Recreating Embarrassing School Photos

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and this is a pre-recorded message

This week's guests will huff and puff and blow your minds Please welcome Rhett and Link (crew applauds) I think it was a tie Was that a race? I'm awarding pun, points to both of you – Punts

– I want a pump – Please give me a punt – A pump – That sounds like a bad thing I mean depending on what you want from me

– Stevie, it's– – Punting is– – A thing is not a thing when you hear it, doesn't necessarily have to be bad – Oh no no, in my mind, it's always bad – Punting, punting– – I don't know – Is the art of taking a boat down in a small, shallow pond with a long stick in England They do it in Oxford

– Okay now you know– – Oxford! – Everything about England – (chuckles) Yes I do – Gentlemen and everyone out there, welcome back back to LTAT – Yeah, let's talk about that – We haven't been at it

It's almost like riding a bike but I don't like riding bikes, especially in Los Angeles so it's almost like riding a bike – You gotta find a path, you gotta find a path along the river – Oh there is a river path – There's a river path – There's an LA River bike path

– Yeah that– – That is nice, it is very nice what they've done with the LA River – And you can ride on the boardwalk and you can start in Santa Monica and go all the way to Long Beach I mean there might be a couple of squirrely spots – That's not the LA River – No no– – No we switched over to the other path

– There's many places to ride bikes in Los Angeles I'm an advocate of bike riding in LA – Maybe I'll try it Can you believe it has been a year since we first started doing this – Really? – Yeah

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– Le-tat – Le-tat What I'm gonna be callin' it – I had to fit– – I like that Is there an apostrophe? – A lot– – No

– Into this episode because it was the first episode back, we had the whole summer of no– – Go big or go hard – No Le-tat – That's what I always say – There's an apostrophe in let's – Go hard

– I say go big and go hard – Okay – Go big or go home actually is what it is – So (laughs), we have– – Just go home, man – A Shando Mini Mythical Morning

And this one's like– – Really? – I would say, I'm gonna give it 10 out of 10 – [Rhett] Okay – Stars, I don't know, I don't know what I'm giving it, but stars is what we're– – Gay, stars – Mainly because Link exits a lot sooner than before and I just feel like they shine when you're not there – Yeah I agree

– Agreed – Also to add to the cuteness and because it's that time of year, I thought we'd review some of our school photos so I have some of your school photos and some of mine and you guys actually recreated a couple of yours so we have that – Yeah – Yeah, yeah – And then finally we have a while the cameras were rolling clip from the ear cleaning episode because we had the– – Oh gosh

– Ear wax candle that we had to clock wipe in the episode but stuff went down during that time period so I do have that clip – Okay – And just to tip the scales a little bit because the ear wax stuff isn't that cute, I have another cute thing to just kick off today with and that's Mythical Chef Josh who has our rejected snack this week – Wow okay – So you're calling Josh cute or what he made cute? – You know, I didn't think about the implications of me saying that and if I've made you uncomfortable

– Do I talk to my direct supervisor or will a third party rep be made available to me 'cause I– – Let's just move on – All right – So what you go here? – You got a paper towel cloche here – We have a paper towel cloche here because this is a very secret item, it's very special to me Are you guys ready to see it? – Yes

– Well what is it first? – Okay so– – Build it up a little bit – We did Will It Mac and Cheese, right, we do a rejected snack so this is a rejected idea, it is based on one of your old videos I watched years ago and I watched you guys do it and I was like man, that's cool, I could do it so much better And now I'm here and I did it so much better – That's why we hired you – So I'm excited for that

Yeah – All right – All right so this is the Big Mac and Cheese 20 – Good– – Revitalized

– You mean you think that's better than just the Big Mac with mac and cheese in it? – I love your simplicity, I love it 'cause it's minimalist – Can I also say it wasn't just like mac and, it wasn't even that simple, it was Easy Mac – Yeah – It was easy It was a great idea

