SNACKAGING: Japanese Snack Taste Test

– Did you just fart? Or is that something to do with this? – I have not farted (lively upbeat music) – Snackaging is when you look at the packaging of a snack to determine what something is and if you will like it

– It's particularly helpful when traveling to a land foreign to your own when you wanna decide what you want to eat – Today we'll be traveling to Japan (soft music) – Whoa! Where is it? Did you see that sleight of hand? – Yeah, it wasn't very slight – There's a lot going on here – You take this

You stick it in that and you smile like that and you got rocks on the outside of it – This is like the Japanese version of Fun Dip, and they got it right Oh yeah – [Rhett] Oh, look at this, it's a whole deal – How much water goes in it? – Eyeball it

Good Mix So what you're supposed to do is mix it and then dip it into this It's getting a good consistency, you gotta be master whisker to get this, oh, look at that – It's frothing man, look at that

(Rhett grunting) It's nice Oh, it's like a mousse – [Rhett] Now it's a dip-a-roony – That's sour, whoa – Let me get on that train

– (laughing) It's sour, isn't it? – Just as I suspected – What do we have here? Look at this, it's so light, like I feel like I can drum and you wouldn't even know I was doing it – Yeah, well I kinda do know that that's happening It has a little man boxing, it says ♪ Feel the rhythm ♪ – There's an octopus up here, and he's on a microphone, and then there's a gray creature with a bandaid and boxing gloves

– It might be a rice log, can't tell – Oh, oh, see that's what I get for hitting it over your shoulder, so – Yeah, that's what happens when you drum with it It does have a seafood-ish flavor – Oh does it? – Hmm, that's good

No? – It's okay – I like it The excellent – This is the excellent – What fruit, when dried, is the excellent? – I think it could be an apple strip – Let's open it up

– Apple strips is our answer, lets see if we're right – Whoa it each gets it's own – [Link] Look at that – Oh, oh, oh, cheese – That's some spongy cheese – It's string cheese, look

– What? I shouldn't have eaten that, huh? – [Woman] Well, it's not gonna hurt ya – Man, that is so good – Oh look, it's similar packaging – Rip-able, non-resealable fun times – Rip-able, resealable fun times

– Mm-hmm – That's what they call snacks in nowhere – Yeah well, I think maybe in Japan – It looks like something that grew that you shouldn't eat – I'm saying it's squid

– These are squid legs, fried and then dried out – For fun-ness – For fun-ness – Yup – It's a little crunchy, it's a little sweet too

– It's squid legs? (laughing) – Squid legs – Squid legs does it again – I'll tell ya, they like to put stuff in – [Both] Rip-able, resealable fun-ness – Oh this is a dried fruit? Hold on – These was that

– Last time we thought something was a dried fruit it was cheese, so I'm going with cheese – No, no, no, no but that's peaches – Dried apricot with honey – Honeys, apricot – On top

– You don't want to eat all these at once, because there's four of them Why would they make something with so few in it resealable? – Dink it – Oh, umeboshi, umeboshi plum – That's why Oh it's not an apricot

– I love it though – That's freakin' sour! – I love it, man I love to have my mouth attacked – My whole face is trying to invert itself – Is that what it is, umeboshi? – You can have it

– One of the most sourest things on the planet Whoa a big one, look at that – It could be human skin – It looks like it could be banana peels – It has the consistency of an eggplant

It's a fish – It's striped – That is a fishes body, this is a bass – I hope it's not – It's so pretty how they put it together

Is it fish? – No it's not – Yes it is – This would be like one mad goatee, it's like, can you imagine me driving up in my hog (making engine sound) I'm here for the motorcycle meeting – I think you're gonna get dis-invited if you come up and say that

(Link laughing) – You gotta roll it up Open, open Man that is pungent! Holy moly! – Eel? – Yeah, 'cause it's not fishy enough – Oh, a box or something, look at that, we got a stack of styrofoam There's a smiling person

– That's gonna be us in a second – What's that big onion called? – Big one – That's what this is – There's a big onion? – I'm thinking of a leek – A leek is bigger than an onion? – Okay

– This is that sticky bean stuff, I've seen this before – Look at those strings man – Yeah, Yeah, sticky beans, and then you take this and you make a party – Should you heat it up, should it be heated? – I don't believe so Did you just fart? Or is that something to do with this

– I have not farted – How can you not smell that – Ah, It farted – It is the only thing I smell right now – Bean is supposed to make you fart but they're not supposed to be fart – Oh my gosh

– Is this called oh my gosh-y – I feel like as a bean lover I should like it – It's better to taste – It tastes way better than it smells – It's savory, it's sticky, potentially poisonous

– Natto Fermented soys, yeah – Fermented, mmm Will this get me drunk? – You know, lets just seal it back up and call it a day, for this – That's an acquired taste

– I haven't acquired it yet Lets taco-about that Get this will it taco T-shirt at mythicalstore

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