Rhett Gets Hypnotized To Love Cats

– In a moment, I need to put my hand down your head and you are gonna be healed You are gonna be healed, three, two, one

You are healed and you will fall on the floor and you will love, love, love cats (poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and sad cowboy emoji This week's guests are super particular about the order in which their names are said Please welcome Link and Rhett

(crew applauds) (stomping feet rhythmically) Yep, yep, yep Kay, mm-hmm, kay (stomping feet rhythmically) Oh Uh-huh, and we're down – Scene

– And we're down – Hey – Boy, Link – That's how it's gonna be like when the robots take over – Yeah you look so cool today

– They're gonna get in tight spaces and they're not gonna know exactly what to do – Look how cool Link looks today – Yeah, I wasn't gonna say anything (Stevie laughs) – You look so hip, I like your hat the most – Thanks– – Out of all the things that you're wearing

– I love this hat It's the material that I love I also make money off of the sale of it – Also the graphic, also the whole thing is what you're saying – Total package– – Also my hat is also a Mythical hat and not that hat

It's another Mythical black hat– – What? – That looks cool – Let me see what the front looks like – Bam – But it's the back for you – And bam and no one told me how cool I was looking today but boy am I

People have been waiting for days to know if the hypnosis worked on Rhett to finally rid him of his hatred of cats and I have that footage to show you I also have a while the cameras were rolling clip from when Thomas Lennon, Tennis Lennon was on the show But first, it is time for another iteration of a GMM rejected snack – Oh we gotta do that – It's themed for the week and it is beautiful, I will say, Josh did an amazing job with this

– You're storing it where your feet are – Yeah Right next to my feet It is this beautiful– – Is it a tart? – It is tart-like which was my nickname in high school It's a tomato cheesecake

– [Rhett] Ooh – Look at how beautiful – Tomato cheesecake, okay – [Rhett] That's real nice, I get it – [Link] Nice

Cut to the overhead cam – Yeah, we have to cut it because it looks so beautiful, I didn't wanna cut it before Josh, what can you tell us about this cheesecake? – [Josh] Well it's a simple graham cracker crust and there's a sweetened tomato gelee on top, just a little bit of buttercream and then a fresh cherry tomato that I grew and picked myself – Where'd you grow it? – Really? – [Josh] No, that last one was a lie (Stevie and Rhett laugh) – I think we should all take a bite of this one, yeah? – Sure

– That'll be better Mm Mm – Do you want me– – I give you all three forks Just so I can take one back

– Keep one of the forks for yourself – And I am gonna go for the first bite Uh-huh uh-huh – Okay and Now there's no actual real tomato

– Well I mean the, what did you call the tomato jam? – [Josh] Oh the sweetened tomato gelee? – [Stevie] Mm-hmm – [Josh] Talking about the sweetened tomato gelee (Rhett chuckles) – Wow – Yeah, that The gelee

– That is really good – I like it, that is good – Oh it is, huh? – So Link, yeah – But here's, I never said that I didn't like ketchup or tomato-flavored things, like a raw tomato– – Well why don't you get one of the raw tomatoes 'cause I just, I think people are curious what your current temperament is – I love tomatoes

I wanna unpack a little bit I guess of my experience – Yeah 'cause we said we were gonna hold it for right now – Did we do it? – Oh we did it – Well it was weird because I had this experience and then I was hypnotized, and then, I didn't remember it I don't remember

And then we watched it and then it was like, even then I wasn't able to fully process What's wrong with you? I think I'm able to more fully process what happened having watched it back, but I mean just to– – To set the table though, you were not like, after we did that shoot, I thought for sure that you were aware of what was happening and that you were trying to be a good sport I thought you were trying to play along so like while I was sitting there with you, I was just like, this is cute and fun, but Link obviously knows what's happening right now and he's just trying to– – You're saying I'm a faker – Be nice to the guy, no, I'm saying that you were trying to– – Hey, you can say it – In my mind, I was just like, oh, Link's trying, 'cause I think a lot of people watching might have thought that too, but then after we shot it, you literally didn't remember what happened

