Salt & Vinegar Snack Taste Test

– Which salt and vinegar snack is the saltiest and vinegariest? – Let's talk about that (whimsical music) (fire burning) Good mythical morning! – Huge news! Right out the bat

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store, click on the silver GMM T for all the info and rules on how to enter – Mmm-hmm, come on, visit us But now today, today is a day where we taste the tangiest of flavor combinations Salt and vinegar This duo is so popular that the market has actually become flooded with salt and vinegar snacks of all types

– And I fear that we as consumers might be losing perspective Have we lost our true north for what a salt and vinegar experience should be? Not if we got anything to do with it! So today we take snacks to task and ask, what is the truest representation of actual salt and vinegar? It's time for Super Snack Flavor Match, salt and vinegar edition! – We're each gonna rank the snacks on a scale from one to 10 based solely on how close it tastes to actual salt and vinegar and then we're gonna add up our scores The snacks with the highest overall score will be declared the truest salt and vinegar flavor snack – (laughs) Yeah, I get ya – And will accordingly be forever named Salt and Vinegar Brian

Salt and Vinegar snack – But before we taste these snacks, we have to establish what salt and vinegar taste like again You know? – Oh yeah – 'Cause again, this isn't which one we like the most – Salt

– It might be but it's really the one– – And white vinegar – That tastes the most like salt and vinegar Now Josh, who knows about culinary things, instructed us how to get the proper salt and vinegar taste – [Link] A lot of my salt is not dissolving It's down in the bottom

– Don't dissolve it Just get the salt on the bottom – I'm adding some more (laughs) – And now take a little (laughs) Tart

(coughing) – Never woulda thought that that would be– – But good – One of the most ubiquitous flavorings of snacks on the planet (choking) – It must've been an accidental discovery because I really like the flavor Mmm, ha! – It is good – It's so much more intense than I remember

– It makes you want to punch yourself in the face (laughing) – First up, we got Blue Diamond almonds, salt and vinegar flavor from their bold line – Mmm-hmm I got some of this at home – These are really, really good

They're very, very addictive Once you start going, it's very difficult to stop You better stop because if you eat this whole bag, you get almost 3,000 calories (laughs) – [Link] Whoa – [Rhett] In just this bag

– But it's bout a handful – Bout a handful of nuts – A handful of nuts is a healthy snack – A handful won't hurt ya – Now it's worth noting that one of the ingredients in this is malic acid, which may up significantly the tart level of these things

But according to my wife, it also contains crack – Yep – She loves 'em – Yeah, they're good – It goes so well with the almond flavor too

I love a good almond, man – It tastes a lot like the real thing – Yeah, basic, it's– – A lot like it Especially as it settles on your mouth It settles on your lips

– Again, I think they've tricked us a little with the malic acid– – But in a good way – I think that really helps – I like to be tricked sometimes – I mean I (coughs), I'm choking I'm also tempted to give this a 10

– Like, yeah, I can't imagine it being done better than this But maybe we should just be conservative and start with an eight – I agree – Yeah – I'm also gonna give it an eight

– [Rhett] Eight – Total score of 16 Next up, Kettle Brand Sea Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips – [Rhett] Mmm, yeah – I love a good crunch, especially the ones that are folded over on themselves

That's my jam – (crunches) Man, these are good too The vinegar is more specific – Um, it is not nearly as pungent as the almonds from the previous round, agree? – It's not nearly as pungent 'cause it doesn't have the malic acid But again, I'm trying to zero in on the authenticity

Maybe I should just lick one straight – Oh, yeah 'Cause we are the lick daddies – The lick daddies are back in town (laughing) – Ah, ah, ah, ah

(laughing) – Mmm – When you lick it, it really brings out the vinegar – 'Cause you don't get to the potato, which then throws it off a little bit – Uh-huh – I actually believe that almonds are a better compliment to salt and vinegar flavor

They don't skew it as much as potatoes do – I believe that once you've thoroughly licked a potato chip, you should just get rid of it – Definitely don't put it back in the bag – 'Cause it's kind of soggy – Excellent taste

I think I'm gonna give it a seven 'cause it's not quite as authentic of a taste – Man, this is tough I feel like the overall levels are lower but the taste is the same I'm gonna give it an eight too I think it ties

That is a 15 – Next up, Weight Watchers Popped Salt and Vinegar Potato Crisps – Okay – Air popped, not baked or fried – Yeah, they're healthier

They are worth two Weight Watcher's smart points I guess a serving, not just one Two Weight Watcher's smart points That's what I call a Kevin Smith lay up – Huh? Weight Watchers, when you want to eat and forget that you ate

(laughing) – I mean I might as well be eating a poker chip – Yeah – But we're not here to talk about how crappy these taste Look, I gotta be a lick daddy again What is it made of? That brown stuff? – You can't even lick it 'cause it just breaks

Air Pop chips are not good for lick daddies 'Cause lick daddies want something to hold up Look at that – But the salt and the vinegariness is so overpowered by the thing, I do have to think that's gotta be a factor in this score – It definitely still has an authentic flavor, but it's not as intense

I think I'm gonna go all the way down to a five – Oh, that's what I was gonna do too We are in agreement Five plus five is 10 (dinging) Next up, Lay's Salt and Vinegar flavored chips

Oh yeah – The classic – Mmm-hmm Now they're depicted with a carafe of red wine vinegar here but we have no indication that they're not using anything except white vinegar (mumbles) be honest

