Restaurant Bread Taste Test

– Today, we break bread and rank it – Let's talk about that

(upbeat theme music) Good Mythical Morning – Just a reminder, in addition to a new episode of G-Double M every weekday, make sure to pop by on Saturday for our brand new, behind-the-scenes, off-the-cuff, anything-can-happen show, Let's Talk About That, but today, let's talk about my favorite word in the English language, free – Nothing in life is free except hotel shampoo, hugs, and Netflix using your dad's login But there's one more thing in life that's free, and it's probably the greatest free thing of 'em all, even better than hugs, and that is restaurant bread – Now, if you're gonna fill up on free restaurant bread, which restaurant bread should it be

Today, we're gonna determine the best It's time for, This is a Bread Basket, You Got Me Munchin' on, You Gon' Spread Butter on, Look How I'm Rankin' Em, woo We blew our entire budget obtaining free breads from six different restaurants Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel, Texas Roadhouse, and Outback Steakhouse – And we're gonna be ranking them on a scale of one to six, as follows

Our yeast favorite I don't want naan of this Ciabatta be kidding me! On the rise Baguette me more of this! And Rolls Royce – Alright, let's get to tasting some bread

– [Together] Round one – The classic Olive Garden breadsticks, 140 calories per serving – Look at it, it's, you know, it is a perfect-looking piece of bread – It's a bread log, man – It's as if a giant made a sub

– And listen to this, Olive Garden – Gotten shrunk down – Serves an average of 675 million breadsticks a year That's freakin' nuts, man – Look at that – They push the unlimited nature of 'em, and so what I find myself doing is, A, only eating these at Olive Garden, and not eating anything else, like the lasagna

But then I'll take a whole bunch of these home, you know And they'll harden – You put 'emi in your shirt? You made it look like – Yeah – Put 'em in your pants? – My mom has put them in her pocketbook, okay

This was growing up, we would eat Olive Garden a lot Take 'em home, the next day they've hardened and you can build structures out of them, like retaining walls for landscaping – Okay, you don't eat them, you just build with them – I don't have to eat it, 'cause I know what it tastes like It's great

– It's got a yeasty-ness to it – It's very good Of course, we're gonna move 'em in the ranking So probably to start off with, we're gonna put it somewhere in the middle, three-ish – Okay, I'm okay with that

– We'll move it around later – [Together] Round two – Next up we have Cheesecake Factory's famous brown bread – There you go – It is very brown, it has, what is that, oats? – Oat flecks

– It looks like oats – Now, the last time I went to Cheesecake Factory, the waiter came up to me, as he handed us the bread, he said, a little secret, you should dip that brown bread in ranch, it'll blow your mind And then he brought ranch back – He brought ranch? – And I dipped it in there, and I was like, uh, it's pretty good, but it's not blowing my mind – Yeah, it seems a little weird actually

– It was like he thought he had come up with some very special thing – I mean, it's a wheat bread roll I'm actually surprised, the magic of Cheesecake Factory surrounding the bread kind of makes it better, I'm thinking – This really receives butter very well – Better than ranch, you say? – This is a higher-quality bread than Olive Garden bread

– Yeah – That tastes like it was shot out of a, some sort of a tube somewhere, where a robot was in charge – Like extruded – Yeah – You just extrude this

– It's like Play-Doh bread, you know In fact, there's probably a four-year-old in the back putting it into, – Rolling it out like snakes – An Easy-Bake Oven But this is like, I feel like there's a chef back there – You're saying this is better, how much better? – I think there's a chef at Cheesecake Factory, guys

I'm pretty sure there is – Yeah, how much better is the question, though – Eh, that much better for now – [Together] Round three – Next up we have Red Lobster's cheddar bay biscuits

Wooo daddy – These, these are special These are so special, they don't even need butter – You can buy the box mix in the store and make this at home, am I right? – Oh my gosh You know, Beyonce has a condition on which she will take you to Red Lobster

(crew laughs) – I'm familiar with the tune And it goes so well together – It might be worth it – What we're saying is cheddar bay biscuits are quite the aphrodisiac – No, I think it's the other way around

– It's like, well, okay, whatever, you can do your own research – They're heavenly, gosh – It's so good, it's flaky, it's perfect Speaking of Beyonce, my aunt Swan would always go to Red Lobster – You have an aunt that's a swan? – Well, she's no longer with us, but her name was Swan

Very sweet woman, and she knew where to get the cheddar bay So every time I think of these, I think of my aunt Swan – Now, I mean, I feel really strongly that these are gonna be the best thing we taste But, if you wanna leave some room, we can put 'em at two – [Together] Round four

– And now for some biscuits and cornbread from Cracker Barrel Now they give you two kinds of bread at Cracker Barrel, and we could not find one of these in Los Angeles, we had to drive all the way to Victorville to the nearest Cracker Barrel to pick up this bread – Yeah, that's right, I mean they're not go-able I wonder if there's one in Tokyo – What? – I said I wonder if there's one in Tokyo