– Yeah, having not remembered it, watching it back, I noticed a lot of things One of the things I noticed was this, the discomfort that you had at the beginning but then, it kept cutting to you and this skeptical Stevie – That's the thing, I was trying to emote shock and surprise and like oh but inside– – And it was like– – Inside I was thinking– – Yeah right – Yeah, inside I was like, is this, this isn't really happening right now – Well you were also, you were playing, you can't help it, play producer

– Yeah exactly – You're there on camera but you're also thinking like, how's this gonna cut together? (laughs) – Yeah, no seriously – If he's faking, how is this gonna cut together? Where is this gonna go? – I was not faking and the weird takeaway for me is not that hypnosis works because we have a friend who is starting to get into hypnosis He tried to hypnotize us at my house one night He goes to the park and hypnotizes strangers in order to practice

– This is sounding not great (chuckling) – No no They– – Like willing participants – I don't think they call that hypnotizing people – He asks them

– Yeah and it's like– – He asks them – And they leave feeling rejuvenated but the fact, so none of that was a surprise to me but the fact that he said don't remember and then I didn't is the thing that, that's the discombobulating experience of the whole thing is when it's all said and done, it's like, that you don't actually remember – Yeah so when you were watching it back– – That was weird – Did you, okay yeah – That's what was so weird about it

– 'Cause you were like watching yourself do something that you don't even remember you ever did – Yeah, yeah – Genuinely – But he told you not to remember it so he could come back and say, I want you to remember it and would you suddenly remember it? – I don't know, I don't know So to me that's the big thing but then the thing about the loving tomatoes which over the course of the day when people were saying, what was it– – Red tomato

– Red tomatoes – Yeah – For the hour after you came out of that, everyone who knew that that was your trigger word, they would come in and they would just work red tomato and then you'd be in the middle of something and you would be like, I love red, I love tomatoes And then you changed it to, I don't love tomatoes, but you had to say I love tomatoes in some form in order to scratch an itch that was– (chuckles) That would be instigated when they said red tomatoes It was crazy and I was like– – And then I caught on

– This is so strange – But then I, 'cause Alex was asking me, you don't remember stuff, he's like well I'm not gonna tell you, and different people– – 'Cause we both thought it was fake, we both were like– – I was telling Teresa about it and I was like, have you ever been hypnotized and I was talking to her for a little bit and then she was like, I was there 'Cause she realized I didn't know that she was there I didn't even remember that she was up in the loft – Well and then you had a meeting with someone that didn't know that we did the pre-tape at all

This is, that part is really weird to me – That's what's weird – 'Cause later in the afternoon, I met up with you and Rhett also wasn't in the room so he doesn't know what happened – Yeah – And yeah

– So the trigger word he gave me which I finally caught on that people around the office started saying red tomato and they'd have this look on their face like (Stevie chuckles) And between that and the conversations I was having with everybody who was involved, I pieced that much together – See I thought it was so fake, I didn't even wanna say that to you 'cause I was like, that is stupid People are like, have you said it yet, and I'm like, no I haven't said it, like it's ridiculous – Yeah so before I caught onto the trigger word, we had a woman come in who was getting us to sign up for some corporate credit cards, okay, so somebody who has nothing to do with anything here at the office and we did all the paperwork and then, there was this weird moment where we were waiting on some paperwork to come in, so it was me, her, and Rhett sitting in her office

That was it, right? – Yeah – And so it was awkward silence so I thought I'd make, this was a few hours after being hypnotized, so I thought I'd make conversation and I was like, have you ever been hypnotized? And of course that was kind of a strange question, I knew it was to ask her but I don't care And she's just like no – Shocking – Why, and I'm like, well I was this morning

I was trained, I was hypnotized to like tomatoes And she said– – This was crazy, she said, "What, you didn't like red tomatoes?" And I was like why would she say red tomatoes? Did somebody tell her to say that? – And then you told me that I said– – And then you said, "I don't love," that was when you were, that was when you had changed a little bit but you still had to say love tomatoes You were like, I wouldn't say I love tomatoes But you did say I love tomatoes You did say it, and then I was like, I was kinda half listening to the conversation

