Relationship Chicken ft. De’arra & Ken 4 Life (GAME)

– Good mythical summer – As you can see we've been kidnapped, probably because of the government lies I exposed last Friday underneath the Denver Airport

Hello – Don't worry, something tells me we'll be ransomed by Monday – But today, we've invited YouTubers De'arra and Ken to host – Enjoy And send help

– Will you use my toothbrush or are you too chicken? – Well, let's talk about that (lilting jingle) – Good mythical summer – What up mythical beasts I'm De'arra and this is my boyfriend, Ken – You might know us from our YouTube channel De'arra & Ken 4 Life

If you've seen any of our videos, then you know we like to push our relationship to the limit – You mean the time you put a real tarantula on me? – Or the time you pretended to be sick and threw up all over me – Or the time where you pretended to cheat on me – Or the time you covered yourself in fake blood and pretended to be dead – Yeah, that was good

As you can see, we share a love of one-upping each other, which is why Rhett and Link thought we would be the perfect couple to push our relationship a little bit farther by playing a game they created all about sharing It's time for: – "I Hope the Stuff We Share Doesn't Make Us Sicken Cause We're Playing Relationship Chicken" – Here's what we're about to do: I'm going to use a specific item on myself, then I'm going to pass that item to you to see if you're willing to use it on yourself after I already used it – If I do it, then we move on to the next round, and it's my turn to try something, and then I pass it to you But if at any time we are too grossed-out or too chicken to do the task, then we will be faced with a punishment which is written on one of these cards

– Round 1 Alright, first up for Round 1, we got the handy-dandy deodorant – Well that should be easy because you always using my deodorant, but– – Let's go Let's see Alright

Make sure we get it nice and out there (laughter) – Let's get this nice and used – I don't think I put on deodorant this morning either, so– – Ugh (laughter) – Hopefully we can get a few hairs off Oh yeah

– Ewwww – There we go Just go on stick it under there (laughter) – I can't believe I'm doing this – You might have armpit hair after this

– Alright Done Round 2 Alright And next up we have toothbrush and toothpaste

So I will be brushing my teeth and then you know, you will have to use it after I'm done But I'ma be honest I mean, when we were out of town before, right? I didn't have my toothbrush, but you had yours (laughter) And I kinda you know used it

– That's disgusting (laughter) – So maybe you can, you know, use mine's next – Why are you dipping it in the water? – You don't do that? You know, rinse your toothbrush off before you put the toothpaste, no? – No, I don't (laughter) (brushes teeth loudly) (laughter) – It's like you're just getting it everywhere – Brush your tongue

Most important (brushes tongue loudly) (laughter) – Oh you are disgusting – Ah, no – You gotta do it, or you want the punishment (laughter) – This is disgusting

– Think about it You do it, it's easy simple, or you do a punishment – This is not easy simple No it's not – But you kiss me, so? – True

But, nah I'm not, nah – You're not gonna do it? You're not gonna do it? – You (laughter) I woulda did it had you not dipped it back in the cup, I mean back in the glass

And then you took it back out, and you– – So you're not gonna do it? – No – Okay Alrighty then Since you didn't do it, you punishment: you have to reveal something bad your parent said about me that you hoped I never found out Oh this is gone be interesting, 'cause boo-boo

(laughter) Listen, I'm listening – Alright, uh, don't take it personal, my mom loves you, she does, I can guarantee this Just, when we first met – When we first met, okay – When she first met you, matter fact, she thought your teeth was a little big

– You lying My feelings are hurt, move Were you for real? – I'm for real It's nothing but love now, I promise She's accepted your

She's accept– – It's all good, you it's okay – She's accepted you, teeth and all (laughter) – Round 3 – Next up, we got some Q-tips I love these, you know

– I don't even like cleaning out my ear, so I already know I am not even doing this – Finna dig on in there Whoo Oh boy Whoo

(laughter) This feels good, you're missing out Ooh Ooh – Oh baby, I am not doing it Nah, you can take that away

– I'm not done, I gotta do the other ear Let's dig on in – Nope, nope That is disgusting – You ain't even thought about it yet

Just, relax – That's disgusting When the last time you cleaned your ears? – Probably two days ago I get a lot of wax Oof

– No Uh-uh, uh-uh – Here you go – NO! Ken, move! I ain't playing with you, throw that away (laughter) No, I uh-uh, I'm not doing it

Read this punishment 'cause I ain't doing it Move it, throw it away No, I'm not doing it, nope – Here, you can at least trying to hold it – Uh-uh, nope

Ken, listen to me: I'm not doing it I'm not doing it, I'm not, uh-uh – That's a lot of wax – Just place it in the trash can on the side of you That is so disgusting

– You sure? – I'm sure, I'm positive, read it – You don't wanna at least – No

– Okay Let's see what you got Since you chickened out, you have to share a secret that you've never told your significant other, which in this case would be me, I hope (laughter) Which would be me – Well

Okay, well I think I've told you a couple of secrets (sigh) Well, hmmm – Not all? – I don't think one I've told you, you know recently– – A recent secret? – Now, I don't feel this way, but it was recent you know, I was you know– – I'm confused

