Sephora vs. Dollar Store Makeup Test

– Can we make out which make-ups are marked up? – Let's talk about that (midtempo synth music) – Good mythical morning! – And good mythical welcome to the star of Fam on CBS, it's– – Hi guys! – (laughing) Nina Dobrev

– Oh, I didn't see ya back there Where did you come from? – I'm very sneaky – And I, like, heard 40 pops in your back as you came forward (laughs) – Like a whiplash! – I might have to go to hospital after this – Are you gonna need one of these? Like, we could have a Good Mythical Morning branded neckbrace

– Yeah – We'll sell you one – Alright, great thank you! That's so thoughtful – Uh, Nina, did you know that 70% of all YouTube videos are makeup tutorials? – Did not know that No

– Well, because it's not true It's not actual knowledge – This is true On average, makeup has a 78% mark up and is said to be ridiculously overpriced, especially the well-known brands And we're curious if we can actually tell the difference

It's time for – (singing) Is it good blush or bad blush, I'll be on your face for an hour more, Sephora or dollar store – Alright! – That's good! – Dionne Warwick in the house! – Okay, we're gonna be working as a team and we're gonna receive two versions of a similar product One from Sephora, one from a dollar store And, Nina, can you basically be our makeup artist slash consultant? – Sure – We need your help

– If we get three or more wrong, Link and I, not you, have to drink a makeup smoothie I don't know exactly what that is but it sounds like a smoothie with makeup in it – We are counting on you, Nina – Yep (midtempo synth music) – Okay, oh goodness

– I think I know what this is but I could use an explanation – This looks like powder – What is this Stevie? – This is a contour kit and Ellie's voiceover says allegedly countour's still a thing I don't know what that means But that's what I was supposed to say One of them cost $1 and the other one cost $28

– $1 and $28! – Wow, seriously? – Right, so, we've done contouring before so I know how that works – And you are nailing it, I wouldn't go too much further though 'cause then that would get you in trouble – I'm trying to bring my cheekbones in and that's like isn't that contouring? – Yeah, there you go, there you go Keep walking around like this all day – And then give me some highlights

– Okay, um, highlights – Like, I've made this go in and I wanna make this come out, right? Cause this is the part that needs to pop out – The cheekbone is what needs to pop? Yeah, nailed it Go that way So, this is for foundation so you're definitely not supposed to use this like you did

Um, this is to wipe away, delete the – – You talking about me? – Yeah, you too – Delete – Delete – All of this – Undo

(laughs) – Um, and then this brush is – – Look good already – Uh, yeah, dear God – Mine doesn't even have a mirror it's just this – I think I got the cheap one, y'all – It's a window

– It's just a window So you can watch me do this – It's like a sneeze guard – So, this, uh, shiny one is the highlight Which is supposed to go on top to highlight the cheekbones

– Blend all that in now, we're kind of in the blend phase, right? – No, stop, every time I turn around (mumble) this is – – Blend it out – My brows are really my feature – Yeah – You know, it's the thing that most people point out they're like do you – what do you do to them? I'm like, I just let 'em go, baby That's all I do

So, I really want to draw attention to them but these tadpoles that I've drawn on my forehead – Alright, Nina – Alright – Who's bringing the contour game to a $26 level? – No, one of them's 20, one's one dollar Gosh, I really need to go to the dollar store more

It's amazing, um, this is the dollar store one Sorry, that's the Sephora one – The Sephora brand product one is on Rhett's face (laughter) – What? No – He can't even open the makeup

– They didn't think of everything Why is this a mirror? (midtempo synth music) – If you want your smize to be fierce you need eyeshadow! We've got a $1 pallet and the other is $29 can you find the Sephora pallet? – I tell you right now, mine's got more Gucci colors than yours – Yeah, but look how many options I've got they're all kinda the same – They're all variations of the same colour – So where does this pink go? – You know what, I could tell you or I could just wait to see what you're gonna do with it and that seems like the more fun option for me

– I feel like, I feel like pink goes on the top – Again, there's no mirror here so – You know, the problem is my eyes are so deep-set I'm like flesh on a skull when I'm up here – Yeah – You know, so I'm trying to pull my – – What in the world are you talking about? – Trying to pull my eyes out of my holes

– Yeah, I think we're going for the David Bowie look on the left, what are you going for? – I'm just doing one eye, keep 'em guessing – I'm gonna point out that look all the – where the powder is going, does that mean it's expensive or cheap? – That means it's cheap – You think it's cheap because it's going everywhere? – Or that you're The Rock – Feel like I've been in a fight – Now, of course, I know this is not how people who know what they're doing do makeup but I like it

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's all about, like the point of makeup and wearing it is to accentuate your feelings and really boost up your own self-esteem and confidence, so it's all about what you want to make you feel better so I support – – Me walking around fierce like this – Whatever it is that makes you happy Um, I'm gonna go – – Who looks more like they shop at the dollar store right now? That's, I think that's the question – Bing! – Okay, Sephora on my side right? – Yep – The Sephora brand product is on Link's face

(buzzer) – No, what? – Look at that y'all You messing with us – I quit – I mean, yeah yeah, I mean this is just so deceptive! (midtempo synth music) – I heard you like eyelashes so we put eyelashes on your eyelashes One of these fake eyelash sets is $1 and the other is $10 from Sephora can you pick out the one that is from Sephora? – Now, you got twice as many

