Rhett’s Dad Watches Embarrassing Rhett Clips

– Oh me, I made a doody (crew laughing) – Well

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I may regret this Today's guests are tall, funny and not my dads Please welcome Rhett and Link (scattered applause) Wow

Warm reception – Hi Stevie – Hi, welcome to your own set – Hi, yeah! – Do you recognize this desk? – That's our old desk, huh? – It's a hand-me-down desk – I said that we should cut this up and sell it piece by piece for charity

– I'm only making it more valuable by sitting at it right now and then that's exactly what we're going to do – When what, when this– – Eventually peters out, yes – Peters out – Yeah – Well that's not up to us

– Until then, love your mugs – Thank you, thank you – Love your shirt, Link – Thank you – I also really love Rhett's shirt but we don't sell it at mythical

store – We could, I mean, all you gotta do is tie dye a shirt and put have a day on it – That's true – There's no law against that, is there? – Mm, don't think so – Are there laws against copying t-shirts? – Uh, I think, yeah

– Yeah, that's probably good for us ultimately – All right guys, first week, season 14 How does it feel? – Woo! Man, am I tired (laughing) – Well, we did a Will It, we put weird stuff in a coffee maker, your moms were here, on the show, they were here, they were here previously when we taped that bit actually – Ages ago when they were actually here

– Did you just burp? – No – Over the summer – I hit the rug – Oh – No I did burp

– Did you burp? I thought that you burped – No I didn't, I made a guttural sound to precede me commenting about my own mother – Got it, okay – It's an Oedipal thing I think, I don't– – An edible? – Oedipal Oedipal like– – Oedipus

– Oedipus complex – Oh got it, okay – Which I actually don't know what that is now that I'm referred to it – It means that you love your mother in a non-maternal way (clicks tongue) You know what I'm talking about? – You also make guttural noises when you eat things though too, so it could work either way

(Link clears throat) – Like that – Mm, and that one, yeah Keep 'em coming – I was not referring to loving my mother in a non-maternal way (Rhett chuckles) I just wanna go on record

– I didn't think we'd get here until later in the episode (Rhett and Link laugh) Gosh, boy am I nervous, guys I don't know, I think it's just– – Welcome to our world I'm so glad you're doing this – The desk makes people nervous, it's made us nervous for years

– No, I think the thing is is like if there weren't cameras, like if this was audio-only I'd be totally fine but for some reason when there's cameras, like I get really nervous – That's the reason why were were happy to do this (Stevie laughs) – You wanted me to be nervous? – Yes It'd be validating to us to have you do what we do – Do you know about– – But not be as good as us

– Deep breathing? – In what sense? (chuckles) – To help with nervousness, we can all three– – Oh yeah we were talking, wasn't it, there was one that was like licking your lips – Well the different things that you can do to energize and activate with your parasympathetic nervous system which will calm you down is deep breathing– (takes long inhale) With a very lengthy exhale – And then hold on the exhale, right? – Other thing you can do is you can touch your own lips – Oh touch your own lips – Because apparently, it makes your lips remember your mother's breasts, speaking of an Oedipus complex

I'm not making this up, and then the other thing that can happen is you can touch yourself as if you were comforting someone – [Stevie] But don't you think it would be weird if I was like– – No, I don't care – Guys, I'm so nervous right now (chuckles) – This is audio-only – That's true

– So it doesn't matter – Sometimes I do find myself cradling myself – Gonna be okay, just breathe deeply – It's like a Thundershirt for dogs It squeezes them so they can barely breathe– – See Thundershirt

– And they feel love like they're being hugged for forever But okay, so here's the thing At some point, there's gonna be a length for this show that's gonna make sense but today I'm not sure that's the day 'cause I have a lot of things to go through– (Rhett chuckles) Because I didn't want to set the bar so high for this show that we would never be able to repeat it, but I also didn't wanna set it low 'cause I want people to watch – Most people, if this peters out, this will be the episode that most people watch – Yeah, when you put it that way

– So you don't want it to suck – Exactly – Yeah – Which reminded me of a quote from my favorite movie and I figured what better way to start the quote from a movie that some people probably haven't seen That movie is 10 Things I Hate About You