– What? – I said, no, check this out guys In honor what he just did, we turned it into a t-shirt that you can buy at mythicalstore And you can buy these at Cracker Barrel, if you drive to Victorville, or you live near any interstate in, I think, the southeast, I don't know – Yeah, they're all over the southeast

– You're gonna go for, – [Rhett] I'm gonna go for both – I'm gonna go for the biscuit The biscuit looks like a KFC biscuit, it's not as much flaky as it is – This is really, really, really good bread It's a little dry without anything on it, and both of 'em are good, and I like the fact that they throw both of 'em at you as the same time

– I love that – Don't make a choice – They give you options – Just embrace both – It's a really good biscuit

It's really good cornbread They give the suggestion of the butter and the jam – Blackberry jam on a biscuit, that's great for me, I love that It's not cheddar bay biscuit level, though That is an entity in and of itself of magic

– Yeah, the cheddar bay biscuit represents a unique creation that they can call their own This is actually just a representation of really good country cooking, which for me puts it above, no chance it's not better than Cheesecake Factory bread – Yeah, 'cause that's just wheat bread, again, if you take this out of Cheesecake Factory, it loses is wow factor But the Cracker Barrel, it holds up in just this place – [Together] Round five

– And next up, Texas Roadhouse rolls, made from scratch and baked every five minutes, Rhett, slathered with homemade, melted honey cinnamon butter – Yeah, and listen, that is a special touch I'm saying that the full presentation of the bread, including the, oh gosh, I'm getting excited, the sides that they serve with it is all part of it I mean, look how that butter just, it gives It just keeps on giving

– [Link] Give it to me – Look how much it gives, it's whipped – Now here is a confusing fact, the first Texas Roadhouse location was in Clarksville, Indiana, opened in 1993 The Texas Roadhouse company headquarters is based in Louisville, Kentucky – Well, you gotta take a road trip from Texas to get to both of those places

– True, that's it – You know, the good news about these is each roll is only 350 calories, without the butter – Without the butter, dang – I mean look how shiny they are I kind of just wanna lick the outside of it

– I know, like, look at my fingers – Oh do that – Daddy shiny fingers – No, Daddy, lick that Just lick the outside, trust me

Is that everything you thought it would be? – Hey, next time you go to a Texas Roadhouse, look in the corner booth, you'll see me over there – Mommy, that man's licking his rolls Well honey, you oughta try it before you judge him Now he's just leaving his tongue out Boy, that's a lot better than I thought it would be

These are reallY good In my opinion, – Are you crying a little bit? – A little bit These are better than Cracker Barrel, I hate to say it – You're right – They're more unique

– You're right You're right, a matter of fact, they make me now hate Cracker Barrel – Oh no, oh no, no, no – Slidey, slidey – Definitely better than those, we've already established that order

– Now, I don't know what's next yet, but I'm leaving hope that there's some magical free bread that's gonna topple Red Lobster – I do know what's next – [Together] Round six – The Outback Steakhouse brown bread – Okay, you're right, here it is

– More brown bread – Look at that, there's a whole one for you – Just when you thought you didn't have enough brown bread – They got two different types of butters, a whipped butter, and this is the more solidified butter – Bread-wise, before we get to the butter

– Is that right? – I think os – Whipped butter? – It's a honey butter and a regular butter> Before we get to the butters, what I will say is that smell alone, smell test, it smells just like Cheesecake Factory, but it doesn't have oatmeal on the outside of it, so I don't know what – It doesn't smell exactly like it – It smells stronger, there's a little bit more of a bready smell, but it's in the same family It's in the brown bread family

– [Link] Take a little bit of this – You definitely go whipped, right – Remember when Outback was accused of being a den of Satanists? – Yeah, because they are Oh, try the honey butter – Is that a good thing? Ooh yeah

– But is the bread really doing, how much is the bread doing for you? 'Cause the butter's good – The butter's free – And like I said, the butter's part of the whole package – It is, and I think this really does bump it up above the Cheesecake Factory – But does it beat Cracker Barrel at this point? 'Cause they've got butter and jam – No, there's no way

– Alright – There's no way – So is this what we're saying right here? – This is what we're saying Olive Garden, much to my, I don't know, hold on I don't think that the Olive Garden logs should be at the bottom of the stack

– Retaste – They're fun, Italian-themed logs of lasagna companion – You wanna wedge that log right in between the two brown breads? – Either that, or right here I mean we're either talking about this or this – Put that log in between the two buns of brown bread

– That's what it's gonna be, right there – Hey, there it is, the definitive free bread order – Texas Roadhouse, you made a good run for the money, but Red Lobster comes out on top – The cheddar bay biscuits cannot be beat – Mmhmm, thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing

– You know what time it is – I'm Becca – And I'm Callie – [Together] And we're at Boomers in Southern California, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Gross

– I don't know what that was – It was boomin'! – I don't think it was bread Click to the top link to watch us eat cheddar bay biscuit French toast, – What? – In Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land The GMM Tokyo T – What? – [Link] Is the wildest all-over print T you never knew you needed

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