rhett and link try to sing for 3 minutes straight

– It's time for– ♪ Because your Craig ♪ ♪ Your Craig ♪ – Oh– – That was good – Okay

– My– – That was good (poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I was the cool form of uncool before uncool became a thing This week's episode is brought to you by Global Citizen, and this week's guests are just that Please welcome Rhett and Link

(scattered applause) – Hello Rhett – Hello Link – Hello Stevie – That lyric though, guys It really, what is this? – Okay, thank you

Had trouble with that one Had trouble with that lyric – Get off my thigh – Much like you're having trouble with sitting down – Yeah

– You just crushed my lip balm into my thigh permanently – Mission accomplished! – Guys, shout out to Global Citizen – Yes! – Mm-hm – It's their second episode with us And shout out to you guys

Thank you to everyone who took action to call on President Nyusi of Mozambique to prioritize hunger and malnutrition Thousands of you participated and entered to win a trip to the Global Citizen Festival in Johannesburg on December 2nd – Yeah and this offer was exclusive to you Mythical Beasts and we are thrilled to announce that Kayla W from Ohio is headed to South Africa to attend Congratulations Kayla! – Yes, congratulations, and if you can't travel 10,000 miles to Johannesburg to go to the Global Citizen Festival in person, don't worry, you can go to YouTube

com/GlobalCitizen Or check out the direct link in the description so you can tune in to see performances by Beyonce, Jay-Z, Ed Sheeran, Wizkid, and more! – And more! – More That was, your echo was better than my echo but– – And more – More! – Yes, exactly, what a packed show I have today Let me tell you

– I loved packed shows – Is that right? – Want a little tease? Want a little teaser tease? – Yeah give me all the tease – Packed show So some of you Mythical Beasts out there make really awesome fan compilations of the show, but I will not be outdone I have my own compilation, a Stevie compilation not of Stevie– – Interesting

– Of you that I'm going to unveil that you don't know about and you don't know about and I'm very excited about – We don't know about and we don't know about? – You don't know about, also Duff Goldman, Ace of Cakes, was on the show this week – Good sport – Ate a lot of balls – Yeah he did, like a champ, didn't even care

– If we had more balls, he would have eaten more balls – And also you did really well eating the balls, and guessing the balls – Yeah you're really good at– – [Link] I don't know what that says about– – Identifying balls – I was genuinely, and you could hear in my voice as I'm announcing that you're doing well, how genuinely excited I am that you're so good at tasting balls So we have a while the cameras were rolling clip of Duff to show you guys 'cause some stuff went on between the rounds

– All righty – And also we are going to do something that Rhett enjoys today because we did the balls thing earlier and that's your thing (Rhett chuckles) And that's– (Link chuckles) Dream interpretation – Oh, wow – So I asked the Mythical Beasts to submit some dreams, not gonna give you details on what kind of dreams, and we're going to interpret them for the Mythical Beasts today

– Okay, okay – But before that, do you know what time it is? – Time to spin the wheel of– – No, no – Can not say it – It's time to spin the wheel of drink a beverage – Drinkacality

(laughing) Yes – [Link] Time to drink a drink– – Drinkicality? – On LTAT – Drinkicality Hashtag drinkicality, that's not a good one – [Link] Oh yeah look at this white, milky substance

– [Stevie] Can you guess it? Mm-hm Just gonna– – [Link] Dink it mentally and sink it physically – That is a nut milk But Link's great at identifying that so (Stevie laughs) – This is the milk– – Why don't you tell us where that's from? – Of the nut of the almond

– The other thing, the Duff episode, he complimented Josh on the fruitcake, on cake, the Ace of Cakes complimented Mythical Chef Josh on his cake ability Hashtag cakeability The wheel of cakeability – Yes we got lots of abilities here – Which I thought was really cool

– I didn't know if he was doing it for effect or if he was sincere about it – No it seemed very sincere – Since Josh isn't in here I'm gonna say that – Seemed very sincere – No it was a very good cake

– He also had some other sincere things to say, so let's take a look – I had another question – Yeah – Is it a– – They come in pairs – Okay so they come in two but I feel like, isn't beaver balls a kind of a contradiction? – Yeah it's a little counterintuitive

Yeah, we were hoping you'd point that out – Okay, I just wanted to make sure – You win Kevin's nut roll (laughing) – All right, bring on these balls Bring on the balls

