Spicy Tea Party Challenge Ft. TomSka

– Cool, man Cool and good

Neat, great – You trying to just say positive words to make you feel better about this? – Cool, neat – Cool, neat, and great – Great (poppy electronic music) Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show

I'm Stevie and I wish we could just bake a cake out of rainbows and smiles and we all eat it and be happy This week's guests always negotiate when someone asks a penny for your thoughts? Please welcome Rhett and Link (crew cheers, claps) – [Rhett] Oh, oh, oh, oh (Link grunts rhythmically) What about that? – Ah! – This is so entertaining – Okay, all right

– All right Woo, woo! – I got my workout for the week! – Week! – Welcome – Yeah welcome to us, Stevie – Welcome to the couch How's it going, guys? – Oh man what a Saturday

– I'm knocking stuff around Stuff I'll reveal in a moment – Knockin' stuff around – I shouldn't I can't tell if I stumbled on the intro or not

In my mind, it was okay – Sounded great to me – Penny for your thoughts – But we had that anaconda incident (chuckles) – You still can't say it

– And I still, I just question everything that comes out of my mouth now – Anaconda incident – Andaconda incident – Andaconda – Oh yeah

(chuckles) – But I will maintain andaconda does sound pretty cool – Yeah yeah I've been calling anacondas andacondas ever since – Andaconda Also you know when your eye gets that weird twitchy thing and you're like, can anyone else see it? – Is it happening right now? – It's been happening for the past hour or so – Yeah

– You're stressed out You need potassium – I wanted to say something but (chuckles), 'cause I've been seeing it – There's something with your eye What a show this week

– I just interpret them as winks – Boy, a lot of little winks I don't know if you guys knew, we went to London very recently – I remember – Yeah we did

– A couple weeks back The week before last I don't know, time is just a construct, and– – That's true – We had a– – Definitely – A delicious afternoon tea session with one British YouTuber– – Yeah we did

– But the name of TomSka That's his YouTube name – TomSka – TomSka – Thomas Ridgewell

– Thomas, that is his proper name – He does, doesn't he? He ridges so well – Eugh So we had tea with him Also this week, Rhett won a trip on Meme of Fortune and I'm told that we did document it

So we have that footage – There were cameras? – There were cameras – I was just having a great time, what? – Nice t-shirt – And also, just a lot has happened in the past week or so There was an announcement that happened last week that we didn't really get to unfold so I wanted to unfold it on this very show

– Okay – A business announcement – Business – Involving Smosh – But before that, hey, don't spoil it

I mean it's been spoiled but come on now – It's fresh – Speaking of spoiled – Let's eat! – The rejected snack this week So we had a whole episode about Beyond meat, meat that is Beyond and not real and how different fast food places are using it on their menus and how more should or should not

– Yeah – Given the taste test that you did – Yeah that's what we were determining – One item that we rejected which I think you'll soon see why was a Panda Express beef and broccoli Beyond beef and broccoli, shall we say

– Oh it never even made it to the desk – It looks like it made it perhaps to a dog bowl – Oh gosh – And– – Put it on our twiggy ash tray, Rhett – Oh, you get your own plate, Link

– Yeah Oh, this will be, this part'll be fun though – Is there actual dog food? (laughs) – No, but also, it's only– – [Link] It's the broccoli that smells stinky – It's like ground fake beef so that's not what you would use – That's not typically how beef and broccoli works

– So yeah but I'm sure it tastes great I'm sure it's great – I'm gonna just go for a little beef, a little beef and broccoli (chuckles) Hence the name– – What is, I see a meat product– – Well it's Beyond meat – No no

No, do you have this little, this is– – That's different meat – Different meat – I think they picked out the beef but then left a little piece for ya – I think it comes out in different ways – Mm

– This isn't bad – [Stevie] Cheating – But it tastes a lot better than it smells – What if they planted this 'cause I refused to eat the real thing and so all these episodes, I've been eating a secret little bite that Josh has planted in here for me – It has a– – Do that next time please