– You know what, it was good! – A container of Easy Mac – You got something very big here – So I have taken mac and cheese and I froze it into discs and then I deep-fried it and then I turned that into the buns of a Big Mac and then that's what's happening and it is a very unwieldy burger I knew it was gonna be silly, very difficult to eat but iw anted to do it anyways so this was our rejected – [Link] It's the size of a human head – [Josh] It's got so much heft – That's fine, we didn't need that – Everybody gets their own quarter

– Which is still– – Hope you're hungry! – [Josh] Way too much to eat You have to eat it like a layer cake You know? – Wow – Wow – Ooh that's very nice

– It does look like a cake – Very nice Very, very, very, oh – Here we're just gonna have to– – Oh my goodness – Stick it like that

– Here you go, Stevie – Oh thank you so much – I gave you the biggest piece – Uh-oh, uh-oh we're getting some fallage – This is beautiful

– You almost just gotta ball it up in your hands – Do we have any– – Don't ask for silverware – I was asking for a close-up shot (all laughing) Okay we have it, okay – What are you smelling for? – It smells like McDonald's

– It does, right? – I got the most compromised one – Yeah, you may just have to squeeze that through your fists to kind of (slurps) suck it out – Just gonna try – How– – I'm going – Oh no, the feel

The finger feel (chuckles) – Mm – Can we get some silverware? (laughs) – No, no you may not – Gonna go in We should have hired you a long time ago

– (laughs) Right? – Mm – Oh my God, this is so good – Yeah this works – If I was not in front of a camera right now, you better believe that I would not ask for silverware and go for it – I'm just going

– Hold on we're in front of a camera right now? (Rhett gasps) – That is raunchy, man – That is raunchy – It is raunchy – It is just wet– – I don't know how that word came up but it was like what's the perfect word for this? It's like raunchy – Yeah

– That is a raunchy burger – I like that I like where this segment's going – Yeah man – This might be one of the first things that we've had that I wanna really save for after we– – How 'bout we just cut the cameras off and finish it

– Okay Well I see that some of us did a better job (chuckles) than others of us– – Why you in a food coma? You didn't even eat half of it That's eaten– – I mean– – What happened to you? You stopped short too – It got messy and I didn't have the confidence I needed in order to just get it all in there, you know – (chuckles) Yeah, it's all about confidence

That's why I'm such a good eater – That was fabulous You know what Josh, you should have your own videos on Sunday– – Oh my God – On our channel – What a crazy convenient segue because– – That was so good! – That was really good

– I'm so proud of that segue Am I messing it up by calling it out a lot? – Yeah a little bit – I don't think so – It's cool, it's cool – I'm proud of you, Link

That's so nice – Fine – Yeah so– – Let's not give him– – Who do I look at? Am I looking at Ben, I look at Casey, hi Casey So yeah tomorrow we have the return of Food Fears with a new guest and then we are also– – Food what? – Food Fears! Whoa sorry, Food Fears, it's a show that we, you ate a penis Anyways so we're bringing back Food Fears– – That's the logline

– Yeah, and then we are also bringing back Fancy Fast Food, one of my favorite things in the world, and then a couple more ideas that are yet to be rele-vealed – Yeah they're gonna be great – They're gonna be the best – And you're gonna find out about 'em soon – Even better than the best things ever

So yeah, please watch tomorrow I'm very, very excited about it, Food Fears! – Woo! – Calm down – Thank you Josh – I can't, I'm just jacked up on sodium right now – Very excited, thank you

– Thank you for this delicious meal and I'm sure everyone will tune in tomorrow To watch Food Fears – See you guys – Yeah it's all good – [Josh] I'll see ya

– I also wanted to talk about another show that we have that if you haven't listened and you can't watch yet because it doesn't come out until tomorrow but Ear Biscuits, this– – What's that? – Week Turns out it's a podcast that you guys have but I wanted to mention it because we're not talking about our vacations, you're not talking about your vacation on this episode of LTAT because you did so in Ear Biscuits so there are some reveals that you guys drop, there's some jaws that drop in Ear Biscuits so if you haven't already listened to this week's episode, go do that And then the video comes out tomorrow so make sure to check that out and put it on your list Here's something you can check out now though Shando is, was here and is here now for you and they had a little cooking challenge that they, I think did a really great job tackling