I got in big trouble when I was in high school We were in biology class and our biology teacher was really attractive and so, we were doing sex ed, and she was like in a first day, was doing anatomy, she's like women have this stuff, men have this stuff, they have a penis and two testicles, and I was like And she was just like (sighs), "What?" and I was like, "Are you sure there's only two?" I got kicked out, she was like, "Get out, just get out

"Get out" It was super funny 'cause everyone thought– – Did you go? – That I had three nuts It was funny – Well at least three – At least three

– I actually thought five At that moment I assumed you had five – I left it unsaid – Went straight to five – Went straight to the nurse

– Yeah it was good It was good There was like this time I was in Israel and there was this guy who was sitting next to a camel, and I was like, "Hey man, you know what time it is?" He reaches over, he grabs the camel's balls, and he's like, "Yeah, it's 2:30," and I was like, that was amazing, right, so I went, I found my dad I was like, "Dad, you gotta meet this guy" So my dad walks over and he's like, "Hey, what time is it?" And the guy's like, "Hm, it's about 2:45

" My dad's, blew his mind, he's like, "How did you do that? "You just grab the nuts and you just know what time it is?" He's like, "Yeah, you see that clock over there?" (laughing) – What a good sport Every time we were waiting on the next nuts to be ready, he had another story I remember when I was in Israel Remember when I was in Jersey, I don't know when I– – Hold on, you realize you got story joked though That's what happened to us

– Yes, you cut that out The very next thing he said was what? – He basically admitted, he's like, I always look for a way to tell that joke – That joke – And so– – That was not a real story – Don't ruin it for the rest of us

Let us live there Let us live in that moving balls from the clock joke – It's still good – Friend of the show, Duff Add him to the list

– The lift and the point at the end, it was really, if you don't get that right, you don't get the laugh I mean he's got it down, he's got the joke down – Okay, I feel like there's a slight possibility you might be a little upset about this next thing – Who are you looking at right now? – Kiko (chuckles) Just kidding, Rhett and Link

(laughing) – He goes like what? – Like no! – They all know it, anybody can be a target (laughs) – Are you looking at both of us or one of us? – I'm looking at both of you Okay, so I was trying to think of one thing that I had access to for a fan compilation that no one else had access to, and so Morgan cut together a very great fan compilation of– – Who's a fan, you? – All the times, I'm a fan of yours – Okay – Oh you never told me that

– All the times you guys had to sing a sound alike title graphic – Oh gosh – But – It doesn't always happen on the first try, does it? – Without the title graphic and without the backing music (Link chuckles) (Rhett sighs) Oh it's so good, ready? – No

– Okay – Our confession is we're so obsessed with YouTube confession videos that we made a game out of 'em It's time for– ♪ I got another confession to make ♪ ♪ On YouTube ♪ ♪ This is a bread basket ♪ ♪ You got me munchin' on ♪ ♪ You gonna spread butter on ♪ ♪ Look how I'm rakin' a woo ♪ (crew laughing) ♪ You're the date that's on my food ♪ ♪ You're the expiration ♪ ♪ Deck the cakes with balls of animals ♪ ♪ Fa la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ Balls ♪ (Rhett chuckles) – Wow – Wow ♪ Meltdown ♪ ♪ Go ahead and show it to me ♪ ♪ Meltdown ♪ ♪ Honey which answer is right ♪ ♪ Meltdown ♪ ♪ Mama said knock you off ♪ ♪ I'm gonna knock you off ♪ Is that how the song goes? ♪ I don't think you're ready for this veggie ♪ ♪ I don't think you're ready for this veggie ♪ Right? – It's time to play– ♪ Can we guess these funny answers ♪ (Rhett and crew laugh) It's time to play– ♪ Can we guess these funny answers ♪ (chuckling) That wasn't as good

– Nope ♪ Maury Maury halle– ♪ (laughs) (crew laughs) – That was your moment, Davin, see? ♪ Mo Maury ♪ There we go ♪ Maury Maury hallelujah ♪ ♪ The dads are being DNA tested ♪ (crew laughs and applauds) Wow, it was like one of those national anthems where somebody starts out too high It's time for– ♪ I'm on a highway to hel ♪ ♪ Met ♪ ♪ To see which one's the best ♪ (Link chuckles) That's exactly what we're going to do It's time for– ♪ Because your Craig ♪ ♪ Your Craig ♪ – Oh– – That was good

