Recreating The Most Expensive Meals In The World

– Today we eat $2000 pizza – That we paid a lot less for

– Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning! – Before we get started, we just wanna give y'all a quick reminder that the midterm elections are November 6th so make sure to be your Mythical best and get out there and vote! – In fact, go to Voteorg to register and find your polling place – I also got one more quick announcement, not too big of a deal but happy birthday, Rhett! – Hey! – It's his birthday! – Let's not talk about it – And what a birthday it is going to be this year

41, what! That is cray-cray! – No no! Let's not talk about it! – And you know what, you're in for a real treat today because I am treating you to the most expensive meals from around the world Happy birthday, man, and hey, I'mma take care of the bill – Okay, I appreciate the gesture but I know you're just talking about today's episode, because today we're gonna eat some of the most expensive meals from around the world that Josh has recreated for much cheaper So technically, I'm also paying for this! – And I love you for that – You've done nothing for me

– It's time for– ♪ You don't have to be rich ♪ ♪ To eat this food ♪ ♪ You don't have to spend tons ♪ ♪ To feel this full ♪ ♪ Ain't no particular price these ingredients cost ♪ ♪ I don't want want to spend extra cash for this ♪ (groovy guitar music) ♪ Dish ♪ All over the world there are places that sell incredibly expensive dishes because they know that people like us will get suckered in to talking about them and some real suckers will actually buy them – But it is Mythical chef Josh's culinary belief that these restaurants are basically ripping people off, so we're going to look at some of these very expensive meals and then we're gonna taste Josh's cheaper version that he made – It's cheaper, it's cheaper – And then we're going to guess how much he actually spent to make it – Whoever gets the most right wins a $1000 chicken wing meal in Good Mythical More

– [Rhett] Let's take a look at our first dish, a $2000 pizza – Industry Kitchen in Manhattan is selling a $2000 pizza That comes out to $250 a slice, or basically $50 a bite It's made from squid ink dough that rests for 48 hours, which is how far in advance you'll have to order the pie It's topped with white Stilton cheese chipped from England, foie gras, and truffles from France

Ossetra caviar gathered from the Caspian Sea Does this mean anything to you? It just sounds fancy – Oh so much meaning – And 24 carat gold leaves It actually sounds disgusting and looks disgusting

– Well and to put things into perspective, Josh is using the exact same ingredients for all these dishes, so everything that Link just listed, he sourced all the same ingredients to make his version Let's see what he did – The squid ink dough has to rest for 48 hours before you touch it, which I find #relatable (pounds dough) (funky Italian music) Oh God This stuff is actually pretty gross

There's a little bit of lemon peel in this cheese and it kinda just tastes like someone farted on a lemon Man, that doesn't look like a fancy pizza yet It looks like someone just really, really screwed up a recipe (groans) Oh God! Foie gras, more like foie gross misconduct charging $2000 for a pizza, am I right guys? (chuckles) – I like the built-in high five Okay here it is! – Foie gras

– The final product – I wouldn't pay anything for this just based on smell $2000 for something that I don't even want – There's your piece Okay, caviar I've always had a really tough time getting into so just to give this thing a chance– – I can't

– I'm gonna stop short of the caviar with my bite – But the foie gras – I actually don't mind that The cheese is good I really do like the cheese

– Uh-uh This is not whether we like it It's about whether we could predict how much Josh spent to actually make it A number has struck me and I've, I don't know, I just, I feel like the pizza spoke to me – Okay, ugh, I don't know why I'm feeling this

Bam Okay you got an answer? – $201 I just, I believe that's it, on the money – Well I said $115, I went even lower – Oh okay, okay, Stevie? – [Stevie] Okay guys, the real answer is $189

41 – That's Link, you're closer – Yes – You're closer – I went over but that don't matter in this game

– No it doesn't – [Link] Next up a $214 grilled cheese sandwich – Yes, the Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York City is selling the quintessential grilled cheese sandwich It is made out of french bread– – [Link] It just looks like a grilled cheese! – Dom Perignon champagne and 23 carat gold baked throughout, is brushed with a mixture of truffle oil and gold flakes It has caciocavallo, a rare cheese imported from southern Italy