Watch for yourself and let us know what you think – [Both] Can we make an omelet without help? – Let's kid about that (groovy electronic music) – Good Mini Mythical Morning – I don't cook because my mom does it for me because I'm a kid – That's also why I don't cook

– But today we're gonna make a Denver omelet Like yeah, I have no idea what that is It's time for– – [Shepherd And Lando] Will We Make the Right Cooking Decision Without Adult Supervision? – All right guys so your task is to make a Denver omelet I'm here to offer all of my cooking expertise to help you in any way I can – Like you have any

(crew laughs) – Okay, I'm basically moral support so you guys go for it Make a Denver omelet Mythical Chef Josh is going to taste it and critique it at the end So you're not making this for me, you're making this for him Say hello to Mythical Chef Josh

– Oh – Hey Josh – [Josh] I will be merciless in my critiques – Thank you (crew laughs) – You said thank you? Okay, you wanna be judged harshly

– Yeah – All right what do you know about Denver omelets, guys? – I know you're supposed to put like for most stuff you put butter at the beginning – Okay go for it – [Shepherd] The butter completely melted – You can touch it

Ew – Good – Have you washed your hands? – No – I don't think Josh does either, don't worry about it – [Shepherd] All right I think we can move it around

– All right Lando what are you gonna do to prep some ingredients while he's moving that around? – [Shepherd] (chuckles) It's gone (objects thumping) That just happen? (crew laughs) – What am I supposed to do? – Don't we need an egg? Who wants to grab the egg? – Me – Wait – This? – No right here I think I need two eggs, yeah

– I thought you were supposed to help us – Wait I don't– – I'm doing all I can, buddy – Okay no yeah, put it and crack it – Be aware (metal clangs) – [Both] Ow

(Lando yelps) (Shepherd chuckles) – [Shepherd] That was fun – It's good – Oops – So there's one – Sorry

Sorry Josh – Break (whacks egg) – (grunts) That's good That is okay Where do we, I'll just put that right here

– Hey I'm so good at this right? – I call that one – Oh there's egg, there's shell – No no no no no Don't touch it, use this thing, that's what my mom does It looks cool

Don't touch it – I'm breaking the yolk Ooh that feels good – I wanna touch, ew! That does not feel good – Yeah it does

– My turn – [Shepherd] Can we put more cheese in it? – Off to a good start (egg cracks) (Lando yelps) – [Shepherd] Awesome, ooh, that felt good (crew laughs) – What do you, Shepherd! – I'm whisking it I'm whisking it

– That's what this is for and I get to do that because you get that stuff (egg cracks) (Lando yelps) (Shepherd giggles) – [Link] Shepherd, your pan is smoking – (laughs) It squirted out – Okay now I should whisk it I guess – Ooh, oh no let me break this

– I call whisker – Oh my gosh I'm gonna break it – Shepherd, stop – Ooh (laughs) – I'll whisk it in your hand

– That's disgusting – Shepherd, move – It feels– – Who cares if it feels good – [Shepherd] I do! – I have to make– – Can we put some butter in? – No, that's – And then some salt

– I'm sorry – I'm not! – Lando, thank you – [Shepherd] And some cheese – Mm, this is gonna be so good We need some more– – Wait we should put a lot of pepper

– Mm yes it'll be spicy Let's actually try – And too much salt – Maybe some crunch– (crew gasps) (Shepherd chuckles) – [Josh] Hey Shep, that was a lot of salt – Ooh! Are we ready to pour it on there? – I'll turn this back on for you guys

– Look at my fingers – Wait it wasn't on the whole time? – Well it started smoking so– – That's good – Yeah we want that to happen so it it can cook – [Shepherd] Okay now I'm gonna pour it on – Pour it, yay (gags)

