Ridiculous Celebrity Wax Figures (GAME)

– What? – What kind of hair is– – Something happened to that guy – Oh gosh

– What? – Oh (upbeat instrumental music) – Wax figures are not only terrifying but they can also be pretty bad And when things are pretty bad and terrifying we make them into games – That's right We're gonna guess what celebrity is being depicted in a wax figure, but it's not gonna be easy because we're gonna start with just a little piece of the image

And then we'll both have the opportunity to guess, whoever guesses first gets to guess first and the other person has more time Then, they slowly reveal different parts of the mosaic of the image, if you will – I will – The longer it takes for us to guess the celebrity being depicted, the less points that we win At the very end, the winner gets a wax fig

Which is literally just a fig covered in wax (crew laughing) That I want so badly Alright, Stevie, you're gonna be showing us these images, right? – [Stevie] Oh, yeah – Okay, we're ready Let's see the first piece of the first image

(suspenseful music) Oh it's just an eyeball (crew laughing) Is that a man or a woman? – [Rhett] Steven Seagal – Oh, that's a good guess I don't know who that is – I guess I'm wrong

– I think it's, is he wrong? – [Stevie] Yes – I think she would tell me if I was right – The bald guy from Gladiator – [Stevie] Let's go to the next piece (Rhett laughing) – [Link] Okay, oh, this is getting spooky now

– [Rhett] It has changed – [Link] Creepy – I don't know, it has changed though – Leonardo DiCaprio – [Stevie] Incorrect

(suspenseful music) – Steven Seagal (crew laughing) – [Stevie] Next piece – [Link] Oh, there's a nose The guy from Entourage (crew laughing) – Are we accepting those kinds of answers? – Yes! Trust me, we're gonna get real desperate

– Yeah, you know there's people who already know who this is – Now I will say that the outline of that guy's eyes and nose is a little inappropriate But let's keep going – Yeah, a little bit (crew laughing) That's what I was thinking

Who is that? Who could that be? – You have one guess – The Rock? (laughs) – [Stevie] Incorrect Next – [Link] Who is that? That's Chris Pine – [Stevie] No

– Oh, dang – Val Kilmer – [Stevie] No, next – [Rhett] Robert Pattinson! – [Stevie] Correct! – It's the guy from Entourage! – That just gives you an idea of just how bad these can be – That's Robert Pattinson if Robert Pattinson was a country music singer

(Rhett laughing) – Robert Patterson – Robert Patterson (laughs) – [Stevie] You ready for the next one? – Yeah, sure – [Link] Oh, there's a nose – [Rhett] Steven Seagal

– [Link] Mr Potato Head (crew laughing) – Y'all gonna have Steven Seagal in here Okay – Give us the next one

– [Stevie] Link, no? – Mr Potato Head – [Stevie] Okay, next – [Rhett] Sylvester Stallone – Some big nosed white dude

(crew laughing) – With a baggy eye – Jesse Plemons – [Stevie] Next (suspenseful music) – [Link] Top teeth – [Rhett] What in the world? – This is the guy who played Kylo Ren and was also in Girls

Adam Driver – No – No it's not – Who has teeth like that? – Oh, I think I know who it is, but I've already guessed – Channing Tatum

– [Stevie] Next – [Link] Napoleon Dynamite (crew laughing) Looks like a freakin' luchador wearing a suit Who is this? John Heder – Brendan Fraser> – [Stevie] Next

– [Link] Oh it's the, it's the Prince William – [Stevie] Correct – What? (Link laughing) What, I still don't see it – Is that a painting? It looks like a painting – These are so bad

– It's a wax figure That one's a caricature – [Stevie] Round three – That's crazy, I think it melted a little bit Alright

– So we don't get less points, we don't get more points the more? – We do, but you got it when it was fully revealed so you got one point (crew laughing) Just like me – [Link] Man, look at that nose This is Sacha Baron Cohen – Steven Seagal

– [Stevie] Next – That chin looks big, but maybe, Jay Leno? – Jack Nicholson – [Stevie] Next (suspenseful music) – Oh, it's a woman No, that's Nicholas Cage

(crew laughing) – Lady Gaga? – [Stevie] Next – [Rhett] Michael Jackson – It looks like, all I can see now is Nicholas Cage (crew laughing) – Gotta have something, man – I pass

– [Stevie] Next – [Link] Meryl Streep (laughing) – [Stevie] Correct – I couldn't think of her name! – Oh my god I'm sorry, Meryl Streep

– I was gonna say Glenn Close – Glenn Close would also be acceptable – [Stevie] Alright, round four – [Rhett] Tom Cruise – Steven Seagal

– Good guess – [Stevie] Nope – [Link] Oh, shoot It starts to look just like, Zoro One-eyed Zoro (laughs)

Anthony Banderas Or, Antonio Banderas (crew laughing) (laughs) Who is Anthony Banderas? – His brother Channing Tatum – [Stevie] Incorrect

(suspenseful music) – [Link] What kind of hair? – Something happened to that guy – Oh, gosh – What? Is that painted on hair? (crew laughing) I feel sorry for whoever this is – David Beckham – Tom Brady

– Oh, that does look like Tom Brady! – It's still– – Brad Pitt I don't know why I suddenly went with Brad Pitt when I saw the tie – (laughs) Well the neck looks like Brad Pitt's neck This is the guy who played Robin and is now in that show CSI with LL Cool J – [Stevie] No

– Chris O'Donnel? – Chris O'Donnel – [Stevie] Here we go – [Link] Justin Timberlake – [Stevie] You got it – What? (crew laughing) That's not Justin Timberlake

– I guess – That's not Justin Timberlake – Yeah it is – What? It looks– – [Stevie] This is your final shot, because Link has three points and Rhett, you have one point So let's go to the next one

– Hopefully it's Steven Seagal Steven Seagal – Nick Nolte's mouth – [Stevie] Nope – [Link] Oh, blue eyes

That's a piercing blue eye – Katy Perry? – Busy Phillips – [Stevie] Wow, no – That's a weird guess Nick Cage

– That is so creepy looking Oh, my gosh – [Stevie] Link? – Jan Voight John's sister (crew laughing) – Pretty obscure

– [Stevie] No, next – [Rhett] Oh – What is that? This is an amalgamation of people This is not real – I can't win

Well, I have to get this one right right now to tie – I think this is a young Joe Biden (crew laughing) – Yeah, that's a popular wax figure attraction – Step right up, see the young Joe Biden! (suspenseful music) – I don't have a guess, Val Kilmer – This is defeating us

– [Stevie] Let's reveal it – [Rhett] We're so bad at this – [Link] Willem Dafoe Mel– – Mel Gibson! (laughs) – [Stevie] It's Mel Gibson – Alright, so you get the point, 'cause I only had one guess

– But I only get one point – Yeah, so I still win Gimme that fig! I knew I was gonna get that fig! – Congratulations, Link Eat it (crew laughing) (light jazz music) – Was that safe to eat? – [Stevie] Probably not

– We're getting a no – Thank you for– – Don't eat that – liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Michael, and this is Crystal, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

(laughing) – Wake up, Crystal – Click the bottom link to watch this episode from the beginning – And click the top link to watch Ellie give me a tarot card reading that's gonna be totally legit in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's going to land – [Link] Moisturize those puckers with our original lip balms available at mythical


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