– And then she leaves, then they get the paperwork and she leaves and it's me and Rhett– – No one says red tomatoes – That is weird – No one, the first– – You leaned over to me at that point once you left, and this is when it clicked that that was the trigger word was, after she left it was just me and you and you were like, do you know that you said you love tomatoes? I don't remember what I said in response to you actually – Well the reason you figured out it was a trigger word is 'cause I basically said– – You told you You told me

– I told me first – I can't even talk about it – And once I was comfortable with myself knowing (chuckles), I told you – You told me – Yeah I said, you've been saying I love tomatoes any time somebody says red tomato

– But the thing that was freaky is that she said, why would she say red tomatoes? – I don't know, that's weird – Did anyone here tell her? – Somebody had to tell her – [Crew Member] I was in the room – You were in the room? – Nobody told her – So strange

– It's so weird And also you said– – Why'd anybody say red tomato 'cause I think he was trying to make the trigger word raw tomatoes because I said I don't like raw tomatoes– – [Stevie] Yeah I think there was a mix up – But then I think he messed up and said red tomatoes which became the word, my trigger word But then this insurance lady said it This credit card lady said it

– Yeah and Rhett said the way that you said it, it didn't progress the conversation at all Like you said it– – No you would work it in in a way that was weird But I think, okay so, I know you're about to transition, because I think once you see what I went through, we can kinda compare notes a little bit, because to me, it gives even more insight into how weird it is what happened to you is – But so should I just go ahead and say my relationship with tomatoes just to get it out there I haven't eaten a raw tomato since that day

I do not like what's happening in my mouth, I don't like it I think ultimately, in my heart of hearts, I didn't want to like raw tomatoes or red tomatoes, whatever you wanna call 'em – But you love tomatoes – It didn't stick But I wouldn't say I love tomatoes

(chuckles) – I mean I wouldn't say I love tomatoes I know we're not talking about that but you just said red tomato so I gotta say that – No, I don't respond to the trigger word anymore and I don't like raw or red tomatoes ultimately – But you just ate it without a problem – I don't know, maybe it helped a little bit! – I don't know, but– – It's freaky! – But I do know what happened to Rhett and you're about to know to

– So I understand there's some changes you wanna possibly make in your life, right? – Tell him – Well traditionally I have hated cats I have seen them selfish and potentially put here by the devil himself It's just a general distaste for 'em – Do you wanna like cats possibly? – I think I do because I see them places, back alleys

And I think if I like their presence, then I wouldn't mind seeing them – It's good for the internet too – And I also think that people are tired of me hating cats and so I'm tired of me hating cats too Why hate anything? – I have a list of things I'm tired of but that's on it – You don't have to believe in it

You don't have to not believe in it, alls you have to do is be open to the possibility So breathe in deep On the exhale, just let your eyelids close, 'cause they want to anyhow You can just let them close down just like that, beautifully, and you're entering a space where anything is possible and everything's possible Deep sleep and you relax, you let go even more

Let this arm, you drop 10 times deeper When I let this arm go, you go 10 times deeper than before Wonderful Here's the deal Rhett, in a moment, I'm gonna have you open your eyes You're gonna realize that your eyes can no longer see your beard, your beard is gone, it's missing from your face

Open your eyes and look at yourself You don't see your beard anymore What happened to your face? – I see a bird – You see a bird? Oh yeah you see a bird Look at there, you can hold a mirror

You can hold it, look at yourself You don't even see your beard, your beard is gone What is that like looking at yourself? (soft music) – I still see it – Close your eyes and sleep down even more, even deeper now We are gonna use your conscious and your subconscious mind to make a major change in your life right now

And it's not because I say so You've already said you've wanted to make this change I'm gonna count down from five to one, and with each number, you're gonna feel an attraction building up in you where you start to love cats, where alls you do is think about cats You love cats You never realized why you didn't like them in the past

In a moment, you're gonna open your eyes and you're gonna see a cat on the floor You are gonna hug the cat You are gonna love the cat You are gonna feel so fulfilled inside unlike never before Open your eyes and look down at the floor