– That's cool – [Josh] You guys are doing so great – Are we supposed to make a scramble because that's easier – I have an idea – (gasps) It's, ah, it's working! I wish you guys could see this

It's so beautiful It's like my best work of art that I've ever done Shepherd, what are you doing? – [Josh] That's the least bad thing you've done to that omelet (crew chuckling) – Oh my goodness Shepherd Oh flip it (gasps)

– (gasps) Awesome! – Whoa! Wait what am I– – Let me flip it, let me flip it– – Wait I'm confused It looks so beautiful Oh my gosh, Shepherd Shepherd, Shepherd, my turn, my turn, my turn – It's so cool

– Ooh it's still liquidy You gotta burn up This is too much omelet You have to eat this whole thing to make me happy, okay Josh? – You know, I have an idea – Ooh this feel, ooh, is this what I feel like when my mom makes something that I don't really like but I don't wanna say that? (crew laughs) Okay we're ready! – Okay

– Put the plate right here under– – Where's the big spoon? – We're gonna just do this I'm sorry – You get what you get – Here we go – It's definitely– – I only see one thing of mushrooms so

– [Josh] All right here's your big spoon – Oh thank you – [Link] Josh you just sit on the stool and they'll serve it to you – Whoa, whoa! That's my stool – The stool is soaked in raw egg

– I'm gonna do the rest I'm gonna do the rest – Okay you do the rest – Get all the green stuff – You guys have been slipping and there's so much egg on the ground, what happened? – It's all my fault, I'm sorry

– [Shepherd] Are you actually gonna eat this? – You guys need pointers from me professionally so you can grow in your cooking – Wait wait wait, we have to have this sticking out of it – He's putting his hands on it You have raw eggs on your hands, Shepherd – I don't care, he did it

– All right someone– – Present it to him – [Lando] Wait, put it on the plate– – Now I have to present it – [Lando] Yes – We're very nice – Okay, this dish is presented with by me and Shepherd

It probably smells a little bad but you have a little bit of mushrooms, all the salt, all the pepper If you like, I'll pour all this on there – And, and– – If you want to – Oh a single ham cube Beautiful garnish, beautiful presentation

– Now two single ham cubes – I will start with the positives I love the attention to detail, placing a single onion there That was a really good move I love the teamwork

I thought you guys worked together beautifully Despite watching all of it, I still believe the children are our future (crew laughs) If we can move onto the– – [Lando] Just be honest, it was disgusting – If we can move onto the negatives Shep was slapping it a lot more than you normally would with a dish that you're finished with

So there was that It was meant to be an omelet but this is kind of just a wet mound (Shepherd chuckling) That's it, I mean, it's all about how the food tastes– – It's all yours – So let's go ahead and try it I will say it smells a lot better than I thought it would

– I know – It's free food though– – After watching that, it kinda smells nice – The best part– – It smells like an omelet – Ew, oh – [Shepherd] It's probably not that bad

– First thing you notice, overwhelming amount of salt That said– – That's on his part – I love that you took a risk I would rather this than under seasoned, bland food The second thing you get is the pepper hitting you in the back of the throat

Again a risk, you're just a visionary and I appreciate that And I like that you tempered his ambition and you guys are a great one-two combo and I can feel my heart speeding up from all the salt so it's kind of like a little pick-me-up I think you guys gotta try this – Yeah I will – Jump in

I'm slipping on raw egg Lando, grab a fork (Lando whimpers) You don't have to Is this what you intended it to look like? – Yes – Was this your initial vision? – No

I thought it was gonna look pretty I love salt but I don't think I would like that – No, you gotta fight it – Tastes good – This is your creation

– [Shepherd] Actually it doesn't taste that bad If there wasn't too much salt, it might be good – It's not bad It's a great first effort I'm excited to try your second effort, hopefully not anytime soon but eventually, right? I'm proud you guys are at this

