Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning 🍔 5 Fast Food Hacks Taste Test

this was horrible Rhett and Link what were you thinking you plop it on top this is ridiculous what up what up I'm chat while playing I've got Vy Qwaint with me here we are going to be testing out some of rhett and link's from the good mythical morning their food hacks we've watched a bunch of their videos collected our five favorite food hacks that they've done look at that they're just begging to be bit you're like there's a mouth right there that says bite take a bite out of it and I'll take a bite out of the other end and we're going to try them out and let you know is it all that or is it all crowd the first item that we're gonna do from a good mythical morning is from my favorite restaurant oh yeah we did a little shopping at the Taco Bell ding dong that should be there slugger ding dong ding dong it is called the mexi crunch wrap pizza su prima donna you're so gonna carry this is gonna be the first time that we I get to go to taco bell and v's not going to complain about it so thank you good mythical morning I never complain yeah hey where'd you hear the angels singing oh what's the fine everybody knows the greatest is it Chad yes really let me go sure let's get these so we were stifled Bell and they called out number two lady knows I go oh that's me only to see that that was my number four Taco Bell up around McDonald but then you realize oh wait that is me because my title bail receipt is also tuna so we were 289 for both McDonald's and Taco Bell today so 289 is our lucky number of the day too bad our meal didn't cost $289 dollars two dollars and eighty nine alright so we just watched rhett and Link making crunchwrap pizza supreme we're gonna try to make that ourselves and let you guys know if it's all that or if it's all crap first up we need the crunchwrap supreme be hunched wrap supreme late on down and we need a burrito supreme very self assist oh yeah alright so first up we need to check out the contract to bring that is the base of our pizza and now what they said to do is take the burrito supreme go like this and squeeze it out I feel like there's got to be a better way to do that they did it like a really messy way I just open it up and just dump it on there that would be cleaner right but I maybe be less fun maybe there's ultimate you know what if we just open it up and will smear it on oh yeah like we're painting oh geez there we go oh that looks so appetizing goodness we're done with that and we got over to the side next up they said to put on your pizza sauce what was that we're going to use we're diablos on okay there's one pack I think we need to fax yes we spice this up spice it up you ready to spice up the night let's Marvin Gaye it up let's get it on yeah the taco bell yes get on you guys know I'm talking about nope they don't look again now we'll take a spoon and we have spread out our pizza sauce just like so high so excited minute if it's gonna be a delicious pizza what do you put on the pizza after the softy cheese yeah okay what you think like that geesh this is the cheese wow that was nice what are you going all about like I thought you're gonna sprinkle it on that looks pretty good actually look at this Instagram worthy man hahaha all right wall of you is getting the pizza cutter I've opted to forgo on the diced tomatoes on top I'm not a fan of the diced tomatoes I guess I'm like links in that regard quito by commuters also rhett and Link decide to put a crunchwrap supreme on top of this I didn't think that was really good idea is that to me that means must of a pieces are more of a sandwich so I was like let's just go with the one on the bottom for the base that it's a then put the sauce and the cheese on top I think I feel like that's more of a real pizza don't you guys think so yeah I thought so we're gonna go with the butter knife and just chop this baby like so normally a pizza cut into six or eight slices but we're going to go for this is kind of a mini personal pan pizza mm-hmm I think I would prefer you to cut it in a throw my my portion is smaller Hey so V is lactose intolerant did you eat your pill the pill you got to eat one of those lactaid pills before eating everything though not asian food so V before I mean these guys refer few drinks anything let me know if you guys do this two down the comments she takes a cleaning cloth or clean call a cleaning cloud that's good what are these called again Arizona paper towel and she cleans the top right here where you drink on the soda can and she could sit basically and I had never seen anybody do it before I always just right go ahead dirt look at this it came off oh I don't think they can see that come on plan annex like look look see that came off of it a little dirt is good for you be fulfilled your immunity but you can even see it in the monochrome it wait you can see the dirt I show chance I guess I don't care I'll just drink the dirt let's try this beats up invention by Rhett and Link here there you go there's yours he was mine hey guys gloves on they did cheers either you know it definitely tastes like Taco Bell a playing yeah they haven't really changed the basic structure of any of taco bell's food which I feel like Taco Bell has like seven ingredients and I to just mix it all up and to like 30 items that they have my menu so slow we're accurate so I think it's great place to mix anything from the menu and put it in another Taco Bell item and I note okay still thinks I mean other way haha I like it but of course I would one time thanks surprise I'm gonna give this new taco bell pizza from rhett and Link a it's all that I guess I would have to agree with that mean I mean it's all at for Taco Bell before we get into half number to be sure to click on that little bell symbol down below so you can