– Okay – My– – That was good – I'll get it, I'm gonna get it – Oh ♪ Because your Craig ♪ ♪ Your Craig is on my list ♪ ♪ For free stuff and lice ♪ (Ben laughs) – That's amazing

– Yeah, free stuff and lice – Yeah – Wow Do you have to pay Hall and Oates for that or no? – Do we? – Don't, don't– – Well let's bring them out Hall and Oates, let's bring them out! – [Link] Did you bring 'em? – I brought Hall and Oates, guys

– Woo! It's time for, that didn't come out right either It's time for– ♪ You don't have to be rich to eat this food ♪ ♪ You don't have to spend tons ♪ ♪ To feel this full ♪ ♪ Ain't no particular price ♪ ♪ These ingredients cost ♪ ♪ I don't want to spend extra cash for this ♪ ♪ Dish ♪ (Rhett and crew laugh) (crew clapping) Davin? – [Davin] Great (laughing) – I'm not mad That's the funniest thing I've ever seen on LTAT Oh

I'm sorry (Rhett laughs) Are you mad? No, listen, that's a hard thing to do You gotta really commit Acapella land – I clapped heartedly for you before you put me down! – Yeah you know what, I thought it was very funny

– It was as equal to all of the other really fun, funny things we've seen on LTAT – I thought it was very funny I don't think it was as funny as just, you know, when you are just saying things – Thank you, Rhett Thank you so much for being so honest

– [Rhett] Yes – Why don't you sing something in acapella right now? – Hell no (laughing) Okay so I tweeted as I tend to do I tweeted this You've had a dream that has Rhett, Link, or a Mythical Crew member in it before

I know you have Tell me about it #LTAT, #letskeepitPG13, 'cause I don't wanna know that crap, you know what I'm saying? – Me neither – Mm-hm – And so I got so many amazing responses

– Ooh, recurring segment? – So I figured, yes, and I also figured that– – We haven't done it yet – We could take these dreams and then look for like a little dream dictionary wisdom in part of the dream, but then kind of fill in everything else with our own knowledge of dream interpretation, which is deep So are you game? – Oh yeah – Oh yeah, I'm already thinking – This isn't gonna be as funny as that compilation, but– – If you had said– (laughing) – I mean it's probably gonna be pretty good

– If you had said no, I don't know what I would have done Okay so the first dream is from @Anti_Cabbage – Okay – And he says, this is his dream Link hired me as a babysitter, except when I got there, his kids weren't in the house at all

It was just an empty house, and when I called him, frantic, he told me, "Oh, sometimes they just aren't there" – Wow that's a little disturbing Did that actually happen or was it– – If it did, I would not pay the babysitter I just wanted to be clear about that You're not getting paid if the kids happen to not be there and you show up, I mean, that's the point

I'm not giving you mileage either – But what if you didn't give them a heads up? – But also this is a dream – They should have confirmed – Yeah it's not really a hypothetical scenario, it is a dream – I never claimed to be able to interpret dreams

– What did the dream dictionary say? – Yeah so, according to dreambiblecom– – Oh that's a great site – To dream of a babysitter represents your feelings about looking after someone else's problem You may feel bored with your life or held back due to someone else's problems A babysitter may reflect responsibility or problems that you feel have been dumped on you

Feeling that you have to protect or look after someone that is vulnerable because nobody else will – I think he's dreaming that, wouldn't it be cool if Link trusted me with his kids, and the answer's no, I don't That's why I sent them away – So this is becoming a dream crushing segment (laughing) – I don't feel comfortable with you even dreaming about my kids

– (laughs) Yeah, right That's my first question when I'm interviewing a babysitter, have you ever had a dream about 'em? – Mm – Mm – Mm-mm – Okay

We should probably move on Maybe there's one that I'm involved in (laughs) – @Cmilfy, that seems a little inappropriate I had a dream– – How milfy? – I had a dream I met them at a hot dog stand in LA But they were working at it

I was like, why are you working here? And they said, "The sponsors aren't paying enough "and our children are growing hungry "It's almost winter" – Wow, and them is us? – Yeah, we're working at a hot dog stand making Game of Thrones references – Not a bad way to sell hot dogs – I think we've got at least this Mythical Beast in a good place where he or she feels– – Worried

