Sing It or Eat It Challenge | YAK-APELLA Ft. 5SOS

– Hold a note – Or down your throat

– [5 Seconds Of Summer In Unison] Let's talk about that (upbeat music) – Good mythical morning – Today we are joined by our friends, the band whose latest single "Teeth" is out now, it's 5 Seconds of Summer (applause) – Hello, fellas – Welcome to the show

– So stoked – Okay guys, now, what is the longest that you all can go talking in unison – In unison? – Like saying the same thing – Yeah – Um

– Okay, one, two, three How you doing, buddy? Cucumbers are fantastic, watermelons are also delicious in summertime it feels good in the pool when I dip in with a towel around my feet (mumbling) – Wow, okay, so

(laughter) Apparently as long as you want (laughter) – We're really good at this – All right, now many years ago we orchestrated an internet-wide competition called "supernote" to see who could hold the longest note, and today we thought we would do a modified version of that contest with you guys – Okay – But we wanted to add an element of eating something nasty

– Yes, this is a brand new game all about outlasting other people's vocal chords or else It's time for "Yak-Appella", 5 Seconds of Summer edition – Welcome to the Yak-Appella zone – Okay, we've got two teams, mine and the worst one – Whatever

– In each round, two players are gonna face off and unveil a mystery ingredient Then on the count of three they have to sing the ingredient name and hold the note for as long as possible For example, if we were up here and this was baked beans, we would say baked (Rhett and Link singing) beans for as long as we could – All right, but it won't be baked beans, it's gonna be bad and whoever runs out of breath first loses and must eat that nasty food, and then the winner gets to add their portion to the Yak-Appella blender of bad vibes In the end, the losing team's gonna have to drink whatever nightmare this blender has created

– [Announcer] Okay, before we start I'm gonna need two team names Rhett? – We are the Belting Goth Bats From Hell – [Announcer] And Link? – And we are, the Fleetwood Mac-Daddies – [Announcer] All right, let's do it (rock music) Okay teams, let's chose your players for round one

– I'll go first – Go ahead – Okay, we've gotta be strategic here Link is not good at this – Oh, you're trying to be strategic

– He can't– – I'm just gonna say, I'm probably gonna be pretty bad at this too – Okay – Okay – So can I, I'll go up – All right

– Bring it, Michael – [Ashton] Go on, Mike – Do it Michael, take him down – Make me proud – All right, so let's see what we're– – You should be scared

– What we're playing for Oh my god – [Michael] What the hell is that? – [Link] Smelt – That looks delicious – That is, like, disgusting

– Oh my gosh – So we sing "Smelt"? – We sing "Smelt", yeah – [Announcer] You guys ready? – Let's go Fleetwood Mac-Daddies – From your chest, Mike – [Announcer] Three, two, one

– (singing) Smelt (laughter) – [Calum] Go on, Link – No! – Yeah! – How are you so good at this? – Yes! Hey man, because I smelt this beforehand and I was not gonna lose – Can't wait to see you guys on Broadway (Rhett laughs) – That was a (beep) little harmony – You gotta eat, you can do it

– What do I even do? – Gobble it down – You know what, just take a nice hearty bite – (groans) It's got like a spine in it this is disgust– Okay – I wouldn't dissect it I would just bite it

– (imitating Michael) It has a spine in it (laughter) – (imitating Michael) It's got a spine in it (laughter) – [Ashton] Little nibble And he likes it – He loves it

(laughter) – Come on, swallow it – Barf, barf, barf – [Link] You can do it He did it (cheering) – That is disgusting

– All right, well I'm gonna throw the rest in here Boy, am I relived – Wow, Link, you brought it man, you brought it – Good work – Impressive, Link

(rock music) (Ashton and Luke deep breathing) – They're in position (laughter) – You're gonna hyperventilate – [Luke] Hold on, okay – [Link] All right, reveal what's at stake here, guys – Okay, hoping for mandarins