– Mmm, wow (chips crunching) – The vinegar does taste different Maybe it is red – Tastes red Tastes red

– That's a good chip Oh man, that's a good chip (laughing) – It's so chippy though (crunching) You know what I'm saying? Like it's very potato forward Just like my uncle

– It's not as potato forward, he always leans with a potato? – He always sneaks in with a potato – Ah ah ah I don't think it's as potatoey as the kettle chips – Again – They're lighter, they're crispier

They're literally lighter – You know what? It has a building quality You notice how it's, the very first one I was tasting potato But now I feel like I've got a salt and vinegar coating in my mouth – Mmm-hmm

– I'm not complaining about that – Mmm Wow, hold on – It's turning a corner when you get into chip five or six – You're saying the salt and vinegar flavor just starts to really pounce? – Yeah

It really settles into something that feels very much like what I tasted at the beginning of this whole thing I'm going to an eight I'm going back to an eight Let me see if lick daddy agrees – I don't because are you talking about yourself lick daddy or me lick daddy? – Lick daddy broke another chip

– The vinegar is again, it's very tasty, but I think the vinegar's a little different It's different than the standard – Well, I'm locked in at eight – I'm gonna give it a seven, still really great Which brings us to 15

(dinging) – Now we've got Carolina Country's snacks, salt and vinegar fried pork rinds! – Pork rinds! The skin of a pig – Made in Henderson, North Carolina! – Oh yeah, just down the road, man, just down the road from our hometown of Boy's Creek I was hoping they also sold raw pork skin masks over there I made a special trip and everything but came back empty I'm sorry sir, we do not want to honor your request

– You went to Henderson and learned that? – Yeah, I thought it would be creepy – Oh, pork daddy has, pork daddy (laughs) (laughing) That's a different personal Lick daddy has a dilemma When a lick daddy is presented with a pork rind that you can stare down like a barrel, he's gotta stick his tongue into it

– There you go Nope, can't do it, can't do it (pork rind cracking) (crunching) Well, you're having a lot of fun over there, but I'm learning something – I didn't taste any salt and vinegar Lick daddy went a long ways

– Nothing – All I got was pork Became pork daddy – I'm not getting any (laughs) (crunching) I'm not getting it

– Lick daddy just dribbled something on pork daddy – What me? – Yeah – I flipped some licky juice on you – Yeah (laughs) You flipped some licky juice on me

– I'm sorry – Pork daddy got licky juice on lick daddy We should be DJs, man – DJ Lick Daddies (laughing) Dueling DJ Lick Daddies in the house for the next three sessions

There is no salt and vinegar I mean– – There's some salt – Okay, I give it– – There is some – I have to, I mean, if you like a pork rind, it tastes good, but there's no– – If you just told me these are pork rinds, I'd be like yeah, these are pork rinds – I'm giving them a one just because I do taste some saltiness

– Look at that one That's a lick daddy extravaganza right there Look at that Looks like a ski slope (bag crinkling) – What are you giving it? I give it a one

– I give it a two (dinging) – That's a three Finally Annie Chun's Organic Sea Salt and Vinegar Seaweed Snacks – I know you're excited about these, Link – [Link] Oh my gosh, I do not likah the seaweed

– [Rhett] I don't get it, man Why even do this to yourself? – 25 calories to eat this whole thing-a-ma-jig – Fiber, it's got minerals (crunching) Oh, no, I've actually had a lot of this kind of seaweed – Tastes like licking a fish

– Yep – If I wanted to lick a fish– – I don't feel like you're qualified to– – I'd get therapy – I think this is the place where this lick daddy is not qualified to give opinions because you're overwhelmed by the seaweed I actually like this snack I've never had this flavor

And after that first one, chew daddy learned that it tastes a lot like salt and vinegar (coughing) Hold on, it tastes exactly like salt and vinegar – But, Rhett, you can't lick and not, when you lick everything else, you're only tasting the salt and vinegar But with this, you're also still tasting the seaweed I'm not biting it

– I give it a 10 – What? – I give it, can I got higher than 10? – No – I give it a 12 (laughing) It tastes as if I took some seaweed and dumped it into that salt and vinegar It is absolutely amazingly authentic

Now you've gotta like seaweed, I give you that, Lick Daddy (laughing) But just really lick it and think about it, Daddy Don't think about the seaweed Think about the salt and vinegar It's so salty and so vinegary

– It's salty and vinegary but– – So much more than anything else – Of course it's salty It's a flacid green sheet from the ocean – Give it a 12 – You can't give it a 12

– Okay, I give it a 10, give it a 10 – I give it a five – Oh, come on! – I give it a five Because there's so much sea coming through – [Rhett] Okay, for a total of 15, (dinging) which means that Blue Diamond almonds, which are really, really good, not as salty and vinegary, but they did win

They get a 16 and they are officially salt and vinegar Brian – Congratulations Blue Diamond You've done it Consistent quality, bold flavors, great value And Brian, that's who you are now

– I'm just gonna keep licking these Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Laney – And I'm Dave

– And we're from Roanoke, Virginia We're about to try these crazy hot pop chips and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality (crunching) – That's right, eat something that scares ya – Click the top link to watch us invent the next big chip flavor, plus open mail in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

Get the limited edition GMM Silver Logo T now at mythicalstore, and check out the info on the product page to learn how you can win a once in a lifetime trip to the Mythical studio

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