Shocking Lookalike Discoveries

– There's my special boy (makes kissing sounds) (gasps) Wushu! Oh! Kay, see you guys

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and you can be too for four equal payments of $8199 Today's guests have worn short skirts, I wear t-shirts None of us were cheer captains but one of them kept score for their middle school girls' basketball team on the bleachers, please welcome Link and Rhett

(scattered crew clapping) – [Crew Member] Woo! – Did I say that right, yes $8199 Four equal payments of $8199

It's not four easy but four equal is what Leelan Oleander had suggested for my intro today, guys – Well that was great – Great – You know it was cool being here when you did that – Was I late? – Yeah did it feel exciting? – It was just so much easier

– Than walking (laughs) Yeah it's hard – I'm exhausted, look at me (blows air) Winded to get here – Guys, it's Hallow-weekend

– Hallow-weekend! – It is! Woot woot! – Tonight is a party night for people who go out – Everybody be safe out there Get your costume together if you can do it in a group, that way you can keep track if everyone's there, and that's a good idea – Speaking of group costumes – That's right, we did that! – Yeah

Should we not say and then they can– – Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Let's let people Let's let people figure it out – I don't know what I am – No, studies show that when you just let people figure something out, they use more of their brain

(laughs) – This week, guys, there's plenty of people who have dressed as you for Halloween I can't wait to see those costumes come in But we're gonna show doppelgangers, look-alikes, 'cause we get quite a few emails that come in every week of people who think that they see you or that they look like you – I love these – And boy, some of them are wrong

Let me just say that Alex spent an entire day inside of a coffin – No he didn't – Yeah he did And I'm gonna show you that as well

But first we have our beverage of the week – Oh! – And also, this beverage has a– – See this? – Halloween costume of its own (chuckling) Because it is Mermaid Lemonade It's dressed as a mermaid (laughs) – Oh this is gonna be really good

– Keep refrigerated below 38 degrees Fahrenheit Drink within three days of opening Well, T minus three days – Dink it Oh right on that discarded tea bag

– It was already open – How is this? – It tastes like peach lemonade – It's a little tart – It tastes like a tarty Powerade – I mean just a lemonade, it tastes like lemonade

– Do you guys remember my intro? – Yeah I could probably say it word for word – It was a Taylor Swift lyric reference – Oh – Oh – Yep, yep yep yep yep yep

– Because we're talking doppelgangers And because there were some years there where I looked very Swifty, I was told – Oh, and we took advantage of that one time – Yeah, oh my gosh, you're just doing all the segues and all the intros today So in 2013, when we did the Mythical Show, I looked so Taylor Swifty that we decided to use me for what is quite possibly the most embarrassing clip of all time as a hidden annotation video for the Taylor Swift Caption Fail video

♪ Sunday ♪ ♪ I mean ♪ ♪ Even in a pickle CD ♪ ♪ And now you're ever on the use of me ♪ – And for those of you that did not find that hidden annotation video, here it is (Rhett chuckles) – Yeah Yeah ♪ King enough so you can winging it ♪ ♪ Belonged or airport bringing in Maine ♪ ♪ Went out of the company ♪ – [Rhett] A still from that is my phone background – And here is that still right there

I can't believe I am your phone background That is so truthful – It used to be my family (chuckles) No, it is still my family – And also here is another photo from 2014, this is Taylor Swift's Halloween costume and mine in 2009

– Are you Mack in that? What is it? – Max – Max – I'm Max It was actually a very unoriginal costume for the time, but it was all hand-made and I thought it was pretty cool – Who is Max? – From Where the Wild Things Are

– Where the Wild Things Are, man – Oh, the book – Yeah, books Books Anyway, the other person that of course I get a lot, which I actually see is Avril Lavigne

This is the side-by-side of Avril Lavigne and I That I can, this was emo day Stevie and happens to be just Avril's normal thing that she does – Avril's making a comeback – I heard that – Gives you hope

– (chuckles) What? – Right, yeah Yep – Your celebrity doppelgangers are Dana Carvey for Link – Yeah Or Garth the character

– Specifically, yeah – And then specifically for Rhett it would be of course the Supercuts guy – [Rhett] Yeah, right, that's me – [Link] You get that a lot – Boy, everyone thinks that's me