You guys don't have to call Uncle Josh if you don't want to That's raw egg again, dang it I gotta go wash myself – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

(Rhett sputters) (Link laughs) – Aw – They did great – They're so cute! Have they tried any cooking at home since we taped that? – Not since then, no – Okay it's for the best– – Lando is obsessed with Great British Bake-Off He watches it constantly

– Oh yeah – But he loves it for the artistry so what he'll do is, he'll take Play-Doh and Model Magic – Mm-hmm – And then he'll make cakes just so he can do the decoration stuff – Huh

– So he's really into that – But then he doesn't eat it – No – Then Shepherd eats it – Well no we just got Shepherd a salt lick

(Stevie laughs) – Like a deer – It's in his room It's in his room and I find him– – Like his gerbil– – On all fours just licking it, I'm like, you're going places, boy – You say that as a joke but I think he would really love it (laughs) – Is that a salt lick, Dad? (all chuckling) – Okay so I mean I highly doubt that any of us were as cute as they are at this age but we have– – Yeah definitely

– Some photo evidence just to see where the cuteness falls and I've grouped them into different– – Oh gosh – Childhood points that we can visit and some of these were in the Book of Mythicality I believe You guys, what I noticed is you have so many photos and you have kept all of your photos– – Yeah good record keeping – And your parents did that for you, mine not so much so you'll see that some of mine fit in and some of mine don't but I thought that we'd start with the cutest possible time which is the pre-school, Kindergarten school photo time So the first photo we have is Rhett in pre-school I bereave

– [Link] Propped up on a chair – [Rhett] It was as if my hair maybe was parted when I left home – Hmm – And the only thing that remained by the time I got to the picture was that little crease – [Stevie] It almost looks red, your hair

– [Rhett] That's just the light– – The whole reflecting– – Bouncing off of the IZOD – Okay and then the next photo we have is Link in Kindergarten (Rhett chuckles) – [Link] Oh yeah, lots of gaps in between those teeth It's like they could go anywhere from that point – That's such a genuine smile though

That's good – Is that stain on the shirt or on the photo? (all chuckling) – That is a blood stain probably I put my classmate in a head lock and– – Very formal as well – Oh yeah I gotta wear the Sears sucker – Business man, business man

– Business man – Business man is the boy – And here's my Kindergarten photo I believe (Rhett and Link exclaim) – Who's– – Not havin' it – Happy to be there

– Ha! – It's like a side smirk action that's going on– – Wow – Like I know something you don't – I've never seen you at this age – Yeah (chuckles) – Yeah we met much later

I've never seen– – You already seem cynical – I know, and also the turtleneck does not do anything for my neck– – It's pretty wide – [Stevie] It just doesn't exist But yeah I'm already too cool to smile in this photo – Right I see that

– I'm giving you like, I'm trying to go for the smize, I didn't quite make it – Over it! – I just feel like cuteness points, it's a hard award to – I'll take it

– Okay well Link will take that one – Okay – Okay so the next category is grade school I don't even have something written down for what we're gonna award this one but let's see Rhett in fourth grade Still rocking the same background to all these photos of course

– [Rhett] It looks like a badge of some sort on that shirt like it's a fake– – That's a Bugle Boy shirt, it's gotta be – What's that mean? – It's a brand that he's wearing – Bugle Boy, yeah – Bugle Boy – That's what they called me

(Stevie chuckles) – Now am I seeing your top teeth or your bottom teeth? I can't tell – [Rhett] I can't tell either Probably my top teeth – It was crazy how much you look like Shepherd – That was back when my top teeth were still visible

When I still had 'em – We could put you in a chef's hat and stick you in the last segment and I feel like you look so much like Shepherd in that photo – It's true I don't immediately see it 'cause it's one of those things that– – Yeah – You can't see it when it's yourself but now that you say that, I'm like yeah

– Then we have me in what I believe is third grade – [Link] Okay, you got your pajama pants at school – No this is a very cool Limited Too outfit I don't know if you guys remember Limited Too but it was like all the rage and you had to have things that said Limited Too on them – That was a whole store