(Link chuckles) – It has a taco meat taste to it – You're right – Mm – Taco and beef broccoli – Which I think I like

– Taco beef broccoli – Rhett likes it – Maybe if it wasn't like advertised as what it's supposed to be, by advertise I mean, you know, what I just said – It doesn't taste like beef and broccoli, it tastes like taco– – It's not bad – Taco broccoli

– It's not bad but it's not great – Taco broccoli Oh God, no! – [Rhett] Oh gosh – It was me! It was me who did the bad chopstick thing – (chuckles) Be careful

– Have you had a Big Mac with bacon 'cause they have that now And I saw the– – Oh no – I saw the commercial and I'm like no! No, no! – Hold on but you did it? – I have not done it and I'm not going to – Oh, oh – It's a pretty good commercial though

– You made it sound like you were like, I thought I wouldn't like it but I did – There's no way that could be good It's like– – What are you talking about? What do you mean? You mean it's ruining a classic but like stepping on a classic taste – I think it's, it doesn't, it can't work – But people have been potentially doing this for a long time but now McDonald's is basically saying, it's okay, you can do it

'Cause it's not like you asked before, they'd say no – That's the slogan, it's okay, you can do it – Yeah, have it your way – That's wrong, that's not the right place – That's Burger King but it's okay, you can do it is more like a middle school thing

(laughs) – It's okay, you can do it Is that like peer pressure? – What are you looking for, Stevie, your hair? It's there – Is it still here? – Your hair is still there – It's like little boys with the hands down the pants situation No, I was just looking for wherever I got– – No

– Fake beef – For the record, no – I'm not sure what you're talking about – Okay, it's fine Anyway, I found it very difficult, this is not in my segue

I don't write down my segues – [Link] This is not her segue, Rhett – I don't know if you knew, like it just is off the top of my head, I just go, but I found it very difficult and we discussed this for me not to repeat what everyone said in London because I have a problem with just like, if something sounds good– – I know what you mean – I just wanna repeat it back but then it seems like I'm mocking anyone – Like saying a word back to them that, in their accent

– Yes – Right like if someone says mind the gap – Right – Yeah – And you're like, right, mind the gap

– Your British accent is really, I don't know what you're pulling from – It's Animaniacs – Is it Animaniacs? – It's very good – It's Yakko Or Wakko, whoever it was

– It's just– – Mind the gap – It's what I heard when I was over there – It's like– (chuckles) – Well, I did maintain not repeating anyone which is great because Tom, boy that TomSka, Thomas Ridgewell has a good one, good accent on that guy – Yeah he does, it's very refined – He employed it in the video that I'm about to toss to

I guess this is how I'm tossing to it We played a hidden tea game where we hid things in teas and we were all there so I'm trying to explain this to you 'cause you haven't seen it And here it is, now Hello guys, welcome to this tea party – Thanks for subscribing

– What? – I just thought I'd mention subscribing pretty early on – Hi you three – So today we're having a interesting tea party The way it's going to work is there's gonna be a host of each round – Okay

– That host is gonna go to the tea-making area and going to fill three of the cups with just normal, English tea The fourth cup is filled with something gross You know how we do – Poison – And the bad cup can go to anyone the host chooses and then everyone but the host gets one chance to swap their tea with someone else

I'm very excited – The Princess Bride I'm gonna be for real with you, this is my first tea party – (chuckles) Ever? – Wow – Really? You don't have any daughters? – No

– Of course, before we start, we have to wear the proper attire – Oh these are gonna be tight – I feel like that looks actually kinda good – Is this why people wear lingerie? I get it – I mean honestly– – Like Link looks great

– Link looks really good All right so I figured that the tallest person should be the host first – All right I'll get to it – Oh you're talking about me Tea is served

– [Tom] Thank you – Okay– – How fancy – You have– – No milk? – No milk – What's in here? Nothing – One of them is very salty