I don't think either one of you have seen it – I haven't seen it – Is that a rom-com? – No it's like a teenage high school comedy– – I stay away from those – Like in the prime of those type of movies, they're just not made anymore But anyway, so, these two popular girls are taking to each other and they're a little dense and one says, "I know you can be overwhelmed "and you can be underwhelmed, "but can you ever just be whelmed?" And then the other character says, "I think you can in Europe

" So what I did was I went into a demo– – I should watch that movie, that's funny – And turns out, 18% of the people who watch this channel are in Europe so thankfully 18% of the people here will be whelmed with today's episode – All right, look at that! – Yeah it's great – You've been doing math on the side – I have

– A little wordplay – And I just wanted to tease what's coming up in this episode because I know there's a lot in the title and thumbnail probably say one thing, and you're like, where is that thing? That thing is coming We have a BTS clip to share from this week when the cameras were still rolling and Link said some shocking things – And we don't know any of this – [Stevie] And you don't know what you said

– We don't know any of this – [Stevie] You don't know what's coming, no – That's the premise of this show – Yeah I mean, I know some of it And then, when your parents were here, I sat down with Rhett's dad and I did something with him and you know that I did something but you don't know what it was– – Don't know anything about it

– So that's also coming later in the episode But first I thought that we should drink on this show Because whenever we do taste tests on the main show, drinking-wise, it's like a smoothie that has testicles in it, and I'm not about that life But I am about– – We understand

(Stevie laughs) – When you go into– – We understand that – Whole Foods or like– – No judgment – An expensive, Link (chuckles) An expensive health food store, there's always like a giant wall of beverages and they're so expensive that you can't convince yourself to buy them– – Yes – But I thought we can pick it up so every week on this show, we're gonna be drinking beverages from that wall

– Yes! – That I've always wanted to get, so today– – I walked past this wall in Ralphs yesterday – Can we afford this? – Uh, now we can We're only getting three These people are not sponsoring the show, so we're gonna talk a lot of mm about whatever we want – Who we kidding, no one is sponsoring this show

– No, if a sponsor comes in, I don't care what it is, that's what we're doing on the show from now on – So we'll drink the same thing every time if somebody's willing to pay for it – Oh yeah We will talk about it in different ways Wait you're just tasting it, I wanna like read

– Were you drinking it already? – That's what happens when you give me a drink– – Don't rush it, man – I open it and start drinking it – So Focusaid – Focusaid – So this is claiming to help you focus

And it has gears on it – Do you pour this on open wounds? It kinda looks like something you'd get, it looks like freaking first aid – Yeah it's Bactine – It looks like battery kind of too – It's just Bactine

– I skinned my knee! – Remember Bactine? You're too young for Bactine, right? – I don't know what that is, so– – What are we doing? – That's right – Dink it – What's Bactine? – This is horrible – It sounds like something like Neosporin – You've already drunk half of it

Gul! – It's absolutely awful I mean, I gotta say – Virtual dink – Now if you sponsor this, what camera should I look at when I say, if you sponsor this, we won't say that your drink sucks (chuckles) – Sponsor camera

– I feel like there are a lot of people– – Pour this in your open wounds – And hopefully it'll make us focus to move on with the episode because I know that we're already running long I'm sure – What is long? – It's what you make it – It's Saturday – Yes

– Nobody's got anything to do – People are looking for time sucks – But people want to see the things that I teased that are going to be great, and one of the things that I teased was that clip of you– – Why am I still drinking this? – Where you were saying things while the camera was still rolling Actually we've gotten a lot of these clips throughout the years and we've used them for various internal purposes, mostly just to embarrass you, but now, now we have somewhere to put them so that everyone can see the things that you say when the camera's still rolling Link

(Rhett laughs) – Not just a holiday party – So in the coffee maker episode, we had to wipe for time – [Link] Do we have time for this? – Yeah – We should probably get in the next thing you teased – And so in between, you put toothpaste in the coffee maker and everything that I'm talking about, if you haven't seen the episode already, please go watch the episode, I don't know why you're here

– Open another tab Can't do that on television Ha ha ha! Open another tab Tab would be a great sponsor – Sure