Now, or was this recent? – No no, it was recent but it's not now – Alright – So well, I don't know, maybe we were arguing and I kinda just I couldn't do it no more And I was thinking to my head like, "You know what, I'm done, I'ma find somebody else 'cause I'm sick of him" And that's really what I was thinking, no seriously

– Oh – And that's my secret – Really? – Mmhmm – That's – But I don't feel that way now, I love you (laughter) You are disgusting I don't feel that way now, I love you (laughter) – But this was recent

– It was recent, not recent, maybe like, maybe a week or two – A week? (laughter) – But it, no, not anymore I love you I love you with all my heart – Now you love me with all your, not a week ago? – Yes

Correct – You didn't love me with all your heart a week ago? – Correct But now I love you More than before – I don't think I love you

(laughter) – Round 4 Alright, and next up for this round is called a Ped Egg So, something you use when you're getting a pedicure – Something you need – Definitely, 'cause boy, I have a whole lotta dead skin

So I'ma just grate it like a cheese grater Do you see that? – You just getting it like – Oh boy, this is so embarrassing

Please don't judge me in the comments I do get my feet done, it's just I haven't got 'em done recently (laughter) – Alright I think we're good Alright (sigh) Here you go

– Ugh (laughter) – You weird, you gone smell it Oh yeah I'm glad I didn't have to do it How you don't have no dead skin? – I don't – How I got more than you? – Your feet are terrible, honestly

(laughter) – Oof – That was easy – I'm surprised it didn't tickle Round 5 Next up, we got some mouthwash

So what's bout to happen, gonna gargle the mouthwash, spit it back in, and then you have to gargle That good with you? (laughter) (gargling) – Oh no No Baby I am not doing it Uh-uh

– It's actually very refreshing – No, I can't, no I'm not doing it – You sure? This punishment could actually be worse – I'm sure – There it is

Alright So since you chickened out, which isn't new, you have to post a photo or video of yourself with the caption, I'm praying for you – What's the caption? – Beyonce is overrated – (gasp) Ohh, no I can't do that, they gone come for me

Please? Please? – I wanna take this time to say that I, I am a part of the B-hive (laughter) – Can I delete it after I'm done? – I don't think that makes a difference – Uh, I'm scared, they not gone like me no more – I don't even wanna be in the video (laughter) Just leave me out of that

– Um, I just got something to say Okay, lemme work at this (laughter) – Doh, I can't do it

– Yikes, you are about to be on The Shade Room (laughter) – I just low-key wanna say like, is it just me but, Beyonce kinda Overrated? Just a little bit? – Bae, it's just you? – Okay, do I post? Oh no, they gone screen-record it, I ain't think about it

Okay I posted it Round 6 Okay, so this next, for this next (laughter) round is I'm the mama bird and you're the baby bird, right? (laughter) So, what I'm gonna be doing is eating a piece of chicken, chewing it up, and then dropping it in your mouth – I'm a pretty mature baby bird I can eat it myself

That's a pretty big piece – This is good, too I'm hungry Mmm Make sure it's good for you, so you can swallow it

– Mmhmm, I so appreciate it – Alright, ready? Open your mouth – What? – Lean back and open your mouth – I thought you was gone spit it – Uh-uh, I'm spitting directly into your mouth Ready? (laughter) C'mon

Sit back We gone do it (laughs) C'mon, it's gone be easy simple – I think I'm, I think I think I'm better with the punishment – All you gotta do is do this, lean back– – I think you should swallow Let's start there – Lean back, c'mon

– And then you could – C'mon I got you, lean back – Bae listen, I love you, I, listen bae I'm so sorry my mom said that about you, but (laughter) – Not gone do it? – Let's just read the punishment – Okay

– You want some water? – I'm good – Are you good? – Okay Alright, since you didn't do it you have to tell me which one of my friends is most attractive This is gone be interesting, boo-boo oh Let's go

(laughter) – Alright let's see, lemme just go down in my head– – No, let's keep, let's also let this be known that it ain't most attractive than me 'cause boo-boo, you girl real cute So this most attractive in general

– What if they are? – But, why you ain't with them? Oh, okay So go ahead, name – Alright, I just gotta go off the top of my head like a ranking system (laughter) – Okay – Ya know

Let's see, you got that one – Ken, don't play with me – I'm just saying – Go ahead – I probably have to go with

I think I'ma go with Amenada – Ohhh (laughs) You know what's funny, I knew you was gone say that You know what, I knew, I

– She cute She pretty cute (laughs) – Alright I don't even wanna play no more

(laughter) Can I answer now? Because, boy you got some cute friends (laughs) Like the one that's like 6'5"? Well you know I love tall dudes But you know that's a non-business Continue (laughs) – If you wanna see us do more crazy stuff together, check out our YouTube channel: De'arra & Ken 4 Life

– Thank you for liking, coming, and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm AJ – And I'm Sarah

– And we're at Machu Picchu – In Peru – And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Click the top link to watch us play the whisper challenge while wearing mouth-openers in Good Mythical More – And find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land

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