– I can smell it – Can you smell it? – Yeah really strongly – I'm not sure – Which means it's one of us – Yeah I think so

– Right now for sure – But it's just salt – This is Worcestershire sauce This is something, this is a different beast – Trade away guys, you each have a turn

– You trade first – All right Tom, you make a trade – Yeah yeah, I'll take the one that's furthest away from me 'cause I'm very certain it's not that one – Okay – I'll just do, we'll trade with you, Link

Let me just try and get some kind of smell out – Now I get to trade I'm gonna trade back with you so I have what was originally Rhett's tea – I am 100%– – I have a bad feeling – Certain I have it

– Cheers it – And rears it Rear your head back – Oh (bleep) (soft whimsical music) Oh that's hot! – Hold on, what happened, Tom? (Stevie laughs) – Oh it's so bad

And if you wanna try this at home, get yourself a little chickie bottle of Lea Perrin's Worcestershire sauce and mix it in Can we get the bottle? (trumpeting music) – Here you go – Thank you – Now of course, one of these is very sour The other three are just tea

– What's in it exactly? – Sour stuff So let's make some switches here – I'm gonna trade with Link – Whoa – Because I don't think that Link gave himself the sour one

– Tom? (clanging) – I'm gonna stick, I'm gonna hold – Okay – So I think the sour one is either in front of Stevie or in front of me so I'm going to switch with Tom – Oh my God – Let's drink

– Oh my gosh! – Here we go – Cheers it, rears it – Dank it and sank it Oh no Oh God! – There it is

(Rhett and Link laugh) – Oh God! – That's right – You were right! It was in front of me – It tastes like when you have the flu and you vomited everything that you possibly can vomit so then just stomach bile comes out – That's so specific – I've never had that happen

– Let's party hearty We've infused our tea with something lovely and delicious We've gone with a Trinidad scorpion chili We were told to leave it in for 30 seconds (Link groans) We left it in for five minutes

Did we take the pepper out? Let's find out (Rhett and Stevie laugh) – After the break (tone beeps) – Oh sorry, these aren't actually the final placements I just really wanted to move these around a bit – What are you doing? – Actually wait, that's– – Tom! – No wait, no, that's– – Tom! – I still do know where it is

We'll go with whether I'm first – Let me just do this – Okay so Rhett just got rid of his – Mm-hmm – Tom, you either wanted to give it to yourself or you gave it to me

I don't think you gave it to Stevie So I'm taking Stevie's and giving her Rhett's – I'm gonna stay with what I have – Big cheers – Ugh, cheers

– Now I have regrets – And jeers (Tom exhales) – Oh Lord – How's that going, Rhett? – Dag gummit! (laughing) – Yes! – You gave it to Link! – You gave it to me! – And I took it from you – I want a little bit of it

I wanna try it – Tom, you crazy – Yeah (bleep) (laughing) – Now we've only got one place to go: fish – Yummy! – Okay

– Cool, man Cool and good Neat, great – You're trying to just say positive words to make you feel better about this? – Cool, neat – Cool, neat and great

– Great – Did you give it to me? Did you give it to me? – I'm answering with my eyes – Did you do it? Okay yeah, I'll just do that and we'll see how Link feels about it – Okay so you think that Stevie gave you the fish – I think, yeah

– Did he give it to me? Did he give it to me? I'm going to give it to you – Oh ho ho ho ho – I'm gonna switch with Rhett – Now I feel like I can't not do (laughs) this – Please stop

It's making everyone uncomfortable – I don't think that she gave herself the fish because nobody gives yourself the fish That's why Stevie, I'd like to trade with you – Oh thank God – Wow, it's really made the rounds this time

– Let's drink – Dink it – We are dinking There's some dinks going on here (soft whimsical music) – Mm