The Limited – Yes – And then there was The Limited Too – Limited Too – Yes, yes, yes

My mom– – Yes the kid version – It was pajamas basically – No I know, I mean, yes, yes – [Link] So you had glasses at that young of an age – Yeah I think I had glasses in maybe just after Kindergarten or in Kindergarten, after, like pretty soon

– Were you cool with that or– – I don't recall being cool with it but look at how cool I was – You seem unusually cool for someone of that age, like just the face that you're making which is this kinda like oh you're taking a picture – Oh of me? I'm just casually drawing my dog – (chuckles) Right – Does it say Shania, what is your dog's name? – [Stevie] Shana

Shania would have been cooler though – [Rhett] You had a dog named Shana? – Shana, yeah That was the year that I transferred from public school to a super small private school so it was like, you know, I had to be cool, I had to bring the public school into this dog drawing situation – [Link] Had to corrupt everybody – Doesn't look like there's anyone sitting around me

So that's fun – No friends – Nobody's, yeah – Not yet And then we have Link in fourth grade

(Rhett laughs) – How did this happen first of all? I've seen this photo many times because we show it at the– (Stevie laughs) We showed it as part of the Tour of Mythicality but that's not, I mean, that's not any school picture I ever took – My aunt Teesie took it upon herself to take me to a professional portrait studio and get pictures taken – It is very professional, I was gonna say that – And– (Stevie laughs) On the way there we bought a complete Coca-Cola branded outfit and they didn't have stools or chairs so just made me get on my knees for the photo It's like what kind of portrait studio sends you to your knees? – [Rhett] But you don't seem like you have a problem with it

– I love it and Aunt Teesie would part my hair but I did not wear my hair like that at any other point except– – Only in photos – Only in the photos – That was photo hair – But the Coca-Cola stuff, that was a big deal – Oh man I missed that era

– Way back in the day, man – Hmm, you're such a good sport You were into this – I just wanted everybody to be happy I mean inside I was in turmoil

– Falling apart – Do you remember this day? – I remember having my hair parted and I was like, whatever it takes – Wow, how big of you – You want me on my knees, whatever it takes – You want me to smile like I'm dying inside? – (chuckles) Stop saying that

– No the smile seems authentic though That was a good job of acting – Yeah, this is great So I don't know what category that was but Link won – (chuckles) Clearly

– So now we're going to the awkward, decidedly awkward category which is freshman year – Had a pretty– – Now you better not hold back on us – Oh buddy, you wait So this is Rhett in ninth grade – [Rhett] Yeah

– Yeah this is another photo that at every stop of the Tour of Mythicality and in the Book of Mythicality, you just made fun of yourself hard so just go for it again – Yeah well the main observation that I've made about this and especially if you see it in a sequence of photos of me growing up you'll see that my neck continued to grow but my face stopped growing at some point (Stevie chuckles) And I honestly don't know, the ratio of my neck to my face is so different than what I think it is now that I feel like I would remember this, like you would feel it Like I was so well supported (Link chuckles) Like if you tried to decapitate this man with a guillotine, you would need three or four, three or four gos at it

– Right Crank it back up, give it another go It's gonna take at least two more, boys! He's still talking to us! – It's not a very thick neck though I mean a guillotine– – You think it's just a small face – Your head is just so small

Your neck's normal – [Stevie] Well also to be fair, the polo does look like there's a little bit of room for not, it just needed to come in – It looks like it's a little off-center but the thing you don't understand is that I was actually doing this during the photo I was hitting both sides of the collar and they just caught me at a weird time – He's bouncing back and forth

– Okay so here's– – I know what you're gonna show of me – Do we have something, Link in ninth grade I mean both of yours are not that bad – My right eyebrow looks like it's trying to exit my face It's just trying to go away completely