Wow, what is that? – It's a stuffed animal – The more you hold it, do you feel how much more love you're feeling towards cats right now? – I don't think I ever hated stuffed ones – Close your eyes and sleep Now, there's nothing you want more than to hold a real cat Open your eyes and look how cute this cat is

– I don't like the way you can see its butt hole – [Glenn] All tensions leaving your body – I'm trying – Touching the cat – Just lower– – It's got claws

– Its claws feel great, you'll feel no pain – Ow (grunting) – [Glenn] He's got some anger he's gotta let go of, so we're gonna let– – He's a cat You evil too? – It's a mutual process of healing Because the feline species knew how you felt about them until today and if he wants to go, he can go, we just let him be, let 'em do what they're gonna do

That's good – That's what I don't like And see, you can see the butt hole again – Even that hair, look at that hair, it's beautiful It's like your beard

– No – Now close your eyes and sleep You're not gonna fall Each time we open your eyes, you're letting go even more See how different it feels? It's got love in its eyes for you

– It looks like a demon – [Glenn] It used to look like a demon – It's acting like a demon – [Glenn] Just nudge it with your face and notice when you do that, it changes It feels good

– I wish she was a dog – In a moment, I need to put my hand down your head and you are gonna be healed You are gonna be healed, three, two, one You are healed and you will fall on the floor and you will love, love, love cats You've done so much work today

You've done such a good job that you want a snack You want a treat and right now what you really want is some vanilla ice cream Hold out your hands and you are gonna, this is the best vanilla ice cream you've ever had Go ahead and take a taste of it, see how sweet it is and how delicious it is Is that amazing? How good does that taste? Do you taste the vanilla, it's cool, it's refreshing

– It's mayonnaise – Close your eyes and sleep down You've done such a good job today You've had so much fun Zero, closing the door to the subconscious mind

One, coming back up out of the state of hypnosis, back into the room Two, feeling more awake and alert Three, eyes wanting to open, four, five, wide awake One, two, three, four, five, eyes open, wide awake, feeling amazing How does it feel when you look at that cat right now? Does it feel any different? – Than what? – Go ahead and pet it

What does it feel like when you pet the cat? How does it feel? – It's soft – It's soft That's a positive step – Can you make a cat like a tomato? – I've never tried – Well

– What happened? – Yeah that didn't go the same way that it went for Link – Let's just say a couple things, I remember it all (laughing) – He did tell you not to remember it but– – Okay, so, having talked to our friend a little bit about this and then also, what was his name again? Glenn – Mm-hmm – Having talked to Glenn, I knew that, it isn't magic, just like he said, it's not magic

So I knew that you had to have a willingness – It's volitional – And I know that I'm a skeptic and I'm willful and so I knew going in, I was like, I can't go in thinking you can't hypnotize me, so I was like very much trying the whole time to completely give myself over to it And then once I get to the place where I started petting the cats, I was still in a place where I was like, again, I don't want to hate cats I want to like cats

Why hate cats, they're everywhere If you like 'em, then your life's a little bit better So I was trying and trying and trying but then honestly, once the real cats showed up, I was just reminded how much I viscerally hate them (laughs) And I just could not get over it I tried, man

I tried – 'Cause at the beginning, that was like, I was trying to be a supportive presence, and then, I was trying to figure out if you were ever out It's hard to explain – Because you would just bend through it and it actually worked for you, so you thought you were watching at first– – I thought it might be working – [Stevie] Yeah

– And I thought it might be working That's the thing is I didn't want, the whole time, I was trying to lull myself into this suggestible state That's why I was kinda talking like this and I was kinda being quiet You were also being very quiet and subdued even when he was telling you to scream, you were still only going like, I love tomatoes You weren't screaming it even though he asked you

So we were in a similar mind state, and having not seen you, I was like oh we're kind of in the same place but I remember it all At no point did I feel like I was actually being, anything was changing about the way I think about cats – Yeah that was clear – I mean when I– – I mean you tried – When I saw– – You tried