This one has the fish in it! I don't wanna wanna drink– – Drink it! – Drink it! – (laughs) Go on, Stevie! ♪ We like to drink with Stevie ♪ ♪ 'Cause Stevie is our man ♪ How is that? – Oh! – Yeah – Ew (coughs) (Rhett laughing) Oh my God! Thank you guys for such a lovely party And never again – Cheers

– Never again – Never again – You say – And never again – You didn't have to drink anything

Did you drink something? – I drank the hot stuff – Yeah you drank the hot stuff (sputters) I didn't drink anything Ha! – Man, I didn't look closely at those gloves on Tom I just don't know how I feel about them

(laughing) – He's still wearing 'em – I don't know– – Big fans of Tom though, I wanna just give Tom a shout-out and we should say we made a video on his channel – We'll say it – Yes, it's true – We made a video on his channel

– It's a very good video It was using the magazines that are appropriate You know what I'm saying? – Okay yeah – Because there were some that were– – That's all I'm saying – Okay

– Tom's funny – I love that, that was really fun – The Muffin Song – And his studio was cool And The Muffin Song's great

– That was a Gregory Brothers collab with a– – Do you know who we're also doing a collab with? (chuckles) – It's a good segue – Yeah I think so (laughing) – What, with Smosh? – Yeah so if you were on the internet last week, you learned that Mythical bought Smosh and you might've gone around in the trades, looked up a little Forbes action – Yeah you know how y'all do (Link laughs) – You know, the readers out there might have done a little reading, the watchers might have done a little Smosh watching but this is the first Mythical watching that you can have so if you're solely a Mythical watcher, this is where you're gonna learn everything for the first time

– Yeah, heads up – Surprise – Heads up, we bought Smosh – Yeah – Woo woo woo! – It's actually– (crew applauding) – Yeah hey

– Oh ho ho – There's some clapping, there's some clapping – It's actually a very surreal experience, this whole thing because I mean, we've not only, obviously known about Smosh but been friends with Ian– – I didn't, I didn't – You'd never heard of Smosh? – It was news to me Yeah we go way back

– Yeah so when their parent company Defy went under, we reached out to Ian, we were like, oh man Just let us know if there's any way we can support – Mm-hmm, via text – Or help you, yeah – I remember

– Sent him a text and that was pretty early on and then it was a few weeks later that it morphed from just hey can we, if there's anything you need or how we can support you, it morphed into, I think the best way we could help is by buying Smosh and it's actually, this is actually a viable option – Yeah and to kinda give a little background on that, I mean this is something, not specifically, but in general, we've been talking about it for awhile Now to clarify, 'cause a lot of people don't understand how it works around here, people are like, well is Mythical your parent, well we are Mythical We are Mythical, there's nobody, there's no parent– – The orientation video– – Above us – That we make all the employees watch is you two and then at the end you say, "We are Mythical

" – That's right – And then it comes up on the screen and then– – We should actually make one of those There should be a forklift section where it's like we teach people how to drive forklifts – (chuckles) Yeah – But one of the reasons that we actually years ago changed the name of the company from Rhett and Link Inc

, which was kind of a mouthful and it did rhyme though – I mean we did try Rhett and L apostrophe Inc So it was like Rhett and L'Inc – We definitely talked about it We definitely talked about it

(Stevie laughs) Oh it's a French corporation – L'Inc – Rhett and L'Inc – We changed it to Mythical – We changed it to Mythical because we always had an idea that we wanted to create things and be involved with supporting and things that are just bigger than the two of us being on camera

We didn't know how we were gonna get there We didn't know how we get from A to B but it just worked out I mean it was just sort of the perfect opportunity with Smosh needing a home and us being in a position to say, oh we're ready to kinda make that expansion so it was a match made in internet heaven – And I think, I mean there seems to be some chatter and speculation amongst Mythical Beasts of okay, what does that mean for our content and presumably on the Smosh side, that question has popped up too, like what does that mean for Smosh content? But the quick and simple and totally true answer is that it means nothing, like nothing changes for either I think for the Smosh experience– – Yes, it gets better on the Smosh side