– Tab – Let's Tab it us – Call us – And we were waiting for the orange juice to go through the coffee maker and we had this discussion – Now what I like to do is I like to save these tops, these special tops, and then I buy the cheaper toothpaste and I put this on it so it's got a quicker open and shut

But that's a story for another time (crew laughing) – You're seriously not joking, right? – No 'Cause twist, twist, twist, even if you get a bigger thing of toothpaste, even a nice Crest, it'll have the twist, twist, twist – What are you doing with all that extra time? (laughing) – You know what, the next time you're twisting and twisting and you get a wrist injury, you can kiss my (bleep) (Rhett laughs) It's about the convenience of (clicks tongue)

Christy will buy the bigger one and it won't have it And it's still Crest – That's still Crest, baby, don't worry It's just got different top It's just got a different top on it (laughing)

– But I have to fish through the trash can to get the cap, because what will happen is– – You're not helping your argument here – There'll be a new one out, it's like, oh there's a new one but it's got the twisties – But that doesn't seem convenient You'd have to go through the trash – Again, it's not about, that's an investment

– Going through the trash to find a cap (Link laughs) I don't know what it's about – [Link] Yeah, I mean (Stevie sighs) – You know what, let it lay, man – I ain't got nothing to add to that

– I won't say anything about it You don't have to say anything about it You do you, I'll be normal And everybody will be happy – Well I will say that, the next morning I went to my desk in my office and on my desk there was the flippy flop cap

– Oh, what? – Somebody offered it to you? – Someone, thank you whoever did that – Who was that, who brought that to Link? – I love that – You know what, that's a better system than digging through the trash, I will say that (Stevie laughs) – Let them do it – Okay, Rhett, we do not have a clip of you saying things like that this week

– Sorry – But like I mentioned, when your parents were here, I sat down with your dad, and what you don't know is what the creative of the whole piece was What I did was I compiled a bunch of embarrassing things that you've done and I just showed them to him (all laughing) – Okay – Thanks so much for agreeing to sit down with me, or at least sitting down with me

I don't know if you agreed or if Rhett just made you, but thank you – You're welcome – For being here – I'm glad to be here – Do you watch Good Mythical Morning? – No

Well, sometimes I do My wife makes me watch sometimes – Okay, so I'm guessing that a lot of the clips I'm gonna show you today you have not seen– – Probably – But I hand selected the clips because I wanted to make sure that you saw them so that you knew kind of everything that was going on here and what Rhett was up to on a daily basis So one thing that we do on the show a lot is product testing

Are you familiar with the LifeStraw? – The LifeStraw I don't think so – So it's a straw that claims to remove 9999999999999% of waterborne bacteria So you can use the product and you can drink straight out of different bodies of water, including ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks, streams, canals, swamps, wetlands, reservoirs, arroyos, lagoons, bayous, becks, brooks, billabongs– – Mhm

– Burns, estuaries, deltas, fjords Kettles, kills, marsheses – Oh yeah – Meres, moats, rills, springs, straits, tributaries Uh

Tarns – Tarns, what is a tarn? – It's in alphabetical order, bodies of water, so I didn't write down the definition part, but, did you know also that urine typically does not contain any bacteria? – I did not know that – It's sterile

I think we also didn't realize that it didn't contain bacteria, but we decided to use the LifeStraw Well, let me just, let's look at the clip – We're gonna swallow this urine It helps not to think about it – [Rhett] Like a sommelier? – [Link] Yeah, like I'm not gonna swish it around my mouth or anything

– [Rhett] Well maybe we should do that – Okay I will – Here we go (gags and sputters) (crew laughing) (Link retches) (groans) – [Link] No, ugh (gagging) The aftertaste

– It tastes like what pee smells like and I'm sorry, the reason that I did that is because I was trying to do the swish and the thought of the swish made me, I don't know how far it went– – Spray, man, you sprayed everything down there – It's your pee! It's like you just snuck in here and (sputters), peed all over the place – Hm, that's weird – Mhm – I don't understand why they would do that

Still tastes like pee – Do you think that the LifeStraw brand, that those people were pleased with this clip? – Mm, no – Mhm Do you think that the 72 million people who saw this were pleased with this clip? – Yes

– Why do you feel that way? – I think that the people that watch this show like those kinda things – Mhm Okay so we've talked about pee We've not talked about butts – Not yet