Now this is when I first tried to take care of my unibrow and I shaved it– (Stevie laughs) The width of a Gillette razor – I mean look at that – And then when I would raise my eyebrow, it would go further off my head – The funny thing is is your eyebrow is lined up with almost your pupil of your right eye – Well whenever I would smile, it would go further out I think

– No but look at me now, your eyebrow now– – Look at me now – Your eyebrow now starts before your eye begins but you let your eye begin and then your eyebrow was like an echo of your eye (chuckles) I'm surprised it grew back – Once you stroke the razor, it's a done deal – I also like, you guys are dressing like you're getting ready for your jobs as engineers in ninth grade

Both of your outfit choices are, but maybe that was of the time – That was an American Eagle shirt – You had to wear a collared shirt – I remember buying that shirt That was my favorite shirt

– Really? – American Eagle – That's why you wore it on picture day – That's an American Eagle shirt? – [Link] Yeah, first generation American Eagle – [Rhett] What are those symbols? – [Link] Of course it might be a Structure shirt – As in like Express? – Yeah, Structure was its own shop, it was called Structure

– You remember Structure? – I do but I just wasn't picturing this as a Structure shirt or an American Eagle shirt – It's one of those two, definitely – It's definitely a Microsoft – I'm smiling like my character in Rabbit Lightning You know like– (Rhett chuckles) – It's not bad though

It's not bad at all – That's not a bad photo – It's, guys– – I hope your is awkward – Just reveal my ninth grade photo (Rhett laughs) (Link yells) – [Rhett] Wow

Wow – You guys were lookin' good for ninth graders – Stevie, what Things were going so well in the previous two pictures I was like, surely by the time we get to this stage, you've figured everything out – This only got worse throughout high school I'm gonna say – The thing you had the most control over was your hair – I sported this half back look situation – [Link] So you got bangs on the sides of your head

– [Stevie] I had braces – [Link] Am I seeing this right? – [Stevie] I think those are just like flyaway whispies It wasn't a decided bangs situation – It looks like a haircut that someone would adopt for religious purposes (all laughing) It looks like a hair cut that someone would wear because they have to

– For a higher calling – Oh my God – Obviously it's not– – No we all wear our hair like this, it's not that weird – But I will say that the, I'm wearing a Hollister shirt which at the time– – That was cool – Was like a cool thing to do

– I think that part's cool – You weren't questioning that part but guys– – And I'm not gonna pick on the braces – And braces– – You gotta do what you gotta do – You gotta get braces – I had braces for two years in high school I believe and most kids were doing that early middle school thing and I didn't get to rock that so I win this category

I knew I was gonna win it And finally I mentioned that you guys recreated some of, a couple of your old photos so here is Link in third grade (Rhett and Stevie laugh) – [Link] I think that's a Bugle Boy shirt – Wow – I feel like you have that, you have a similar version of this shirt now but, and I don't think it's the one you wore for the recreation

And here's the recreation of the photo (all laughing) – [Rhett] Whoa! That's really good – That's so weird – That's really good – I look so weird

Like 40 year old virgin – [Rhett] Yeah yeah, it definitely has a Steve Carell thing happening – And then here is Rhett in Kindergarten – Now the main struggle here was trying to recreate the haircut which as you'll see was not easy to do when your hair is longer than it used to be, we had a little trouble with that – Okay so here's the recreation

(Rhett and Link laughing) (Link sighs happily) – [Stevie] That's pretty good – Yeah – That's pretty dang good – I almost cut my hair right on the middle of my forehead just for the sacrifice of this photo but– – I feel like– – Look at the size of the Lacoste alligator – [Link] That could be a father son in like a K-Mart duo photo

– You know those K-Mart duo photos – [Link] That would happen – Okay and so– – Wow – I didn't get a chance to recreate a photo so I decided I'm just gonna do it right now so– – Uh-oh – Here's one of my favorite photos that we found from me in second grade

– [Link] Is that a crimp? – That's a crimp – Crimpin' ain't easy – It's a crimp, a bang, a head band, glasses The posture which I kept – (chuckles) I kept that part

