Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

– Can you bell-ieve these fast food items were discontinued? – Let's taco 'bout that (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning

– We are going on tour this summer – Yeah – It is a concert of musical comedy and shows are almost sold out so some tickets still available, act fast, go to rhettandlinklivecom to get it – Yes, now Taco Bell is an iconic fast food chain that has given us so much: delicious, cheap food, the spike in the rate of chihuahua adoption, and enough time in the bathroom to finish a Stephen King novel

– Oh that's where you've been – Yes I'm done – But some of the things that Taco Bell has given it has taketh away until we bringeth back today It's time for To Be Discontinued: Taco Bell Edition

Mythical Chef Josh has scoured the internet to faithfully recreate to the best of his ability actual Taco Bell food that existed but has then been discontinued – And we are going to experience these resurrected items and then decide using all the information available to us if they should– – Bring it back – Or– – Nah, that's whack – Let's travel back into a different Taco Bell time – Yeah, first on the docket is the Cheesy Core Burrito

Now this first popped up in test markets in March of 2016, then it was released nationwide in August of the same year but it underperformed and left the menu when Obama left office – Oh okay – Huh Let's watch the ad (dance music) – Oh yeah

That EDM phase that Taco Bell went through in 2016 You remember that – You were this kinda person – At first I was thinking like is this how they make it? Oh no this is for the people who want this kind of burrito – Which does make sense, it's like, if you like all the Taco Bell ingredients which are in everything at Taco Bell anyway, but you like to mix even more of them, let us do that work for you

– Josh, tell us how you made this thing – [Josh] So I took the smallest tortilla from Taco Bell and then made a mini three cheese blend and nacho cheese burrito and stuffed that burrito inside a larger burrito – How did you feel when you did that? – [Josh] Strange, appropriately strange – Okay – I was listening to EDM at the time and– – Good

– [Josh] Felt pretty good though And then wrapped that in beef and rice and then hopefully there should be a cheesy molten core – Oh I mean it's a little flat I think a lot of the complaints at the time when people were getting these things was that the actual burrito that they got did not look like the advertisement which had this perfect cross-section

– Well I mean that ad is, that's so unrealistic I mean I'm still appetized by this as a cheese lover And I've got the spicy version and you have the crunchy version – Yeah let's kiss 'em And eat 'em

That whole idea of having a little cheesy canister in the middle– – Yeah – A cheesy tortilla canister– – It's really great – That's a good idea You think they did away with it– – Oh gosh, you're like a hawk trying to eat handless – Because of the skill set of some of the people in the back, it's difficult to do

– [Josh] It took me about 20 minutes to make this and they have 20 seconds so I get it – Oh wow, maybe you're onto something, huh? – Yeah I think that's what it is I think people were like we can't do this Just make 'em pour cheese on their burritos for goodness sakes – Mm, mm

– So– – But I really like the experience – But taste wise, man This is really, really good – I can taste the time investment – And the spicy's really spicy, you want a bite? – No

– Good – The crunchy's actually not that crunchy but it's still very good, I'm lovin' this – Taco Bell, you guys– – Sorry that I used the wrong– (chuckles) – Yeah – Restaurant – Taco Bell needs to just give some extra training to the people in the back so they can do this advanced burrito making because we're saying Cheesy Core Burrito

– [Rhett and Link] Bring it back – Next we got the Waffle Taco This thing debuted in March of 2014 as Taco Bell's first major foray into the breakfast market It was very popular which is why we're wondering why it was discontinued by March of 2015 to make way for the utterly forgettable Biscuit Taco – Which also was then discontinued

– Let's watch the ad – What is this? A Waffle Taco? What's next, a pancake enchilada? – [Man In Hat] It's a slippery slope I tell ya – It's a gateway breakfast – Today they're eating Waffle Tacos, tomorrow they're loitering – And then they grow a ponytail

– Say isn't that your grandson over there? – Daniel! You better not grow a ponytail! (laughs) – That's a good commercial – Daniel may not grow a ponytail but he will develop a deep, festering resentment for his grandfather – Yes he will That's an effective ad, that makes me wanna eat this thing – Loitering

Loiter, let's loiter – Oh hold on– – I never had this when it was out – There's absolutely nothing Taco Bell about this You talk about the ingredients of Taco Bell rearranged – True

– None of them are in here – But hold on, it's a Taco Bell shape It's a taco – That's the shape, that's the form – That's not the function

– That's the ticket – ET (chuckles) I'm kind of excited about this Smells like it's got some honey on it or something, something sweet, some maple syrup – [Josh] Legally they can't call it maple syrup but it is breakfast syrup

– Oh it's breakfast syrup – Yeah, yeah, yeah – So anything special that happened to this that I can't just see right now by looking at it – [Josh] Yeah so I made the waffle with lots of thick maple extract 'cause that was how they did it at Taco Bell and then actually shaped it with a taco mold and deep fried it and there's was very oily too – It's basically a sausage and egg McGriddle from McDonald's

– Yeah but a taco – Which I love – [Rhett] Mm – I'm wondering if you could add cheese to it Do you know if you could? – [Josh] I'm sure you could, yeah

– But it would be that stupid shredded cheese I want like a nasty slice of cheese like a McGriddle – [Josh] Preach – This is an inferior version of the McGriddle – It is

– But sometimes you can't get to a McDonald's There's not enough of 'em, you know – Yeah, where are they? – Sometimes you're closer to– – Search and search and search – So in those situations where you can't get to a McDonald's for a McGriddle, you know, your car's broke down right next to a Taco Bell and it's breakfast – No you're provin' my point

– Am I stretching? – Yeah, the only thing different is that there's a little bit of crunch but just go get a McGriddle Or McGriddles, I think they're always plural – Okay Waffle Taco – [Rhett and Link] Nah, that's whack – Now we're moving to a true antique, the Bell Beefer, here's a photo