– Yeah for Smosh experience, we've giving them creative freedom to then continue to make Smosh the way they wanna make it – Well another way to say that is it isn't like what we're doing and what Smosh is doing, we're trying to create some sort of creative collaboration where there's a whole new product, it's like no We've got what we do and what you guys enjoy and the shows that we make and those will continue unchanged and they've got what they're trying to do creatively and we're just trying to support and enable that so you're gonna see what you've seen from them and then new stuff that they want to create – I mean we are all under the same roof Because we have the infrastructure, we have the space, we have– – There's two roofs and we're under them and they're connected

– There's a wall – And technically, what makes a single roof? But yes, it is one – That's also a video we should make, what makes a roof? – [Stevie] (chuckles) A roof – I'd click on that – (laughs) Yeah

That sounds like a Vox video – I love architecture – But we're not gonna tell Smosh to make that video Hey guys, make a sketch called what is a roof? Like, that's, I would never do that to them – Absolutely not

– Of course I might, no I wouldn't – Well and Smosh has a new podcast called SmoshCast – Yep – Get it? – Yeah – And they talk all about the Defy situation and how they came here and you guys can check that out on YouTube

com/SmoshCast for their side of the story but from our side we're very excited – Glad to have Ian, glad to have everybody from the Smosh team So welcome to the roof, guys – Welcome to the roof, guys Okay, cool, great

Well that's done And– – Check – And now we can get to the real teaser meat part which is what does Chase's office look like? So you won a trip this week with a friend You could take anyone you wanted to take to go on vacation to Chase's office And let's see how that went

– So as you know, I won a trip to Chase's office and I typically don't go on vacations with people that I don't know but I've been really trying to expand my friend group and some of my friendships, especially one in particular has grown a little stale and Ellie was like, I think you'd really like my boyfriend So that's why you're here, Pat – Hey, I'm glad to be here I've never been to Chase's office so always looking to try new things – Oh awesome

I like your attitude – Yeah yeah It's Is um, is he all right? (suspenseful music) – He'll be fine – Okay – Gentlemen, your limo's ready – [Pat] Oh, limo? – Gentlemen (happy 60s music) Let me get the door for you

– Oh – Oh – Watch your heads, ope – Oh it's pretty roomy inside – Yeah I think we can just stand up

– Oh – Invisible limo – All right, please fasten your seat belts, guys – Oh (chuckles) – There it is, sorry

– You guys ready? – Mm-hmm – All right, here we go (happy 60s music) (chuckling) – Wow – Yeah – Here comes the limo

(happy 60s music) – Thank you – Thank you – Sir – Hi, I'm Chase – Oh hey

Nice to meet you, I'm Pat – Hey – Hey Chase – [Chase] You guys want some segment producer leis? – Yeah – Yeah? All right cool

These are Post-it Notes and paper clips – That's so cool – And stuff like this, this is kinda what we do We use these kind of tools on a daily basis And I got plenty of stuff like that in here

Do you wanna go inside? – Yes – Yeah? – All right cool, well welcome to Chase's office – [Rhett] So excited Oh my goodness – [Chase] Yeah, you just kinda take it in

– The pictures don't do it justice, do they? – No, it doesn't capture what it's really like in here – [Rhett] There's other people in here Tell me about them – They're just, you know, I guess producers too Like you see Davin and this is kinda his area

Kristen and then Alex in his corner doing his thing too also producing There's also this really nice shared space up here – [Rhett] Oh you have access to the couch – Yeah – Well it's really a loveseat

– [Chase] This lamp's really cool Yeah, you can try it out for yourself if you want Click, clockwise not counter-clockwise – Oh – [Pat] It can bend like that, any direction you want? – [Rhett] You could point it right into your cup

– Yeah if you're not sure if there's anything left in your cup, you could check very thoroughly – [Chase] You wanna try the desk? – You know what Pat, you do it, I wanna see– – Me? – You do it first – Okay – I'd recommend two – Okay