get here quick and hang out with me because I hang out with you in the comments section for the first 30 minutes of every upload and I live stream before almost every video so have that Bell turned on and let's chat canning the cat chatting with chas moving on to the next item from good mythical morning and that is going to be from 7-eleven right down the street which is a very popular gas station here in the United States a gas station food packages and we're going to be making the jerk tart sandwich so we gotta start with the poptarts of birth I'm the tart part brown sugar cinnamon why did you think that it looks most delicious I thought it would go really well with some of Twinkies no I actually never had can give you wait as of right now you've never had thing no I've never known oh I'm very happy all right well you guys will experience be eating a twinkie for the very first time and now beef jerky and you got to add some vegetables some greens so we've got some sour apple candy nothing good I like those please ya mean by themselves yeah they probably won't be good in this sandwich so first we need the bread or the base of the sandwich that's going to be the pop-tarts here all right now we need what's going to be inside which we need are our meat group we got some future ii for my little jerky turkey turkey though jerk you around wait no I met I don't mean it like that you know like one man girl I was like what's misleading like a guy when a girl doesn't want to I guess like Miss Lina gang I've never had a girl do that's me every girl whose career is officially smell rubber yeah all right here's the big moment V is going to try her very first Twinkie of her life go ahead and take home in there not sure about them they remind me of what are those minions put some little googly eyes on here and some like overall minions so rhett and Link decided to open up their Twinkies and let the white out for their sandwich I think it would be better to have the whole Twinkie in there in fact to tweak I think that it's all better so we're going all in all right and now we need our vegetables are always our fruit group sour green apple gummies but i really like a good one for me and one for you and which clothes our sandwich with the top pop tart there you are I'm gonna try to the plight of a little bit of everything in here yeah set a sign of approval mm-hmm are you rocking that is pretty good i did not think that all those players would go well together you get movie jerky uh-huh mm-hmm is good is it ok I'm going to try it oh I justice for a boat oh my goodness yes not a very well it's not a sandwich doesn't stay together very well that's for sure Yeller that two bites and your sandwich is falling apart looking like that is he not bad yeah I like a little sulky and then the cinnamon pop star it's pretty good this is sweet and magic tonight it's like it's like dessert online but I'm getting a big like beef jerky aftertaste nano like similarly up second my team that's not really sitting too well so I feel like leave the beef jerky out and you got a pretty good like dessert type snack I'm gonna give it a it's all that me too I would mind having this in my my lunch mmm no every went to school all the kids would be like what the heck is she eating to pop tarts Twiggy's beef jerky you made it without the beef jerky definitely you have the pool haha good job rhettandlink we enjoyed that snack I hope you guys are liking these food hacks please give this video a thumbs up to let me know that you liked these food hex and you want to see us eat more gross crazy stuff together he's gonna definitely user-defined he's gonna give this video a thumbs down so you guys can make it up ok it's a counter her thumbs down and good mythical morning food hack number three is from mickey d's dedicata I'm right here we're gonna be trying rhett and link's big mac and cheese combining the big back sandwich with mac and cheese which actually sounds really pretty good the big mac and cheese Mickey D's got the whole place to ourselves we got our Big Mac here and we don't think we'll make that mac and cheese first though so let's jump into the kitchen and make it ok so we're making macaroni and cheese but it's really watery right now I'm hoping that it thickens up they don't want to add this watery macaroni and cheese to our famous that would be kind of gross so hopefully it thickens up we got the big back are you excited for the big mac i do like the big mac i really like their special secret sauces okay be okay Chad so we're just going to take the macaroni and cheese yeah there you go it's pretty sick on the tops i did you notice that you use a measuring three yep all other spoons for dirty so i'm using our teaspoon or half there's actually looks pretty good we're pretty good i think this was a pretty darn good idea do you want first bite oh sure the honor cuz i like Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac Big Mac Mac Mac Big Mac I am a robot Mac Mac Big Mac like Mac Mac big man yeah I'll see about that I still tastes like regular Vic immaculate with like some extra mm-hmm some kids yeah I would probably do this it's very subtle let's make it less subtle by adding so many more there we go I feel like yeah it's still like mostly a Big Mac they're just a little bit of mac and cheese on it like now that's more mac and cheese yeah good I like it I like too hot this is the first thing we've had so far in this video that I just want to actually want to finish eating the whole thing yeah I actually don't mind it all right now we don't worry you for dinner I'm gonna give it a it's all that we do on having a miniature really chips nope no chips you know that's like from the 90s i remember i remember in a bag of chips good mythical morning food hack number four and I want to thank you guys right now in advance