– [Rhett] Is that a Sloppy Joe? – Well it's Taco Bell's version of a burger It lasted from the 60s all the way to the 90s And it was known as the chili burger or the Bellburger Look at people just lining up to get that thing 25 cents

We don't have any original footage of the Bell Beefer – Aw, rats! – But we do have a commercial from 1979 to give us a sense of the era that it came from – Oh nice ♪ When you're hungry for a ♪ ♪ Burrito supreme ♪ ♪ Really hungry for a taco ♪ ♪ You know what I mean ♪ ♪ Got a craving for a ♪ ♪ Enchirito or two ♪ – (chuckles) Oh wow – Wonder why they didn't put the Bell Beefer in the ♪ Hungry for a beefer ♪ – I like the way people are bringing the foods to their faces

– And we have one here Look at this immaculate packaging – It's the Bell Beefer– – Kudos Mythical Team Look at that, lookin' nice We don't know what the actual packaging looked like so this is all artistic speculation

– Okay so Josh what'd you do here? – [Josh] I really just took an ice cream scooper full of Taco Bell's beef that I took out of a bunch of soft tacos, popped it onto the cheapest white bun I could find at the grocery store and then lettuce, tomato, onion, little bit of shredded cheese and mild sauce – All right there's a couple of tomatoes flying around there but I wanna respect my hypnotist and I'm not gonna remove 'em – Yeah, and the chef – We're gonna eat– – Respect the hypnotist I'm gonna say that from now on when you're doing something, when you're not wanting to eat something

That'll be the general phrase – Bell Beefer is what Dax Shepard calls it when Kristen farts (crew laughs) I think you might could imagine what this would taste like – I'm compelled to take another bite – Which means nothing

– True – I like a Sloppy Joe This one was more of a Mexican food flair to it – This is definitely like, it's got a little bit of a post-apocalyptic feel to it, you know what I'm saying'? – A thrown together– – Like near, very, very fresh post-apocalyptic, like the ingredients inside all the Taco Bells are still somewhat edible The ingredients inside other fast food places are somewhat edible

– Yeah – You collect them all, you're like what new things can we create? – What you're saying is– – We're all gonna die soon – It tastes of desperation – Let's eat the Bell Beefer, yes – Taste of desperation, so the Bell Beefer

– [Rhett and Link] Nah, that's whack – Finally we have Taco Bell's Seafood Salad – What? – Yes Taco Bell once served seafood This was a short-lived menu item from the 80s introduced as a way to compete with the Filet-O-Fish from Mickey D's and we found this ad for it that basically doubles as a savage smear campaign against McDonald's

– Okay – [Narrator] Did you ever find a burger this adventurous? This tantalizing? (dramatic piano music) (thunder crashes) This fresh? This tasty? Could a burger ever make waves? No! With the delicious new Seafood Salad from Taco Bell, yes The new Seafood Salad from Taco Bell – So is the item Moses or, I'm confused – Yeah they definitely parted the Red Sea

– Hey I've got an idea (chuckles) – With a Seafood Salad – Well you know what– – That is bold – That's really settin' the bar real high for our expectations, okay Josh, what do we got going on here? – [Josh] I thought that was a Sandals Resorts commercial (Rhett laughs) So we took the actual tostada salad from Taco Bell and– – No there weren't enough kids watching adults make out

– Yeah – For that to be– – [Josh] That was in the director's cut So we got the lettuce, tomato, olives which were actually discontinued by McDonald's They stopped putting them on their Mexican Pizza – You mean Taco Bell? – What, what'd I say? – You said McDonald's

– [Josh] You said McDonald's (Rhett laughs) – Okay we both said McDonald's – I knew what you mean – [Josh] Olives are taken off the Taco Bell menu – And they're gonna be taken off of this too

– [Josh] Fair enough And then just some of the cheapest bay shrimp and fake crap that we could find – You're tellin' me that Taco Bell stopped putting olives on anything – [Josh] Yeah – They should bring those back

– [Josh] Olives and green onions Agreed, sign the petition, man, I got one going – They don't have black olives, what? Okay I've got a bite and it's got at least two types of fake seafood – Oh gosh I think I might like this

But I don't know if I'm gonna try it – Thankfully there's this bowl that you can just vomit right back into Ugh – Chips kinda help – That is not something that I ever want in any circumstance

– You gonna say you like this? – I'm gonna say I don't hate it I like cold shrimp and– – But the idea of getting– – Some sort of crab, imitation crab thing – Cold seafood– – At McDonald's You got me saying McDonald's – At any fast food restaurant

– Yeah it's, I don't like that idea – It feels unsafe I'm gonna eat some black olives for safety – If I had to do it I wouldn't hate myself but only if somebody else bought it – Okay so if Seafood Salads on me, you're in? (chuckles) – Yeah but that's it

So in general, Seafood Salad – [Rhett and Link] Nah, that is whack! – Okay so the only thing that we told Taco Bell to bring back– – Is the Cheesy Core – Is the frickin' Cheesy Core Burrito – Please do it – It's a simple task

Simple task, bring it back Give some extra training I'll come in, I can roll burritos all day I'm good with it – Hasta la vista to the rest of it and thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Hi – We're members of the Mythical Society – We've never met in person but– – We know– – It's time to spin– – The Wheel of Mythicality – Whoa! – Yeah! – Mythical Society doin' stuff – Clip– – They know

– Click the top link to watch us recreate and taste Taco Bell's famous Lava Sauce– – In Good Mythical More? – And the Volcano Taco in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Your hair and lips aren't doomed They may just need to be groomed Try our Mythical grooming products available now at Mythical


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