or Jake or Jason He has a nice smile but his eyes look a bit shifty – Yeah yeah yeah – You don't look comfortable and your face kind of is not comfortable

– No, you gotta understand The look that I make in photos is I know something you don't (chuckles) – That I'm not comfortable right now – No no no, I know something about you that you don't even know about yourself That is the look you should try to make in every picture

– That's what this next person said No actually they said you look like a Brett You do sales at JCPenney's and they wouldn't be your friend because you look like a smartass (both laugh) – Brett – Brett

– I always hated Bretts – Brett is very close – This person says they wouldn't be friends because you look like you're gonna tell me I'm wrong all the time – Yep, right, yeah, yeah That sounds like a fan

(Link claps) – Nailed it! – I don't believe that That was an inside joke, that's what I'm calling I'm calling BS on that – Okay Link, this response I thought was very relatable Well actually not for me personally

They said everyone I showed his picture to so far has asked if they finally have a man Which is not relatable for me (Rhett laughs) But is generally relatable – It's relatable to somebody – Yeah

– Oh you finally have a man You captured him in that cage (chuckles) – Okay this person asked their mom His name's Murray – Oh gosh

– He looks confident like he works with animals Zoologist, Animal Planet guy And that you look charming so that she would be friends with you – I'm confident with animals – Murray the confident zookeeper

(all laughing) That sounds like an Adult Swim cartoon – An overconfident zookeeper, now that's interesting – My uncle said he looks like a Samuel and he designs homes for a living Wouldn't be friends because he looks like the kind of guy to get drunk off two wine coolers (Link laughs) – Drunk architect

– He didn't say, he said designer – Yeah, yeah, designs homes I think he meant like interior design – [Rhett] Interior design (chuckles) – Put some throw pillows over there! What's in this wine cooler? Wow! – Yeah you gravitated towards architect though

I like that – My aunt says he looks like a stay-at-home lifestyle blogger who posts recipes and Bible verses (Link giggles) Named George She said he looks like a quirky gay best friend she could have and she'd totally be down (both chuckle) – I'm the gay best friend that you always wanted

(chuckles) – Oh wow – I really liked that one 'cause it's so detailed And it's written out so nicely My cousin thinks he would be named Marc with a C – Yeah

– He probably does something with computers and math He seems very nice with a sweet smile but a little fussy He's getting older so he is ready to settle down and have a baby with his partner Rick (Rhett laughs) – (chuckles) Okay – Is it Ric with a C as well? (both laughing) – Oh my gosh

I'm not the one with the pink jacket! – Oh – My mother thinks this is a Jonathan He works for a software company, in parenthesis, he does not own his own software company She wants this to be clear (Rhett chuckles) And would also not be his friend because she thinks they wouldn't connect

But I liked the clarification – I kinda think we would connect – Make sure he knows he wouldn't own it (Stevie and Rhett chuckle) – This person says, maybe Charlie Maybe a middle school teacher

Depends on whether it is a bad hair day for him or he chose to do that (Rhett chuckles heartily) – Ooh – Oh (chuckling) – I assume you're going back to Rhett after this – Of course

– Well I have the trends I have to go to the trends This I really liked They said, my friend said Garrett Freelance writer for BuzzFeed or Vice

(Rhett, Stevie and crew laugh) – Ooh that hurts – And then this, he wouldn't be friends because he looks like he's annoying and interrupts you to say irrelevant stuff (both chuckle) – Oh this one's really hitting home (Rhett and Stevie laugh) – Okay so there were some trends I didn't go over a lot of the things that were trends 'cause I was gonna go over it now

So you didn't hear me say a lot of this stuff, but it's interesting because out of the 206 people who answered for Rhett, the majority of those people, like the highest percentage thought your name was Jon or John with an H or Jonathan, followed by Josh So you're a John, Josh looking person apparently Most people, a higher percentage of people thought that you were a vlogger, blogger, did YouTube, followed by teacher, followed by photographer And then 61% of people would be friends with you and 39% would not be friends with you – Okay all right

Good batting average – Link Your most used name was Steve or Steven, followed by Tom So that's what you're evokin' – I'll go with Steven

– Evokin' This was the weirdest and highest trend You had a lot of people that thought you were an IT, tech or computer software – Yeah – Followed by a teacher

– Oh our second was both teacher – Yeah – We should have been John and Steve the teachers (chuckles) – Tag team teachers – 61% of people would be friends with you

– Oh wow – Same percentage – Same percentage of yesses You did have a 35% no and a 4% maybe So you had a maybe in there

– I can win 'em over and beat you – Wow okay – I thought that was very interesting – I don't know exactly what to do with this information I do think– – But I do think I know what you're gonna say

(sputters) – You like to interrupt and say irrelevant stuff? (all laughing) You weren't wrong You weren't wrong – I know what you're gonna say – What was I gonna say? – You were gonna say this should be a social app where people can upload their picture and then they should get– – Get the trends – Get the trends

'Cause it's fascinating, and we should do that – I think that's a great idea, Steve But John was gonna say what John was gonna do with the information was is that if I ever commit a crime and I need to leave the country and establish myself somewhere else, I'm gonna be John the teacher Of course now I've screwed it up – Back to my idea then

We should have an app, I think there's a demand for this You just upload, 'cause you know, people will post pictures of themselves asking to be roasted on Reddit – Mm – It's different – Yeah

– I don't know why I mentioned it – Roasted on Reddit, yeah – People posted pictures of themselves and say, who am I? Who am I? That's a good Reddit thread – Okay – (claps) Let's start that Reddit thread

Let's make it a app and sell it – You heard it here, okay We're gonna do both but first do it on Reddit and then we'll make an app out of it Well thank you, Steve So we also have a clip that I mentioned that might be a little bit embarrassing from this week

It's a behind-the-scenes because the camera was rolling while we were doing some ADR work, which do you know what that stands for? – [Both] Yes – Automatic dialogue replacement – Yeah so basically for all the Mythical Beasts that don't know– – They don't know – If we didn't catch something audio-wise– – [Rhett] Audio, dialogue replacement? – No it's automated dialogue replacement actually – Automated

– You said automate or something – I said automatic – That's pretty good Oh so we did the blender episode this week, and with the blenders going, it was sometimes hard to get some of your audio so we had to do a couple pickups after the fact And the cameras were rolling for this particular pickup but I thought that the Mythical Beasts might wanna see so take a look

– And then whoas? – And then whoa – Whoa! (crew laughs) – Not like– – Gee willikers! Scoob? – [Crew Member] Oh my God, Scoob – Whoa! Whoa! I can't remember how I did it – [Crew Member] It was a little bit more dry – Like whoa

– Whoa! – [Crew Member] Yeah yeah yeah Let's get Rhett too just to be safe – Whoa! – Whoa! (crew laughs) – [Crew Member] Can I get one more for Rhett? – What? – Did you say what? – No – Because this is ADR, you have to say the– – I don't know what I said – [Crew Member] Let's just do a whoa, a longer, drawn out whoa

– Whoa! (crew laughs) Man – So awkward As if the show itself is not awkward enough – (laughs) I know – It's like then afterwards, like no stay out here and let's get even weirder

– Whoa! – Did you use any of that? – Yeah of course – Did you need it? – You know what we should do, we should create an app And you just, into your phone you just say whoa! – Whoa! – No no no First you should do it on Reddit How would that work? (chuckles) – That's funny, Rhett

That's funny, any J word Jay, John – You can call me John or Josh or Jonathan – All right – Whoa

– That's all I have, whoa So final line? – [Together] Until the next LTAT, keep on BYMB – F-O S-H-O (poppy electronic music)

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