Served alongside a lobster tomato bisque Let's see what Josh did for us – All right so this $214 grilled cheese starts with Dom Perignon and gold bread Oh God, that's so much gold Look what happens when you put it in champagne, that's crazy, that was just powder

(mixer whirs) And so the cheese that goes into this grilled cheese, a caciocavallo podolico It's a-me, caciocavallo podolico! Is how you have to say it by law It's cheese Got some barnyard aromas, like new tennis balls That's nice

I think I'm hilarious (laughing) So we're taking this white truffle olive oil and then we're gonna add more gold to that Then we're gonna take our cheese The best part is that this is really comfort food, this is what Kylie Jenner eats when it's cold outside – (chuckles) You got an in with Kylie? – I wouldn't be surprised if you hunt out with Kylie

– Now, I said that it just looked like a grilled cheese in the photo but clearly, in Josh's immaculate recreation, this does not look like any normal grilled cheese – Let's dip – Dip it, dink it – Dink it – Sink it

– I mean, that's good But it's not as good as my mama's grilled cheese (crew laughs) – Yeah if I paid $214 for this, I'd be writing a letter to somebody – Okay, selling it for $214 Hm

Okay, I've got my answer – Oh – I'm going with $34, so let's see what you did over there – Don't look at mine! $38 – Close here

– Even though I had a hard time drawing an eight – [Rhett] Yeah, hold on, what happened? – I don't know – Try again (chuckles) Just try again to make me feel better Okay there we go

$838, I got him! – [Stevie] The answer is $2341 – Yee-ow! – Okay! – You won – Yep, I won Now we got $169 hot dog

– I can walk down the street to Costco and buy a hotdog for $150 and it comes with a soda! But the Tokyo dog food– – What! (extended yelling) – That was refreshing The T-word dog food truck in Seattle, Washington– – It's my birthday – Yeah, happy birthday, man Is selling the Juuni Ban hot dog for $169

– Mm – Now this footlong freight contains a smoked cheese bratwurst, maitake mushrooms, wagyu beef, foie, more of that foie gras (Rhett chuckles) Truffles, caviar, and Japanese mayonnaise all served on a brioche bun Good for you for not including any gold flakes though – Yeah! – All right, here we got a bunch of footlong franks, which is also what we called my uncle

He was a weird guy (upbeat music) All right so we have our wagyu rib eye here And then just drag it across the grill This is just rich people Steak-Umms This looks so ridiculous

Butter teriyaki onions and maitake mushrooms I messed this up, dude All right, top some Kobe beef Give it some happy little Kobe beef nooks All right so here we got some black summer truffles, we're gonna shave that one top

You put pu-pu mushrooms on anything, it becomes fancy I heard the new Yeezys got truffles on 'em And scene – Josh, your wiener shrunk (crew laughs) – [Josh] Wish that was the first time I heard that

– Okay so, oh look at that cross-section – [Rhett] Yeah, that's beautiful – This is jam-full of mostly things that are appealing to me – Yeah, the caviar– – The caviar is not great I'm gonna, let me push a little bit of that back, 'cause I don't want that to ruin, it's just too overpowering to me

– Man, you really gotta– – I don't know– – Stretch the mouth – Even know where to, how to – This wagyu beef here, I could get a little bit more of that

– I would enjoy that – Yeah, that's good, man Woo! – Probably not as much as just a regular hotdog, but– – Cheapest thing we've tried but the best thing we've eaten – A lot of ingredients there – I got it

I would encourage you to be very specific if you wanna beat me – Okay, I said $2814 – $1689

I believe in you, Josh – [Stevie] The real answer is $7150 – Really? – You couldn't bring this one down that much, huh? – [Josh] No, that's real wagyu, the sausage alone is $12 – Mm

– Ah – [Link] Next up a dozen donuts for $1200 – Bjorn DelaCruz, chef of the Manila Social Club in Miami is the culinary master behind the Golden Cristal Ube Here's what it includes: crystal, or Cristal dough, Cristal icing, filled with Cristal jelly, airbrushed with a gleaming coat of 24 karat gold and topped with a meticulously placed gold leaf in a process that takes DelaCruz nearly two hours to execute – [Link] That is a lot of gold, man