Sometimes I do (laughs) I've gotten seven free haircuts at Supercuts because of that guy – There's also I guess an ad on the Staples Center right now that everyone thinks is you as well and when I started talking about this episode, everyone on the crew was like, oh my God, have you seen that guy? Which I haven't and I don't have a photo of it, but I'm assuming he is this guy – Also not me – Good for him

I'm glad he's getting all that ad work But okay so we get emails into our business account all the time I'm gonna read you some of them, I'm gonna show you some of the photos The emails are almost just as good as the photos, so are you prepared– – Yes – For this? Okay, the first subject line is I am Link's doppelganger

– Oh – And the email reads– – Self-proclaimed – "On several occasions, I have been asked if I was you "Most recently it was at a Chipotle" – Okay

– Good – "If you are ever in the need of a doppelganger "for any of your material or if you would like to "just meet to satisfy your own curiosity–" – Uh-oh – "I would be interested" This is from Jonathan Wick, I can't even Rickusminguncoon

(Rhett laughs) – Oh really? – I'm sure that's it – And he has three photos So the first photo is like an old school Link photo – [Rhett] I feel like if you look to the right of that, like don't look right at the photo, look to the right – Squint your eyes, the way that the bangs swoop over, that's my old hairstyle

– That could be Link – All right and then here's the next photo – [Link] And he's updated his look – [Rhett] Hold on, is that the same guy? – [Stevie] It's the same guy and he's holding– – [Rhett] He's waiting for Cinderella – High heels in that one which is a very Link thing to do

– This one's not as good – He lost it – Shouldn't have sent this one – Most recent one of him – [Link] There we go, now we've got it

That's me – Yeah – Okay That could work – That's pretty accurate

– No, dude You ain't me, man – Hold on, you can't be the judge of that – Do your own thing, man – [Rhett] You can't be the judge of that

– None of these people are you, Link – Jonathan, you used to look like me and then you wised up and you became yourself Leave me out of it – This one is still Link, it's a little bit more exotic – Oh yeah

– I found Link's clone in Greece An email reads, "Dear Link, and of course Rhett" – Of course – "I am Panos "I am Greek, I watch your Mythical Morning "episodes with pleasure

"Keep up, pals" And I think he means like keep it up, pals Not keep up with his email – Keep up, pals – This is moving fast

– I'm moving real fast – "And work here in my beautiful country together "with a colleague which is by the way "an exactly clone of you "It would be nice to hear from you and even nicer "if you would come visit Greece "But don't come too close to your clone "You would both disappear in a higher dimension

" – I like this guy already – That's how I ascend – [Stevie] There you go So that is Greek Link, who's in the army, Link – I don't know, man

I think you guys need to keep up – Keep it up – You need to keep up, pals because I think that's a pretty good doppelganger – Okay this one's for Rhett – He doesn't look like me

– The email subject line is– – Great looking guy Not me – Doppelganger, simple Message is just, "Hello, I thought I would send you "Rhett's doppelganger "Thanks, Peyton Loheed

" And it's pretty normal but this is Rhett's – Oh hey now (Link laughs) There is a thing There is like a certain, I don't know what it is, there is– – The eyebrow shape – There's a quality to that guy's face

– Long nose – Which is, we're in the same ballpark A little bit buggy eyes The long nose The dark eyebrows, general face shape

He's got a little bit more of a chin than me (laughs) Which is a good thing for him – All right back to Link with this one We're getting odder and odder Like not the animal but like oddity

– Okay got it, right – The subject line is still doppelganger The email reads, "I'm not sure which dude is Rhett "and which is Link, but I've been forwarded pictures "of these guys on multiple occasions by various people "The first photo I saw, I literally thought "I was looking at myself "I did a classic double, nay triple-take

"Other than the fact that he has blue eyes "and I have brown eyes and enormous biceps, "we could be twins" – Uh-oh – "I no longer have the long, flowing "and occasionally shampooed hair of my youth, "but the resemblance is quite solid" – Okay – "I would be open to "a live interview, provided we don't need to check "the veracity of my previous bicep claim on air

"We'll never know if that's true or not "Plus, it might be nice for him to see "what he'll look like at 40 "Spoiler alert: handsome" – Spoiler alert, we're already 40 – He is 40 (chuckles)