– So I mean it should be– – You have a striped shirt? – Fairly simple, I mean these glasses are glasses that I actually wear in real life as is the shirt I mean the shirt I couldn't find an exact– – Bring in the crimper – Yeah, yeah, can you find a crimper nowadays? – I'm sure you can – Okay perfect I really nailed that

– You can't get the shirt over your head? – No I can, it's just gonna take off my makeup Mm-kay, and might mess with my mic Chris, is my mic okay? – She just wearing lipstick – No I'm saying my makeup right now – Well you're matching her

– But that is her – Okay these head bands, I don't know if you knew any girls in elementary school or if you guys, I don't know if this was of the time, a bunch of girls always wore plain head bands like this and I don't quite understand the logic to it but I have not worn a head band like this since that time – You need to do fake bangs somehow – I cannot do fake bangs – Just pull that down a little bit in the front

No, pull the hair down as if it were bangs – Just loosen it a little bit Oh yeah, oh yeah – Yeah, yeah – [Rhett] (laughs) Oh yeah

That is really good – Put the glasses back on Then put your, clasp your hands and put 'em next to your knees Kinda– – You seem, that's a sad smile – Look into your camera over here for the split screen

– [Rhett] It's a sad smile Sad eyes That's pretty good – Here we go, a live recreation – Wow, that's good, you should do that

– You should do that Just like this is my normal– – You should do that There are definitely people in this town, in the cooler parts of this town who are walking around looking exactly like this – You think? – Oh yeah – Okay

– They're knocking on doors sellin' magazines but they're here – Interesting – Okay, okay Okay so I mentioned at the top we have a clip of you were getting the ear candle done to yourself and it took like not 10 minutes but somewhere around there We just couldn't keep it in the episode

And I know that you guys out there were wondering what happened during that, is it distracting that I look like this? – No – No, it's great – What was happening while that candle was in Rhett's ear Well wonder no more because we have the footage – Well, I'm relaxed

I'm not really enjoying myself yet – Well that's halfway there Do you want me to calm you, I could pet your head or– – I'm okay – I would like to – Could you play some Jessica Simpson? – I don't really know her music

– My ear's getting hot – Yeah that's part of it It's 'cause of the fire But don't worry, you're safe – At what point should you just put your whole mouth over that and suck? – That's at the end

At the end we do the suction – Okay – So there's a whole market for this – I mean, there's a section in the market that sells it If that's what you mean

– I meant like a fiscal market, not an actual– – Oh sure – Physical market – Yeah no, people, everyone's doing this Now the scientific community is kind of in agreement that this does nothing and doesn't work at all But advocates of it say that science is fake news so– – Right, yeah

– Yeah yeah yeah (accordion music) – Are you guys hearing the accordion? – No that's the crackle of the candle – Must be part of the process All right we're a little over halfway On this torture

– So I just let this burn all the way into my ear? – It burns 'til about right there – He can't see what you're pointing at – Oh right, you're doing good You sure you don't want like a massage or something? – Mm, no I'll handle that myself

(Rhett laughs) – Wow Can you guys believe there was a clip that was less exciting than that that I cut from the show? (all laughing) – I still can't, having seen that, I still can't tell you what was happening Well I can see what had happened but I can't tell you why it was happening – Mm-hmm – I'm just gonna say that

– You didn't seem to enjoy it in the moment either – Well I couldn't see it – We weren't really paying attention I didn't know it was happening at all – But then two-headed David though

– That's good – We're onto something with that – We could do something with that – That was the thing, David, so, keep that hoodie – Yeah be prepared for that– – On your second face, keep that

– Okay – Just look for another opportunity to do that – All right guys, well that is all I have on LTAT 38 and so we've come to our final line – Le-tat – Are you ready? – Yeah

– Three, two– – Un– – Until next– – LTAT– – Le-tat – Keep on BYMB – Keep on BYMB – BYMB – F-O S-H-O

(poppy electronic music)

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