(laughter) – It's not gonna be mandarins It looks like a snake – Oh no – What is that, liquorice? – No, no, no – [Rhett] It is a snake

– Oh God, no – [Calum] Seriously? – We eat these in Australia all the time (laughter) – I have a bad fear of snakes and this is terrible I don't wanna make snakes mad so they come for me in the future – I don't think they'll know

– No snakes are watching – [Announcer] Are you ready? – Oh, I'm so upset – Yes – Oh, bro – [Announcer] Here we go, in three, two, one

– (singing) Snake – Oh no – No (clapping) – Oh my god Now, Ashton, if I must say

– The note was better than mine, – It seems that you made a choice That you had a choice – Some one whispered, "Jack Black" – Came back to bite you, man Like the snake you're about to bite

– Speaking of that, yes – I'm not afraid of this – [Announcer] Okay, so before you take a bite, I will say the bones and the snake are not like the smelt in the last round, so just take a nibble and don't eat the bone part – Wasn't planning on talking the inside of what's in it (laughter) – Maybe go for, like, the butt

– The tail? – The butt, yeah – I think the tail will be crispy – That is disgusting – Oh yuck, it's disgusting (Luke laughs) I thought it would be crispy

I thought it was fried – No, I think it's just been boiled – Boiled for safety – Oh, that's super gross – This is gross, this is disgusting

I hate this Cancel the show (laughter) Okay, yeah (beep) it Nah, I don't care (laughter) Tough as nails

I'll pick the (beep) thing up, look at this All right, I'll take a little nibble – Oh my Oh my God – You made me do this

(laughter) – Give another high note, that'll help (groaning) – It's like Man vs Wild – [Calum] It's rock and roll – Swallowed it – [Rhett] All right

– [Michael] Oh my god (applause) – You guys have any bourbon? (rock music) – Okay, what do we got here? (groaning) – [Ashton] Hell no – Oh no way No way – [Ashton] Oh yeah

– [Michael] No way – Oh no – That's all right, Cal – At least it's already dead – You like the cockroaches? – I think I'm about to cry

(laughter) – I just can't lose – You can't lose – You know what? – Listen, you can do this This guy, he thinks he's got you – Hey, I'm not in a band or anything

– Calum, I'm just gonna throw it in your head, you're pretty screwed right now (Rhett laughs) – Look at him, he's got some long (beep) lungs in there – [Michael] He does, man – My hearts already beating fast, man – [Ashton] He sounds like James Blake

– [Announcer] Okay, here we go – (singing) Cockroaches – [Announcer] Three, two, one – (singing) Cockroaches – Eek it out, don't panic

– Come on, Rhett – You're not in your own body anymore – [Michael] Oh no – Nope, keep going, it's fine – Oh no, oh no

– [Link] Keep going, keep going No! (clapping) – He's still going (Ashton and Michael harmonizing) (Rhett singing) – Literally lungs of steel – The man never stood a chance (applause) – Calum

Embarrassing defeat, mate – You can do it, just take it– – It's just a cockroach that's spent it's entire life on the ground – That was terrifyingly long – [Michael] That was, that really was actually incredible – I would use your side teeth for this, not the front ones, you're gonna get more flavor

– Does this count as a vegetarian thing, 'cause that's your like, your card out of this – Nah, I got this – Ah, 'cause it's a bug – [Luke] Yeah, it's a bug – From experience, I would say

– (laughs) from experience – It might seem counterintuitive, but I would bite the head off because the back part is super juicy and the head is not as juicy, it's just crunchy – Do you think there'll be goo? – There'll be goo in the back but not as much in the front – Will there be goo? – Will there be goo? (laughs) – Ready for the goo? – I can't watch this – Hey, listen, this is the most rockstar thing ever, though

You're gonna do this at every show from now on – I just ate the butt of a snake – What would Ozzy Osborne do? – Yeah, Ozzy would have no trouble with this – Just do it, dude – Come on