– Are you aware that there are a lot of jeans for women that are advertised as providing a better derriere for the wearer? – I'm aware that there's some – Do you wanna see me bend over? – I'd like to see you bend over I never thought I'd think that or say it, but let's have the bend test – Oh me I made a doody

(crew laughs) I made a doody and I, I put too much TP in there, I didn't flush – [Link] Well what're– (crew laughing) – There it goes, it released – [Link] No it didn't, actually – Do you think it released? – Hell I don't know, I couldn't tell (chuckling) (Stevie snorts) You're not supposed to laugh

You're supposed to be serious, I'm the one who's supposed to laugh – (sighs) Got me Are you aware of Rhett's fascination with Lionel Richie? – I am – I'm not sure how far that fascination goes, so I wanted to show you this clip – Okay

♪ My first love ♪ – [Guest] That's beautiful ♪ You're every breath that I take ♪ ♪ You're every step I take ♪ ♪ And I ♪ ♪ I want to share all my love ♪ ♪ With you ♪ ♪ No one else will do ♪ ♪ In your eyes ♪ ♪ Your eyes, your eyes ♪ ♪ They tell me how much you care ♪ ♪ Whoa yeah ♪ ♪ You will always be ♪ ♪ My endless love ♪ (crew applauding) – Well Am I supposed to respond to that? What can I say, other than, I spend thousands of dollars to give him a degree in engineering and this is what he does It's a little embarrassing – Mhm

– As a parent – Mhm The first long-lasting lipstick was invented by American chemist Hazel Bishop in 1950 – Boy – Is there anything that you know about long-lasting lipstick? – I think I probably know what it tastes like, since I starting kissing after 1950

– All right, this is important for science – The first thing I'd probably do is, just, I just wanna go in, I don't wanna go in too hard, just a little, just a little bit of that (crew laughing) – [Link] I'm having a crisis of– – This feels so wrong – Life right now – But I like, but I like what I'm getting here

Mm – Ew! What is that liquid coming out? What in the world? Look at, she's drooling! – She likes it! – Hm That's interesting – Mhm Any other words you'd use to describe it? – Strange, weird

I would not use funny – Mhm – But that seems to be what they think it is – Do you think after seeing all these clips, will you be watching the show more often? – I don't think so – Is there anything that you would like Rhett to know specifically, and if so, could you please look in that camera and address him directly

– Rhett, I want you to know that as your father, I still love you, in spite of what you do (both laughing) (Link sighs) – Rhett, your daddy's so funny – Jimmy – See where I get it from – But after that, didn't he tell you that he didn't think it was funny, he was like, he didn't understand why it was funny? – Well, he came back and he was like, "They were laughing, "but I don't know why

" – It was so hard for me 'cause I was like, okay, this is gonna be, I want it to have like a Daily Show, Stephen Colbert feel, and he was like, "I've never seen either one of those" (Rhett laughs) I was like, okay, I was like, I'm gonna try not to laugh at you but know that you're being funny – That was good– – He's a natural – There was a lot of unstated judgment (Stevie laughs) – But you saw in his eyes, he kinda smiled a little bit

I know him, I know his heart He liked me (Stevie chuckles) (all laughing) – Okay, that's all I got How do you think it went? – [Link] I think this has been great – Man I'm having such a good time

– Is this act one of three? – This is act one of, however long this show lasts – I think we should do it again, I mean, we'll have a debrief after this – Let's make the debrief part of this – Okay – Can we make the debrief contain the line I'm about to say, 'cause I'm just testing it out as like a final line

– You have an idea of how to end the episode – Maybe a little bit too cheesy, yeah, I mean, but it's really, I gotta lean into it, so I feel like, I'll teach it and then we can all maybe lean into it? – Oh you're gonna teach us something – So I was thinking we could say, until next LTAT, keep on BYMB – BYMB, being your Mythical best – [Stevie] Yes

(Link clears throat) – That's marketable – Right, 'cause it rhymes – [Rhett And Link] Until the next– – L tay A-T– – L-T-A-T– – [Rhett And Link] BYMB – And in that camera? – Yeah, one more time Three, two

– [All] Until the next LTAT, BYMB! – F-O S-H-O – We'll work on it (poppy electronic music)

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