All right, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it Whoa! Whoa, slow down, it's so fast – [Rhett] Does this screen listen to your headphones? – Sometimes, but sometimes I wear the headphones You guys can try that out too – [Pat] There's no wire on the headphones

– I feel like I can go anywhere – Yeah – I could No wire, like I could spin (laughs) It's like whoa! Look at that

– [Chase] I've got this really long ruler It's a lot longer than your average ruler – What was it, 18? – 18 – Wow – Yeah

– I wonder what I have that's 18 inches That part of my arm is 18 inches I mean to the pink– – The exposed part – To the pinkie – Very tip of the pinkie

That reaches all the way to the tip of my fingers – [Rhett] I mean basically, we, almost– – [Pat] Pretty similar wingspan – We got almost the same forearm – [Pat] Pretty similar forearm I like that

– [Chase] You can sign the bowling pin Davin has us do that We're not really sure why but you can go ahead and sign it – [Rhett] Yeah, of course Rhett and I put an ampersand there for you

– [Pat] Okay – Just do right underneath that Rhett and Pat Look at that – And that'll live forever – [Chase] We've got La Croixs in here

So I've got lime and coconut – Oh, we could put the lime in the coconut – And drink it all up? (chuckles) – [Rhett] Do the honors, Pat – Wow Try that, you gotta try that

(laughs dramatically) – You guys can feel free to roam around, anything you see really, you can go ahead and explore – Okay, what's he got over there? – Uh-oh Make sure they're showing us this (whimsical music) (thumps) – Oh – Well she really sails

– Whoa (laughs) – Oops – [Rhett] Oh – I'm open Got 'em

Whoops (clatters) – Oh Oh whoa whoa whoa! – Saved it Oh underhand, okay – Oh! – [Pat] Oops

Where it belongs, right? – That might be the end of it It's in the trash – I'm glad you guys finished that – Yeah – [Pat] I think this one's a six? – [Rhett] No, three

– You're right, it's a three – Four, three, seven across the top and five, two, nine And then eight, six, one on the bottom – [Pat] How are you so good at this? That's incredible – Mine's already done

– Oh – Yeah, all mine are done I don't really understand what's so hard about this 'cause it's really just– – You're sorta looking at numbers – Looking at numbers, yeah – Guys, sorry to say this but I have to leave

I have a meeting and it's not in this office so you guys just aren't really invited But if you wanna hang out here, you guys, I have Photo Booth on my computer, you can make some memories – Of course You mind if we take these off? It's gettin' a little heavy – I'll take those

It was really nice having you guys Enjoy the rest of your time here – Thank you so much – In Chase's office – Yeah your office is awesome

(happy 60s music) Look at this one – Which one? – Love– – No, no way Look at that (tense orchestral music) How do they do that? – It's a new technology – It follows you around

– [Rhett] Yeah, it's so cool (Stevie laughs) – [Stevie] Wow, that was so great, right Link? – Glad you guys made a connection – Yeah yeah, and Pat and I have– – Thrown a Frisbee together – Yeah yeah, we had a little movie marathon, a little Patrick Swayze movie marathon – Oh those– – Well we've– – The friendship continued

– We've connected a few times – Oh – Does he have the other shirt that says that? – Oh yeah, that's what we wear when we hang out (Stevie chuckles) I actually haven't washed it, it smells a little like Pat If you want (chuckles), if you wanna smell it

He sits on this side of me (laughing) So my left side kinda smells like Pat – No, I have other friends Well I have family – Okay

– Okay, cool I mean, great, well that's all I have, guys – That's all you need – So yeah – I'm gonna get a tattoo right here that's gonna

– Okay – HYMK – Okay, well, I was thinking about doing that but

– Okay Until next LTAT, keep on– – Keep on BYMB – F-O S-H-O

(poppy electronic music)

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