– Come on – Just close your eyes – It's a little cornflake, close your eyes – Well, it's easy for you to say (laughter) (screaming) – [Ashton] Oh, he has to grind his teeth, no! (yelling) Oh God! Oh no, Calum, what have you done? (laughter) – You know what? Valued attempt

(applause) (rock music) Welcome to Sudden Breath This time we all have to try and sing the longest and whoever is the last man standing will avoid whatever horrible thing is on this platter and certain death – And wins his team five points, but also there is no dying, but the rest of us do have to eat the gross thing no matter what team you're on So, you're playing for your team and yourself – All right, what's under this cloche? – [Ashton] Oh, liquid

– [Michael] No way – Oh, it's blood I mean, ew, blood (laughter) (beep) – [Link] Blood? – I mean, that's way better – That's all right

– What? – [Link] Oh gosh, yes – Whose blood is it? – Probably a pig's? – Whoa – [Announcer] Correct – Is it? – And it has– – How did you know that? – You are crazy Y'all dudes are crazy on this show

– I've had it before – Oh, that's pig blood – Okay, so we're gonna sing the word blood, – [Ashton] Cool – And I'm gonna punch you in the gut right before we start I'm just saying

– Okay – I'm gonna try a different– – This is metal – See, he's already breathing, look at him, he's bending over, take a note, guys – You all can breathe – I have bronchitis, I don't understand how I'm even meant to win

– [Announcer] Okay guys, for this round since so many of you are gonna sing, as soon as you give up I'm gonna need you to hold up an X with your arms in front of you so that we know that you have failed – What if I just don't hold up an X? – I'm gonna hyperventilate and faint – [Announcer] All right, here we go In three, two, one – [All Singing In Unsion] Blood

(Michael yells) (everyone but Michael holds note) – Blood-uh – No! – He's done it again! (Rhett hold note) – Bring it (ding) Whoo! – I hate you (applause) That's crazy It's all that Tokyo stuff

– Yeah it is – The what stuff? (Rhett holds note) – Okay – We'll explain later (laughter) – Okay Are we drinking? Is it like a shot? (Rhett laughs) The whole thing? Is this bad for you? – I don't– – No, it's really good for you, lots of minerals

– It is not bad for you, but I don't think you should drink the whole glass – Why not? It's a waste, no I'm kidding (laughter) – This is gonna start showing up in like Whole Foods or something soon Like, pig's blood for health – It smells terrible

– Here's some cans, guys – I'm a pretty easy vomiter, so I'm probably gonna vomit – Yeah – Here we go – Oh gosh

– I mean, just a little, dink it – Mine has dust in it (laughter) It's just sitting on the top – That only helps – [Link] Let's do it

– Wait, you're all doing it now? I thought we could wait a minute (gagging) – It definitely tastes like blood, you know, I don't know why I was expecting something different – (clears throat) Yeah, that was It was delicious – We need some freaking mouthwash Rhett, throw that in there – Can we not? – [Rhett] Just one – [Link] Just do it, okay

– Isn't this, like, some type of juice bar? We could add a pear or something? – Bring in the pear! – (laughs) Bring the pear – All right, so you guys win, so that means we have to drink the freaking smoothie in Good Mythical More – And in the meantime, go check out 5 Seconds of Summer's new single, "Teeth" – It's really good – They earned it

(laughter) Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – Now you guys say, "you know what time it is" – One, two three – [5 Seconds Of Summer In Unsion] You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Sam

– I'm Ethan – I'm Noah – I'm Goat – And we're from Auburn, Alabama – (singing) And it's time to spin the wheel

– [All Singing] Of mythicality – Nice – Yes – What do you think, guys? – That's amazing – Beautiful

– Really good – Okay, stick around for Good Mythical More, the losers have to drink the smoothie, and we're gonna have some more fun with 5 Seconds of Summer – You guys are gonna brush your teeth together – I guess so – And to find out where the wheel of mythicality is gonna land

– [Narrator] We wrote a novel It's called The Lost Causes of Bleak Creak To celebrate we're hosting some very special, intimate conversations about the book Tickets are available at bleakcreakcom

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