Slim Jim Stuffed Churro Taste Test

(upbeat music) – [Link] Consider the churro That cinnamony sugary flavor-rod from heaven with one fatal flaw: it's too deliciously sweet

– [Rhett] So we're going to stuff it with a splendidly salty Slim Jim in hopes of achieving– – [Link] a perfectly balanced churrific experience You remember Josh, he's the one with the spork tattoo – [Rhett] Yeah him – [Link] Let's make a Slim Jim-stuffed churro – Alright so we're gonna take that Bisquick and we're gonna pour it in that there bowl

Then we're gonna take that water, if you gradually add the water in as your dough thickens – You know, you're going too slow man – [Link] You think it's so easy – Really wanna work it – That's looking really good

– Can I eat this because I like to eat the raw stuff? – You wanna take a bite? What are you tasting? – Biscuit batter – Yeah, uh-huh, it's in the name Bisquick (laughing) Next step would be to throw it into this piping bag – [Link] Come on, just come on – (mummbling) Do your part man

Don't just stop in the middle – [Link] Like this? – Yeah, you're kinda gonna get some sticky on your hands Please stop eating the churro dough – I squirt this into the fryer? – Yeah, so you're gonna squirt it into the fryer, and typically take some scissors and kinda chop at the end when you want it– – Oh nice – I'll hold the sharp thing

– Let it– – Oh my gosh, what– – [Josh] Yeah, whichever way– – And when? – Cut it! – Now? – Yeah go now – [Link] Should I throw another one– ooh, there it is – No, don't throw another log, please– (plopping) – You're horrible at this! – Ooh yeah – This guy's lookin' done – Like do you wanna just snack on these, what were these for? – These are Hush Puppies

Why you got this thing in your mouth, man? – No reason – So now we gotta get the Slim Jims inside – Did you guys have a game plan or are you gonna just kinda wing it? – We could figure this out Between the two of us we've got 85 years of engineering school

– Step one, open the Slim Jim – [Rhett] Yeah – Now you just squeeze it out like a Push Pop – I'm gonna create a little home for the Slim Jim You just start adding buddies, see how many buddy rods you can get in there

– [Link] I think that's perfect – [Rhett] And you just wanna do this for a little bit – [Josh] Just like an old-timey musket – And then you pull it right out – [Link] And then you just wanna shove this

– [Rhett] Right in there We're done – I'd say you kinda destroyed the structural integrity of the churro a little bit – Well, you know what? (drilling) – Okay, that's also a great idea (drilling) (laughing) – Are you sneezing? – No, I'm trying to stop myself from laughing

With you, not at you – [Link] Then you just shove that – So now we got two, pretty nice ones – What if we just took a Slim Jim and kinda shoved it inside the piping bag with the batter, then squirted it in there, then snipped it – You think that'll work? – Yeah, I did it last week

– Why didn't you say that before? – Just shove it all the way in, kinda squeeze the batter There it is Close to the hole? There it is – Oh yeah! – Slow down, slow down! – There it is, you can even see where it fishtails Toss it in cinnamon and sugar and you gotta like– – [Rhett] Ooh, nice! – You gotta get some height, there it is! – Let's make a couple more and then we'll sample it

(chopping) I think we're gettin' it, Josh – [Josh] I'm very proud of you – It's amazing that you figured this out Yes! – [Link] Cut! Rotate, rotate, squeeze Ooh, cut! (laughing and cheering) – [Josh] I don't need a haircut

There it is (coughing) – Okay, alright – Hot oil, hot oil, dangerous Alright, wait, before you do that we got a sauce I just mix up some dulce de leche and Sriracha

– [Link] Okay, now we're gonna dip the stuffed churro into it Is this the perfect marriage of sweet, cinnamony and salty? Dink it, sink it – Oh wow You're hit with that sweetness and churro-ness – It works, you taste the Slim Jim immediately

– And it can't be anything but a Slim Jim Your body knows – You're exactly right You got the meaty center to give you that protein – Well, you've done it again, Josh

Well, I mean we've done it again, as a team – [Josh] Yeah – Quite an experience – Alright, stick around as we recreate some Post Malone memes with Post Malone Get comfy and cozy in a mythical hoodie, available at mythical


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