– They talking about me or you right now? – You – You – Me, okay – Yeah "I've attached a recent selfie and an older screen cap "of an interview I did with some guy out of New York "with a purple tie

"I thought for sure he said we'd be "wearing silky bath robes "Kindest regards, Chad" Which when I read his name was Chad, I just kinda was like, this guy is such a Chad Let's see him in his silk robe – Oh wow

– Yeah That's a Chad – I did a double, nay I say triple-take (laughs) – [Stevie] Look at, what is this? – [Link] He's in Beirut? – It's interesting, because there was, like the last guy, there were these indicators, very clear indicators, you're like he, similar look – To you

– We haven't seen that yet with Link – Well this is his updated selfie without the silk robe – [Rhett] Okay now I see it – [Stevie] I mean I do and I don't – No I'm joking, I don't

(laughs) – I mean he has glasses on – He has glasses He's a white guy with glasses In front of cabinetry – This one, this is for Rhett

He doesn't get as many submissions The subject line is Rhett look-alike and the email that Flanagan sent to me literally says, "Finally, a look-alike email about someone "other than Link," and then the person's email says, "Rhett kinda looks like the drummer from Fleetwood Mac" From Aaron Beal So here's the drummer from Fleetwood Mac and here is a still from Rhett from Buddy System season two – [Link] I can see a little of that

– But the drummer from Fleetwood Mac is Rick Fleetwood and this is what Rick Fleetwood looks like now – Are you sure it's not Mick? You mean Mick Fleetwood – That's what I meant Mick Fleetwood, not Rick Fleetwood – [Rhett] I would be happy to look like that in a few years

– [Stevie] I said Fleekwood as well – He's on Fleekwood! – Well look at this! – [Link] Oh snap! – Yep, again – Am I right? – On Fleekwood – So I think that Aaron Beal was onto something You do look like Mick Rick

– You look like Mick Rick Fleetwood, man – This is a different one as well It's a historic reference The subject line is found a pic hair that looks like Rhett Email, "Hey, my name is Pedro and I'm from Floridas

"Was on YouTube and found a picture that was frozen "since 1914, though you might have found it interesting" – [Link] What? – So this is, I reversed– – A 1914 photo? – I looked up what this was – I been found out – And it's from something called the Raw C photographs And basically– – Should have never done it

– In 1915, an Antarctic expedition, like crew from this expedition wrecked and survived more than three years on ice – Ice, yeah, we survived on ice – But they lived in an abandoned hut – Hut, yep – And then they took these photographs and (laughs)– – Photographs, lots of photographs

– They found the negatives and they survived for 100 years – 100 bare years – (laughing) They had them processed – Yeah, we got 'em processed (Stevie laughs) I was involved in the whole thing

I was involved then, I was involved now – If you and Jude Law had a baby that grew up, that would be your baby – Okay, but here's my all-time favorite This is a Link submission Subject line Link's doppelganger

Email reads, "I'm so sorry this is not business-related, "but I thought this was too funny not to share "I found Link's doppelganger which is a bit hilarious "and I didn't have any other way of contacting ya "Hannah Ruth" – [Rhett] Oh, oh! – [Link] Whoa! – I'd like to know who this is! – [Rhett] That's pretty good! – This one looks like me – It is you! I don't get it

– Yeah yeah – [Stevie] Something weird is happening – Everything about this works because it's kinda clouded in mystery or even shrouded in mystery, and it's kinda like Bigfoot photo, you know what I'm saying? It's difficult to make out anything, but that's you, man Everything about it – I think that's me acting like I'm on a bike while shirtless which, in my younger days I was constantly shirtless, and I'm in front of a television of the Tour de France

– Yep – No no no That guy is on the television but somebody took a picture of the television – [Link] That arm even looks like my arm – [Rhett] Do you remember this? – No

But it must have happened – But even though this is you, I do think that you have one ultimate doppelganger and let's see who that is (Link laughs) – Wow – My dad, man – [Stevie] You are your dad

That's– – Yeah and if I took the glasses off – Let's do one of those into your single right now and see Got it and good – Okay thank you – And good

So I mentioned that Alex spent the day in a coffin I didn't really explain to you why There is a reason – We don't even care – We don't wanna know