– All right let's see what Josh did – This is ube, it's a Filipino purple yam If the cruller floats to the top, you know it's a witch Hey it floated, it's a witch And so here we have a bottle of champagne and we're gonna make a glaze out of this

If I hit Chase with that, you owe me $50 – Oh! – All right so we already got some champagne in there I had a bowl full of powdered sugar, I popped the champagne, it sprayed everywhere A little bit got in the powdered sugar and it was the exact right amount to make a glaze Something is comforting about the idea of rich people paying to actually poop gold

I just laugh every time I think about my problems (both laughing) – Did that take you two hours to execute? It looked like you were doing it pretty hastily – Six minutes – Okay, great So we're not counting for your time

– You do poop gold, right, because your body doesn't remove anything valuable from gold – Mm – Right? – [Josh] Vitamin G – Vitamin G – Ha! (chuckles) – [Josh] Got 'em

– And why yams, that's such a weird thing – And why yams? That's the question on everybody's mind – [Josh] That's actually really delicious It's a pretty common ingredient in Filipino desserts – It's 2018 and everybody's asking– – [Both] Why yams? – I mean it's still smooshy

Is that how you want it? – Yes – Why yams? Is a legitimate question – Very weird – So $1200 for a dozen so $100 for one donut (chuckles) – And we're gonna price one donut

– Yeah, one donut – So how far down from $100 are we coming? – Okay – Ooh, changing my answer at the last second – Okay, what'd you got? – I was gonna say $799, I was like, that's stupid

I'm saying $1199 – Huh, I said $1111 – Oh whoa

(chuckles) – Wow – [Stevie] And the real answer is $2927 – Oh – Yes! – All right, Link

We're tied again! Next up, a $2000 lobster frittata – Now this is actually called the zillion dollar lobster frittata from Norma's at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City – We actually talked about this one back in 2016 in our episode the most expensive food in the world but today we're gonna eat it – Mhm, here's what's in it 10 ounces of Sevruga caviar, an entire lobster, six fresh eggs, cream, chives, and lobster sauce all served over a Yukon gold potato bed

– Mm – Looks great Josh, have at it – All right this is the zillion dollar frittata I'm not great at lobsters

I'm great at chicken frying things All right so we got our six egg omelet going in Sorry, frittata Frittata's a made-up word, it's like calling mayonnaise aioli, it's not fancier, it's just in a different language This is definitely not kosher

My bubby would be pissed So we got our bed original Yukon gold potatoes Just dump it right on there This is a whole ounce of caviar This costs about $60 by itself, but, at this restaurant, instead of just doing a little bit, they take a full 10 ounces of it and just dump it right on top

This is the most grotesque thing I've ever seen in my life I've seen snakes – Oh gosh And you shaped it up nicely I see after that final moment of the video – I'm intrigued by the Yukon gold potato bed

You know? – That's smart – That made me just think about something I wanted to just step into, curl up in and go to sleep ♪ Forget all your troubles ♪ ♪ Forget all your cares ♪ ♪ And get in a Yukon gold bed ♪ – Frittata all your troubles – Yes! Dink it Sink it

Meh – Yeah, I mean – If you're dropping two grand on something, you gotta have a better reaction than meh – Okay, well, that's all I got is meh How much does it cost? And this is for the win, Link

(coughs) (sighs) – This is not typically how we budget things on the show – No – By guessing after that fact (crew laughs) – Oi I'm taking a clue from something Josh said in the video, but I don't know if I should be following that logic or not

– $18322 – Now you said, I don't know if this was to throw me off, but you said, "This is one ounce of caviar, "it costs $60 "But this one has 10 ounces," so I went with $649, $600 for the caviar, not counting a bulk discount, plus $49 for the remaining ingredients – I hope he's wrong

– [Stevie] The real answer is $59072 – Hey hey, slight bulk discount birthday boy takes it home! – Listen, I don't care if you win or lose Now I'm sick that we paid that much (laughs) Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Emily – I'm Hannah – And I'm Coral – And we're in Florence, Italy

– [Together] It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality (classes clink) – Cheers – Woo! Click the top link to watch me eat $1000 chicken wings in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Get the limited edition GMM Silver Logo Tee now at Mythical

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