– Yeah but yours is super thick – I mean, just to compare, check that You got, like, this, oh yeah put that backdrop on – These are thick and these are thin But let's see how these look on

– I might double up – What is this for? – Now, this is what? – Glue? – Yes – I'm a bit afraid, I need you to do this 'cause I don't wanna mess up – I mean, I don't want that either but I also get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing you guys struggle – I'd rather for you blind me than me blind myself

– I wouldn't, I know how to do it – Is it, it curls up like that, right? – I'm going on the eye that I've already really got going – Do I just close it? – Yes – I can't close it Oh you're doing that one

Oh, that's wet, oh are you – – See, now you have to stay still and keep your eye closed – I don't really need help – OK, OK, OK, is this supposed to burn horribly? – Yep, pain is beauty, that's what they tell you – Thought I was gonna get some sympathy but you're like yes (laughs) – Alright, wow! Look at these luscious lashes! – That's pretty amazing, did I go too high? – Hit the other one

– Oh, my God, it's in your eyebrow – But you can't see it because you – – You've the black eye – I mean, you raccooned yourself – He done raccooned himself We left him alone, we came back and he's raccooned himself

(laughter) – These do have glue on them My instinct is to say that these are the cheap ones but – – You look amazing – But my instincts have been wrong all day, so – That's true – Look down

By the way you have great lashes – God, I don't even need these – I can't really open my left eye – Is that the one you did? – Yeah – Yeah, that makes sense to me

– How do I look? – Oh gosh – Use your eye – Uh, the reason you can't see out of your left eye is because you've glued your own eye – the lid of your eye – to your lid of your eye (laughter) – Really? – Yes – This is not really a question of who's handsomer it's a question of which one looks cheap

Sometimes cheap is handsome – I'm starting to think that – – So you're looking at packaging, you gotta look at my face – No, look, whatever it takes – They're not bad products, both of them are actually good products Um, they're just different styles

So, that one is for more dramatic look, if you want to be a Kardashian And then, if you wanna go for a more subtle – Subtle, so which one do you think – – OK – Is the more expensive? – After this whole game, I've come to the conclusion that they're all made at the exact same place Sephora is just charging a lot more for the same – (BLEEP) – That's what's happening

– Um, I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say that is Sephora and that is the dollar store – Okay – Wait, wait, hold on You guys moved the thing, hold on No, no, no

This one was in your pile right? – Yep – Kay, so the Sephora is – Sephora, Dollar Store

– Me – Oh, whoa, whoa – We're saying the Sephora's me – The Sephora product is on Link's face – Yeah! – Alright, you redeemed yourself a little, Nina

(midtempo synth music) – The last step for any femme One of these lipsticks is $1, the other is $21 from Sephora Which is the Sephora lipstick? – Neither one of these look like lipstick – They don't? – That looks like mascara and this looks like, I don't know, lip balm – Lipstick has evolved, man Get with the times

– It has Oh, that's a pretty color – Uh, huh – And it looks wet – That's accurate

Very good observation – Red and wet – Next time you put lipstick on can you, uh, shave a little closer, yeah – (singing) Shave a little closer! – How did it feel? – It feels so expensive (laughter) – And look it, what is – – Some women go outside the lip line to make their lips look injectable

– Yeah, uh huh – Without, uh, getting injections – You done with him already? – Now, I just, now I just wanna go – So does that feel quality to you? – I raccooned myself and then I redmouthed myself (laughter) – Redmouth Raccoon! Get him in a cage! – It doesn't feel bad quality now

Oh, God! – Oh, no Oh, no Did that get anywhere? – It just went on your hand, it's on your pants there – Red, suspicious looking! – I shoulda told you that I had already squirted it out But I didn't scare ya

– Do you want? – Yeah – I, yeah, now I have suspicious red stuff on my pants, my crotch area, that's kinda great – Are you angry? – No, I just think it's funny – Alright, here we go, comes right out – Yeah, so, here we go

There's little like, like a felt – That seems expensive – Now, Nina, you're working on the herpes highway right now – What does that mean? (laughter) – Did we, uh, do we have any gloves? – I'm not, I don't have an outbreak – I don't know you

– Construction was completed – It's clean I'm 2018 – Okay, look they just supplied you with gloves – Wow, man

– Better safe than herpes, right, that's the expression? – But once you get it, you've always got it – Oh, gosh – Working on the herpes highway – OK, is that how you contracted it? (laughter) – You were making that face at the time (laughter) – You look like The Joker, like Jared Leto's Joker

– Yours are really, really bright Are mine that bright? – No, his, his – – Yours are 'neath the shade of the 'stache – Yeah, I think based on the texture and the packaging, I'm gonna go with (whispering) Which way is it gonna go? Sephora – Oh, Sephora, over there Disappointed at you – The Sephora product is on Rhett's lips (buzzer) – Oh, Nina! We only got one right this entire time but we learnt sometimes Sephora not worth it – You're right, I mean

– Which says you can spend a little less for this excellence – Yes, make sure you check out Nina in 'Fam' Thursdays at 9:30 on CBS and thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – Now, you say 'you know what time it is' – You know what time it is – I'm Ava

– I'm Aaliyah – I'm Jenna – I'm Grace – And this is our masterpiece – And it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality

– Def Leppard unicorn (laughter) – I love that – Click the top link to watch us try to guess real or fake bizarre Canadian laws in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the wheel is gonna land! – Your hair and lips aren't doomed, they may just need to be groomed Try our Mythical Grooming Products available now at Mythicalstore

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