(chuckling) – Okay so Teresa had tweeted about Six Flags St Louis customers competing for $300 by spending 30 hours in a coffin – Yes – Which makes no sense, because why? But then she tagged Alex because she said Alex will do it for $50 and Alex decided to come back and say that, "I will pay $100 to spend 30 hours in a coffin "and that's my final offer" – So he misunderstood

– No I mean, I think he was willing to pay $100 I took him up on that offer and so he spent the entire day, an entire work day in a coffin Let's see – Coffin day here at the office Looking forward to getting everything started

(soft music) Morning Let's get going here (chuckles) I'm gonna be working from in here today Paid good money for this opportunity I'll see you guys

A lot to do, but I'm gonna try and get my laptop right now which I unfortunately left down by my foot Gonna get in here My laptop out of batteries? 7%, we're low on battery today I'm working from the phone All right, you know what, Davin, what's going on today? – We're meeting with Paisley about the peanut butter jar car

– Meeting with Paisley about something – Peanut butter jar car, Alex – Kay, thank you, peanut butter jar car Hey Paisley, are you there? – I am, yeah – Oh! (laughs) – Can we talk about this jar car for a minute? – [Alex] Yeah that's why I'm here, man, so– – Cool

What do you think of the paint job? – Does it look like a peanut? – [Paisley] I mean, I think so, what do you think? – I cannot see, so – What if– – What was that? – That's it, can you? – Okay, so it sounds great Honestly it sounds good, it's got nice sound to it – [Paisley] It's got like a car sound so it's like a jar car – Is it tan man in the sun or more brown bear? – (sighs) Kinda like an in between

You know like a peanut, like peanut butter? – [Alex] Yeah – So if you think of like the peanut butter color, it's basically like that – Great job, I think it's good – Cool – All right I knew it was gonna be a long day, but luckily I brought my special bag here

I'm just gonna attach this Okay (soft music) I'm sorry (liquid pouring) Grab this now Oh God, don't break

All right here we go, clean, friendly, it's good Hey Kevin – Hey Alex – Hey man so I just wanna check and make sure the episodes are funny and also good – Uh yeah, the episodes are funny and good

– Okay, thanks, man – You're welcome – It's lunch time here which is also when I like to play with the office dogs Unfortunately, they're next door (concrete scraping) (coffin rumbling) (Alex moaning) Hey Teresa! – [Teresa] Oh my God

(chuckles) Is someone in there? – Hey, I was wondering if I could play with Wushu as I usually do around this time – You usually play with Wushu around this time? – Yeah, well (chuckles), sometimes My special boy! There he is There's my special boy (makes kissing sounds) (gasps) Wushu! Oh! Kay, see you guys

Good boy! She's licking my beans! (coffin scraping) Hey guys – Hey – Just wanted to see how business was going – [Man] Oh, it's very good – Okay well– – It's not dead

– I can't come to lunch with you today I brought my own – [Man] That's fine I understand, you're busy – Okay

– RIP – Interns! – Oh god – What are you doing? – You know, just doing some editing – I'm talking to the other intern, other intern! – Yo what's up? – What are you doing? – I'm also doing some editing – Okay well how's it going? – Pretty well

– I'm talking to the other intern now – Oh, it's going great – It's going green? – Great, uh, green I guess Or great – Which is it, green or great? – Both? – I'll talk to you guys later

All right, good day boys I think we all got a lot done (soft music) (winces) Uh, there's some stuff in there you're gonna have to– – [Davin] All right, I'll deal with that – [Alex] Thank you – Have a good night

– [Man] Davin, go look at what's in there – Okay, a bag of piss (Rhett, Link and Stevie laughing) – Yeah Pretty much sums it up – So I had Alex, that $100 that he paid, he just paid it right to the rental company for the coffin

He just (slaps hands) take– – It was a break even endeavor – That covered it – Yeah – [Link] For him (laughs) – That's all, thank you guys for, thank you guys for being here

– You're welcome – Yeah yeah you know what? Anytime you need us to be here – And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing And now, our final line Three, two

– [Together] Until next LTAT– – [Link] LTOP– – [Together] Keep on BYMB – F-O S-H-O – I got it (poppy electronic music)

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