because I get to go to taco bell twice in one day thanks to you guys this one is called the potato Molly's he's like I can't wear it I can't wait how are you gonna be excited about taco bell I'm sorry good I think Chad complain the same amount if I wanted to cost like yours I saw it's just draw it's just water it's just soup this girl wants soup every day yeah you want to more than I want taco bell really yeah you do you every day like I want if you get hot water Galligan got potay tamales potatoes oh well potatoes and tamales the other yes so taco bell does not have tamales so they invented their own tamale don't agree clever only first ingredient we need is a beefy five layer burrito period on a the plate it goes so this is going to be the start of art tamale okay so what we need the inside of this is going to become the shell of the tamale what is a tamale I don't know exactly i think it's made out of corn though but we're going to be making it out of the inside of the beefy 5-layer burrito this is going to be really messy holy cow everything talk about is what's amazingly delicious you're not supposed to look at it you're supposed to eat it and enjoy in the dark so we also need two pieces yes ok we're going to mush these down all right let's just let's just go all in and make a big mess let's get my fingers on here there we go just like so like rhettandlink said just imagine you're at taco bell and you see someone sitting in a booth doing this with their burrito what would you do I wouldn't leave you be like never mind I don't want to eat here anymore okay I just be already got a cut in half so so you need one half to be the bottom layer of the tamale that's going to be right there what is wrong with you guys Lin Lang will do what is wrong with you guys look at seguro here's the other half be the top portion too there we go now the middle of the tamale is going to be the bean burrito be there's more ingredients in burrito please you like me to open it up that would be fantastic all right here's the inside beautiful bean burrito let's just go ahead and plug that into the tamale here oh this is horrible rhettandlink what were you thinking jus now they put the top of the tamale on top here it is plop it on top this particular there is the tamale um but not what it is they kind of made it a little bit more like an enchilada by pouring some nacho cheese and the sauce over the top I actually liked that judging beautiful duh duh to put the puppet dog it looks like lasagna kind of let's try this good mythical morning tamale I'm gonna predict that it tastes like Taco Bell iconic hist like I strongly a little bit really yeah with all the potato even though management our corn but I really don't like this you know I would have preferred to bean burrito by itself eating that and then the beefy 5-layer see that mm-hmm I bet you must feel something I think I'll like the nacho cheese you wanna buy the rhettandlink potato maybe wrap no don't bother trying it and it made a mess so not where the next item and good mythical morning food hack number five is for dessert and you can get this anywhere I think we actually got this at the wheel 7-eleven when we were there don't we why don't the good old yeah I know what you call it around in these parts in Southern California drums we call the good old settlers ya gotta pin is where you live yep in with the environment you know if you got look cool yeah be cool don't be a fool space rottenly am a series called well and ice cream sandwich they try to make ice cream sandwiches out of various food items this one looked really quite tasty it is peanut butter and then ice cream in the middle and then peanut butter on top oh good yeah it's very creepy so before filling this I made three or three two little circular peanut butter cookie us things while we cut to write out we're going to make the ends of the ice cream channel nice fresh peanut butter jar here hmm I mean making ten a square if you will she do little circles could just come in there there we go and now we just need to freeze that and once it freezes we're going to turn it into an ice cream sandwich master chef Chad the peanut butter wavered I guess what song are frozen now they were in there for about an hour okay I think they probably could be left in the freezer a little bit longer but we're going to just go with it here so maybe maybe go for two hours with this okay so here's one peanut butter wafer come on talk work if you and to go haha and now we need the ice cream are you excited me ok I am both some good I love peanut butter love ice cream I think I am feeling this gonna be my favorite one yeah look it like it's based on it perfectly there we go suck it up yeah good eye good in here it is there that is are you ready to try this you wanna try to first bite me ocean seas and work which is proper you supposed to run with your hands and eat it like a sandwich I think good-o hmm like the wafer like this soft and not frozen it because I can eat it with a boy thanks those too hard and it's too hard I don't know I don't know if I would it'll taste as good you I need another bite me but it's so good I was really good mmm I'm right this was my favorite one well rhettandlink I think he went all out and hit us a grand slam on this one so this one's getting in it's all that all that from me envy yeah over on these channel we did a food collab hack saying as well as it means we went through the exact same restaurant you know we went to mcdonalds the 7-eleven and well I actually made healthy versions of that so put right here for fast food healthy fat fast food hat if you're not subscribed to be click right over there I'm sure you're already subscribed to me otherwise you're crazy right now and let's go hang out over on these video right about now

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