– Worried about our wellbeing – Yeah right – My response to that is Mythicalstore (chuckles) – Yeah, right, exactly

Winter is coming (laughs) Winter is coming, get a sweatshirt now! – Either buy our sweatshirts or buy a hotdog We're gonna sell you something! – I feel like this, this is how I demonstrated the hoodie – Oh yeah the hoodie – The hoodie

– [Rhett] Now with sleeves (laughs) – Now with elbow covering – You know what a hot dog represents at dreammoodscom? – A wiener? – Yeah It represents, to see or eat a hot dog in a dream is a phallic symbol representing masculinity, sexual energy and vigor

– Yeah that's our wiki right there – Yeah, I got that I got that in spades (chuckles) – You got a wiener in spades? – If it's shaped like a spade, then you need to see a doctor (Rhett laughs) – No, I only have that while playing spades

I have a very sexy spades game – Okay – It's part of my strategy – We're doing great, let's hear another dream – @therickyho

– Oh gosh, these– – Says– – These people be having some dreams, huh? – Yeah I have not watched GMM since 2015 – Yeah, neither have I (laughs) – But Rhett came into my house and asked for beans (laughs) That's the dream

– Wow yeah – Here we are three years out of sight, out of mind – That's how I get you back, I show up in your dreams Hey, buddy, it's been three years Gimme some beans or watch the show

The choice is yours – And because he or she responded to that tweet, I guess that drew the Mythical Beast back in – Beans, according to Dream Bible, back to Dream Bible You gotta hop around, there's a Dream Mood – You gotta look for the meaning that you want

– Right, right, right (laughing) That's what life's all about really Have friends that agree with you already – To dream of beans represents a lack of variety or feeling forced to do something too much – No they don't

– Could be too much of a good thing, or maybe a sign that you desire more excitement or interesting options – Do you know how many varieties of beans there are? – You need to talk to Ricky, not us – Ricky, do you know how many varieties of beans there are? Just google beans and sit back and take it in (chuckles) Google beans is a new technology they're gonna try in 2020 – We don't wanna push Ricky back away

I mean we just brought him back into the fold – Yeah it's true – Yeah yeah, well he doesn't watch, so – He back You're back, Ricky, stick with us

– Welcome back, Ricky – Okay this one's a personal favorite of mine It's from @GreatMasterNCA, which also– – Hm, that's me – Rhett and Alton Brown tried to sell me weed behind the house I lived in during high school – During high school

– Yeah, that wasn't a dream – Back in high school (chuckling) You and Alton Rollin' doobies behind some high schoolers house – Yeah

– Rhett and Alton Brown – Yeah I would spend quality time with Alton Brown – I think he might have just thought I was Alton Brown I mean we both have glasses – Yeah, yep

– We're both really smart – Maybe that's his pet name for you Rhett and Alton (chuckles) – I really like this dream Dreammoods

com, to dream that you're using marijuana implies that you're trying to escape reality That's like when you really use marijuana though – Right right – That's not just a dream So they don't just appreciate this– – Right right, that's a little too on the nose

– Get creative, dream journal – Dream Moods If someone else is using marijuana or trying to get you to use it, then it indicates a negative influence in your life Does it have Alton Brown in the dream website? – I didn't look up Alton Brown – Incidentally, Alton Brown is a wicked strain of weed

(laughing) Very dank, wicked dank – Yeah wicked works – Yeah it's wicked dank, that Alton Brown – So pungent – And finally, this I just really like this

This person, @Klo_LeNea just tweeted, mine are all about Alex, period – Oh – Oh yeah – Wow – The period was the punctuation

Not– – I always dream of Alex on his period too – Yeah, right – Man – Okay – We have 'em

– Yeah it's just a lot more subtle – Oh I know – A lot more subtle – All right guys – Are you tracking our men-struation? – Not consciously

– Men-struation – I didn't even do that on purpose Alton Brown taught me that (laughing) – That's all I have Those are the few dreams I wanted to share

There's many more dreams to come, but I felt those were the most worthy, honest dreams – And I'm glad that we really helped, you know? – I think we did quite a bit What do you think about that recurring segment idea now? (laughing) You feel good about that? – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing And now our final line – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB! – [Link] F-O (mumbling)

(poppy electronic music)

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