– Again, I thought there was a little something up when he told me to look at my face in the mirror and I saw a bird (laughs) – But the mirror was at the wrong angle – Yeah yeah it was just angled up But then when I saw my face, clearly, big ol' beard And I also don't think I can accept myself without a beard

You know– – Oh yeah – Yeah he didn't know what he was stepping in there – [Link] He went for the gusto right at the beginning – You don't understand what I look like without a beard I try to forget that on a daily basis

– Yeah that thought goes real deep – Okay so we also had an additional guest this week, Mr Thomas Lennon, he insists that I put the mister in front of his whole name– – Of course – So that's what I'm doing but it wasn't the first time that we hung out with Tom because he was on The Mythical Show way back when, and in the episode, you reference it for a moment but I thought, I don't think a lot of people have seen that clip so we should– – True dat – Make it easy for them and I'm gonna toss to it right now

(whimsical music) (water bubbling) – Can I ask a super weird question? – Yeah – You guys both wearing wigs or just one of you? – Guess who – It's a weave – It's extensions It's not totally– – Extensions

You can feel where they meet your head, yeah How many hours does it take to do? – It takes a full weekend – You don't do it in one sitting though You do it gradually – Well I get my children to do it

You from the south? – No – You think we sound like rednecks? – Yes – Yeah – It's not that you don't sound intelligent, educated, but you do sound like dudes who would make tourists into jerky in some insane Mississippi shack, mountain shack – Now, usually when you begin sweating like I am which is pretty profusely, your body is telling you that– – You're giving yourself a fever

– Right yeah right, so at what point do I begin actually cooking? – Pretty soon, pretty soon It'll be too late by the time you really notice it It'll probably be too late I'm gonna go under if you guys wanna – All right

– Mundane moments is what we called that– – Mundane moments – Mundane moments – Yeah that's when you don't have an angle – No! – And you just go in and have a conversation with somebody (chuckling) – No, we did– – Our second session with TL was more fun

And it was drier – Oh oh I didn't know what you meant by that 'Cause we did those, we had a Tony Hale one and a Tim and Eric and a Paul Scheer We had some, those were good little mundane moments – Mm-hmm

– But Tom said right before he came in to shoot the show the other day that he rewatched that piece and now that we've rewatched it, I don't really know what that did for him (laughing) – It's like, he came in just like okay, what am I? I'm gonna have to really carry this– – How are these guys still doing stuff? (laughing) – But he was awesome and while the cameras were rolling, we caught a little moment that you guys had It wasn't as mundane – Do people, when they come to your house for an event– – Mm-hmm Say is that the famous Rhett and Link? – (chuckles) Yeah

– I should get a plaque with you guys there or something – Well that's not where I was going but– – Yeah we already have it made– – Do they ask about us? – Mm-hmm They do, definitely Oh yeah yeah – Is there still sort of a Rhett and Link feel to the water? – The second you guys left, I had it, obviously I had it drained

(laughing) Drained, sprayed, sprayed, drained – Okay – Do people bring bathing suits to your house thinking that, oh, I'm definitely gonna get in Because that's– – Oh absolutely – Happened a few times

– Oh yeah yeah People send their kids by with the suit – [Ellie] Is it not like a normal hot tub? Is it a better than normal– – I think it's better His backyard looks like you're on, you're on the side of the outside of a Rainforest Cafe – I got a ton of– (crew laughs) – You know what I'm saying? – I got tons and tons of money, it's crazy

(Rhett laughs, snorts) – Great guy, that Mr Thomas Lennon – Yes he is – And before we say our goodbyes to the Mythical Beasts, I do want to remind you that today is the last day you can donate to the #NoStacheHungry campaign I'm calling it a campaign

– Yeah – And next week you get to see some, some shavin' – Yeah, I'm bringing my sharpest razor – Get ready, Mythical Chef Josh – Link's bring his dullest razor

– Oh– – Hey – Man, okay, until next LTAT– – Whoa– – Hey, come on! Stevie, give us a warning! – Sorry (chuckles) One, two, three – Until next– – How many– – LTAT– – You were just trying to count to three? – Keep on BYMB – No I wasn't in on it! (poppy electronic music)

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